Squirt - Chapter 2

Series: Squirt
By Tanner
published October 30, 2020
3830 words

Ethan and Tommy spend the day together and embrace their new roles.

Ethan looked down at Tommy and contemplated his situation. He still couldn’t quite wrap his head around what had happened. Until two days ago, his 20-year-old jock brother had treated him like garbage – when he bothered to acknowledge him at all. Now Tommy was rubbing his feet and looking up at him lovingly, with his Ethan’s fresh load in his belly. Not only that, Tommy was happily waiting for his little brother to tell him what to do next. And the craziest part – well, maybe not the CRAZIEST, but still – was that Tommy actually thought Ethan was doing him a favor. Ethan smiled at Tommy, who responded with a wide smile so innocent and pure that Ethan wanted to pinch his cheeks.

“Um, Ethan?” Tommy said. “I’m really sorry you could feel my teeth when I sucked your cock. It’ll never happen again. I promise, sir. I had just never done it before. I’m really ashamed of myself.” Tommy blushed. The strapping college sophomore bit his lower lip and looked up at his little brother.

“But, um, I was thinking – maybe you could spank me?” Tommy said. “I just think I need to be punished, is all. If you want, I mean. It was so disrespectful. You were being so nice to me, letting me suck your dick, and I went and messed up like that. I just want you to know how sorry I am. And if you want to spank me, I mean, you definitely should. Like really hard, maybe. I mean, uh, if you want.”

Ethan smiled. He knew Tommy was desperate to be spanked – after all, Ethan was the one who had instilled that desire in his big brother. He believed that Tommy was sorry, of course. But he knew Tommy had more on his mind than just apologizing.

“OK, squirt,” Ethan said. “You’re right. You deserve to be punished. Come here. Over my knee.”

Tommy broke into a huge grin. First he got to suck Ethan’s cock, and now this! He was the luckiest boy in the world. Tommy put Ethan’s feet down carefully and stood up. He gingerly laid down across Ethan’s lap, careful not to put too much pressure on his little brother’s body, and positioned his newly smooth asshole right below Ethan’s belly button. Tommy’s thick, rock-hard cock pushed into the bed between Ethan’s slim legs. Tommy stuck his thumb in his mouth and started sucking. He was so happy. It was just like he’d dreamed about.

Ethan looked down at his big brother’s round, muscular ass. He thought about all the times Tommy had ignored him in high school, how he had called him “squirt,” how he had refused to help when Ethan was being bullied. It was all the motivation Ethan needed. He lifted his right hand and brought it down as hard as he could on Tommy’s right butt cheek. Tommy moaned with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Ethan could feel his big brother’s cock twitching against his leg.

“Thank you, sir,” Tommy said, briefly taking his thumb out of his mouth before putting it right back in. Tommy only wished he could somehow suck Ethan’s cock while Ethan spanked him. That was what Ethan deserved.

After a few swats, Tommy’s butt cheeks were starting to redden. Ethan liked seeing his small handprint on Tommy’s deep pink skin after every slap. He smacked and smacked his brother, over and over, Tommy moaning every time he felt his little brother’s hand hit his cheeks. Once Tommy’s ass was bright red, Ethan decided he wanted to have some fun. He licked his finger and slowly started to wedge it into Tommy’s tight, smooth asshole. He felt Tommy tense up and gasp. Once his finger was halfway in, Ethan felt his brother’s asshole clench around his finger, as Tommy let out a cry. Ethan felt Tommy’s cock spasm as his big brother shot load after load onto Ethan’s legs and the bed below them.

“Tommy!” Ethan said. “What’s wrong with you?”

Tommy was shaking as the orgasm continued to course through him. He tried to catch his breath. “I’m so so sorry, sir!” Tommy whined. He sounded like he might cry. “I couldn’t help it. First you spanked me, and I was doing my best not to cum, but then you stuck your finger in my hole, and I just, I mean, it felt so good I couldn’t stop myself. I wish I could sir. I know you said never without permission. I’m such a stupid little boy. It’s just – I never felt anything like that before. It was so intense.”

Ethan pushed his finger further into Tommy’s asshole. Tommy gasped. Ethan thought back to all the times he’d heard his brother casually use the word fag with his jock buddies. “Tommy,” Ethan said. “Are you gay?”

“No way, sir,” Tommy said. He was breathing hard, pushing his ass up so that Ethan’s finger went deeper into him. “I couldn’t imagine being with another dude. It’s so weird.”

“But you just came when I stuck my finger in your hole,” Ethan said. “Seems pretty gay to me.” He pushed his finger in further. Tommy gasped again. He’d never felt anything so wonderful.

