Seducing A Cowboy - Part 4

By Oddballs -
published June 5, 2021
7909 words

Cowboys milk cows as part of their work routine. Milo on the other hand? He milks cowboys as part of his horny whim to mess with these hapless hunks in hats and chaps. He introduces them to the wonders of having the secrets of their rumps hiding a mind-blowing button deep within.

The next morning, Milo walks out into the dawning ranching. This time, he’s waking up even earlier than usual. He looks down at his hand, holding several chalk orbs. “I’m not taking chances with poor hygene around here. I’m drawing a cleansing line on every threshold before anything else.”

With that, the young time traveler ventures out to set up things up around the ranch. All he has to do is toss a chalk orb at a doorway, and the line draws itself.

Meanwhile, Cody wakes up in bed, breathing in deeply and donning a cute smile as he looks at the pale yellow sunrise. He is half naked from the waist-down and sporting a woody. “Hmmm…” He looks down at his boner at this thick patch of pubic hair. “Early morning there, little man?” Cody muses as he tickles his hard penis with a finger.

He groans as he gets up and flexes his back hard, really showing his erect member to the window and cracking the small of his back before huffing “Can’t touch ya though…” Cody leans to the windowsill and flexes his buttcheek as he stands there, looking at Milo’s shack in the distance. Cody gives a smile as he thinks about how his dick… ‘Exploded’ when Milo plays with his body.

“Maybe Milo can do it again?” He wondered, unknowingly letting a drop of pre slide from the tip of his 5-inch member.

Minutes later, Cody starts his routine by getting dressed per usual. First his longjohns, with the butt-flap open of course, and then his shirt, and then pull on his pants. The cowboy takes one step towards the door and stops. Something seems off. His hands on his hips, he twirls his pelvis around. He squats down a few times before it downs on him.

“Oh! Right.” He looks over his shoulder and puts both hands on his rump – his butt is covered up. “Dang, didn’t think’a that.” He frowns as he wiggles his rear. His cheeks feel so cramped in there. Grunting aggravatingly, Cody attempts to work it out with his pants before it came to one conclusion:

Taking a pair of scissors on the nightstand and stripping his pants down., Cody’s tongue curls on his upper lip as he cuts the fabric of his pants and makes a window for his ass before putting them back on. Cody fastens his shirt, pulled on his boots, and puts his fists on his hips, grinning happily as his legs remained clothed, while his peach-fuzz buns waft in the breeze. “Much better.” He says as he walks right out.

Arthur is straightening a few things in the house and stands by as he hears his son walk by. “Mornin’, Pa”

“Morning, son.” He takes a double look at his boy. His eyes go right for that naked rump, nearly buckling just from seeing either cheek jiggle or flex with each step he took.

The crystals stuck on Arthur’s collar give a keen ring sound before the gentleman gulps and his face gets hot. Almost in a trance, Arthur acts on a small impulse that pushes to the front of his brain and follows his son.

Cody smiles as he goes to put on his vest when he staggers a little “A-Ahh! Wha??” He whips his head and looks down under his arm and gaps as Arthur has a hold on his hips, “Pa? What’re you, nnhhh” He gasps and blushes as he feels that thick scraggily beard scrape against his tender cheeks. Cody holds the counter and moans lightly as his back instinctually arches behind him to push his bum into Arthur’s face.

“Rrrrmmmhhhhh” Arthur growls deeply as he mushes his face in circles around those two plush mounds. Impossibly clean and pristine, his son’s butt is just so soft and wobbly.

“H-Hoohh…” Cody gives a small jump when he feels those teeth gently graze across one of his cheeks. “Mnnhhhhh. Awww Paaa…” He just closes his eyes in sheer tranquility as his father nuzzles into his butt. Something about having someone massage and feel his rump makes him feel so… Right. Like his ass NEEDS to be touched and felt like this.

Cody grunts and fidgets as he even starts to get a rising boner in his pants as Arthur’s hot breath seeps into that crack and his tongue first makes contact across that pucker “AAWH!”

From the small yelp, Arthur snaps out of it and stares in utter shock at the sight of his son’s buttocks! He looks down to see a thick bulge pushing in his own lap and the pressure of his knees on the floor. Arthur scrambles away from the boy and coughs “Uhhh, I”


“Yes, that.”

“Morning, yah” Cody says while staying in place so his father doesn’t see the tent at the front of his jeans.

“Gotta plow the…” His eyes go right back to that vulnerable butt before the chubby DILF forces himself out of the kitchen. He staggers to the doorway and frowns as he grips his fist-sided package. “What did I just do in there… Sniffin mah son’s ASS??” He scoffs with disbelief as he still feels the very tender sensation of those cheeks pressing on his face. He was almost addicted to those buns… Is he still?

Cody just takes a very deep breath and shudders as his heart keeps pounding. “Gosh dang… What was that…??” He mutters before he reaches behind and rubs his booty in circles. His cock jumps in its confinement at the thought of his Daddy doing… More to him. What Milo has been doing to him, now Cody is fantasizing about his father’s face, fat physique, and strength doing to him…

“Dang, stop!” Cody coughs and shakes his head as his dick got even harder “Gotta wait this thing out now…”

Nate carries the buckets of water to the troughs around the barn as Jose guides the next black and white cow into the barn.

