Quarantine, pt. 4

By Jayx3
published April 8, 2020
3018 words

I cannot help myself from molesting my sleeping straight roommate, but it doesn’t go quite as planned…

I checked my phone. It had been 1 hour and 27 minutes since my straight, jock roommate had taken the two sleeping pills to help his insomnia (which was caused by the viagra that I had secretly slipped into his diet).

There was a small voice in my head which was telling me not to act on this.

Then I remembered the Levi’s covered bulge, that had been waving right in front of my face just… 1 hour and 29 minutes ago.

I felt my mouth water as my doubt got lost in the lusty haze.

I got up from my bed and silently sneaked behind Daniels’ door, feeling my heart beat thump on every footstep.

“..Daniels?” I whispered, then repeated it louder while pushing open the door, “Daniels! …You got mail”, I made a backup excuse, just in case he wasn’t asleep yet.

As the door creaked open, I could see him lying there. He had a cap on his head, which was pulled down to cover his face. The cap had the initials of our school on it.

I couldn’t confirm that his eyes were closed due to the cap, but I definitely heard that heavy unconscious breathing. His muscular pecs rose as he breathed in deeply through the nose, and then out through his mouth, which made a steady hiss as the air escaped between his plump lips.

I pushed the door open all the way to see his whole body.

Daniels had his hands behind his head, which accentuated his biceps nicely. He had taken off his shirt and you could see his relaxed muscles still manage to stay looking rock solid.

“DANIELS!” I now shouted, for the last time.


Oh, shit. It was happening!

I was finally gonna be able to lay my hands all over the hunk that I had been drooling after, for the past half a year. All the cleaning after him, all the nights when he had a girl screaming under him in his room, all the shouting at his bros in voice chat at 2 am… He was gonna be finally rewarded for all that.

Having had him as an eye candy for these past six months had definitely been worth it, but now I also had him quarantined within the same four walls as me… It was like having a personal, living sculpting that I could admire any time I wanted.

And as I had deprived Daniels’ from any other sexual outlets, it was only a matter of time until the straight stallion of a hunk would accept ANY hole to be his sex toy.

Which reminded me….

I went to Daniels night table, where I had seen him pull out his fleshlight from. I opened the top drawer and… BINGO! Not only did he have the broken fleshlight there, he apparently also had a backup one too.

Must’ve been a common occurrence that they got stretched out and broken by that gigantic cock of his. If he only had something more reusable at his disposal.

I took out those toys and hid them in my own room, now Daniels would only have his hands to use.

When I returned, Daniels had stayed there in the same position, unmoved, which reassured me enough that I dared to approach him. The way he had his hands behind his head almost made him look like he was waiting to be serviced.

That pleasant mist filled my thought again, making me forget everything else except the gorgeous view that laid before me. I smelt his strong sweat in the air, mixed with his masculine pheromones.

It was as if I felt his strong urges were calling upon me to be his release, through his musk, if that made sense.

Before I even realized, I was next to him on the bed, kissing his biceps gently. I kept his breathing in my mind when I started, but as I heard it stay unchanged, I braved to stuck my tongue out.

I gave the bicep, that I had just the other day seen be splattered with cum, a long lick. I wished in my mind that he hadn’t shower since then. Since his skin tasted salty all over, I couldn’t quite tell if it was cum, sweat or both.

All I knew was, that the taste was intoxicating.

My tongue traveled towards the strong musk that originated from his hairy pits and buried my nose there. He definitely hadn’t showered since yesterday. His pits smelled like the locker room at school, a smell that always made my dick erect.

My body had moved on its own while I was entranced by the jock’s natural scent. I had mounted his lap like I was about to ride him. I sat my ass against his boner as my hands rubbed all over his wide muscular chest. I had learned from the secret webcam show of mine, that Daniels liked his nipples played with, so I gave them a pinch.

My information was proved correct, as I felt his hips push against mine, lifting me off the bed momentarily. A deep, pleasure filled groan escaped from the lips of the jock, who was moving in his sleep under me. The animalistic sound sent shivers down my back.

My tongue kept traveling from his pits to his chest, freeing my hands to worship the rest of his shredded body. My fingers traced between the lines that were formed between the muscle mounds that were his six pack.

With my lips I started “biting” his nipples. Every time I did, I felt his bulge get thrust against my ass, encouraging me to keep going.

I knew how much Daniels liked his foreplay, so I made sure to keep at just this for the longest time. It was impressive how the unconscious jock had such a strong natural instinct to fuck, that hid body responded this strongly even when a sleep.

After about half an hour of having him just dry hump me, I pushed myself up from Daniels spectacular torso and pulled down my pants, revealing my bubble but in the light blue jockstrap I had worn the whole day.

