Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

By The Boy On The Moon
published May 4, 2020
3520 words

Travis has his first class at the “Astor Academy for Men,” and his teacher decides to start using some triggers.

Update: An introduction to all characters has been added to make the class quite a bit longer. As New Guy In Town and Jockboy Joe pointed out, class ended too soon in the first version

Chapter Two: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Travis felt a bit weird. He knew his memory wasn’t the best, but he had never forgotten anything as quickly as the introduction video. He had been watching one; he was sure of that. However, the moment it had ended he didn’t remember a thing of what he had been shown or told. His dad would be so disappointed in him, he thought.

Travis was walking through the hallways of the academy and checked his schedule again to make sure he was going the right way.


8:00 – 9:00 = Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00 = Building Teams (BT) - (Room 104)

12:00 – 13:00 = Lunch

13:00 – 16:00 = Physical Education (PE) - (Gym 1)

18:00 – 19:00 = Dinner


8:00 – 9:00 = Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00 = Confidence and Charisma (C&C) - (Room 012)

12:00 – 13:00 = Lunch

13:00 – 16:00 = Leaders and Workers (L&W) - (Room 211)

18:00 – 19:00 = Dinner


8:00 – 9:00 = Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00 = Gender Roles (GR) - (Room 013)

12:00 – 13:00 = Lunch

13:00 – 16:00 = Physical Education (PE) - (Gym 2)

18:00 – 19:00 = Dinner


8:00 – 9:00 = Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00 = Leaders and Workers (L&W) - (Room 110)

12:00 – 13:00 = Lunch

13:00 – 16:00 = Building Teams (BT) - (Room 104)

18:00 – 19:00 = Dinner


8:00 – 9:00 = Breakfast

9:00 – 12:00 = Confidence and Charisma (C&C) - (Room 301)

12:00 – 13:00 = Lunch

13:00 – 16:00 = Physical Education (PE) - (Gym 1)

18:00 – 19:00 = Dinner

It was Thursday, and when Travis checked his watch, he saw that it was almost one o clock. Astor Academy was a maze of weird hallways and random room locations. Travis had just left Room 101 and had expected to find Room 104 with ease. However, the professor had pointed him in the right direction when he saw Travis looking at Rooms 111 and 142. Room 104 was, apparently, at the other side of the academy, and to get there Travis had to go through a few sets of doors, take a few turns left and go up some stairs only to go down another set of stairs a few seconds later. He gave a sigh of relief when he saw the black sign above a large wooden door that read “104.”

He went through the door and was glad to see that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. If his father would hear Travis had been late, he would probably drive all the way to the academy to beat his son. The rooms at Astor where small. Room 104 had, just like Room 101, only 10 seats for students, which were arranged in two rows of five. Five of the ten seats were occupied when Travis entered. Travis waved awkwardly at the boys that were looking at him. He noticed that, just like him, all boys had wet spots on their shirts from drooling. Damn that introduction video must have been so fucking boring, Travis thought, because everyone seems to have fallen asleep.

Travis sat down in the backrow. Both corner seats had been taken, so Travis decided to sit on the second from the left. On his left was a guy with a very smooth dark skin, short frizzy hair, and a slight stubble on his chin. Just like Travis, the guy was wearing a suit. However, instead of black, his was white, which made his skin seem even darker.

The guy smiled at Travis, and Travis smiled back at him. Travis remembered what his father had told him: “Make friends at Astor. People you meet there will be friends for life. I still see my buddies from the academy at least once every month.” Travis wanted to introduce himself when the teacher entered the room.

The teacher was the perfect silver fox. He would have looked quite young, if his hair hadn’t been turned white by age. He was tall, almost 6 foot 6, and he had an athletic frame. He wasn’t a big muscle hunk or anything like that, but everyone could see he took care of himself, and the outline of his muscles was clearly visible through his tight black shirt. He wore jeans which made him look very casual compared to the students, who were all in suits.