“Howdy, boys.” Cody greets as he approaches his two buddies.

“Howdy, Cody.”

“Howdy, mi amigo!”

“We’re just about ready to start with Bessie.” Nate indicates.

“Great, be with ya in a sec.” Cody goes to get one of the milk buckets and a stool.

“So I-” Jose does a double-take and sees Cody’s bare ass! “Ay Dios mio!”

“What?” Nate looks and just about doubles over with laughter “GHHHahahahaha”

“What?” Cody asked as he looks over his shoulder. His ass is in plain sight from the large hole he trimmed out of his pants as he faces the wall. Unless both of his coworkers are mistaken, they might even say he’s flexing his back to show off his rear.

“Cody. Bud. Why you’re walkin around with your ass hangin out?” Nate snickers.

Cody peers down over his shoulder towards his rear and wiggles his rump playfully as he dons a cheeky grin on his face “Why not?”

“How’s your Daddy gonna let you walk around like that?” Nate asks as Cody turns around and walks back.

“Just did.” Cody smiles as he carries the stool bucket in separate hands and struts to his fellow cowboys. “You should do the same, guys.”

“Hah, are you joking??” Nate laughs.

“Quizas…” Jose mumbles as he walks around in a half circle to look at that naked rump just baking like

“Jose, I still don’t speak Spanish.” Cody chuckles. “Ya gonna have to-”

“He said ‘maybe’.” Comes a fourth voice. They turn to see Milo stroll up to them.

“Oh, you’re the new guy, right?” Nate asks.

“I am.” He nods and smile. “Call me Milo.”

“I’m Jose.” The Hispanic male greets with a warm smile “Hablas Espanol?”

“Solo un poco.” Milo answers him “Just enough to get by. Same with a couple of other languages. But I’m no national ambassador by any means, heh.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that.” Cody scoffs with awe.

“By the way” Milo grins, “Love what you did to the pants. Really brings out your ass.” Milo reaches down and gives Cody’s rear a few slaps. Cody jumps a little and blushes from that. Nate just stares awkwardly, while Jose just stares. “Right.” Milo addresses the two of them “What are we doing today?”

“Oh, uhhh…” Cody coughs and tries to focus, his attention still attached to the tingling sensation across his bottom “Today we’re gonna be milkin’ the cows.”

“… Aaaand?” Milo shrugs “That’s it?”

“Probably not?” Nate gives him a raised brow “We also have to process it, bottle it, deliver it to town. You ever done this before?”

“Not once.” Milo tells him.

“Hegh. Alright then.” Nate chuckles “Cody, you wanna teach him?”

“Sure thing, here.” Cody takes Milo to the first cow of the day “This here’s our best girl.” He smiles proudly as he pats the grazing bovine “Bessie!”

“…” Milo observes the cow’s fur pattern, glances at the three cowboys with him, and back again before his brows raised and he snaps “OHHH so THAT’S why you’re called cowboys!” All three men laugh at that, while Milo is being genuinely serious “Oh yeah, and the pelt on this cow, that explains the design.” He notes, ignoring the Cody, Nate, and Jose’s merry laughter as he thinks about all the cliché cow-print cowboy clothing he’s looked up in cosplay imagery in the past.

“Ayyy, I like this one, Cody!” Jose laughs as he puts his arm around Milo.

“Uhhh… I don’t get it. What was the joke?” Milo asked.

“Nuthin, nuthin, you’re just cute is all.” Cody laughs.

“I get the the feeling I’m being condescended here…” Milo glowers like a sour sport.

“Naw naw, you’re good, Milo” Nate laughs as he pats at him.

“Alright alright alright, are we going to work here, or are we just going to keep cackling like chickens?” Milo asks, actually thinking about hypnotizing all three of them into believing they’re chickens and have them cluck and flap around the ranch. Milo really doesn’t like to be laughed at.

“Okay, fellas, Milo’s gettin’ sore.”

“Oh, I can show you ‘sore’.” Milo retorted bitterly.

“Okay, none of that, Milo.” Cody tells him firmly “Let’s get to it already.”

“… Fine.”

“Right, first, ya settle down in beside Bessie here.” Cody says as he puts the stool in position and indicates Milo to have a seat. He does so, and stares at the udders of the cow in front of them.

“… Wait, I don’t get it.” Milo turns to Cody with real confusion. “I thought cows were female.

“PFFF!” Nate snickers a bit, but gags himself promptly

“Ahhh, este chico nuevo lo va a pasar muy mal por aqui.” Jose chuckles and muses.

“Want me to translate that to a REAL hard time?” Milo glares at him. “I know my way around a hoe, you should know.”

“Woo, careful what you say now, Jose, hahaha!” Cody laughs as Jose suddenly looks sheepish – rarely anyone is able to call him out when he speaks Spanish. “Seriously, Milo, have you never seen a cow before?”

“Let’s go with the very fanciful plot twist that I’ve mentioned more than once the past few days that I’m not actually FROM this time and place. I have seen cows, but it’s not like my line of work calls for me to take a course in zoology. Animals are not my forte.”

