Squirt - Chapter 3

Series: Squirt
By Tanner
published November 16, 2020
4887 words

Tommy works to be the best little boy he can for his brother. And Ethan’s dad discovers that his son is the real man of the house.

Tommy woke up early, still cuddled in his little brother’s arms. The strapping college sophomore now believed that he was a slim, nerdy, helpless boy – and that Ethan was a strong, masculine man – and Tommy wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. He had been happily dreaming that Ethan had been fucking him hard, without worrying about how much it hurt. Now awake, Tommy could feel what he thought of as Ethan’s massive cock rubbing up against his smooth, virgin hole. The former varsity athlete took his thumb out of his mouth and pushed his ass back onto his little brother’s cock, rubbing it against his hole. His little peepee stuck straight out from his newly hairless crotch.

Tommy badly wanted to jerk off, but his needs didn’t matter. Instead, he turned and scooted down slowly – making sure not to disturb his sleeping brother – and carefully put Ethan’s balls in his mouth. The 20-year-old took pride in the fact that he was displaying his little brother’s superiority even while Ethan slept. Tommy’s bladder was full after a night of sleep, but he ignored it. He would stay here for hours if need be, even if he peed his pants. Tommy settled in for a long wait, enjoying the sensation of Ethan’s balls on his tongue.

Ethan rubbed the sleep from his eyes a few minutes later. He could feel Tommy massaging his balls before he saw him. Ethan looked down at his former jock brother. Tommy was staring up at Ethan in awe.

“Morning, squirt,” Ethan said.

“Morning, daddy,” Tommy said, releasing Ethan’s balls before quickly putting his brother’s soft cock in his mouth and starting to suck on it gratefully. Ethan pushed Tommy’s head away. “That feels great, kiddo, but I need to take a piss first,” Ethan said. Tommy leaned back in disappointment as his little brother started to get up. Then Tommy had an idea.

“Daddy, wait,” Tommy said. “I don’t want you to have to get up yet. It’s not fair. Why don’t you just use me? I can swallow all your pee. That way you don’t have to get up and I can bring you breakfast in bed.” Tommy looked up plaintively at Ethan. “Please, sir? You shouldn’t have to bother getting out of bed.”

Ethan laughed. He didn’t particularly want to piss down his brother’s throat. But he was turned on by Tommy suggesting it. He felt his cock start to harden.

“OK, kiddo,” Ethan said, opening his slim legs. “If you insist. Every drop.”

“I promise, daddy!” Tommy said excitedly. “I love you. Thank you.” Tommy leaned forward and wrapped his lips around his little brother’s soft cock. He was vaguely aware his own cock was rock hard.

Tommy was still straight. He liked girls, at least in theory. But no girl could compete with his little brother. How could they? For Tommy, swallowing Ethan’s piss was really no different than swallowing Ethan’s cum. They were both completely disgusting. But Tommy wanted to devote his life to making Ethan happy. And if this would make Ethan’s day even a little better, Tommy would happily swallow every drop.

Ethan relaxed and let his bladder release. Tommy gulped down Ethan’s piss as fast as he could. It reminded Tommy of when he used to do keg stands, back before Ethan decided he could no longer go to parties. Only this was so much better. The college sophomore nearly choked more than once. But he never let a drop fall out. After Ethan shot his final squirts into Tommy’s mouth, Tommy sat back, savoring the bitter taste.

“Thanks, daddy,” Tommy said, smiling. He leaned back down and licked his brother’s cock. He thought it would be so cool to have both Ethan’s piss and cum in his tummy. “Can I, sir?”

“Sure, squirt,” Ethan said. The 18-year-old leaned back while his former jock brother gleefully worshipped his cock. Ethan filmed Tommy with his phone, at one point making Tommy look up and give a thumb’s up before diving back onto his little brother’s dick. Eventually Ethan held Tommy’s head down, bucking his hips into his face, until he shot a load down Tommy’s throat. After swallowing every drop, Tommy lifted his head up, dazed, and smiled. “I love you, daddy,” he said, before rubbing his nose around Ethan’s cock and balls like a puppy. “You’re so nice to me.”