“Because it’s YOU, sir,” Tommy said. Tommy wanted Ethan to understand. “You’re like a God to me. You don’t know how it makes me feel. I just want you to do whatever you want with me. Anything. I want to take care of your every need. When you stuck your finger in my hole it was just so incredible. I’ll never forget it. It meant so much to me. I’m sorry. I know I’m so lame. I just love you. I love you so much.”

Ethan looked down at Tommy’s red butt cheeks and his tight hole clinched around his finger. It was hard to be too mad at him after that little speech. But Tommy still needed to be punished. Ethan pulled his finger out of Tommy’s hole and rubbed it along his brother’s crack, considering what to do next.

“OK, boy, first, you lick up that cum,” Ethan said. Tommy pushed himself up, then got down on his knees in front of Ethan. There had been five or six spurts, and his cum was everywhere. Tommy started licking the big white globs off the side of Ethan’s leg, then worked his way to the bed, licking again and again to make sure he got every drop.

“How does that taste, boy?” Ethan asked.

“It’s gross, sir,” Tommy said. “But you told me to do it.” He smiled up at Ethan bashfully. “So I like it.”

Ethan smiled back. Tommy was starting to grow on him. “This too,” Ethan said, sticking out the finger he’d just stuck into Tommy’s hole. Without hesitation, Tommy leaned forward and put it in his mouth.

“From now on, boy, you lick up all the cum from either of us,” Ethan said. “Unless I tell you otherwise. Sometimes I’ll smear it on your face. Leave it there all day. So people know you’re my little guy.”

Tommy thought that sounded amazing. He took his mouth off Ethan’s stinky finger and looked up at his little brother. “OK daddy!” he said happily.

The boys paused. Tommy had never called Ethan daddy before. Ethan was only 18, with the body of a boy barely through puberty. He could have been mistaken for a high school freshman. But now, thanks to the thoughts Ethan had planted in his head, Tommy thought of Ethan as his daddy. And there was no denying that his older brother felt that way – the boys could see the truth in each other’s eyes. Ethan felt his cock start to harden again.

“You really are my little boy, aren’t you, squirt,” Ethan said.

“Yes, daddy,” Tommy said. “Forever. I belong to you.” It felt good to say it. He put his mouth back on Ethan’s outstretched finger and started sucking again. It tasted disgusting but Tommy didn’t care one bit.

“Well, a little boy gets a little boy’s punishment,” Ethan said. He was starting to grow into his new role. “You go stand facing the corner, hands on the back of your head, and think about what you’ve done.”

Tommy got up and nodded solemnly. He looked genuinely remorseful. He thought about his brother admonishing him earlier, when he’d let his teeth brush against Ethan’s cock. He was so dumb! Tommy went to the corner and put his hands up behind his head. The strapping 20-year-old was sniffling, his eyes puffy, as though he might cry. His ass was still glowing red from his spanking. He knew he was right where he belonged.

“From now on, you’re going to dress in more boyish clothes,” Ethan said. “I want you to get some superhero undies. Briefs. You’ll wear those all the time, except what I want you naked. Even to the gym. You’ll have to make up some excuse when the other guys laugh at you.”

“OK, daddy,” Tommy said.

“You can still work out, but no big weights,” Ethan continued. “And always eat healthy. No more beer or alcohol. I want you slim. No more partying, either. And you always get all your homework done. You’ll go to bed every night at 9, like a good boy. Got that, squirt?”

“Yes, daddy,” Tommy said. “Whatever you say.”

Tommy smiled. He could feel his tears starting to dry up. “Thanks for telling me what to do,” he said. He was facing the corner. He smiled and thought about how lucky he was that Ethan was willing to put up with him.

“You’re welcome, champ,” Ethan said. “By the way, what do you think of your cock?”

Tommy looked down at his 8-inch dick, which was jutting straight out - even though he’d just cum minutes earlier. He had vague memories of girls telling him how thick and sexy it was, and of other boys sneaking glances in the locker room. But Tommy didn’t feel like it was anything special. Not anymore.

“It’s too big, daddy,” he said. “It feels stupid. I wish it was smaller like yours. I hate it.”

Ethan laughed. “Aw, sorry kiddo,” he said. “Come here.”

Tommy turned around, his hands still on his head. Ethan patted the bed next to him. Tommy walked over and sat next to Ethan. He turned and stared at his brother, a look of absolute obedience on his face.

“Tommy,” Ethan said, “you weren’t a very good boy in high school. You didn’t treat me right.”