“Alright alright, simmer down, partner.” Cody pats his shoulder. “Let’s all just calm down and work. If my Pa walks in here and we’re goofin off, NONE of it will be funny.”

“I’m tempted to summon him hither.” Milo rolls his eyes.

“Now now now. Enough of that. Let’s get to work.” Cody sets the bucket under the cow’s udders and instructs Milo “It’s pretty straight forward. All ya do is grab the cow by the teats here.” Cody demonstrates “Get a hard, firm grip here.” He gently wrings the thick appendage, while Milo gives him a very weird look. “And ya pull.” Cody gives a firm yank and shot a white bullet into the pail. “And don’t forget to pull the other teat, makes this go faster.” He manhandles both udders and squirts it alternatively, hitting the bottom of the hollow pail with the milk in different pulls. “And ya do that till the bucket is THIS full” He points a finger at a point of the bucket. “Then ya set it aside when Bessie here doesn’t have much left in her udders, and we bring in the next cow.” He says as he stands up straight and gives Milo a warm smile.

“…” Milo uncrosses his arms and talks, “So… Let me get this straight: This job requires us to molest an unsuspecting animal while it eats at its meal and it just lets us… Extract its bodily fluids? And then we repeat the process all day until every cow on the ranch is sufficiently drained from what can only be described as a systematic and time-consuming handjob?? What kind of twisted hedonistic bestiality IS this??”

Instead of laughing, the three cowboys chuckle and exchanged estranged stares “Milo, if this kinda work is makin you angry, we can just find something else for you to do.”

“No no, this actually gives me an idea.” Milo says as he rubs his chin. He digs in his pocket and take out the vial of Cody’s cum from the first night he gave him a handjob “This is not going to keep. Better just use the rest of it.” He mutters to himself, well aware and not caring that the other three men can still hear and see him as he takes another one of his magic rings – this one silver with grey orbs all around it. They watch as Milo pours some faintly dense liquid on the ring before putting it on.

If the ring checks out with this weak semen sample, it should make someone nearby more susceptible to naughty thoughts based on visualization; it’s essentially making a college guy’s sexual sense of humor, and turning into subliminal influence, the ring itself sending out some sort of mental radeo signal in the air.

“What’s that you’re doing there?” Jose asks as Milo smears the mystery fluid on the ring and puts it on.

“Not important.” Milo says “Cody, could you watch and make sure I’m doing it right?”

“For sure, partner” Cody nods and steps to the side for a better view. He chuckles as Milo pulls on a pair of gloves before he gets started. “Come on, now. Bessie ain’t THAT dirty.”

“I’m not touching another animal’s crotch barehanded. I reserve that for you.” Milo smirks as he hears Cody giggle before stopping. Milo reaches in and starts to pull and wring gently on the teats and shooting the pail with the raw milk. “Yeah, that’s it.” Cody nods.

As he watches, his eyes are fixated on those hands pulling those oblong teats. “Yeah, JUST like that…” Cody nods as he nibbles his lip a bit. His pelvis rocks a little as he watches closely. His mind keeps reflecting to the first night Milo came to the ranch – the way his hands are holding those udders are the same way he held Cody’s cock.

“Aww yeah, take it slow…” Cody mumbles as he’s visualizing a drooling member instead of the milk-tab of the cow. Each pang of the milk pail is an imaginary moan and grunt “Get a firm grab…” Breaking a hot sweat, Cody’s hand absent-mindedly starts rubbing his inner thigh. “Pull it nice… Yeah, keep pulling it…” The slutty cowboy licks his lips as those fingers wrap and tug around the proverbial penis and making it cum with each yank.

PANG “Unnh” TIIINK “Ogh” PANG “Nnnhh” QUANK “Hohohhh” Cody buckles before he gets a slap on his head.

“Cody! Wake up, partner!” Nate says.

“What, what the??” Cody jumbles and looks around. His mental state pops out of nowhere. Nate looks annoyed while Jose looks downright dumbfounded.

“Cody. Is your head somewhere else??”

“What, no! I’m fine, what’re you talking about??”

“Ya got a uh… A big prairie dog digging up down there.” Nate glances down.

“Heh, wow, Cody.” Milo smirks as Cody gaps down at his boner jutting in his pants. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you had a crush on Bessie.”

“W-What, no!” Cody flusters as he covers his erection as Jose giggles while Nate snickers. “I-I swear, I don’t know why I’m, oh my gosh”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Milo laughs and nods “LOT’S of people are into cows; if all of you fondle them for their milk like this.”

“Gosh, please stop, you guys” Cody tries to fold his hard-on down. “L-Let’s just get to work.”

The three other cowboys bring in a few other cows to set to work. Each male on his stool while he cranks out the fluids, Jose and Nate wearing their pants while Cody’s exposed crack basks in the air as all four of them set to work.

Milo tries not to look directly at the cow’s udders – honestly, it really does feel like he’s giving an animal a handjob. And the fact that these animals in particular are supposed to be female doesn’t help. Instead, he focuses his attention to the mystic radio signal of the ring on his left hand. He sees the faint twinkle within the stones of the trinket.

