What did you wish for?!- Bullies arc ch. 2

By DuskSkullKing
published October 26, 2020
5241 words

After getting a nice looking body, Tom decides he needs some new clothes to match his new look.

“Well for that cocky one, Troy right?” Luke asks seeing Tom nod his head in response. “Well, seein’ as how that boy likes to be cocky I would make his dick grow an inch every time he acts cocky and top shit. Since he likes to show off, I would make it so that it starts wearing less and less, let him ‘show off’ all his ‘gains’. When he starts braggin’ ’bout ’is body and how ‘hot he is’ let him become more and more attractive.” Luke says wetting his lips at the thought of that hot juicy straight boy becoming hotter and naked and with a big juicy cock. It isn’t until Sal starts talking that Luke snaps out of his fantasy and wipes the drool dripping down his chin.

“Along wit more attractive ’nd shit, I wo make ’em emit a scent dat makes guys round ’em become horny and want to do shit to ’em!” Sal chips in.

“What like his sweat and body odour turns all the guys into horny gay muscle worshipping sluts?” Tom asks with a chuckle. Both Sal and Luke shared a serious, and lustful, look. As in saying ‘FUCK YEAH!’ With their eyes. “Okay sure… And what about Zack?”

“That’s the guy that keeps callin’ ya a faggot right? Just because you have a high pitch voice? I say turn him into a flamboyant little twink!” Luke spits.

“Nah, I seen the fuck. Guys has a scar under ’is right eye and has a chav face. I say go all the way wit dat one and turn him into a scally chav! Guy ready ’as the body and build. Just needs the ’tude and mind.” Sal retorts.

“I like both of those… What if we did something that causes him to switch between the two personas?” Tom asks.

“Such as?” Luke asks inquisitively.

“I don’t know… Every time he makes a gay comment or slur he changes into a flamboyant, slutty, twink. And whenever he’s on the receiving end he changes into a scally chav that fucks up anyone making the comment, thinks he’s straight but enjoys making other straight guys suck his fat cock. Over time the two personas will merge into one entity.” Tom spitballs.

“I like that idea! Does his clothes change with him? What will the end result be?” Luke asks.

“Oi! I know! Don’ make ‘is clothes change ‘ight way. In fact, make it so dat when he switches ta da chav the chav gets repulsed with what he wearin’ and strips it off before taking the clothes off the person mockin’ ’em! Uh that just sound hot! As fer da merge, easy! Event, he ’ill stay a chav, wit da same brute ’tude. BUT can’t ’elp but wear slutty clothes. ’Ike freeballin in trackies that ride low to show off his smooth ass ‘nd crotch. Either goin’ topless, crop tops or muscle ts. He has the tude and look of a brute but acts like a flamboyant slut!” Sal says tugging on his stiff cock at the image in his head.

“Mmm sounds hot.” Luke says, eyes closed, picturing what Sal was describing ans stroking his own pole in the process.

“Alright well, thanks for the help. If you guys could put me in the clothes I came over with? I don’t want my dad seein’ me like dis. I mean seeing me like this! Ugh whats happnin’- HAPPENING to me! FUCK!” Tom roars in frustration.

“Seems ya daddy is a successful country boy! Which make those clothes suit ya quite well! Ya gotta be careful with those wishes man! I mean I didn’t even realize my wishes were comin’ true at first. The first wish I made turned Sal from a horse into a beastly, sexy, bear of a man who worked ’ere on the farm as my uncle’s farm hand. Everyone thought it was normal, even me! I reckon that coin is making you somewhat aware but leaving things out when it comes to affecting your own life, ain’t dat right?” Luke asks the coin.

“Well, not intentionally. The dad thing was a big wish. I may not have given you ALL the information, but I did my best… The was seventeen years worth of memories and events to change! Like the reason your parents aren’t still together is because your dad is gay. You were conceived because your dad was drunk and curious and forgot to wear a condom. THAT by the way I didn’t change. What I did change was that, instead of your mom taking you away from your gay father and having you grow up with both your parents dating men, she just left. Turns out that she found another guy who didn’t want kids and convinced her that leaving you with your dad was better for you. Even back then your dad was pretty successful and your mom was only working part time at a diner. That leaving you with him, would give you a better life than she could provide for you. She still stayed in your life, you father would never do what your mother did in the original reality.” The coin fills them all in. Luke and Sal’s dick went limp from what they were hearing. Kind of hard to stay horny when you find out such a tragedy happened to your best pals family.