The rest of the morning was uneventful. Tommy made Ethan breakfast in bed, rubbing his little brother’s feet while Ethan ate. Then he packed Ethan’s bags, surreptitiously sneaking sniffs of Ethan’s socks and dirty underwear, while Ethan messed around on his phone. Tommy was clearly crestfallen that Ethan was leaving, and Ethan could see that Tommy was trying to keep himself from crying as Ethan’s planned departure time got closer.

“Come here, squirt,” Ethan said, patting the bed. Tommy came over and Ethan put his arm around him. Tommy leaned into his brother’s chest, his thumb in his mouth. “Let it out, kiddo,” Ethan said.

Tommy started crying softly into Ethan’s chest.

“I’m sorry, daddy,” he said, sniffling. “I just get so scared without you here to protect me. I’m just a little boy. And I’m going to miss you so much. I just don’t know what to do if I’m not being used by you. You own me. I don’t care about anyone else.” Tommy sniffled. “Do you think, daddy, I could get a tattoo that says ‘Ethan’s property?’ Something like that? It would be so cool for everyone to see it and know that I belong to you. I’d be so proud.”

“Aw. Maybe someday, kiddo,” Ethan responded. “It’s a good idea. But for now I don’t want you to tell anybody that you’re my little boy. Not just yet. But listen, squirt, when I get home, I’m gonna send one of my old teddy bears to you. I mean, one of your old teddy bears. You can sleep with him every night. You can be best friends and you can talk to him all about how much you love and miss me. Would you like that kiddo? Little boys need stuffed animals.”

“Aw, yeah, daddy!” Tommy said. “I’d love that. You’re so sweet.”

““And I’ll leave some of my dirty socks here so you can sniff them every night.” Ethan said.

“Thanks daddy!” Tommy said. “That’ll definitely help me get through you being gone. Can I – can I sniff your armpit? I know it’s not my place to ask. I’m just gonna miss your manly smell so much.”

“Aw, come here, squirt,” Ethan said, shoving Tommy’s face into his 18-year-old armpit. Tommy inhaled deeply. The 20-year-old former jock wished he could sniff his little brother’s armpit forever.

Eventually Ethan got up and got ready to go. He had Tommy bring his bags to their parents’ car, which Ethan had borrowed for the trip, and then made Tommy kneel by the apartment door and wait for him. Ethan sat in the living room for a bit, flipping through the channels, occasionally looking over to see his big brother waiting obediently on his knees. Eventually Ethan got up and walked over to the door. He patted Tommy on the head, unbuttoned his pants, and slipped his cock into Tommy’s mouth. His brother looked up at him gratefully.

“I’ll be back soon, kiddo,” Ethan promised. Tommy nodded, his eyes wide, his lips wrapped around Ethan’s cock. Ethan held Tommy’s head in place pushed his cock in further, so that his pubes brushed against Tommy’s face.

Tommy looked up at Ethan with wonder. A tear fell down his cheek. He spoke with Ethan’s cock still in his mouth.

“I wove you sho much, daddy,” Tommy said. Ethan fucked Tommy’s mouth for a minute or so, then pushed Tommy’s head back off his cock. His older brother leaned down and kissed Ethan’s dirty sneakers. “I really do, sir,” Tommy said. “I’m lost without you. You own me forever.”

Ethan smiled down at his brother. “I know, squirt,” he said. Then he zipped up his pants, turned, and walked out the door. Tommy was overwhelmingly sad his little brother and owner was gone, but he knew he had no time to waste. He had plenty of work to do.

The return to normal life was a shock for Ethan. After driving home, the scrawny 18-year-old walked into his family home to find his dad Roger watching golf on tv, a beer in his hand. Roger barely looked up at Ethan, even though his son had been gone for days.