“Good morning class,” the teacher said as he looked around the room. “My name is Doctor Sebastian Baker, and I hope you are all ready for some teamwork because that’s what we are going to do here.” The older man sat on top of his desk facing the class, his legs were dangling back and forth, which made him seem even more youthful. “As you probably have noticed by now, classes aren’t big at Astor Academy. However, it is extremely important that you will be able to work together with people and to work as a group. That’s why we have the Building Teams course. For the first few weeks, you will work together in duos. I will give you multiple assignments, and you will have to work together to complete them. I repeat, you will have to work together. Of course, I want great results and expect the best of you all, but this course is about teamwork and not about making one person do everything. If there are any problems, you come to me immediately.” Dr. Baker grabbed a piece of paper of his desk. “Tim Swift,” he read out loud, “will work together with Michael Mull. Lucas Moore is together with Travis Stephenson. And Christian Tate and Vince Adams are our last couple.”

Everybody looked around awkwardly. No one knew any names yet, so no one knew who their partner was. Travis looked at the guy next to him, “So… uuuhm… I am Travis… are you perhaps Lucas?” He asked, and the guy smiled happily.

“Yes, I am,” he said, and the two boys shook hands. The other boys started telling each other their names, and Christian and Michael switched seats, so everyone was sitting next to his partner.

Doctor Baker looked happily at the couples he had created for a few seconds, and then continued his speech. “Now let’s start with a small assignment here in class.” He was grinning mischievously and thinking about all the things that the boys would do during his class. “I want you to… compliment your partner. It’s important to be able to give some compliments to someone who is doing a good job. Because you don’t know each other yet you will have to complement your partner’s appearance. Give at least 3 compliments and then switch roles.”

All the boys looked a bit awkward as their task was explained. All of them were straight, and they felt weird about complimenting a guy’s appearance. If they had been partnered up with a girl, it would have been easy… but a guy… that was gay…

Travis turned to face Lucas. “Okay… would you like to start complimenting or should I?” he asked the big black guy.

Lucas shrugged. “I don’t really care dude,” he said, and he looked at the teacher because he was waiting to be told that this was all some stupid joke.

“Okay… well I guess I’ll start,” Travis replied because he wanted to get this over with. “One, you look really buff…” Travis felt so weird complimenting this stranger, but he wanted to be a good student. “Two, your skin is perfect.” Lucas was grinning because everyone enjoys compliments, but he still did not enjoy them coming from a boy. “And three, your eyes are pretty I guess… all dark and mysterious.” Travis said, and now he waited for Lucas to return the favor.

“So uuuhm one… you also look buff… like not as big as I am but still good you know, uuuuhm two… girls probably love that blonde hair of yours, like some girls like that boyish charm shit. And three… you’ve got a good jawline… that’s a good thing, right?” Lucas obviously felt uncomfortable with saying those things to Travis, but he was right about everything he said.

Doctor Baker was listening in on what all the boys were saying, and he seemed delighted by his student’s displeasure. “Good job boys!” he said when everyone was finished. “You all did such a good job that you deserve a reward actually… you all deserve some… glory.”

All six boys, including Travis, moaned at the exact same time. Travis immediately tried to grab his cock because he felt like he was cumming. However, when his hand touched his bulge, he noticed he was still soft. Well, he was soft, but he was now growing hard from the wave of pleasure that had gone through his body. Travis looked around and saw that all boys were holding their bulges confused.

The teacher went on with talking as if nothing weird had happened. As if all his students hadn’t just groaned loudly, as if his students weren’t all growing hard in their pants, as if he wasn’t growing hard himself from seeing those big bulges.

“Listen boys. I think we all noticed when giving compliments that you don’t know each other yet. That should never happen when you’re working in a team. When you’re working together, you have to know what someone’s strengths and weaknesses are. How can they help you? And how can you help them? What experience do they have that you do not and vice versa? You will all come to the front of the class and introduce yourself. I want you all to make notes! Even though it might not look like it, this is important information. Let’s do this alphabetically so… Mister Adams, you can start us off.”