Impatiently my hands went straight to his fly, pulling the upper button open forcefully and quickly unzipping the fly.

A loud SMACK sound filled the room when his cock sprung free from his skin tight jeans and slapped against my ass. I swear the sheer force of his cock thwacking against my ass was enough to make me bounce forward.

When I rebounded back, the tip of his cock was perfectly aligned with my hole.

“Holy fuck”, I moaned as my cock released a goop of precum in the punch of my jockstrap.

What a fuck machine Daniels was, his body automatically managed to find your hole, despite his unconscious state. Not only that, but the warmth of his cocks tip was enough to make my boy cunt get wet.

His cock was throbbing against my hole, holding my cheeks apart with that anaconda size fick of his. I felt the precum drool from his cock on to my hole, as his quivering cock messaged my tight rim, wanting to push inside. I was moaning like one of Daniels sluts that I had heard on multiple occasion, sharing the thin wall that we did. At least now I understood how they felt.

I heard Daniels let out a snore as my body rested on top of his slumbering body.

I decided to be a little braver by grabbing Daniels forearms and guiding them on my hips. To keep them there, I slid them under the waistband of my jockstrap to be real clever.

The jocks natural instincts were awoken yet again, as his grip around my waist started to tighten. His hands were so big that when they wrapped around my waist, his fingertips connected. I tried to move myself, but felt myself completely in place in his hold.

I tried lifting myself with my knees, but his grip just grew stronger, holding me stationary in his lap.

I wasn’t even able to even lower myself on his dick, which was the most frustrating part.


I tried struggling carefully, didn’t manage to escape.

Then a little more forcefully, but still stayed locked in the grasp of the sleeping beast.

Looking down at his trained jock body, I realized the silver lining for my entrapment: His pecs and those perky nipples of his.

I placed my hands on his chest and started massaging all over. My fingers sunk into the pumped up pecs like hands to dough. His skin was so soft and youthfully plump, like the most expensive velvet.

My finger slid over Daniels nipple gently. His hips rose, making his dick slide between my crack and slobbering it all over with his overflowing precum.

The pleasant feeling excited me a little too much and the next time I passed his nipples, I decided to pinch them. The college jock’s hips rose more sharply this time and the tip of his dick went straight into unexpecting hole.

The wave off pleasure get ruined by something, that could only be described as a spear of pain.

“FFF—” I brought both of my hands over my mouth to muffle the swear word, “–uggk”. This was a grave mistake though, because my hands were the only thing stopping him from sliding further in my insides.

Tears formed in my eyes as another inch sunk into me. I quickly brought my hands back down on his chest in order to slow him down. I heard incomprehensible sleepy mumbling from Daniels, giving me at least the relief of knowing that I hadn’t woken him up.

I gritted my teeth and tried to calm down with deep breaths. This was especially difficult because Daniels kept forcefully trying to shove his hips off of the bed. I obviously wasn’t strong enough to stop him completely, only managing to slow him down.

During the next passing minute, another inch of Daniels monster cock sunk into my already sore hole. His dick flexed in joy of the new frontier he was conquering, which caused my hole to stretch further.

Reactively, I punched down my fist on his chest in pain. This was responded with disagreeing grunt as the fingers around my hips sunk in to my pale skin.

In one aggressive motion, I felt my hips get plunged downwards on Daniels shaft. The first half of his stout erect cock was the thickest (remember mentioning how it was shaped like a baseball bat?) and the most painful part. I could feel my insides stretch to their limits, to accommodate the invader.

Once his dick went past the half-way point it ALMOST felt relieving, as it did get less thicker towards the base.

This time I couldn’t hold in the swearing as the word “MOTHERFUCKER!” escaped my lips.

“The fug” I heard Daniels mumble out in his slumberish state. His dominant hand pulled off my waist and went straight for my throat.

“Shit shit shit”, Filled my mind. Daniels must’ve woken up because of my shouting.

“…fuckin’ cock tease…”, Daniels kept on murmurring.

“Shit shit, I’m so dead”, I started to panic. Was he gonna find me literally on top of him?

“Fuck Lisa, you keep sending me all these thirsty snaps….” Daniels grip around my throat tightened and I felt my airflow weaken.

…Wait Lisa? Wasn’t that Daniels’ ex’s name?

“…then sneak in to my room…” Daniels murmured sluggishly. His other hand was still on my hip, and it kept me pressed down while rubbing my pelvis against his. I let out a feminine whimper as I couldn’t scream.

Daniels face was still covered by the cap he was wearing, but I realized what must’ve been happening here: Remember how I told you that I had ordered a pizza and forgotten about it, under the influence of the same pills?