“How was it, squirt?” Roger asked. Ethan winced. Roger had been a jock like Tommy. Now in his 40s, he was still muscular and confident, and moved with the grace of the former athlete that he was. Roger had never been particularly close to his youngest son – Roger loved him, sure, but they had nothing in common – and his attempts to toughen Ethan up or get him interested in sports had failed miserably. Roger also thought Ethan might be gay, and he just wasn’t comfortable with that. The two had largely steered clear of each other for years.

“It was fine, dad,” Ethan said. “I’m gonna go there next year. I’ll live with Tommy.”

“Did he say that’s ok, squirt? Roger responded skeptically. “You two are pretty different. I don’t want you annoyed because he’s partying with his friends. Maybe there’s a dorm for kids who are not as cool…I mean, uh, for more scholarly kids like you.”

“He’s fine with it, dad,” Ethan said. Ethan headed to his room without another word. He didn’t want to spend another minute with his father. At least, this version of his father. He had decided on the drive home that things were about to change.

Ethan played video games in his room for the rest of the day, only emerging for a brief and awkward dinner with his parents. Around ten pm, he grabbed the device and crept downstairs, where his dad was asleep on the couch with the tv still on. Ethan pointed the device at Roger and began speaking.

“You’ve respected and admired your son Ethan tremendously for his entire life. Even when he was a kid, you thought of him as far more of a man than you,” Ethan said. “You started calling him ‘sir’ and addressing him formally when he was a young teenager. In normal families, the parents give the son chores. But Ethan would give you chores – like cleaning his room – which you would happily do. You comport yourself as a butler or a waiter around your son, and you hope desperately for his approval. You like to give him gifts to show how much you appreciate and admire him. Your other son, Tommy, has always been a pathetic little boy. You have no respect for him at all – even though he’s now 20, you treat him like he’s still in elementary school. You think it’s right for him to dress in little boy clothes and suck his thumb. Tommy will always be a child, but Ethan is a real man. The true alpha of the house. You ask Ethan for permission to go out or use the car, and when he refuses you know it’s for the best. Ethan is also in charge of discipline – that’s why he took over spanking duties on Tommy years ago. You like to watch your youngest son discipline your oldest. But you sometimes get jealous when you see Ethan spanking Tommy, since you wish you were the one being disciplined. You long to be under Ethan’s control.”

Ethan continued: “You have always been deeply drawn to Ethan and considered him your superior in every way. But ever since he turned 18 you’ve found that you are incredibly sexually attracted to him as well. You daydream about sucking his cock and think longingly about what it would feel like to have him fuck you. You dream every night about being his sexual toy. When you have sex with your wife, you can only get hard if you put a dildo in your ass that you pretend is Ethan’s cock. When you cum, you scream out Ethan’s name. Every day at work, you go into a bathroom stall and jerk off looking at pictures of Ethan. You know it’s wrong, but you can’t help how you feel. And you’ve always figured Tommy feels the same way. You believe it is impossible for a man not to be in awe of Ethan.”

“Ethan knows all this, because you tell him,” he continued. “You have no secrets from your son. In fact, you have a compulsion to tell him the most embarrassing things you can about how much you admire and love and lust after him. You dream that one day you’ll get to taste his cum and hope he lets you be his servant forever. Even though you’re his dad, you wish he could adopt you or make you his wife.”

Ethan then headed to his parents’ bedroom, where his mom was fast asleep. He told her that she would think the new family dynamics were completely normal, and that she had no problem with her husband and son’s obsession with Ethan. Their obsession made sense, after all, because Ethan was so incredible. Ethan also implanted memories in his mother’s head of his father lusting after him, so her adjustment would go more smoothly.

Ethan then went back to his room and drifted off to sleep. When he woke up the next morning, his father was standing stiffly in the corner of the room. He was dressed in a suit and had his hands clasped behind his back.

“Good morning, Mr. Collins,” Roger said, using the family’s last name. “I hope you slept well, sir. Might I just say you look incredibly handsome. I dreamed last night that you fucked me so hard that I came without touching myself, and then you made me lick up all the cum from the floor.”