One of the boys in the front row got up and stood in front of the class next to Doctor Baker. “So, I am Vince Adams.” The boy said nervously. Vince was the smallest boy in the classroom. He was five foot seven and had a slender build. He wore glasses which made him seem a bit geeky but in a cute way. Behind those glasses were two very piercing green eyes. They were almost impossibly green and very pretty. The little twink had short brown hair but everything below his eyebrows was completely smooth. He had a pale skin and cute pink lips. He wore a dark navy-blue suit with a red tie. “I am eighteen years old,” he continued, “and I am kinda nervous to be here.” Because his skin was so pale, the reddening of his cheek was very clearly visible when the boy blushed a bit. “I am a bit of a nerd to be honest. I love playing video games, and I like to read.” Vince was biting on his lip because he didn’t know what else to say.

Doctor Baker smiled at the boy and patted him on his schoulder. “It’s okay kiddo, that was a good start.” He said and then he whispered in his ear: “Glory.”

Vince gasped and in front of the other students he moaned excitedly. It was a slutty moan, not at all manly. The boy grabbed his bulge and tried to hide his erection. His face was a bright pink now, and he quickly went back to his seat. The other students didn’t understand what had happened. They had all experienced something similar just a few seconds ago, but they didn’t understand how or why.

As Vince looked at the ground, avoiding eye contact, Doctor Baker called the next student to the front of the class. “Lucas Moore, it’s your turn.”

The big black hunk left his seat next to Travis and stood confidently in front of the others. Travis hadn’t been able to judge Lucas’s height when he was sitting but this man seemed to be a giant. He had to be at least six foot ten.

“Hi, I’m Lucas. I’m twenty years old. My dad forced me to go to this stupid school, so that’s the only reason I am here.” The handsome giant said with a slightly cocky grin.

Doctor Baker looked annoyed at his student. “And what are your hobbies Mister Moore?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“Well you know, I like working out, boxing is great, fucking bitches is better haha, so that’s why I hate this sausage-fest of a school,” Lucas answered.

When he said the last thing the students chuckled, but Doctor Baker looked furious. He liked jokes, and he was quite a relaxed teacher, but it jokes about Astor weren’t acceptable. The teacher had to stand on his toes to even come close to Lucas’s ear, so he could whisper.

Omega, You are an Omega, Lucas. And Omega’s obey. You will obey this order; you are going to punch yourself in the balls three times.”

The second Doctor Baker had finished his sentence, Lucas made a fist of his right hand and attacked his balls.

PUNCH, The everyone looked shocked except for Doctor Baker. Lucas screamed out in pain. There was panic in his expression. Panic, fear, hurt and confusion. “What the fuck,” he said, but his body didn’t stop.

PUNCH, this one was followed by an even louder scream from Lucas. Doctor Baker was chuckling as he watched the big jock humiliate himself in front of the other students.

PUNCH, Lucas had tears streaming down his cheeks. He had fallen onto his knees in front of everyone. “Sit down Mister Moore” Doctor Baker said and slowly the big jock got up and went to his seat again.

“Michael, you are next” Doctor Baker said. The boy who had to be Michael got up, but he was obviously nervous. Weird things seemed to happen to the boys who went to the front of the class.

Michael Mull was an attractive Asian man. He told the class that he was 19 years old and explained that his mother was Korean. He looked to be the same height as Travis, maybe an inch or so shorter. He wasn’t buff like some of the men in the room, but he had a nice physique for sure. Michael loved to talk. He over explained everything, and it felt like he was reading from his own biography. He even told the backstory of his blue pinstripe suit; how he had bought it with his father while they were in England. Michael seemed nice, just a bit… much…

Doctor Baker didn’t seem to think Michael deserved a reward nor a punishment and was just very happy when the boy finally stopped talking.

Next was Travis, who explained about his father being an alumnus, but no one seemed to be impressed by that. What Travis didn’t realize was that all their fathers were alumni. He talked about his love for traveling and how he wanted to become a journalist.