Tommy looked at Ethan with remorse. “I don’t know what was wrong with me, sir,” Tommy said. “I don’t understand how I could have been that way. Please let me make it up to you. Anything.”

“You will, little buddy,” Ethan said. “You’re going to get a do over. I’m going to come here for college. We’ll be living together. I’ll be in the big room, and you’ll be here in the smaller room. When you’re lucky I’ll let you sleep with me. In the meantime, I want you to move in here.” Tommy nodded eagerly. He was going to live with Ethan! He wanted to kiss his little brother’s feet.

“You’ll have posters made of me,” Ethan continued. “You can put them up on your walls and on the ceiling. When you’re in here I want you to stare at them and think about how much you love me. How you’re just a little boy and I’m a man. When your friends come over you can keep this room locked and pretend you still live in the other room. But you sleep in here, surrounded by images of me. And you’ll think about me all day and dream about me every night.”

“I will, sir,” Tommy said. “I promise. I mean, I think of you all the time already. But I love that idea. You’re so smart. I want to see you all the time.” Tommy held up his phone. It showed a shirtless picture of Ethan at the beach with his slim hairless chest on full display, which Tommy had found on Ethan’s Instagram.

“I changed my background,” Tommy said, smiling. “You’re so incredibly beautiful.”

“Aww,” Ethan said. “Obviously, you’re breaking up with your girlfriend. Be nice about it. No more girls for you, squirt. You can still see your friends, but you must always be a good boy. Even if they pressure you. And when you talk to mom and dad, don’t let them know how you really feel about me. Just pretend that we bonded as brothers. And tell them you want to live with me. But don’t tell them how you really feel. It’ll be our little secret.”

“OK, daddy,” Tommy said. He crossed his arms and made a pouty face. “I wish I could tell everybody. I used to be nervous but I was being so stupid. I can’t believe I have your cum in my belly. It makes me feel big and strong. And I don’t care what people think. But whatever you say, daddy. I’ll never disobey you. Promise.”

“That’s my big boy,” Ethan said. Tommy blushed and looked down, a smile on his face. Ethan patted him on the head.

“I’m leaving tomorrow, kiddo,” Ethan said. “I’ll have to go see mom and dad. I promise I’ll come back as soon as I can. But I have some homework for you while I’m gone.” Tommy nodded. He knew Ethan had to leave, but he’d been trying not to think about it.

“We both know you aren’t very good at sucking my cock yet,” Ethan said. “So I want you to practice. Anytime you see a nerdy, awkward, young-looking boy, I want you to try to get him alone. Then I want you to ask if you can suck his dick. So long as the boy is at least 18. I only want you to do this with small, slim, nerdy boys. Like the ones you and your friends picked on in high school. I think you owe it to them, kiddo.”

Tommy stuck his thumb in his mouth and continued to listen intently.

“These boys might not believe you really want to suck their little dicks, so you’ll need to really beg for it,” Ethan continued. “Do whatever it takes to convince them you’re serious. And if they let you service them, you’re going to ask them for pointers and advice about how you’re doing. Ask them to tell you what feels good and what doesn’t. And always swallow their loads. Then when you’re done, give them your number and tell them to text anytime, and that you’ll come back and do it again. Whenever they want. Unless it’s after your bedtime.”

Tommy crinkled up his nose. “OK, daddy,” he said. “If you say so.”

“I do, little man,” Ethan said. “And just think, when I come back, you’ll be such a good little cocksucker. I’ll shoot loads in you all the time.”

Tommy thought about what Ethan said. The thought of sucking all those cocks revolted him. He was straight, and he didn’t want another boy’s cock in his mouth. But he knew Ethan was right. It was the best way for him to get better. Tommy threw his arms around his little brother. “You’re so smart, daddy,” he said, hugging Ethan tight. “Thank you for my homework. I can’t wait.”

“Even though you’re straight, kiddo?” Ethan asked.

“I’d swallow all the cum in the world for you,” Tommy replied earnestly. “It doesn’t matter if I like it or not. All that matters is you.”

Ethan spent the rest of the day relaxing in the apartment and enjoying his brother’s attention. Tommy massaged Ethan’s feet while he watched TV, then happily got on his hands and knees when Ethan wanted to use him as a footrest. Ethan went through Tommy’s wallet and phone, and had Tommy change all his passwords to “Ethanownsme.” He then went into Tommy’s bank account and transferred most of the money that Tommy had earned landscaping every summer into his own account. “Little boys don’t need money,” he told Tommy, who nodded in agreement.

