Series: Squirt
By Tanner
published October 27, 2020
6628 words

Ethan is sick of being ignored and treated like a little kid by his older brother. So he decides to give Tommy an attitude adjustment.

It was only 7 am, but Ethan was already awake. He was too nervous to stay in bed. He’d spent the past two months working on the device. Today was the day he would finally test it on his oblivious subject – his big brother – still asleep in the next room.

Ethan had turned 18 a few weeks before. He was visiting his brother Tommy at the apartment where Tommy lived – alone, thankfully – near the university where Tommy was a sophomore. Ethan didn’t hate Tommy. But his big brother had never been what Ethan thought big brothers should be – a protector, a guide, a mentor. Tommy had never taken care of him the way Ethan thought an older brother should. He just treated Ethan like a little kid he wanted nothing to do with.

And Ethan needed protecting! He had always been a small, quiet boy – even now, he was just 115 pounds soaking wet – and he had been picked on all through high school. It didn’t help that he looked even younger than he was. Tommy didn’t join in with Ethan’s bullies, but he didn’t stop them, either. He mostly just ignored his little brother, barely mumbling a hello when they passed each other in the hall, seemingly embarrassed by the fact they were related. When he did address Ethan, Tommy usually called him “squirt.” Ethan hated that.

But Ethan thought about Tommy constantly. His brother had always been a strapping, confident, popular kid, with an effortless charm that easily won over girls, boys, and teachers. Ethan had maintained a secret crush on his brother since he was old enough to have crushes, and it had never gone away. And it was particularly frustrating because Tommy seemed eager to charm most anyone except for him. Tommy had only grudgingly agreed to let Ethan stay with him on this trip, and only because their parents insisted. It was officially a college visit: Ethan had been accepted to Tommy’s university, and Ethan was supposed to decide if he’d attend. Ethan had a feeling that Tommy hoped he wouldn’t.

The device Ethan had built allowed the user to plant thoughts and emotions deep into a subject’s head. Ethan didn’t entirely understand how it worked – he’d followed guidelines he’d seen on the dark web – but the testimonials were so convincing: People getting their boss to give them a raise, their crush to fall in love with them, their bully to piss his own pants. Ethan had to try it.

And he couldn’t deny that he’d always worshiped his big brother. He wanted the two to be close. More than anything, he wanted his brother to want to make him happy. And if he needed the device to make that happen, so be it.

Ethan crept into his brother’s room. Tommy was lying on his back, wearing nothing but boxers, one leg over the covers. Ethan couldn’t help but be turned on. Even asleep, Tommy radiated masculinity. He’d been varsity football and wrestling for four straight years, and his body was muscular and taught. Ethan looked longingly at the treasure trail that went down into his big brother’s straight-boy boxers.

It was now or never. He could see his brother was still deep asleep – Tommy was even snoring a little – and so he held up the device, pointed it at Tommy’s head, and pressed the button.

“You want to spend more time with your little brother Ethan. You feel bad that you’ve ignored him for so long. You realize now that you should make it up to him. You want to do things with him, compliment him, listen to what he has to say. You realize you’re really lucky to have him in your life,” Ethan said. His voice cracked slightly. He took a deep breath.

“When you wake up, you’re going to cancel any plans you have for the day so you can spend time with your brother. And when he asks you to do something, you’ll want to do it. You have a strong desire to please him. Even if what he says seems weird, you’ll ignore your misgivings and obey him.”

Ethan decided to push his luck. If it didn’t work, he was a dead man either way.

“You will start sucking your thumb when no one is around, or when it’s just you and your brother,” he said. “You know it’s weird but you trust your brother not to tell anyone.”

Ethan didn’t know why he wanted to see his brother sucking his thumb, but something about his big brother acting like a little kid turned him on. He wanted to turn the tables. Let Tommy feel like the little boy for once.

Ethan put the device down. He looked nervously at Tommy. His brother shifted in his sleep. Ethan froze; he was afraid Tommy would wake up and murder him. Instead, Tommy lifted his thumb to his mouth and stuck it in. Tommy sighed and began sucking contentedly.

Tommy woke up around 8:30. He took his thumb out of his mouth and stretched. He’d been planning to see his girlfriend Sandra for lunch, but he decided to text her to cancel. He didn’t know why but felt like hanging out with the squirt today. Ethan wasn’t so bad, Tommy thought. He never really wanted to spend time with his brother in high school: He was so tiny and weird, and seemed gay, and Tommy had never wanted anyone to think of him that way. So he left the squirt to fend for himself. He was too busy fucking girls and chilling with his boys to give him much thought.

He certainly hadn’t wanted Ethan to visit: It meant that he couldn’t have Sandra sleep over, since Ethan might tattle to their parents. Tommy had been so pissed when his parents forced the squirt on him. But for some reason today the thought of seeing Ethan felt good. He was lucky to have Ethan in his life, he realized. He didn’t know why he’d taken so long to get that.

Tommy headed into the living room. Ethan was sitting on the couch. They locked eyes. Ethan looked nervous for some reason. “Hey, squirt,” Tommy said. He gave his little brother a big smile. “I thought maybe we could hang today. I could show you around campus or whatever.”