At this time, all three men receive some manner of imaginary interference.

As Cody’s hands grip and pull the udders, he huffs and shakes his head as he closes his adjusts his nude bum on his seat. His mind starts to pretend that those thick teats he’s grabbing are actually… Cocks. He looks up and smiles brightly like a schoolboy as he pictures Jose and Nate’s throbbing cocks in his hands, both penises shooting bullets of white into the pale before him. Both men he’s known for years, trusted, worked with. Guys need to be milked too, right? And who better to offer their danglers to Cody than his two best mates?

Nate clears his throat as he sits on is stool. What Milo said about ‘molesting animals’ sort of makes sense. He’s never thought of it before, but he is actually reaching down under to yank and pull between someone’s legs to get something out of it. If anyone would appreciate that kind of attention, it might be Cody. Cody’s dick, in Nate’s hand. God, something about seeing that cowboy half naked down there has Nate going. Maybe he can get a beautiful girl involved too? A professional dairy maid to tell Nate he’s doing a great job in milking his friend.

Jose sweats as his mind easily visualizes Cody and Milo’s dicks in his hand. He moans and dry humps the stool below him as his brain fully embraces the imagery of the charming Cody and sassy Milo humping his palms and asking for more, while Nate is in the background, encouraging Jose to go faster, keep pumping. His fingers practically choke the udders before a loud “MmmmmRRRRUUUUUUUURRRHH!” Sounded out and broke all three men out of their fantasies.

Cody, Nate, and Jose snap out of it from the loud moo of Jose’s cow, all three of them realizing that their buckets were almost full to the brim.

Time later, Milo pulls off his gloves and turns to his three partners. “Well I can safely say I’d rather be picking apples. Buuuut.” He notices that all three men are still stationed at their respective stalls with their cows. “Uhhh. Guys?”

“I-In a minute…” Cody says.

“I-I’m not done yet.” Nate calls out.

“No puedo salir” Jose answers.

“Guys” Milo says as he glances at the six buckets of raw milk lined up on the rafters “These cows HAVE to be running dry by now. How are you not done? Mine stopped giving milk already.”

“I just, I can’t right now.” Nate says. Milo raises his brows as a notion hits him. He moves his ring-wearing hand down and twirls it to send another subliminal impulse in the air to the three men in this shack.

“Come on out, you can’t stay in there.” A few circle arrays shimmer around his hand before all three cowboys stand up and walk out of their stalls. Each one looks completely embarrassed as their groins pull them forward, each one sporting a raging boner in their pants and each one having a wet, thick dab on his own summit.


“Ay dios mio…”

“Soo… Ahah heh, so-so, so, um… Work, we need to get uh…”

“Damn, you three are horny.” Milo grins as all three aroused cowboys stand awkwardly in reporting their erections.

“Gosh, this never happens,” Cody whines as he averts his eyes in any direction.

“I’m NOT into cows! I swear to Christ, I never got like this ever” Nate protests.

“I don’t know what’s coming over me, amigos.” Jose irks.

“Okay.” Milo nods and picks up his buckets “I think I got a solution to this. Go ahead and let your cows back outside, and I’ll set things up.”


“Sir, what’re you talkin about?”

“Milo???” Cody’s face gets hotter as he sees that knowing gleam in Milo’s eyes “You’re…”

“Just move the cows, I’ll set things up.” Milo grins as he walks past the dumbfounded countrymen.

While Cody, Nate, and Jose set the cows loose, each of them trying in vain to ignore their boners, Milo takes several old wooden planks and draws a quick transmutation circle into the dirt. Making sure no one is watching him, Milo activates a quick transformation.

The three men walk in, awkward erections still pushing in their pants, and blink curiously as Milo stands by what looks like a narrow table with a seat at the bottom and a large circle hole on the bottom. “Uhhh… Milo?” Cody asked.

“What’s this thing, amigo?” Jose asks as he looks at it from the side.

“It’s milking post.” Milo smiles “At least that’s what I’m calling it.”

“What IS this, Milo?” Nate asks.

“I’m not really into animals. So. Instead of milking cows” Milo gestures to them “I’m gonna milk the three of you!”




“Yeah! Did you know men could get milked too?”

“Oh, uh-uh, none of that.” Nate shakes his head and walks a couple of steps.

“M-Milo…” Cody looks both ways and leans forward a bit to whisper “Please, not here!”

“Relax, guys. It’s literally as natural as draining cattle.”

“Not round these parts, sir.” Nate shakes his head. “I ain’t ever let a man touch me anywhere near my… ‘Udders’, got it??”

“First of all, if you’re talking about udders, they’re techinically located on your chest.” Milo says, making the men check their pecs a bit, entirely thrown off by that statement, “Second, I won’t have to.” Milo then pulls out a tool from his pocket. The guys tilt their heads and peer at the device in his hand – it looks like shaft with a handle on it. The item itself is curved like a tea spout with a rounded padded at the end of it. The apparatus is shiny and very smooth. “This is a Prostate Milker.”

“A what??”

“… You don’t know what a prostate is, do you?”


“I’m walkin out, I don’t care who sees me.”

