What did you wish for?!

Series Summary

Marcus finds a coin that grants wishes, too bad it has a mind of its own…

Author Name Published
Well it is time to bring this arc to a close. Hope you guys all enjoyed this arc and its conclusion.
1/21/21 9:46 PM
1/16/21 4:37 PM
1/11/21 6:10 AM
12/26/20 7:19 PM
After getting a nice looking body, Tom decides he needs some new clothes to match his new look.
10/26/20 9:31 AM
A high school senior is having problems with his school bullies. His friends tell him of a bar in a town that has some unique items for solving problems like this.
10/25/20 11:35 AM
6/29/20 9:40 AM
6/25/20 10:46 AM
Luke works on his families farm when one day he comes across a coin in one of the stables.
6/22/20 7:52 AM
6/19/20 11:05 AM