Cowboy West

Series Summary

A mystic time-traveler travels to the Old West in the 1800’s for one purpose: to have sex with a cowboy for a vacation. He uses a few small magic tricks to seduce and get close to a straight young cowboy, while knowing next to nothing about cattle wranglers and gun slingers.

Author Title Published
Cody reflects on how much he’s going to miss Milo while wondering just how he’s going to cope without his friend around the ranch.
10/3/21, 8:04 PM
After an early morning of father and son fooling around, the ranch owner decides to let his son plan a fun day... Only to find out the parting of ways with the time traveler.
9/26/21, 8:13 PM
Milo comes to cook for dinner and gets with Arthur like the big bear that he is.
9/19/21, 12:00 PM
Another day at the ranch, and Milo introduces a chastity cage to Cody.
9/5/21, 8:23 PM
When the boys get back to the ranch, Nate starts to get frisky with Cody again.
8/23/21, 8:49 PM
José was just minding his own business when lo and behold, the love of his life comes walking in and talking sweet on him and push all of his buttons. Zachery is tailor-made for everything José has ever dreamed he would thanks to Milo.
8/8/21, 4:44 PM
When Milo makes a promise to his friends, he keeps them. He meets with the man Jose has been falling for and he brings the huge, beefy cowboy down a few pegs before taking him for a meet-and-greet.
8/2/21, 6:49 AM
Milo introduces Cody to the wonders of 69. And then after a brief run-in with Arthur after Cody accidentally slept over at Milo's shack yet again, the four cowboys make their way into town to attend regular business.
7/26/21, 7:17 AM
One morning, Arthur finally decides he wants a taste of his son. And Cody is all too happy to act like a very bubbly minx and seduces his chubby dad before they start riding like a couple of broncos in mating season.
7/17/21, 10:19 PM
Nate gets a little antsy with his girlfriend gone, so he once again calls Milo to milk his prostate to ease his libido. This time though, Milo introduces Nate to a taste of bondage.
7/8/21, 5:49 PM