“What did she do originally? Tell his pa that he was to stay away from ’em?” Luke asks feeling bad for Tom.

“Indeed! She would rather fail as a mother, then asks his successful pa for help. Even if it meant barely scrapping by, she never accepted any support from him and kept the two boys away from one another!” The coin answers.

“THAT BITCH! Now I don’t feel bad for switching the two. But Pa was a success originally?” Tom asks a little confused.

“Oh yes! He comes from a long line of farmers. Which is how you and Luke know each other. Your Pa was friends with Luke’s parents since they were kids. Although, once Luke’s parents found out he was gay. They limited their interactions with him, but thought it wrong to deny you kids from seeing each other.” The coin states.

“See, da coin aint so bad!” Sal smirks.

“I spose so…” Tom says glumly. “I should git home. See ya boys ’ater.” Tom says as slides into his truck. Taking off down the road as Luke and Sal wrapped there arms around each other and wave Tom goodbye. Once he got to the main road, Tom stopped and began sobbing. How could his mom do that to him?! She lied to him his entire life! “Hey coin, I wish I could see my mom right now in her new life.” The coin shone bright and created a a mirror of light that shows Tom’s mom hard at work as a bar maid. Seems that the guy that convinced her to abandon Tom and his dad left her. Now she was some fat, ragged, skank, working to keep a roof over her head and food on the table. Looks like she was hooking up with different drunks and going home with them every night. When she didn’t go home with some random drunk, she would check herself into a motel room for the night. “Serves that bitch right for what she did!” Tom spat feeling better about the swap now more than ever. Shifting his truck back into gear, Tom continued on his way home.

“Hey Tom! You go see Luke and Sal again? Shoulda just stayed der last night!” His father laughs as Tom walks in the door.

“Yeah I should have. Forgot to get Luke’s help with some homework I had. He took the same class a couple years back and aced it.” Tom lies.

“Well since your home, can ya help me clean the house? I know SOMEONE blew a big load in the shower last night and didn’t clean it properly.” Pa says glaring over at Tom with a big smile on his face.

Tom just blushed before heading into the bathroom and getting to work on cleaning up. Once the house was cleaned, Tom got to work making supper for him and his Pa. For some reason, Tom found himself having more and more respect for his Pa. More than he ever did for his mom. When it was him and her, he remembers being more a parent than she ever was. As the day went on, Tom gained more and more memories of how his Pa had taught him everything about farming, horseback riding and fishing. Seems like his Pa was more involved in his life than his mother ever was! Turns out, his Pa now owned three farms and had staff to run them. Giving his Pa more time to spend with his son.

“Whats the occasion? You never cook!” Pa says walking into the kitchen smelling the delicious aroma.

“Just wanted to say thank you for being there for me.” Tommy says plating the food and placing it on the table.

“Are you coming out to me?” Pa laughs half joking.

“No. Just, Luke and I were talking about how much you have done for me. I figured cooking you dinner was the least I could do.” Tom says taking his seat at the table. They ate in silence, afterwards Tom cleaned up, got a shower and headed off to bed.

Morning came quick and Tom felt more comfortable than ever walking around the house in just his tight little briefs. First thing he did was put the pot of coffee on for him and his Pa.

“Mornin’ boy!” Pa chirps walking into the room scratching his hairy ass through his boxer shorts. “After breakfast, how bout you an’ me go into town and grab some groceries? Think we’re runnin’ low on a couple things. Plus these old boxers aren’t holdin’ up as well a they used to!” Pa says poking a finger through one of the holes in his shorts.

“Sounds good! I have nothing planned. All my homework is done. Luke and Sal are busy getting the farm prepared for the coming snowfall. Plus I could use a new winter jacket. One that I can fit these arm cannons into without it feeling so constricting.” Tom says flexing his bulbous biceps.