“Oh stick around, Nate.” Milo says with another airwave-suggestion gesture of his hand to make the black stubborn man stay. “Look, it’s better if I show you rather than explain. How about you, Jose?” Milo offers his hand.

“Wha… Me?” Jose gulps as he stares.

“Yeah. Nate is clearly semi-phobic, and Cody’s too shy to whip it out right now without peer approval. Come on up.” Hesitant, Jose walks up to Milo, his penis still leading the way before he approaches. “Okay, so. We take your pants off.” Milo undoes Jose’s pants and pulls themd own, seeing he’s also wearing a unionsuit like Cody – this one’s red though. “Now you lay on your belly on this thing.”

Jose blushes harder as he does as Milo says. His heart pounds in his chest as he sits on the specialized post, immediately noticing that his tent is through the hole in the middle.

“Then we get your butt opened up.” Milo chuckles as he unbuttons the flap over Jose’s ass. Cody just about jumps as he peers over to see Jose’s shapely buns. “Very nice, Jose.” Milo giggles as he rubs his hand on those very smooth tan-brown cheeks. “Then we uh… Heh heh, get your ‘udders’ out.”

“Say what?? Wait, wait wait” Jose frets, but doesn’t make the effort to stop Milo. His face goes VERY hot as he feels Milo’s fingers work the buttons on his hidden front and flinches as his hard penis dangles in the free-air, followed by his pristine ballsac.

“There, much better.”

Nate just glares with his arms crossed while Cody watches with fascination as Milo brandishes his wand-like tool.

“Next, we dig in for the G-spot…”

Nate raises his brows “Wait… Is he gonna shove that thing in Jose’s-”

“O-Ooh!” Jose jerks and moans as the thick spout easily dives down into his anus. Without so much as a drop of lube, the wide spout of the milker slips easily into Jose’s taint as if his anus is made of butter. “Aaaayy Dios miiiooo!” He whines out as his back arches and his crack almost swallows that toy whole.

“Whoa, easy there.” Milo smirks as he sits on stool and pulls in a small glass sphere-like bowl on the ground and places it beneath Jose’s throbbing cock. With his hole lodged with the tool, Jose’s ass jiggles with anticipation as Milo cranks it into circles and.

“HOH!” Jose just about jumps when a deep and sudden spot is punched inside his ass “Wh-What are you doing, amigo???”

“Oh, looks like I struck gold, eh?” Milo jests “Now we milk your prostate.” He presses a button on the milker’s handle.

“AAOOHHH!” Jose lets out a loud yelp of lust as his hands seized onto the post. His hips shoot harshly onto the post as his asscheeks clench and nearly crush the rubber tool inside his butt. “HAOOH! HAOOH! HAOOH!” His body thrashes and flails upon the masseuse table as the depths of his rear blazes with ecstasy! “MI CULO ESTA EXPLOTANDO!!! OHH AAHHH!”

Milo strokes Jose’s rigid cock – that 6.5 inch rod is curled and almost turning purple from the sheer intense stimulation in his asshole. Milo aims that member at the glass bowl underneath just before Jose’s back flexes and his cock spews out a thick cascade of white goo “OOOHHaaaaAAAH!” Jose shakes and pants as his penis almost goes numb from that wild explosion. He flinches and moans as Milo slides the specialized tool out of his clean pucker and pats his butt affectionately.

“See? That wasn’t so bad.” Milo smiles as he helps Jose up.

“I-I, whoa” Jose staggers to the side and flumps onto a nearby hay bale. “I don’t know how I’m going to walk today…”

“Oh you’ll be fine.” Milo answers as he wipes the milker with a cloth and sets it aside to two more prostate milkers “Just give your ass a minute to cool off. Nate?” He picks up an unused prostate milker in the middle of the three and flips it in his hand a bit. “You want to go next?”

“I-Igh, yeah sure.” Nate says as he hastily takes off his pants and shows off his own unionsuit. Milo comes to unbutton his butt and crotch flaps when he pushes them aside. “No, I got it.”

“Kgh, okay okay.” Milo smirks as Nate unveils HIS ass. Cody’s face gets a brighter shade of pink as he looks at Nate’s big chocolate buttcheeks. It almost makes him trip to see those deep brown globes wobble from his unionsuit “Why the sudden change of heart?”

“It has been. A LONG time, since I could visit a brothel to do this.” Nate answers “Y-You don’t have to play with my dick, right? You just… Make it happen??”

“If that’s your call, sure.” Milo chuckles as he gives Nate’s bouncy butt a few slaps. “Hands-free it is.” He lines the rounded spade of the rubber tool into his crack and locates his hole.

“So, you just… You put that thing inside me an-AND!” He jerks as the smooth protrusion slides right on in. “WHOA Mama, MMFFF!” Nate squirms on the post, his free-hanging flaccid dong dangling below the plank of the board. “Okay, okaaayyy, okaaay, this is different MMHH!”

Cody walks to the side as he and squats down to observe Nate’s junk “Wow, Nate.” Cody scoffs at the large penis thickening with those fully loaded nuts “Here I could mistake you for one of the horses!”

“Gheh heh heh, no one’s telling ya to- OMF!” Nate flinches as the deep spot is ocated.

