Quarantine, pt. 5

By Jayx3
published April 15, 2020
2058 words

Daniels keeps showing off his body in the quarantine while our protagonist gets driven in to a corner…

I had rushed out of Daniels’ room a tad too hasty it seemed, since his alarm clock went on for another half an hour before the jock actually woke up.

Through the wall I could hear him smack his phone off.

The next thing I heard smacking were his balls. Judging by the morning wood I had just seen, Daniels must’ve woken up horny even though he had just raped me in his sleep… or was it actually the other way around?

The lovely sound of his low hanging testicles went on for about five minutes. Two minutes was enough for me to make another mess in my jock’s pouch, as I laid in my bed listening my roommate beat off.

Soon after I heard his door open, and then to my surprise… he also opened my door.

“Yoooo, my man!” Daniels stepped in to my room with the widest smile. He was wearing nothing but white boxer briefs, but they looked more like g-strings after having gone through the shrinking wash.

His bulge was soft, for once, since he hadn’t had his morning supplements yet. It bounced and jiggled in the air as he walked in front of me, just barely covering the flaccid uncut cock.

“The sleeping pills worked amazing, I even had this dream where I got a nice closure with my ex, if you know what I mean…” Daniels said arrogantly. He thrusted his hips suggestively which made his whole package swing between his legs.

I could see his pecs bounce as he kept posing. His rippled abs were glistening from sweat and cum as he pretended to do the hip thrust motion. The sexy ass jock didn’t even realize what he was doing to my poor brain, but he just kept adding the heat.

“I slept so well…. ah, I’m so thirsty”, Daniels said, noticing a water glass next to my night table which he immediately grabbed.

He started chugging a little too fast and just like in the boy calendars, the water started leaking past his lips, down to his chiseled abs and all the way to those lewd undies he was wearing.

The white fabric didn’t take much to start turning see through. The cotton grabbed onto his cock like cooked pasta thrown on a wall. It was still plump and swollen from getting jerked just a minute ago.

Not only could I smell his cum, but I could also smell myself on his dick. The flashbacks of him using my hole started filling my thought.

Daniels let out a long deep breath and put the glass down. “So, yeah… thanks”, Daniels said and walked away.

As he did, my eyes were glued on those glutes. The shrunken down boxers covered nothing of his behind, as they were fully wedged between his buns. Those two big round globes were so succulent looking that I managed to rub one out to them in the 10 seconds I watched him walk away.

As third load filled my jockstrap, I wasn’t sure which one of us had become more sex crazed about the recent events.

On the following day, I noticed that Daniels was becoming more okay with wearing less around the quarantine.

He even went to open the door for the food delivery guy wearing nothing but the strings. He came back from the door saying, “Lol, forgot to pay the guy, oops”.

I think the delivery guy had gotten exactly the payment he wanted.

Mid eating he shouted for my help, needing paper towels. When I brought them next to him, he was quick to stop me. “No no, you see, my hands are all up in the grease, can you?” Daniels nudged towards his chest, where the tomato sauce from his pizza was dripping.

I ripped an arc of paper and brought it to his chest and started cleaning the young athletes pecs. As I did, he just kept eating and watching the tv, fully ignoring me.

When I finished wiping his chest down, more dripped on his abs. “Oopf”, Daniels said with his mouth full while not shifting his focus from the television.

This kept going on for the whole time he ate that pizza. It didn’t even cross my mind to stop and question the whole thing, I had been given a chance to rub all over his body (granted with paper), but I enjoyed the whole half an hour.

At some point he got up without saying a word (not even a thanks) and went to make his smoothie.

I wondered if he needed drip cleaner for that…. He seemed to have a leaky jaw today.

Around the evening, Daniels did something else that came as a shock, but which I ended up just silently accepting.

He pushed my door open and started measuring the wideness of the door. Then he went away for few only to return with a drill and a metal tube. “I hope ya don’t mind buddy, but I’ll need to install a pull up bar somewhere to get some reps done”, Daniels explained, already marking dots for the screws.

Did I mind? Having this naive, sexy beast show off his muscles for me while he worked out. I nodded as a reply, “Go for it!”

“Thanks bro, I didn’t want to put it on my own because the door doesn’t close fully with it”, Daniels revealed. Information that would’ve been nice to know beforehand.

I watched how the stud managed to get it fully attached to the door frame within 5 minutes. Seeing him handle power tools managed to make him even more of a wet dream for me.

Daniels then put his arms on the bar and started testing it. I watched his back muscles pop and those biceps balloon up as he started lifting his 240 pound frame. I could admire every single muscle of his body, as he had nothing on but his tiny underwear and pair of white ankle socks.

Throughout the day, I got blessed with these minute long shows as the jock came to do few pull ups at my door.