“Haha yeah I had that same problem at your age! I couldn’t even reach my head in the jacket my folks got me! If I had to adjust my toque, I would have to take my arm out of the jacket! Hell I couldn’t even lift my arm up past my eyes the jacket was so tight!” Pa laughs reflecting on his past. “Oh to be young again…” Pa mutters fiddling with the flab covering his muscles.

Tom thinks about wishing his Pa younger, but then thinks of how that would affect his life. “Maybe later…” He mutters to himself. “Yeah I should would wi- LIKE to see you see you young and fit.” Tom catches himself before saying ‘wish’.

“Yeah so would I! You know when I was your age I would wish I had a brother who was muscular like I was. As time went on, I realized it wasn’t a brother I wanted, but another man I could wrap my arms around and- AHEM well you know…” Pa drifts off into talking about his fantasy. The coin starts to light up from around Tom’s neck. Tom’s eyes grow wide as he looks around the house to see if anything changed. But there was his Pa, looking how he was a second ago and the house looked the same.

“Uh, let take a quick shower and we can head out.” Tom says leaving his Pa to finish his breakfast. “I’ll do the dishes while your in the shower Pa and we can head out faster.”

“Sounds good son!” Pa smiles.

Tom quickly went into his room, grabbed a clean set of clothes and locked himself in the bathroom. “What the hell did you?!” Tom whisper yells at the coin.

“I granted your fathers wish!” The coin informs.

“Yeah but he wished for a brother, where is he?” Tom asks.

“Clearly you weren’t listening. He said that he once wished for a brother. But realized that he actually wanted a boyfriend. Now he doesn’t have one yet, but he will!” The coin falls silent.

“Well at least nothing in the past changed.” Tom mutters letting out a sigh of relief as he gets undressed and hops into the shower. After cleansing himself he gets ready to go shopping. Throwing on his usual jeans, briefs, and now flannel button down shirt. Leaving the top few buttons undone to show off his upper chest. Reaching up to style his hair, he felt the sleeves restricting his against his massive arms. Making it frustrating to do his hair. “Fucking shoulda done this before putting on my fucking shirt ugh!” Tom growls getting more and more frustrated. After ten minutes of just doing his hair, he was finally ready to start the dishes.

“You ready boy?” Pa yells walking out of his bedroom looking fresh out of the shower.

“Uh, no. I just got finished doing my hair… I can do them now.” Tom says making his way to the sink.

“Seeing you spend so much time on your hair makes me feel kind glad that I don’t have much left! Leave ‘em you can do them when we get back. We best get goin’ while there’s still daylight out der.

“Sure thing Pa.” Tom says turning off the sink tap. Pa tosses Tom a jacket to put on before they head out the door. Sliding into his Pa’s little Jeep felt good. It was small but comforting. Not like his big truck that his Pa gave him on his sixteenth birthday to celebrate Tom getting his license. “Don’t suppose you would let me drive this to school and you can take the truck?” Tom asks making himself comfortable.

“Now you know I could never drive something that big! Your the one that wanted a truck because you liked the one Luke’s Uncle had.” Pa retorts. “Now you telling me you want something smaller? HA!” Pa laughs as they pull out of the driveway and head off to the mall.

Parting ways once they arrived Tom headed over to the video game store, wanting to get something new. Before he even walked into the store, he saw Troy and his ‘boys’ talking to the clerk. Slowly making his way into the store he heard them claiming that they were pissed off that the store didn’t have the new NHL or some other sports related game. Rolling his eyes Tom just went about his business. Tom was tempted to start wishing, but he could hear the coin whispering in his head telling him to be patient.

“Whatever! This is just same lame ass private game store! Knew we shoulda gone to EB Games! Why did I let you fuckers talk me into comin’ here?!” Troy yells storming out of the store. He looks over at the guys staring them down. Looking over to his right, he sees a familiar sight. “Well, well, well! Look who walked in! What’s a faggot like you doing in here?! Wouldn’t rather be shopping at that sex shop round the corner, buying a new dildo to play with?” Troy and his crew laugh.