“Found it.” Milo smirks as he then presses the button on the milker. The toy vibrates starts pumping itself in and out, like it did with Jose.

“HOHHH! OHHH!” Nate humps and rails the masseuse table as the trenches of his butt booms with forigen pleasure – his prostate is getting PULLED and PUSHED in alteration!

“Hooolyyy cow” Cody beams at that swinging cock – Nate’s schlong thickens and doubles in size into 9 whole inches at full erection from the anal stimulation.

“Me encanta esto~” Jose muses as he watches Nate thrash and wail in lust as Milo buries the thick tool into his flawless black ass.

“A-Awwhh! MMNNH! Ohhh lordy!” Nate whines and bucks his hips into the post as his tunnel gets violated and riveted thoroughly.

“Takin your time there, aren’t ya Nate?” Cody teases. “I mean Jose took only a couple minutes.”

“S-Shuddup, Cody, O-OOoooOO!” Nate grapples and whines as he clutches on the post.

“If it helps, try thinking of something sexy. Like some girl you like?” Milo suggests.

“Right, right rightrightrightright!” Nate’s body shakes as his cock twitches constantly – each hard push that wand pounds into his prostate making him one inch closer to orgasm. The moment he closes his eyes and pictures Ms Talia Parkins from town in her pretty yellow dress- “OHHH! AHHH! NNHH!”

Nate’s massive meat log blows under him and shoots his thick cum into the glass sphere, mixing in with Jose’s semen in the bowl.

“Very nice.” Milo remarks as he turns off the handle-like buttplug and pulls it out of Nate’s graceful cheeks.

“Okay, that…” Nate sighs as he gets up and tucks his penis back into his union suit “That was nice.

“Last, but not least.” Milo wipes down the smooth and clean used milker, and picks up the third “Cody, my favorite.” He gives him a smile.

“Yeah, I’m ready!” Cody jumps up, clapping his hands and trotting on over. He tilts his head at the three prostate milkers and ponders a bit “Why are there three? They all look clean, can’t ya just use for all three of us?”

“Sanitation reasons.” Milo answers “They stay clean, but I don’t like taking chances.”

“Heh, alright.” Cody looks down and gestures to his boner-tented pants. “So… Ya want me to…?”

“Naw, I already got full access on this baby” Milo says as he playfully spanks Cody’s bouncy butt “Just get your dick out, and we’ll get you going.”

“Okay” Cody blushes as he undoes his own button-fly and fishes out his penis and his testicles from his hidden longjohns and goes to perch himself onto the post. Legs spread wide apart and his genitals out in the open beneath him, Cody relaxes as Milo rubs his nude rump puts that rubber tool into his crack. “… NNHhhh… Whew, oh, I’m liking this” Cody arches his back and moans lightly as the toy dives into his hole.

Nate sits on his rear while Jose lays on his belly to let his ass air out behind him, neither of them bothering to cover up their bums as they spectate Cody get milked.

“OoOOOoo! Right there, right there” Cody yelps with his leg jumping up and down.

“Right. Now we just milk this sucker.” Milo chuckles as he pushes the button on the sexual baton to start deeply pumping Cody’s prostate.

“AAWW! OHH! OH MY LORD! OHH!” Cody wails out as his unused G-spot gets attacked. His cock jumps and flops under him as his fuzzy cheeks jiggle with each jump he makes “MMMMMMM! OHHHHHH MMMYYYGGGGGG”

“Oh you were made for this, cowboy.” Milo sneers as he drives his special toy up and down into Cody’s willing hole. He spanks those buns as Cody thrashes on the spot, undulating his hips and whining out loud as his fingers clench around the post.

“P-PLAY WITH MY BALLS!” Cody yowls. Both Nate and Jose stared and jaw-dropped as Cody starts begging Milo “O-OH my LOooORrd! PLEASE play with mah BALLS!”

“Good boy, love it.” Milo says as he licks his hand and fingers and reaches down to slip and slide Cody’s sac with his wet digits.

“Hohhhhh! Ohhhh, oooohHHHooOOO!” Cody’s entire posture fidgets and bashes the table until he felt his climax race out of his testicles! “OHHHHhhhhhhh hooohhhhhh! Aawwwwwhhhhh…” Cody moans long and hard as his penis spews out his babybatter into the glass bowl in Milo’s hand and pooled his cum with that of Nate’s and Jose’s.

“Awesome. Now we’re done.” Milo smiles as he removes the milker and slaps Cody’s ass approvingly and goes to clean up the toy.

“Is that… Whew” Cody huffs as he gets up, placing both hands on his buttcheeks to rub them “Is that how all cows feel when they get milked?”

“Not quite, but sort of.” Milo smirks as he leans on the threshold of the milking shack with the disinfectant cloth sterilizing the prostate milker.

“Heh… Now who’s gonna milk YOU?” Nate smirks as he nods.

“I’ll give it a try.” Jose grins as he nods to him.

“Hold on now” Cody holds his hand to the two of them “Milo was MY friend first, I should milk him.”