Sometimes I got to admire the sweat trickle down the front of his body, getting his tighty whities all moist and dank, but never quite as see through as they had been in the morning. (Mental note: steal those undies.)

Other times he had his back to me, letting me see how his strong lats connected from his wide shoulders to the lean waist. I was jealous of the underwear wedgied between his cheeks.

When Daniels did his pull ups, you could see the bulge hang between his legs. Everytime he pulled up, the pouch grew a little as blood rushed in his now semi-hard dick. The fabric got even tighter and you could almost see his balls slip out of the skanky strings.

Around eight in the evening, I heard the smoothie machine make a familiar noise. “Another double dose of the special viagra infused supplements for the night?” I wondered, hoping that maybe Daniels would also take the sleepings pills again tonight.

It took me back, when Daniels actually came into my room and put one of those shakers on my table. “Here you go dude, as thanks for this”, Daniels said tapping the pull up bar. “Helps you get some muscle around those bones too!” He continued. He was literally twice the size of me, so he probably knew more about nutrition than me.

Knowing what was in the supplements of his, I doubted for a moment. I figured, that the viagra in it wouldn’t have any effect, since Daniels was basically one visual viagra anyway.

I was playing pocket pool every time he was in my field of vision, anyway.

Daniels stared at me as if he was waiting, so I chugged down the drink in three swallows. “Thanks”, I smiled with a little “milk” stache on top of my lips.

Daniels just nodded in approving manner and walked away.

During the next hour, I felt how my eyes were starting to droop. I hadn’t slept much in the last week, since I was constantly looking for the next chance to put ideas into Daniels head(s).

I got up and decided to go brush my teeth, maybe going to bed early once in a while would be a good idea.

I staggered through the living room, where Daniels was sitting on a sofa. “You okay buddy? You look a little out of it…” Daniels snickered as I barely avoided the walls.

I got to the the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush. Walking had made me even more woozy, so I had to sit on the hard tile floor of the shower space to catch my breath.

I closed my eyes just for a moment.

My eyelids felt so heavy… it was easier to just let them stay down.

I felt myself drift asleep.


I felt a spash.

Then another.

A soft groan.

I felt myself wake up as something got poured on me.

I tried opening my eeyes, but the bright lights of the bathroom kept me blinded as something now streamed on my lips.

It was a musky, salty taste that I didn’t recognize. The smell however was familiar…

I squinted and could see Daniels standing in front of me. He was grinning from ear to ear, leaning over me. My drowsy eyes lowered, admiring the hard work the rugby player had put on his body.

My eyes finally reached his cock to see… Daniels urinating.

On. me.

“The fu–” My whole body jolted awake from it’s half asleep state, but my cry was cut short as the jet of yellow liquid got aimed straight in my mouth. I could hear Daniels laugh as I blindly tried to dodge his urine.

Watersports weren’t my thing and this felt like too much, too suddenly.

The pressure started to finally die out and I managed to speak out without getting my mouth filled by the jock’s warm piss. “Daniels, what the fuck are you doing?!” I screamed, apparently having the courage to do so in my just woken state.

He looked at me amused. Daniels’ eyes went up and down my wet form. “I should be the one asking that”, Daniels growled, his voice had a very disappointed tone to it. He looked menacing like a wild beast.

“Clean yourself up and come to the living room”, Daniels spat on me and walked off.

“The actual fuck?” I mumbled out loud. I had just fallen asleep in the bathroom and he came acting like I had done something to him.

I peeled the smelly, wet clothes from my body.

“Wait, could he have… found out…”, My mind started racing in realization as I turned on the shower.

I heard my name get called out, “Hurry up!”

Shit. Fuck.

I turned off the shower and looked for a towel, but there were none. I wasn’t gonna put on the pee drenched clothes either. So I covered my junk and stepped out of the bathroom, getting the floor wet behind me as I walked towards the living room.

My heart stopped.

The 55’’ TV in our living room was playing off a recording from last night.

It showed me on top of sleeping Daniels, licking and massaging his pecs all over while I rubbed my ass against that rock hard cock of his. Even considering the situation, my dick got instantly erect seeing it from third person.

I felt my knees get wobbly.

This was a nightmare right?

I just had to go back to sleep…

I tried walking towards my room, but I was halted by the booming of Daniels voice, “Stop”, He didn’t even shout, but I felt it echo in my core. “I have no recollection of this, mind explaining to me why?”

My mind started flipping through the book of “Big Fat Lies”, but found no excuse fitting for the situation.

I could only stutter out um’s.

*Daniels finds out how our poor protagonist has been thirsting over him so much, that they actually molested him in their sleep…

The ending of the series approaches.*

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