Quarantine, pt. 3

By Jayx3
published April 3, 2020
2984 words

Cock teasing continues as things get a little physical… Daniels also approaches me with sleeping problems.

Since my focus had been elsewhere for the start of the week, I had decided to take cleaning of the apartment as my duty for today. Inspired by Daniels caption about my ass looking QUOTE suggestive END QUOTE, I had taken that feedback to heart and decided to turn it on one hundred. For the rest of the quarantine, I made sure to always wear either a thong or jockstrap.

I had picked a jock to wear today, because it seemed like the less embarrassing option. On top of them, I pulled those adidas pants that everybody has. They were very snug on me, as I had bought them size smaller on purpose. I could trace the outline of the strap’s that pulled my cheeks together.


But I wasn’t the only one wearing tight clothes. Daniels walked past the living room, his Levi’s were hugging his thighs and you could see the stretch fabric struggling to hold itself together, especially around his ass.

You see, earlier that week I had also tinkered with the washing machine a little bit. Apparently if you changed the settings to only wash with hot water, it caused clothes to shrink. Who would’ve known?

I admired how Daniels ass looked in the stretched-out Denim as he walked. He was still on his self-claimed “bulk season”, which meant that he did have at least some body fat in the sculped body of his. His round booty jiggled just slightly as he took his heavy steps, and I was hypnotised by it on every footstep,

Daniels shirt wasn’t any looser either. His white t-shirt gave you clear view to let you count his abdominal muscles. All eight of them. Daniels clothes tended to be very slim fitting already, but these looked like second skin on him. Words can’t even describe how amazing he looked in it.

Daniels stopped in front of a mirror to flex. You could hear a silent SNAP SNAP SNAP from the hems on his sleeves. “Shiiit, rest really gets your muscles lookin swol”, Daniel said, admiring his own body in the reflection.

He took out his phone and took few selfies. In few of them, he grabbed his boner which was very obvious. The tight Levi’s he was wearing hid NOTHING. When he squeezed the shaft, you could see the outline on the blue denim enlarge even more.

A wet spot started forming where his tip was. The amount of precum Daniels produced drove me wild.

The jock was so entranced by his own body in the shrunken down clothes that he didn’t even notice me drooling in the background.


Carrying on with the cleaning that day, I made sure to always be leaning on to something. Every time Daniels walked past me, I arched my back a little bit more to give my booty that little “pop”.

When I saw him go to the bathroom, I got on all fours and started cleaning behind the radiators. First time for everything, I guess! I had grabbed the smallest brush I could find and started scrubbing behind them.

I heard Daniels exit the bathroom and his footsteps stomp behind me, which absurdly stopped about mid room by the sound of them. I acted like something had gotten stuck behind the radiator and pushed my face down in the ground, trying to see behind the heaters. I stayed on my knees, but curved my back as low as I could.

I kept the act up for about a minute, with my face down on the ground and ass shaking in the air. I mumbled stuff like “C’mon” and “Get out already”, to make the acting a little more believable.

The whole time I felt Daniels intimidating presence just standing there in the room, silently standing still. I had no idea what he was doing, was he looking at me? Was his hands wandering around? Was he taking more pictures, like yesterday?

The unknowing caused my own dick to throb.

When I finally succeeded in whatever I was pretending to do, I rose from the ground level and returned to my position on being on all fours. I heard Daniel groan something behind me as he almost immediately walked away after.

I took that as a sign that my plan was working so far.


Around noon, I had moved to the kitchen where I was sorting shelves. I made sure to pull my jockstrap up just slightly, so that it would peek teeny bit from under my Adidas. My shirt I tucked into my pants, making sure it wouldn’t hide my jockstrap framed butt.

Daniels came in to make an another protein smoothie after about fifteen minutes of me tidying the kitchen.

“Crap”, I hadn’t taken to consideration that he might make multiple ones in one day. The dosing of the added viagra in his supplements seemed to already be quite enough.

I almost pitied the hunks throbbing cock in those Levi’s. The denim was stretched to its limits and his huge boner looked like it was about burst out through the fabric. With double dosing of the viagra, his monster cock might just rip a hole in those jeans. I would not be surprised, having seen it.

He chugged down his drink as I stood on my tiptoes to get something from the top shelves. I didn’t actually need anything from there, but it gave me a good reason to lean against the counter and perk up my butt.

I felt him get behind me when his hand suddenly reached past my head, towards the top shelves. “This?” Daniels asked, pointing at a jar. Apparently he was trying to help me. He did have the length advantage over me after all, as he was at least a feet taller than me.