Ethan also had his brother pose in all sorts of embarrassing positions for his amusement – Ethan particularly liked the picture of Tommy on his back, spreading his butt cheeks so the viewer could see his smooth hole, with his smiling face visible in the background. When Ethan jokingly threatened to send the image to their father, Tommy didn’t even bat an eye. “Whatever you want, daddy,” he said.

For Tommy, there weren’t enough hours in the day. Because Ethan had told him to be a good boy, he informed his brother he had a class that day – and Tommy was crestfallen when Ethan made him go. He tried his best to pay attention to the teacher, but it was impossible – he just wanted to get back to his brother. He spent most of the class daydreaming of Ethan’s cock, and thinking about the cum in his belly and what it felt like when Ethan spanked him and stuck his perfect little finger into Tommy’s hole.

When class ended and Tommy stood up, he saw a few of the other students snicker and point at the obvious erection in his pants. Tommy noticed a slim, nerdy boy staring at him – he looked even smaller than Ethan – and he made a mental note to corner the boy after class the next day, once Ethan was gone, so he could try to convince the boy to let Tommy suck him off. He figured if he was going to improve for Ethan he needed to start sucking boys’ cocks as soon as possible.

After that, Tommy rushed home – stopping only to buy Ethan lunch – and resumed his duties. When he had a free moment, he started working on the posters for his new room. He bashfully asked if he could take a picture of Ethan’s cock. “I want to put it over my bed, sir,” Tommy explained apologetically.

Ethan laughed and pulled down his sweatpants. “Have at it, kiddo,” he said. Tommy took a few pictures of Ethan’s tiny, soft cock. He then asked if he could suck on it, so he could get pictures of Ethan fully hard. “Oh, is that why you want to suck on it, sport?” Ethan asked, laughing. “Just for the picture?”

“Well, maybe that’s not the only reason, daddy,” Tommy said, the color rushing to his cheeks. The boys laughed, then Tommy dropped to his knees and engulfed Ethan’s dick. It took all Tommy’s willpower to take his mouth off once Ethan was hard. But he really wanted that picture. Once he got it, Ethan grabbed Tommy’s head and forced it back down. He forced Tommy’s head up and down, up and down, using his big brother’s mouth like a sex toy. Tommy made sure that his teeth got nowhere near Ethan’s cock. When Ethan was ready to shoot, he pulled Tommy off, then shot load after load onto his brother’s face. It was a huge load. Tommy used his hands to catch the cum that dripped off, licking it off his fingers. “Leave the rest, kiddo,” Ethan said. “I want it to dry on you. You look perfect.” Tommy smiled, causing some of the cum on his cheeks to drip down into his mouth.

That night, the boys curled up on the couch together. Ethan sat up straight, with Tommy in the fetal position, his head on Ethan’s lap. Ethan flipped through the channels with one hand and played with Tommy’s hole with the other. At 8:45, Tommy reluctantly got up. It was almost his 9 pm bedtime. “Daddy, do you think I could sleep with you tonight?” he said. “Please? I am going to miss you so much. I can’t believe you’re leaving.”

“Sure, squirt,” Ethan said. “Go in the big room. I’ll be in later. I want you asleep soon though. Little boys don’t stay up late.”

“Yay!” Tommy said. Ethan smiled. He still couldn’t get over the fact that his 20-year-old jock brother had effectively been transformed into an eager little boy. “Thanks for using me today, daddy,” Tommy said. “It still feels like I’m dreaming. I can’t believe it’s real. I love you so much.”

“’Night, kiddo,” Ethan said. He flipped around the channels for a while, but he couldn’t think about anything but Tommy. He felt like he was really falling for the little squirt. Around 10:30, he looked in on his brother, who was fast asleep, his thumb in his mouth. Ethan grabbed the device and pointed it at Tommy. He still had a few more tweaks to make.

“When you look in the mirror, you don’t see a strapping college student,” Ethan said. “You see a skinny, slim, nerdy boy. You’ve never been good at sports. You get too scared. It was always your brother Ethan who was the athlete. You’ve looked up to him forever – you used to sneak into his room to sniff his dirty jockstraps. You’d lick his socks to try to taste the sweat after he finished practice. When you look at him, you see a masculine, muscular man. Big and strong. You love to kiss his big muscles and sniff his manly scent. You’ve never cum to the thought of anyone else. You believe his cock is huge, much bigger than your tiny little peepee, as you call it. But you don’t mind. You like it that way. You’re a little boy, after all. You feel so lucky you have your big strong brother to protect you and to use you. You never want to be with anyone else.”

Ethan smiled and put the device down. He got in bed with Tommy, who was curled up in the little spoon position. Ethan wrapped his arm around his big brother, pulled him tight, and drifted off to sleep.

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Series: Squirt