“Fuck off Troy! Bet you just wanted that new sports game so you could jerk off to the players!” Tom sneers.

“THE FUCK YOU SAY FAG!” Troy snarls stomping over to Tom, getting in his face.

“Whoa Troy calm down! If mall security catches you causing another scene, all of us will be banned from the mall for a month! My boss says if that happens he’ll fire me!” Chad pleads for Troy to calm down. “I need my job over at the Dollar Store to buy my family gifts this Christmas!”

“Fuck!” Troy grunts turning to leave. “You better get me something nice too! AND YOU FAG, we will see you at school tomorrow!”

“Phew…” Chase breaths as Troy walks out of the store with the rest of the crew. “Sorry about him, he’s just in a pissed off mood, as usual.” Chad rolls his eyes. “Just steer clear of him tomorrow. I won’t be able to talk him down at school tomorrow. If he sees you, he will probably bash your head in for sure!” Chad says, leaving to catch up with the other guys.

“Bring it on.” Tom mutters going back to his browsing. Knuckles white, from being clenched, ready to fight Troy if he had to.

“NOW! Make a wish now! You heard what that Chad guy said, if they make another scene they’ll be banned from the mall for a month!” The coin tells Tom.

“Alright, I wish to help cool off their captain, Troy’s crew push him into the mall fountain! Chad will get to the scene as the mall cops are escorting the boys out of the mall. Before leaving the mall, the cops have Troy strip in the middle of the mall. So that he won’t catch cold walking to his car in his soaking wet clothes. They give him a blanket to wrap him up in, but its already too late as the crowd gathered around has already taken pictures of the naked jock.” Tom grins to himself as he hears the splash and the crowd gathering round. “I wish I had the perfect spot to watch the scene.” Another screen of light appears in front of Tom, that only he can see. Showing him Troy soaking wet shouting at his laughing crew. Chad stopping short, hands clapped over his mouth to hide his smile.

“You finding everything okay there sir?” The shop clerk asks. Tom has been standing in front of the same shelf for five minutes which was starting to alarm the clerk. Tom was too focused on watching Troy reluctantly taking off his boxer shorts in front of the entire mall! If the coin didn’t make everyone think this was a normal response, this never would have happened. Security would probably escort the drenched teen out as is, without even giving him a towel.

“Uh yeah. Just checking the reviews on a couple games off Google.”Tom lies. “Sorry lost track of time.”

“Its okay. I’m just a little on edge from that other kid. Man, for a teen, that kid is an ass! Pardon my language.” The clerk says as Tom walks up with his purchase. “Besides, all the cases on the shelves are empty. All the discs are stored behind the counter. Hopefully that kid doesn’t cause you too many problems. You guys go to the same school or something?”

“Unfortunately, we do and he does.” Tom informs pulling out some cash out of his wallet.

“I’m sorry kid. I was bullied in school myself. Only, jokes on those guys now!” Tom raises an eyebrow curious on to how that was. “Those guys all went into the trades, and have been laid off for months! Meanwhile I have my own game store, house, car and couldn’t be happier. Those guys blow all their money when they have it and then when they get laid off, stress over not having EI come in. Which causes them more stress because they worry about groceries, car payments, rent all that fun stuff! Sometimes it pays not going to college, having something else to fall back on by working in retail.”

“Thanks for the tip! Have a good rest of your day!” Tom smiles heading off to meet up with his Pa over at one of the clothing stores in the mall.

“Hey Tom, did you hear some dumb jock got shoved into the fountain by his so called friends?! I’m sure that must have been a sight to see!” Pa laughs.

“I was just telling your Pa here all about it after he told me he has a son around in high school.” The handsome associate says groping Pa’s shoulder.

“Yeah I asked him what kind of jacket he would recommend for you and we got to talking.” Pa blushes feeling like a high school girl.

“Oh come now! Your boy is gonna think we’re a couple of gossiping Susan’s.” The associate giggles giving Pa a playful punch to the arm. “Ooh pretty solid there!” He coos.

“Oh you are bad! Say anymore and I might just bring you home to punish you!” Pa says tickling the other mans stomach.