“No, the one at the back”, I said, heat flushing over my cheeks immediately. All four of them.

He pushed against me to reach deeper into the cabinet. With him being so tall, his chest reached the back of my head. His pecs were so muscular, that my neck just fit right in between them. Daniels’ shirts fabric was stretched so thinly, that I could feel the warmth of his skin against mine.

At the same time, I felt his denim restrained bulge rub against the curve of my back. I pushed myself as high as I could with my tippy toes, for his bulge to rub closer to my ass instead.

“Ah shit, even my tallness isn’t enough”, Daniel complained, while trying to reach the back of the top shelf from behind me.

He smashed me harder against the counter in attempt to close the distance. This caused my body to rise and my toes got lifted from the ground. My hip bones got smashes against the marble counter, which hurt quite a bit, but pain was the least of my thoughts at this moment. I could feel his rock hard bulge rub against the waistband of my jockstrap, so definitely knew it was visible.

“Almost…” Daniels said, seemingly struggling. He put his hand on my shoulder and pinned me down against the counter to push himself higher.

“…got…” Daniels leaned against my body with his whole weight now. His cock aligned between my cheeks and the sensation caused my whole body to shiver. I could feel his pulse through his cock by how it was throbbing to the beat of his heart. I turned into a puddle inside and my face had this stupid gleeful grin on it.

“…IT!” Daniels rejoiced. His hips pushed against my ass one last time and apparently one of his jeans buttons had gotten caught on my jockstrap’s waistband, because when he pulled back it snapped against the low of my back. It sent out chills all over my body and I let out a little whimper as response.

Danields grabbed the jar and pulled back. Way too fast for my liking.

I was left there on the counter, with my ass pointing upwards as my toes reached the ground again. Daniels slammed down the jar, in front of me, which also caused me to flinch back into reality.

I quickly pushed myself up from the counter. “Thanks…” is all I managed to whisper.

Daniels just snickered and patted me on the ass in a bro type of way, before walking out of the kitchen without saying anything else.


Afterwards I did rush to my room to see what was going on. Sadly the hidden camera, I had installed into his room, seemed to have connection problems. The slow internet trick I had done, must’ve affected this too, since it just read “UNABLE TO CONNECT”.

I whispered few curse words as I pondered about reversing the internet speed, but I couldn’t risk the chance of Daniels having the outlet of porn for his disposal.

After a quick (and I mean VERY quick, with the mental image of Daniels basically humping me) jerk off session, I returned back to being a house spirit. As one didn’t have much else to do, still being in quarantine with barely no internet.


Next in my cleaning list was the bathroom, which didn’t have much to do to be honest. But hearing the door of Daniels’ room open once again, I quickly grabbed an used toothbrush, got on my knees and started scrubbing between the tiles.

Another thing I would’ve never done, but every opportunity to impose myself on my sexually deprived straight roommate, I surely abused. I pulled my jockstrap a little higher and pointed my ass towards the door as I heard footsteps getting closer.

“Doin’ some spring cleanin’?” I heard Daniels’ voice from behind me (this was becoming a habit I could get used to).

Before I had a chance to even answer, I heard a sound anybody would recognise as urinating. The pee his the water in the toilet in such pressure, that it sounded like a waterfall, which startled me at first.

I replied with something generic, as I stole a quick glance from what was going behind me. Daniels was standing there three feet away from the toilet, leaning forward by holding on to the wall in front of him - basically planking in 45 degree angle, with his eyes closed.

Looking down, I noticed exactly why he was holding this pose.

His cock was hanging from the zipper of his Levi’s, with the top button still closed. From this I could only assume he was going commando under the jeans. Makes sense since there surely wasn’t any room for underwear in his painted on jeans. You could see every single muscle on his ripped jock body, despite the clothing. It was the perfect combination of letting you enjoy both the wrapping AND the gift at the same time.

The view I had on his enormous half hard dick and that denim wrapped bubble butt made me want to crawl in front of him with my tongue out, like a dog begging for bone.

It was the first time that I had seen him sport a semi this week, but even now Daniels had to point it down wards to hit the bowl. Considering how much Viagra he had in his blood, it must’ve taken all his willpower to keep it only at that.

Immediately as I saw Daniels head lift I turned my own attention back to the tile wall and kept scrubbing innocently. I slid my knees wider, landing in a frog pose (if you’re familiar with yoga) and started scrubbing the tile cracks on the ground level.