“Boys, boys, please.” Milo smiles “You can each-”


All four of them jump when someone suddenly booms in fury. There stands Arthur, looking as mad as a bull surrounded by crimson curtains. Milo immediately looks at the black leather collar around his neck – the cyan crystals are flaring with power. “Uh-oh…”

“P-Pa…” Cody squeaks, downright terrified out of his mind. His father has NEVER looked this full of rage, not even on a bad day!

“S-Senior Summers!” Jose gets up, “E-Esta lo, isn’t, look, estamos worka dos, agghh!” He can’t speak right in either language as he starts to panic.

“THIS is where I find you three??!” Arthur booms with anger “You’re supposed to be working and y’all are sitting around play with YOURSELVES?!!”

“I-I-It’s not like that, Mr Summers” Nate stammers “W-W just-”

“NOT ANOTHER WORD!!” Arthur seethes fiercely.

“Hang on, I got this.” Milo says as he walks around and crosses his arms, his eyes also glancing down on the bulge at the DILF’S crotch. “Arthur. Buddy. How about you calm down?” He tells Arthur with a deliberate smug smirk.

“DON’T YOU SMART MOUTH ME!!!” Arthur storms forward.

In a swift move, Milo trips Arthur and makes the fat beefy cowboy fall over onto the table. “OMMF! What in the HELL are you doing NOW?!” Arthur roars as he writhes and flails.

“Rule #1 when dealing with a crazy person: Never tell them to calm down.” Milo mentions as his foot draws a circle on the dirt. Out of the dirt, metal cuffs manifest and grow around Arthur’s ankles and wrists and held them down. The very muscular bull-like ranch owner thrashes and rages as he growls in his state.

“What is going on with you, Pa??!” Cody asks, honestly scared for his father. “What’s happened with you??”

“Ahhh” Milo pauses as he tries to think up a quick excuse “Cody, do cows get hostile and dangerous when they don’t get milked??”

“I-I w-w, ye-yeah, kind of, they get a little ornery, but-”

“GOOD, that’s it then” Milo snaps and points “It’s been SO long since your dad’s been milked, he’s flying into a rage.”

“But, how, that don’t make no sense, Milo”

“Oh just go with it, I’ll talk about it later!” Milo whips his fingers over the seat of Arthur’s pants and those overalls shred by itself to expose his big, round, hairy globes. Cody’s eyes widen to see his father’s ass flex and rail away… Almost wanting to…

“Jose, got a minute??” Milo calls up.

“W-Wha??” Jose irks but strides over.

“Here, gonna get this in there…” Milo takes the prostate milker and shoves it into Arthur’s deep crack. Jose is practically catatonic as he stares at this. How many afternoons as he wondered about his boss being this exposed…? “Here, take the handle.” Milo snaps him out of it “It’s already pumping, it should take a minute to get him stable.”

“W-What?? But I don’t know how to…” Jose reluctantly takes the dildo, feeling the handle roll pump as it buries into Arthur’s musky rear.

“Just HOLD it and shove it in deep.” Milo tells him. Jose does so, and drives it deep into Arthur’s ass.

“MMFF! Hrrr! GRRHHHG! Haagghh” Arthur growls and thrashes before Milo grabs his thick, dangling cock and starts to stroke the chubby growing down there. “Oh, ohhh, oohhhh” Arthur starts to moan and relax. The searing light in his eyes fade as his primal lust starts to get attended to “Ohhhhhhhh”

“This… This is getting too weird for me.” Nate says as he sees his boss get milked.

“Ugh, fine, go stand outside and… I don’t know, make sure nobody walks in. Last thing they need is to see a ranch owner get like this – trust me, it gets complicated.”

Nate huffs in relief before he goes and scout outside. Milo then squats down and grabs Arthur’s fat hairy nuts. “Theeeere we go…” Milo says as he rolls and pulls on that loose sac and masturbate Arthur’s thick log. Arthur rolls his eyes closed as his genitals get a thorough massage.

“What can I do??” Cody hops up next to Milo “I wanna help my Pa, Milo, please.”

“Uuuhhhmm… Milo glances around and then nods to him, “Let him suck your dick.”

“… W-What???” Cody’s face gets a sudden blush “M-My Pa??? Suck my-”

“You want to help him or not?!”

“O-Okay!” Cody steps to the side and pulls his member up, still soft from having just came “H-Here, Pa?”

“Wha… Ahhh…” Arthur looks and sees a penis wiggle and bob in front of him. His sex-riddled mind pushes aside any inhibition he might’ve had and moves to wrap his lips around the flaccid dong.

“O-Ohhhhh, oh my gosh!” Cody hunches and holds onto his parent’s shoulder as that mouth pulls and sucks the spent member. He looks down and huffs hard; Arthur does seem a lot calmer now that he’s slurping at Cody’s member. “Good… Good, Pa…” He rocks his hips there and slides his rod smoothly in and out of Arthur’s mouth “Suck my dick, Pa. Suck my dick… You’re gonna be okay.”

“Mrrffmmff… Mmrrmm…” Arthur suckles and slurps as the meat in his mouth sates him beyond belief. His insides are just melting as he gets pleasured on all fronts – with Jose working over his prostate, Milo milking his cock and pushing his thumbs onto his loaded balls, and his dear son having him nurse his gentle penis.

