What did you wish for?!- Bullies arc ch. 3

By DuskSkullKing
published December 26, 2020
2833 words

Zack is about to get a taste of his own medicine.

Tom was half asleep when his alarm started blaring signaling that it was time for school. What a weekend it had been! Getting a magic coin that grants his and people around him’s wishes was amazing! It had gifted him the body straight out of a porno, helped him get a bit of revenge on one of his tormentors, and finally, gave him a sexy father that was almost always wearing nothing but his boxers.

Laughing to himself, Tom rolls out of bed. If he didn’t know for a fact that all of that had happened, he would have thought it was just a dream and that he was crazy. As he starts getting ready for class he remembers what Troy said the other day about Chad. Provided he and his crew didn’t see him yesterday, they were going to get back at him at school today! Now Tom was rushing out the door to try to warn Chad. Least Tom could do for what happened the other day at the mall.

“Whoa there sport where you goin in such a rush? I made some breakfast!” Bruce says gesturing to the table spread.

“Gotta get to school early Pa. I’ll grab something from the cafe when I get there.” Tom replies, shoving his shoes on while juggling his jacket and backpack.

“Well you may want to put a shirt on under that jacket and underwear under those jeans. You have gym class today, right?” Bruce asks, cocking an eyebrow at the mess his son was this morning.

“Uh…” Tom froze. Looking down he saw his right arm in his jacket sleeve, his left arm in his backpack strap, and his pants hanging off his hips sliding down because he forgot to do up his fly. Blushing, Tom quickly pulled up his jeans to cover up his groin that was almost on full display. “Ahem. Yeah, underwear and a shirt would be a good call!” Tom quickly made his way back to his room after kicking off his shoes that were only half on his feet anyway.

“Ugh, what am I gonna do with you!” Bruce laughs from the kitchen, taking a seat at the table to enjoy his coffee.

“ROUND TWO!” Tome bellows barreling down the hallway. This time his jeans were fully on, with a belt to boot! He threw on a plain pale blue t-shirt underneath his jacket. “See you after school Pa! Hope you have a good day!”

“Wish I was that young and spry again! Oh well, one of us needs to parent.” Bruce mutters sipping on his coffee. The coin wants to make the wish come true, but having two young men with no parents wasn’t the way to do that. Unfortunately, this was a wish that the coin would have to think about and come back to at a later time.

“Alright made it to school before Troy by the looks of it.” Tom mutters stepping out of his truck. Looking around the parking lot, it didn’t look like many students had arrived at the school yet. It occurred to Tom that it was only about eight AM and school didn’t start for another hour yet! Sighing and groaning Tom made his way to the cafeteria to get some breakfast. At least his early arrival was good for something, now he could stake out the front entrance and pull Chad aside before Troy finds him, all the while enjoying some breakfast!

Walking into the cafeteria, Tom had never seen it this empty! There were a few grade ten students sitting at a couple of tables going over assignments and studying for the upcoming finals. Due to the lack of students, Tom was able to order a breakfast sandwich without having to wait in any line. Once he got his food, he made his way down to the main doors. This time of the day, they were the only doors unlocked for students and faculty to enter the building. Tom sat on one of the benches surrounding the giant chess board that was between the main entrance and the schools office. “And now we wait…” Tom mutters, biting into his sandwich.

“Wait for who dork!” Came a voice that sent a shiver down Tom’s spine. “What’s a fag like you doing at school so early? You didn’t even go to your locker yet! Take your jacket off, stay a while, or are you skipping class?!” The voice mocks.

“Fuck off Zack. I’m a bit scatterbrained this morning.” Tom grumbles giving his tormentor a quick explanation.

“Using such brass language in front of the office?! Maybe you’re not as smart as I thought!” Zack laughs.

“What are you doing here so early? It’s like an hour till classes start. Shouldn’t you be at home and not getting here until like noon?” Tom questions. Zack is a lazy ass that picks on kids for being smart, fat, gay, having too much body hair, whatever he could use to make his victim feel more insecure than they already were.

“Got in trouble with Mr. Stinktim. He had me come in early to clean some of the chemistry glasses, what are they called? I’m sure a nerd like you would know.” Zack says clamping his hand on Tom’s shoulder, taking a seat beside him on the bench.

“Beakers?!” Tom replies, exhausted already from this conversation.