Roger blushed. He was incredibly humiliated by the words coming out of his mouth. But he just couldn’t help telling his son how much he lusted after him. Even being in Ethan’s presence was overwhelming. Roger could feel his cock pulsing in his pants. “Can I get you anything, sir?”

Ethan laughed. “Nah, dad, I’m good,” he said. Then the teenager decided he wanted to enjoy the moment. “Actually, come here,” he said. Roger walked over to his son’s bed. Ethan made him lean down, then turned and let an enormous fart out right into his father’s face.

Roger didn’t retreat. Instead, he inhaled deeply. “Thank you, sir,” he said. “You smell so manly. I’m sure I’ll jerk off thinking about that later.” Roger could feel his cheeks reddening once again. Why did he have to tell Ethan everything?

“Why wait?” Ethan said. “Do it now. Jerk off for me, dad.”

“Yes, Mr. Collins,” Roger said, unzipping his suit pants and taking out his hard cock. The 45-year-old banker started furiously masturbating while his 18-year-old son looked on with bemusement. It only took Roger 30 seconds to cum in the presence of his incredible son. Roger screamed out Ethan’s name as he shot glob after glob onto the floor and onto his son’s wall.

“Go ahead, dad, lick it up,” Ethan said, smiling. “Just like in your dream.”

Roger got down on his knees and licked his cum off the floor and wall as Ethan got out of bed. The teenager looked down at his dad, whose hard cock was still sticking out of his suit pants.

“Maybe one day I’ll fuck you, dad,” Ethan said. “Would you like that?”

“It would be the greatest moment of my life, sir,” Roger responded immediately. He licked a gob of his cum that was dripping down the wall. “Have I told you I shove a dildo in my ass and think about you when I fuck mom? It’s the only way I can cum.” Roger looked down at the floor. He couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth. It wasn’t normal for a man to tell his son things like that. But the words were true. And he felt he had to tell Ethan. The boy was his superior, after all.

Ethan laughed again. “Yeah, I know, dad,” he said. “But feel free to keep reminding me. Tell me everything. The more humiliating the better. And clean my room when you get done licking up that cum. It’s filthy.”

“Yes, Mr. Collins,” Roger responded. “Right away, sir.” Roger scampered around on his knees, looking for any cum he might have missed, as Ethan casually sauntered out the room.

The 18-year-old then headed downstairs, where his mom was making breakfast. “Hey, honey,” she said. “I’m so glad you’re back. Your dad has been going crazy. He has been breathlessly repeating your name over and over in his sleep. I think he had a wet dream.”

“Sounds like dad,” Ethan said with a grin. “By the way, I decided I’m gonna live with Tommy next year. The little squirt needs a real man in his life.”

“That’s great, honey,” she said, putting Ethan’s breakfast in front of him. “You make the decisions around here. Though I’m going to miss having a real man around the house. All your dad can think about is your cock. He’s so useless! He was supposed to fix this sink in the bathroom days ago. The last time he tried he just shoved the wrench into his asshole and moaned your name for hours. It’s like, honey, come on.”

“Ugh. I’m not surprised. I’ll take care of it, mom,” Ethan said. He yelled upstairs. “Dad? Get down here.”

Roger rushed down the stairs and stood at attention in front of his son, his suit now disheveled. “Yes, Mr. Collins?” he said breathlessly.

“You haven’t fixed the sink,” Ethan said. “You were supposed to do it days ago. You’ll do it today.”

Roger nodded. ‘Yes, Mr. Collins,” he said meekly.

“And you’re grounded for a week,” Ethan continued. “And no cumming, either. I have half a mind to lock up your cock so you can focus.”

“Yes, sir, I’m so sorry,” Roger replied. “I just have a hard time focusing. I think about you and your amazing cock all the time. I can’t help myself. Even now, I’m thinking about you putting a lock on my dick and then fucking me with no lube right here on the kitchen table, in front of your mother.”