“Stop it! Bruce, I’m at work!” The associate says between laughing fits.

“Well then, Paul, you MUST come over some time so we can continue this. Most likely in the bedroom.” Bruce says making a grab for Paul’s crotch.

“AHEM!” Tom clears his throat to reassert his presence, freezing both men where they stood. Regaining their composure, Tom continues to speak. “If you two are done flirting, where is this jacket?”

“OH! Well we didn’t exactly get that far…” Paul blushes glancing over at Bruce. “Guess we can head over there now. This one here is a faux brown leather with a faux fur collar. Its light, flexible, and is good up to minus forty degrees Celsius.” Paul informs them.

“Not my style… What else you got?” Tom asks looking over the coat.

“Well we have this one, its a padded black coat with faux fur around the hood.” Paul says holding up the coat in front of Tom.

“It hangs down too low. Looks like I’m wearing a dress…” Tom looks over at his Pa who was just shaking his head at his picky son.

“Alright, well the last one that’s not very restricting for someone with your…. Figure.” Paul clears his throat as Tom just glares at the horny associate. “This one hear is a plain brown leather jacket with a fleece lining.”

Tom shucked off his bulky Columbia coat and slid on the nice leather one. Immediately it felt like it was made for him. “We will take it and I’ll wear it out!” Tom exclaims as he wraps the jackets around himself.

“Perfect! That coat is on sale too! Regular three hundred ninety nine dollars and ninety nine cents, down to eighty dollars!” Paul chimes.

“Why so cheap? Problem with it or something?” Bruce asks curiously.

“No. Just, many people find it too roomy and doesn’t fir them right. But it seems to fit your son here like a glove! A lot of the local farmer bought most of our stock and this here was our last one.” Paul informs. “Farmers like it because it doesn’t get in there way when they’re hard at work. Many of them even come back to say that its like being wrapped up in a nice big blanket, but it feels like your wearing nothing at all!”

“Yeah I can agree with them! I almost want to take off my shirt and wear this on my bare skin!” Tom says, as his hardening dick becomes outlined by his jeans.

“When we get out to the truck boy! There is a time and a place!” Bruce says, feeling embarrassed about his sons behaviour.

“Sorry.” Tom blushes.

“Alright you are good to go! Keep a hold of your receipt. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to call!” Paul says handing over the receipt to Bruce with a wink and a smile. Bruce takes a quick glance and notices Paul scribbled down his personal number down for Bruce.

“Oh you can hold me to that!” Bruce winks. “I think we will have loads of problems.” Bruce and Paul share a laugh as Bruce and Tom leave the store.

Arriving at the truck, Tom couldn’t stop himself from taking off the jacket, taking off his flannel and then putting the jacket back on but leaving it undone. “Ah, so much better!” Tom moans as he opens up the Jeep door.

“Hey aren’t those the kids from the fountain?” Bruce asks looking over at the strange sight of a group of high school boys crowded around in front of a little white sedan.

Tom looks over and notices one was only covered in a blanket. “Oh shit!” Tom laughs, closing the Jeep door and heading over to the crew. “Whats wrong guys? Figured you would have been gone by now!”

“Shut…. Up…. Fag…” Troy says through chattering teeth.

“Dip shit Troy here forgot to grab his keys, cell phone, wallet and shit out of his pants before the security team confiscated his clothes! Now we’re stuck here until Rick’s parents come pick us up.” Kyle says rolling his eyes.

“Y-your… guy…… fault… for…. push…. me…… in……. water!” Troy says shivering.

“Well I wish you guys knew how Troy felt!” Tom says watching to see what would happen to them. A quick flash of light enveloped them. When it faded, all of them were huddled together under the blanket. Kyle had his shirt off and had given it to Troy. Rick had given Troy his pants, now standing there in his boxer shorts and t-shirt. Being jocks, they didn’t think to wear jackets when they had a car to keep them warm. It was a quick walk into the mall anyway.

Even with the new clothes, Troy was still shivering because he was still soaked when he left the mall. “Quit…. Staring…. Fag…. Just….. Fuck…. Off…” Rick snarls behind frozen teeth.