“Okay, he’s just about good.” Milo nods as he glides his palm over Arthur’s precum soaked monster and firmly palming Arthur’s low-hanging balls.

“O-Ohh Pa” Cody moans out as Arthur goes in to tickle and slurp Cody’s vulnerable orbs.

Cody snickers and covers his mouth to prevent himself from giggling and laughing. Jose beams as he holds that manly ass and really drive the prostate milker deep into that rear. Nate peers in and scoffs as he sees the bizarre ‘session’ and making sure they’re all okay.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh, o-oh, ohh!” Cody moans before he pulls his cock out of Arthur’s mouth just before it spurts a weak orgasm out onto Arthur’s beard and tongue. “Sorry, Pa, I kinda…”

“RRrrrhHHhhrrr! Oh my God, oh, oh, oh, oh!” Arthur’s might buttcheeks clench and flexes as his hole just about swallows the tool almost to the pommel. His cock flexes in Milo’s hands before the fat dick pours his potent load into the glass sphere. “Ohhhhhhhh… Hhhrrrhhh…” When the crystals on his collar dim and subside, Milo makes a swipe-gesture with two of his fingers to make the shackles on Arthur’s wrists and ankles disintegrate before the older cowboy pants and slowly gets up.

Cody quickly tucks his penis into his pants and helps his father up “Y-You okay, Pa?”

“Yes, I’m fine, son… Urff, don’t know what in blue blazes came over me…” He holds his head and looks down and jumbles as he sees his overalls torn from the waist-down! “What the??!” He takes his hat and covers himself.

“Or relax. We’re all adults here.” Milo rolls his eyes.

“What exactly happened?? I never do this sort of buggery nonsense” Arthur winces as Nate and Jose come up.

“Milo?” Cody turns to him, “You were saying something about…?”

“Riiiiiiight…” Milo glances to the side, having to come up with a quick excuse to try and make this into a viable explanation. “Well… You know how cows get irritable when they don’t get milked? I guess you could say this is a similar concept.”

“So you’re saying I went insane because I haven’t… Done something like that??”

“I suppose?” Milo says “It’s actually scientifically proven that orgasms and having sex puts you into a better mood…” Milo rubs his chin before glancing at the four cowboys, “Actually, now that I think about it, I think there’s been an epidemic of abstinent-based aggression running rampant around these parts. Men have been getting wild and crazy when they don’t get off often enough.”

“What in God’s name are you talking about?”

“You folks ask that question a lot.” Milo points out “Basically what I’m saying is: men are having less sex, so they’re going to get a little crazy.”

“So what’re you suggesting??” Arthur grimaces “That we just run around and start fu…” He pauses for language “Fornicating each other when we’re about to lose our minds??”

“That’d be ONE solution.”

“Milo…?” Cody glances a little. He can tell when his father’s getting frustrated.

“Right. Just-”

“Just!” Arthur raises his hand in frustration. He huffs and goes to some spare overalls and pulls them on, “Just manage this however the hell you want. I better not seeing too much foolery like this again, do you understand me?”


“Fine. All four of you. Git back to work before I lose my patience.” With that, Arthur stomps out and in his disheveled apparel.

“Damn, that was scary…” Nate sighs.

“Not sure if I wanna go through that again…” Jose frets.

“Right. So.” Milo says “I think I have a… Subtle solution to go about this…”

“And what’s that?” Cody asks with his hands on his hips.

“Let’s head on over to my place before we get back to work…” Milo chuckles.

Back in Milo’s small shack, all three cowboys stroll out of the door, all of them wearing some new pants. Cody, Nate, and Jose all have their rumps exposed in the open air while their manhoods stay bundled in pouch, thong, and jockstrap. “I never woulda guessed you had this kind of pants, Milo.” Cody says as he stretches his legs and feels at his thighs a bit.

“Where’d you even get these?” Nate says as he feels up his own butt.

“Different time, different place.” Milo answered.

“What does THAT mean?”

“He always talks like that.”

“Anyway, next time you guys need your prostate milked, the assless chaps makes that more convenient.”

“Think I might prefer my unionsuit.” Nate says as he grabs around the bit of exposed thigh.

“Yeah, I’m kinda missing the comfy stuff.” Cody agrees before he looks over his shoulder and shows off his ass “But I do like how these pants feel on the goods.” He says with a smile as he twirls his hips and bounces his round bulge around.

“I like’em” Jose says as he checks himself out.

“We better get back to work, boys.” Cody tells them.

“I’ll catch up.” Milo waves off. “I gotta set something up first.” After the three rockin’ rump cowboys leave with their rears open for the world, Milo turns to the glass half-sphere on his table, containing the rich concoction of Cody’s, Arthur’s, Jose’s, and Nate’s sperm. “This turned out well” He remarks as he takes the open flask and puts it on a burner perch in the fireplace of his shack turning a tiny knob, he turns on the small flame under the round glass, and watches as the runes he carved in the stone hearth illuminate.

The cum starts to bubble and churn before a pearly mist evaporates and flurioushes up the chimney. “Not much. But this will make the men little bit… Open around here.”

Smiling to himself, Milo gets his coat and his cowboy hat and trots off to join the others.

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