“THAT’S IT! Thanks dork! Anyway, I got done with those a while ago and now I’m just wandering around looking for stuff to do… Never been here this early. It’s so empty, quiet and eerie.”Zack mutters.

“Same.” Tom nods.

“You know, something is different about you. I don’t know what it is, but this is the first time we’ve talked where I didn’t feel like mocking you! Oh wait, that jacket does my job for me!” Zack laughs getting up from the bench. “See you round fag!” Zack saunters off down one of the school halls.

“I wish that whenever he tries to mock someone, the opposite happens to the victim and Zack inherits the trait that he is mocking.” Tom mutters, narrowing his eyes at Zack.

‘Luke made a similar wish once! So, correct me if I have this wrong, but if Zack calls someone fat, the person loses weight and Zack gains it, correct?’ The coin asks, making sure it has the wish right before granting it.

‘That’s right. But if the person is comfortable with how they are, Zack not only gets the trait he’s insulting, but it becomes a kink of his.’ Tom replies. A ray of light shoots from beneath Tom’s shirt, where the coin hangs around his neck, and hits Zack. Zack must have felt something because he turned around!

Feeling a tingling sensation, Zack looks down to examine himself. Turning around he sees Tom giving him a cold stare. “Were you checking out my ass?! You like staring at it so much why don’t you come over here and get a better view?!” Zack barks. Quickly glancing around that no one else is around, he bends over, pulls down his pants and gives Tom a full view of his bare scrawny, hairless ass. “Hope you enjoyed the view, because that’s the last time you’ll be seeing my bare ass!”

“Here I thought a small, scrawny guy like you enjoyed showing off his body.” Tom says sarcastically before rolling his eyes.

“Not as much as I’m sure you do! Bet you like to show off for all kinds of guys! Later loser.” Zack finally walks around the hallway corner, out of sight.

Tom just sat there, face crimson red. Then the thought of Zack showing off his skin and bone body for all the boys made him feel so much better. Besides, the guys loved it when he showed off his body, right? His eyes shot wide open as he realized he was becoming more and more comfortable showing off his body for men. Quickly, Tom made his way to his locker to drop off his coat and bag. As he was taking off his coat he found it colder than he should have. Putting the coat and bag in the locker, Tom saw more of his bare right arm than he should have! Instead of a t-shirt, Tom was wearing a stringer top. The arm holes went from his shoulders all the way down to his waist! “Oh this is going to be fun!” Tom says as he starts to play with the shirt. It was quite loose, and the necklining went down past his pecs, showing off his cleavage. Closing his locker, Tom made his way back to the entrance. Turning, he went to take a step when he tripped over one of his pant legs. “What the…” Tom mutters, bewildered. Upon inspection it seems that Tom’s jeans were now hanging down a bit lower. As Tom stood back up, he went to pull his pants back up, only to realize the underwear he had put on that morning had vanished. “Guess I’ll be showing off more than I intended to come to gym class today…” Tom mutters as he continues back to the entrance.

Tom peers outside through the doors to see if he can spot Chad’s car in the lot. Doesn’t seem that he has arrived yet, Tom thinks. He makes his way back to his bench when he sees Zack come back around. “Enjoying your walk?” Tom asks, looking Zack over. Last time he saw Zack, he was wearing a black and blue striped hoodie, a gray shirt and jeans. Now the bastard was wearing a bright blue compression top, his fly was open and Tom could see some bright pink briefs peeking through the gap. Tom had to stifle a laugh at the sight.

“Not really! It’s so boring! It has only been what, five minutes since I saw you last? I see that you paid a trip to your locker since then. Man, we still have forty five minutes to go until classes start… What are you doing here so early again?” Zack asks, walking up to Tom.

“Waiting for Chad. Some stuff happened at the mall Saturday with Troy and company. Now they want to get back on Chad. If they haven’t done it already, I want to give him a warning.” Tom explains staring at the doors.

“You mean the fountain thing? I think the whole school already knows! Someone posted a video online and well, I’d be surprised if Troy even shows up today!” Zack laughs. “Why warn Chad though? If I was you I would just let him get what’s coming to him. Those guys pick on you even more than I do! To be completely honest, I only pick on people to stay on his good side! Did you hear that he took one kid’s clothes out of his gym locker? Apparently the kid really pissed Troy off, won’t be making that mistake again! Another kid was humiliated by being forced to wear a thong down through the halls. His girlfriend cheated on him, so to get back at her he swapped out her pads. They had some kind of dye or something. Depending on who you ask, they made it seem like she was bleeding through her pants and it was dripping, leaving a trail where she went. Others say it wasn’t blood but pee. I heard another rumour that he swapped out her shampoo with ‘hair be gone’ that left her bald!”