The teacher whispered a “Glory” in Travis’s ear because the boy had done a very good job at introducing himself. Travis managed not to moan very loudly, but he did grunt, and he was rock hard while the other two boys introduced themselves.

Tim Swift was a muscular, twenty-year-old man with ginger hair and a beard. He had proudly rolled up the right sleeve of gray jacket to show off his tattoos. Tim seemed very kind, and he had lots of funny stories about his tats. He was six foot two and because he had kept a few buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, everyone could see his slightly hairy chest.

Christian Tate, on the other hand, was a very relaxed guy. He had the was quite slender (though not as small as Vince) and had long wavy blonde hair. His eyes were really dark, almost black, and his skin was a natural tan. He looked, talked, and smelled like a surfer. It came to no one’s surprise when he explained that he had been swimming in the sea this morning. Christian had been wearing the most colorful suit out of all of them, a white one decorated with red flowers.

Doctor Baker had liked both boys, and so both of them had experienced some Glory in front of the other students. Tim his moan had been deep and manly, while Christian had a more boyish charm. However, Christian’s bulge had been very big, and it was basically impossible for him to hide it.

When everyone had introduced themselves, Doctor Baker made everyone describe each other based on the notes they had taken during the introductions. Travis had felt a bit awkward when he had to explain who someone was right in front of that person, but Doctor Baker said it was important.

After a while, Doctor Baker said “Okay boys! Time for a new assignment.”

“Next assignment boys. I want you all to kiss your partner on his lips, you need to become close with your partners and kissing is a great way to ensure that.”

Three of the six boys stood up to leave when Doctor Baker said kiss. “What the fuck!” said Christian. “Are you crazy?!” The boy said angrily.

Doctor Baker looked annoyed and with a bored tone in his voice he said “Penalty” and his six students immediately grabbed their bulges. This time not because they thought they were cumming like what happened with Glory. No, this time because it had felt like someone had kicked them hard in their crotch. Travis’s eyes watered as he took a deep breath.

“What was that!?” Travis asked wanting to know what was happening.

Doctor Baker just chuckled “So like I said, kiss your partner on his lips to ensure a strong bond between the two of you.” No one moved an inch; they were all looking at the teacher. “I am waiting” he said annoyed and started counting down. “Three… Two…. One…” When no one had done anything, Doctor Baker just simply said “Penalty” again. All the guys gasped and squirmed. The guys who had been standing fell to the ground trying to hold their hands in front of their crotch to protect it.

Lucas had been one of the guys who had been standing. He had just calmed down from his self-inflected punches and couldn’t take it anymore. When the pain had faded slightly, he got up from the ground and grabbed Travis and quickly kissed him. It was a quick peck and Travis had been too shocked to stop him.

The teacher smiled seeing the two boys kiss. “See boys,” He said to the other 4 boys. “Those two understand that you don’t question assignments from your teacher. “Travis and Lucas, Glory” he said.

Travis and Lucas got that amazing feeling again. They were both rock hard, their cocks dripping precum in their underwear. The pain from the Penalty had faded and made room for pleasure.

Doctor Baker grinned at all the confused looks aimed at him. “Now it’s time for some homework,” he said, and he ignored his students. “You will all be allowed to leave class early today, because it is a special first day. Michael, Travis, and Christian. Your Homework is to suck your partner’s cock until they cum, for extra credit you can film it and email it to me, but you don’t have to.”

All students were shocked. No one knew what to say. They thought the teacher had lost his mind. However, Doctor Baker just got up and left the room. But just before he was out of the door he said: “Oh and… Glory boys, Glory, Glory, Glory.

All boys fell to the ground and grabbed their bulges as 4 waves of intense pleasure shot through their bodies. They all moaned loudly and pathetically. Their hips thrusting back and forth as if they were having four orgasms in quick succession of each other. Travis was a loud moaning mess for roughly a minute as his body was shaking and his cock was throbbing. When all the moaning stopped the boys just lay on the ground, not sure what had happened.

To be continued

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