Roger whimpered involuntarily, picturing the scene. He looked over in embarrassment at his wife, who just smiled and shook her head.

“Well, get it together, dad,” Ethan said. “You’re worse than Tommy. Now back up to my room. Finish up there and then fix the sink and check back with me. And don’t waste time sniffing my dirty underwear. I know what you get up to.”

Roger blushed. “I like to lick them too,” he volunteered. “Sometimes I take a pair to work so I can sniff and lick them at my desk.” Roger hung his head in shame.

“I’m sure you do, dad,” Ethan said. “Oh, and send one of the teddy bears in my room to Tommy. The little squirt needs a friend. And when all that’s done check back with me. I have other chores for you.”

“Yes, Mr. Collins,” Roger said, looking at the floor.

“And I want that cock out,” Ethan added. “When we are in the house I want your little dick exposed, so I can see how hard I make you.”

“Of course, sir,” Roger said. “I apologize for my behavior.” The 45-year-old opened his fly and carefully took out his twitching cock for his son to see. Then he bowed his head submissively and hurried back upstairs.

“Thanks, Ethan,” his mom said. “I can’t get him to listen to me.”

“No worries, mom,” her son replied, taking a bite of bacon.

Tommy had been busy since Ethan left. He moved his stuff into the smaller room, leaving the video game system and stereo – along with anything else Ethan might want – in the room where his little brother would be moving in. Then he ordered posters of Ethan to put up around his new room. His favorite was the oversize one he’d ordered of his little brother’s cock close-up to put over his bed. He was so excited to fall asleep every night staring at it.

After that – following Ethan’s orders – Tommy headed to the mall to find some underwear that was more befitting a little boy like him. The college sophomore searched and searched until he found some white briefs with cartoons of Spider-Man and Superman on them. They were way too small – they appeared to be for a 12-year-old at most – but Tommy bought them anyway. Then he awkwardly squeezed into a pair in the mall bathroom. His hairless crotch was visible above the tiny briefs, and the Spider-Man cartoon bulged out obscenely around his cock. Plus, the back rode up into his ass crack and gave him a painful wedgie. Tommy couldn’t wait to show Ethan.

The straight 20-year-old had something else on his mind, too. His little brother hadn’t fucked him – yet – and Tommy wanted to make sure he was ready if Ethan decided to use his asshole. He was worried. Tommy had never been fucked – indeed, the thought of a cock in his hole repulsed him. But he desperately hoped that Ethan would use that hole on a regular basis. And the thought of not being a good cumdump for his little brother made him want to cry. He needed to prepare.

Tommy found a sex shop on Google and drove over. The shop was dingy, and the man behind the counter eyed the Tommy warily when he entered the store, worrying that the strapping college sophomore was there as part of a fraternity prank. Tommy approached him bashfully.

“Hello, mister,” Tommy said. “I’m looking for something I can use to prepare to get fucked by my amazing little broth—I mean, my, um, boyfriend? I’ve never done it before. Do you have something? I need to get used to the feeling of a cock in my ass. And I’m straight so I’m not really sure what it’s going to feel like.” Tommy blushed. He hoped that the clerk didn’t think he was too much of a loser.

“Uh, sure, kid,” the clerk said. He wasn’t sure if the boy was serious. “I’ve got a bunch of dildos,” he said, pointing at a display case, “and some butt plugs, too. Maybe that’s what you want. It’ll loosen you right up. You can just keep it there in your ass all day.”

“Ooh, that sounds great!” Tommy said. “And I can take a dildo too. You can use it to practice sucking cock as well as getting fucked, right? I need to get better at both.”

The clerk laughed. “Sure, kid,” he said. “Just wash it first.”

“OK, I will,” Tommy said earnestly. “Um, can you show me how the butt plug works? I’ve never used one before. And could you maybe help me put it in?”

Tommy realized that asking a man to stick something up his ass sounded pretty gay.

“No homo,” he said, reflexively.

The clerk laughed. “Uh, right, no homo,” he said.