Soon enough I heard a sound every man can recognize. Pee splattering against the plastic rim and the lid of the toilet. “SHIT!” Daniels exclaimed, continued with more swearing, “Fuck!” I stole another quick glance as I heard the shouting.

Daniels was holding his now hardening cock down with both of his hands, as his stream still kept going. He tried to lean further towards the wall in attempts to aim better. Daniels muscles tensed as he forcefully pushed that huge cock downwards, with somewhat painful expression on that gorgeous stubbled face of his.

My eyes widened and I quickly shifted my gaze back forward, again, pretending like I didn’t notice anything at all. Daniels flushed the toilet and washed his hands (Wash your hands!).

“I made a lil’ mess, mind cleaning it up while ya at it? Thanks”, Daniels asked, well more like ordered, since he left again without even waiting for my agreement.

Once I heard him gone, I took deep breaths after having held it in my shock. “Holy shit, holy shit. He was totally getting turned on by me”, is all that was going through my head. I had to hold my chest to calm my heart down. The plan to cock tease the overly virile rugby hunk was totally working.

Having to clean up after his accident was nothing after a visual reward like that.


Later that evening Daniels approached me with a somewhat surprising request.

I laid on the sofa in the living room, reading through a textbook on my iPad, when he walked right next to me.

For like 15 seconds he just stood there silently. Without even turning my head I could see his rock hard cock in his skimpy ass jeans. It was pulled to the side and reached all the way to the right pocket and probably past it. His hands were hooked in the pockets by his thumb, which covered the tip of the cock.

It wasn’t until he spoke up that I paid attention to him and turned my head from my tablet to him. As I laid on the sofa with my head right in front of his hips, it took all of my focus not to glance down. It was especially difficult, because from the corner of my eyes I could see him squeezing the tip of his dick.

“So…” Daniels spoke up, making this awkward cough that you do, when you’re about to ask for a favor. “Remember at the party, where you mentioned…” Daniels started and my heart started pounding. “…those sleeping pills, man?” He continued and I got a little disappointed, to be honest, not expecting quite this sort of a plea. “I haven’t gotten an eyeful of sleep in two days, because, well…” Daniels said and nudged down with his head. I took this social cue as a free pass to steal a glance.

I lowered my eyes and I could now see the whole thing right in front of my face. He had pulled his hand away from covering it, and I could see the shape of the bellend and the precum stain right next to it. As I followed it down to the narrowing base, I could even make out a vein on his cock through the light blue denim. His cock’s shape reminded you of a baseball bat, how it got thicker towards the end.

It must’ve felt so good hitting your prost–

Daniels coughed and I brought my attention back up.

I again had that stupid, truly overjoyed grin on my face, which must have looked very dumb from his perspective.

What was he saying.

Oh yeah.



“Yes I can give you pills”, I blurted out, trying to quickly find an answer that was correct. “Great! Because I really need to sleep… like, RIGHT. NOW.” Daniels said, really emphasizing towards the end, which caused me quickly to scram up from the sofa and go to my room to dig through the drawers.

Now, I want to say that for these, I do have a legitimate reason to own, since I do have difficulties sleeping sometime. I swear I didn’t get these from the black market in hopes to “eyedrop” anyone.

Anyway. When I was prescribed these I was told to start with a half a pill and then take one if needed. When I first took them, half of one REALLY did knock me out for the whole night. One time I had apparently woken up in the middle of night, ordered a pizza and then fallen asleep right after. I had no recollection of that the next day.

I came back to the living room showing the box and Daniels was signaling for me to throw it, so I did. Immediately he started inspecting it. Luckily I had taken the prescription tag off. “So how many am I supposed to take?” Daniels asked, raising an eyebrow.

I pondered for a second of how honest I should be with my answer. In the end, deciding to be truthful… somewhat. “Well they suggest you start with one, but you’re like twice the size I am, so…” I said in a leading manner. Daniels then popped one pill out of the packaging, thought for a few, then cracked out an another one. “I guess I’ll take two”, Daniels announced, having done exactly what I had hoped.

“Thanks man”, he said and walked in to his room. I watched him disappear as he inattentively pushed the door closed. It got caught by the little beak of the lock and didn’t close all the way, leaving it just slightly cracked. I expected it to get pushed closed right after, since Daniels kept his door usually locked, but it staid unclosed.

A moral tornado started rampaging in my head when I realized what was happening.

“I shouldn’t…” I thought, but then quickly changed my mind.

“But maybe…” I paced in a small circle for a while.

Well, I had about an hour ’til the drugs even kicked in.

All I could do was wait.

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