“Holy shit! I didn’t know any of that! I knew he pantsed a kid he knew had a small dick in front of the school, flew a kid up by his underwear on the flagpole, and made one guy’s skin blue for a month! Guy is a monster! How does he not get punished for any of this?” Tom asks.

“His dad is some kind of big shot that the school doesn’t want to get upset. I think he donates money or something. But back to Chad, why warn him?”

“I just don’t think he derives that kind of punishment.” Tom says simply.

“Fair enough I suppose.” Zack says taking a seat. “By the way, have you been working out? I never noticed how buff you are!” Zack asks, squeezing Tom’s bicep.

“A bit. I’ve been helping out some friends on their farm here and there. Guess it does a body good!” Tom gleams, flexing for Zack.

“Well, it seems your hard work is paying off! You’ll make some man happy one day. I wish I had muscles to show off like yours!” Zack laughs flexing his own twig of an arm. Well was a twig, before the coin granted his wish. Now there were some tight, toned muscles on those bones. The compression top now outlined some lightly defined pecs and four pack abs.

“Looks like you got a bit there!” Tom says, as he goes to brush his hand over the new abs.

“WOAH! I don’t need a fag like you touching me!” Zack shouts jumping up from the bench. Looking down, he notices Tom’s hard cock outlined in his jeans. “FUCK YOU GETTING TURNED ON FAG! DO MEN COMPLIMENTING YOUR MUSCLES EXCITE YOU?!” Suddenly Zack’s own dick was poking out from his fly, still trapped inside the hot pink briefs. Seems that Tom is quite comfortable with men looking, touching and complimenting his muscles. Traits that Zack now has, as well as a muscle worshipping kink. “What was I saying?” Zack shook his head as if he was in a daze for a second. “Oh yes! I was asking if you wanted to go someplace to take care of this.” Zack says, now stroking Tom’s dick through his jeans. A wet spot was quickly forming making Tom blush a bit. “Oh come on, no need to be bashful! We all know you wear your cum stains like trophies!” Zack prods. Sudden;y dried cum stains rapidly appear all over Zack’s jeans, briefs and even a few spray stains appear over his compression top. Meanwhile, the wet spot Tom had disappeared.

“You know you should really stop jacking off! It’s not even eight thirty yet and you already have like five or six loads of cum stains all over you!” Tom points out.

“So? I’ll just say I was busy with a girl last night and these are my trophies! Unfortunately her husband came home and kicked me out this morning.” Zack explains. “Man if I had a dick that big, I’d be worried of it ripping out of my pants.” Zack laughs. He zones out for a second as dick grows, underwear disappears, and now he has a size fetish. The bigger the dick, the hornier he gets! Coming out of his daze, Zack grabs Tom’s hand and leads him into the washroom.

Not Wasting any time, Zack whips out of his pants and bends over the bathroom counter. “Well go on, stick it in! I can’t wait any longer you big tease!” Zack’s attire changes again, his jeans become skinnies that hang off his hips and his compression top becomes a hot pink compression tank top. “Come on big boi!”

Reluctantly, Tom whips out his dick and shoves it into Zacks virgin, slutty, twink ass. Zack moans in pleasure as Tom thrusts his giant rod around his tight hole. Getting into his role, Tom picks Zack up and flips him around. Zack removes his shirt and throws it off to the side. “That’s right! Fill me up big guy! Give me that cream filling!” Zack moans. Before blowing his load he leans up and kisses Tom. As Tom returns his kiss, he too blows his load as cum now leaks out of Zack’s stuffed ass.

“Well, that didn’t take long. I should get back to watching out for Chad. See you around Zack.” Tom says cleaning himself off and stuffing his cock back into his jeans. Leaving Zack to get cleaned up and dressed. Looking back, Tom notices that Zack’s brown hair had changed at some point to a trimmed blonde with pink highlights throughout. Truly embracing that slut stereotype it seems.

Merry Christmas guys. Sorry it took a while for this one. Work and home have been stressing me out lately and I have not been in the mood to write. Things should be slowing down for me come the New Year so I hope to begin writing more frequently. Till next time, stay safe and happy holidays.

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