I think a similar scenario was happening here, where Daniels was in a state between dream and awakeness.

The jocks tone got progressively more aggressive as he kept speaking in his sleep. “…you climb on top of me and then suddenly decide you don’t want it anymore?” His cock started pulling out of me, starting to mix in some enjoyment with the pain.

“You’re almost as big of a cock tease as my fag roomie…” Daniels mentioned me! Even in such manner, him even mentioning me sent out a wave of euphoria throughout my whole body. My cock started twitching, like it was in the brink of an orgasm.

That wave of pleasure combined to the lack of air my brain was getting, caused my whole body to start relaxing. My hole also started loosen up around his cock which, which had seemed like an impossible task.

“That’s right you fuckin’ cunt, relax that pussy around my cock”, Daniels deep, angry voice belittled me, thinking I was his ex in his drugged up state. Hearing him say such words, directed at me, weirdly made me feel all giddy inside.

But my joy was soon interrupted by the strengthening grip around my throat.

With his right arm on my throat, he started lifting me up from the bed. My airflow got completely cut out as he did. Then with his left hand on my hip, he slammed me back down on his cock.

My eyes bulged out of pain and I let out a girly scream.

“Yeah? Little cock slut likes that?” Daniels misunderstood my painful yelp and started repeating the motion in constant, repeated pattern.

When he slammed me all the down on his taint, his hold around my throat loosened briefly, allowing me to gasp for air for brief second. Then again, single handedly, he lifted my whole 120 lbs (54 kg) carcass off the bed by just my throat, before dropping me back on his viagra-pumped phallus.

His lengthy cock invaded my hole repeatedly like a jackhammer and I could feel it slip in smoother on every thrust as his precum lubed me up from inside. His cock was so thick, that after the first three inches, rest of his length just constantly rubbed against my prostate.

It was like someone massaging your very soul with all of the positive things in the world. My eyes couldn’t help but to roll back when the thick cock head slammed against the prostate and dragged past it.

When his monster sized dick pulled completely out, past my g-spot, it left an empty feeling inside of me: all of the pleasure started fading, the comfortable dizziness started settling as my cock-drunk smile also died from my lips. Then he thrusted back inside and I felt complete again.

Daniels’ movements kept getting more and more hostile and I could feel his cock grow even larger from it’s already formidable size. He wasn’t fully hard yet, what the fuck? With that his palm around my throat also started to squeeze itself into a fist.

“N… To… t… gh.. t” I tried speaking, but my windpipe was getting crushed shut and I couldn’t get my words out. My whole body convulsed in his grip as he manhandled my tiny body like it was one of his cheap fleshlights.

His banging just kept speeding up and I could feel (and hear) his balls slapping against my ass.

I grabbed his huge fingers with my hands to try and get some air… I was dumb to do the same mistake twice, though.

Daniels’ other hand now moved on top of mine as he kept pumping me against his cock with his Herculean like arms at my throat. He mercilessly bounced me on his lap like a yo yo.

I tried slapping his hand, but it did nothing to the sleeping stud in heat. Daniels grip wasn’t letting at all.

Neither did Daniel’s pounding.

“C’mon you cheap whore, take it..!” I heard as my field of vision started going black. The background was filled by the wet noise of his large rod using my gaping ass hole as it’s place to crash.

Shit, I couldn’t faint now. Not here.

I felt tingling all over my face as blood couldn’t reach my brain anymore. (Ironic part was that my other head still managed to do the completely opposite.)

The strength from my struggling hands got drained and they fell to my side lifelessly.

My whole body went limp as I felt myself drift away, while still getting used.

I felt my own orgasm starting and then..!

I blacked out completely.

I felt the darkness settle in.

I could feel myself drift in to a dream.


I gasp awake and sit up immediately in slight panic. “Where…” I looked around in confusion and recognize the room to be Daniels. I was apparently laying on the floor of his room, beside his bed.

I look on the bed and see Daniels body there. Still unmoved from the same position.

My attention was stolen by that STILL throbbing, upright standing cock of his, as I watched him snore on the bed.

Then the shock and realization of what had happened hit me: My straight roommate had just fucked me, while spiked with viagra and sleeping meds!

However I had missed the best part of the whole thing, because the muscular college senior had denied it from me by making me faint just before it.

My hands went to my own cock, squeezing the bulge in the jockstrap cup. It was soaked by cum and most of it had leaked through and dried on my skinny thighs.

…Wait, dried?

“How long was I out”, I wondered and by weird chance, Daniels alarm clock started going off on that second.

SHIT! It was morning already?

I quickly crawled out of Daniels room, escorted by the beeping of Daniel’s alarm.

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