“Alright I’ll go! Was gonna offer you boys a ride home in my Pa’s nice warm Jeep. But hey! You guys can survive another fifteen minutes for Rick’s parents right?” Tom says laughing at he walked back to the Jeep. “Where’s Chad anyway?” Tom says over his shoulder.

“Fuck if we know…. Guy left us after the game shop….” Rick says. Seems the hair on his legs was keeping him a bit warmer than the other two. “We’ll get him back for his abandonment tomorrow!”

“Well, best of luck not freezing to death before then! Just be thankful its only minus twelve tonight instead of minus forty and snowing!” Tom says. He thought about wishing for it to be minus forty and snowing but then again, they would probably get frost bite in that case. This way they might only get a cold but they weren’t in any physical danger.

“They alright?” Bruce asks as Tom hops into the Jeep.

“Oh yeah! They’re just peachy! They have a ride coming for them.” Tom answers buckling up his seat belt. The belt brushes up against one of Toms erect nipples and shoots pins of pleasure throughout his body. “Lets just get home.” Tom grunts.

“Alright, alright keep your-” Bruce looks over as at Tom who was stroking his dick through his pants. “Pants on…. Can you not do that around me? I know your a horny teen, but that doesn’t mean I need to see it!” Bruce says sternly.

“I wish you loved it when I whipped my dick out and jerked off in front of you, stud!” Tom wishes without thinking, lost in his lust. The coin lights up and consumes the Jeep. When it fades, Bruce was a beefy stud of a man! Gone was what little body fat that he had. What was once a thick hunters flannel jacket, was now a jacket matching Tom’s. It was also undone, showing off his Pa’s lightly coating of hair over his solid pecs and chiselled abs that Tom just wanted to lick. Below that, Tom couldn’t tell with his Pa’s pants covering his lower half, but his legs looked leaner and more muscular. Tom licked his lips as his eyes drifted back up to his Pa’s face which now had a jawline beard, rounder, and a bit more hair on his head which changed from brown to a dirty blonde. “Shit Pa you look good for thirty eight!” Tom exclaims pulling his dick out of his fly.

“If your gonna be working your stick,” Bruce unzips his fly and pulls out his own eight inch hard on, “you need to work mine!”

“Yes daddy!” Tom says grabbing his Pa’s cock while his Pa drives them home. On the way, Tom couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his lips around his Pa’s thick dick. He didn’t see this as wrong, how could it when it felt so right? When they were almost home they stopped at a red light. Pa was overcome with bliss that he didn’t notice the cop car pull up beside them…

A tapping came from the driver side window. Snapping the duo out of there lustful trance. Both of them turned to see a big over weight cop staring at them through the window. “What the hell do you two think your doing?!” The officer asks outraged by the audacity of the two men’s disgraceful display. The two men just stared at the officer like deer in the headlights. “I wish none of the events that transpired after I buckled my seat belt ever happened!” Tom quickly says, finding himself engulfed in light. As his vision returns, Tom sees his Dad was still a stud, but his rigid pole was no longer pulled out of his pants and on display. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Tom plopped his head against the head rest. For the whole trip back he just stared out the window.

“Not totally happy with that last wish?” The coin asks Tom.

‘I was until we got caught by the cop. Plus, its my Pa! That is just nasty!’ Tom says in disgust of his own actions.

“Oh? So if it was another man, you’d be happy with that?” The coin prods.

Tom just sat in silence as he mulled that over. It just occurred to him, he never thought about boobs, vagina, or bikini clad women in his dream. All he thought about was having a muscular, hot and attractive body. He thought that when he had those things, he would start to think about all the pussy he could get. Instead, all he could think about was how his body would feel being groped and rubbed by another man. Putting his body against another males body. There dicks bumping into each other… Before long he noticed his dick was hard again and that they were pulling up to the house. Once the Jeep was parked, Tom bee lined it into his bedroom, shredding his clothes along the way. After entering his room, he locked the door, pulled up some porn on his laptop, jacked off and rubbed his load onto his bare chest before passing out for the night.

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