The clerk grabbed a black butt plug, then motioned for Tommy to follow him to the back of the store. When the two were alone, he had Tommy lower his pants. The clerk did a double take when he saw Tommy’s undersize Spider-Man briefs.

“Nice undies,” the clerk said, trying to suppress a laugh.

“Thanks!” Tommy said with a smile. “A little boy like me should dress like a little boy. That’s what my brother says. And I always listen to him. Do they look ok? He said to get superheroes.”

“Your brother?”

“No, I mean, uh, my boyfriend,” Tommy said. “He’s, um, like a brother.” Tommy blushed. He wished he could tell the clerk the truth. He wanted everyone to know that his 18-year-old brother owned him. But an order was an order. He wasn’t supposed to tell. Still…

“His name is Ethan,” Tommy couldn’t help blurting out. “He’s the strongest, most handsome, most masculine man in the world. He owns me.” Tommy paused. “My boyfriend, I mean. That’s who owns me. Not my amazing little brother Ethan. He’s only 18 but he’s such a man. Do you want to maybe see a picture of Ethan? He’s really handsome.”

“Uh, that’s ok, kid,” the clerk said. “Now lower those undies. I see that you shaved down there too.”

“Of course,” Tommy said, lowering his briefs. “Hair is for men, not little boys. I’m not a man like Ethan so I have to stay smooth. Should I bend over now?”

“Yeah, kid, go ahead,” the clerk said. He couldn’t believe this kid was real.

Tommy bent over, pulled his ass cheeks apart, and waited nervously. The clerk grabbed some lube and applied it to the thick, round plug. Then he slowly started pushing it into Tommy’s tight pink hole. The 20-year-old gasped. He hated how the plug felt going in. It really hurt. And he felt like such a fag. But Tommy ignored the pain and embarrassment he was feeling. He tried to imagine Ethan’s huge cock inside him. How wonderful it would be. Any amount of pain now was worth it. Tommy pushed his ass back until he felt the plug slide past his ring with a pop. It was in. And it hurt like hell.

“Thanks, mister,” Tommy said, standing up. He tried to get used to the plug, but he felt like he was being split open. “So I just leave it in all the time?”

“Well, you’ll probably want to take it out to sleep,” the man said. “It would be pretty uncomfortable. Unless you really wanna open yourself up down there.”

“I do,” Tommy said. “I need to be ready for Ethan to fuck me anytime. And he has a massive cock. Way bigger than my tiny peepee.”

They both looked down at Tommy’s thick cock, which was now rock hard because Tommy had been thinking about Ethan fucking him. It certainly wasn’t tiny. But thanks to the device, Tommy believed he barely had anything down there.

“Sorry my peepee is hard,” Tommy said, blushing. “I know it’s not much, but still. It’s just when I think about Ethan using me I get like this. I can’t control myself. I’m such a pathetic little boy. I don’t know how Ethan puts up with me.”

The man looked at Tommy strangely. “I thought you said Ethan was your little brother?”

“No, I mean, yeah, uh, well, sorry, I meant my boyfriend,” Tommy said, pulling up his little boy briefs and awkwardly shoving his cock back in. “Uh, can I pick out a dildo now?”

Tommy followed the man back out to the front, walking awkwardly, with the plug now deep inside him. He asked for the biggest dildo the man had. The man convinced Tommy to buy lube, too, telling him there was no way the dildo would fit in otherwise. Tommy agreed to buy the lube, though he was skeptical. What if Ethan wanted to fuck him raw?

Tommy paid the man and thanked him. Then he walked gingerly out to his car, stuck his thumb in his mouth, and looked at his phone. Only thirty minutes until class. He had to hurry. Ethan wanted him to attend class like a good boy, so he had to do it. And besides, he had his homework: He was supposed to suck as many nerds’ cocks as he could, so that he became a better cocksucker for Ethan. Tommy knew he could find nerds on campus whose cocks he could beg to suck. He was excited. He adjusted his own stiff cock in his little boy briefs, shifted his weight to push the plug in further, and started driving.

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