Ethan relaxed and smiled. “That sounds great, Tommy,” Ethan said. “But can you not call me squirt anymore? I don’t like it.”

Tommy paused. Who did his brother think he is? He’d always been a little squirt. But then Tommy relaxed. If that’s what Ethan wanted, that’s what he would do. “Sure thing, little bro,” Tommy said. He felt a calm feeling pass through him. It was nice to make Ethan happy.

Ethan didn’t love Tommy calling him “little bro,” but it was an improvement. He looked at his brother. “And could you…make us some breakfast? I’m hungry.”

Tommy never made breakfast. He usually grabbed something on his way to class, or had Sandra cook for him. He always thought cooking was for girls. But he figured Sandra had left some stuff in the kitchen, and for some reason he really wanted to make his brother breakfast. “You got it, squir—Ethan,” he said. “I’ll whip up something for us.”

Tommy felt weird. Why did he want to make breakfast? It didn’t feel like something he would do. A thought flashed through his head to tell Ethan to go fuck himself. THAT felt like something he’d do. But then he looked down at his brother. Ethan really was a great guy, Tommy thought. Instead of telling him off, he decided to compliment Ethan. “By the way, have you been lifting? You look great.”

Ethan blushed. He had never lifted a day in his life – he was as scrawny as ever – but he was thrilled at the compliment. “Thanks, Tommy,” Ethan said happily. Tommy smiled at his brother, lifted his thumb to his mouth, started sucking, and gave Ethan a wink. He turned around and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his amazing little brother.

Ethan could not remember a better day. Tommy took him all around campus, introduced Ethan to his friends, even bought him lunch. They may have looked like a strange pair – Tommy was almost twice Ethan’s size – but Tommy didn’t seem embarrassed to be with Ethan. Quite the contrary. He seemed thrilled to be with his little brother and was constantly asking if there was anything Ethan might need. Ethan was in heaven.

Tommy was happy too. He didn’t know why, but he was thrilled to get to spend time with Ethan. He realized he’d been missing out for years. He’d spent the day complimenting Ethan – his brains, his looks, his jokes – but even that didn’t feel like enough. He wanted to impress Ethan and show him how much he appreciated his little bro. He just really wanted to make Ethan happy.

When they got home that night, both boys were exhausted. Tommy ordered a pizza and the brothers plopped down on the couch. Tommy had a few texts from Sandra, but he figured they could wait. He wanted to have a fun night with his little bro. Besides, the playoffs were on, and he’d been planning to watch all week. He put the game on while the brothers finished off the pizza.

“Hey, Tommy?” Ethan said. Tommy looked over at his brother.

“What’s up, little bro?”

“I don’t want to watch the game,” Ethan said. “Hand over the remote, I’m gonna pick something else.”

Tommy paused. It was game 7. He hadn’t missed a single game. His little brother was being pretty ballsy. There was no way he was going to miss the game.

“Sorry, kid,” he said. “I love you, but I gotta watch this.”

Ethan paused. He decided to go for it. “Tommy, I said give me the remote.” he said. “Don’t make me ask again.”

Tommy felt anger brewing inside him. Who did this twerp think he is? This was his house, not Ethan’s. He felt a desire to beat the shit out of Ethan. But then he relaxed. He would never do that to his little bro. And if Ethan wanted to watch something else, maybe he should agree. Even if Ethan was a bit rude about it. Ethan was a great brother, after all.

Tommy smiled and handed over the remote. It felt good. Who cares about the game? His little brother was more important. Ethan clicked through the channels until he landed on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Tommy groaned. “Whatever you think, little bro. But do we have to watch this gay shit?”

“This is what we’re going to watch,” Ethan said firmly. “And I want you to pay attention.” Tommy turned toward the screen and focused intently. Ethan looked over at him. “And take your shirt off. When it’s just the two of us you shouldn’t wear a shirt. I want to see as much of my strong big bro as I can. And make sure I always have a good view.”

It was a weird request, Tommy thought. Pretty gay, honestly. But whatever made Ethan happy. He pulled his shirt off and plopped his thumb into his mouth. Things felt normal again. He focused on the show, like Ethan had told him to. He could hear his phone buzzing – Sandra, probably – but he ignored it. He needed to learn about these drag queens, or whatever they were called. It was what Ethan wanted.

Tommy could see Ethan staring at his chest out of the corner of his eye. He leaned back and twisted his body to give his little bro a better view. He knew he had a great body, and if his brother wanted to see it, then he was going to make sure he could.

When the episode ended, Tommy reached for the remote. He figured there were probably still a few minutes left in the game. But Ethan slapped his hand away. Tommy recoiled and looked at his brother. “I have other stuff I want to watch,” Ethan said. “I want you to clean up this mess and hit the deck.”

“But I really wanna see what happened,” Tommy whined. He sounded like a little kid. “And it’s only nine o’clock…”

“No buts, young man,” Ethan said. There was something about talking to his brother like this that really turned him on. He could feel himself getting hard in his pants. “Clean up and go to bed. I want you asleep by ten. We have a big day tomorrow. You’ll be spending all day with me again.”

Tommy paused. What was going on here? Nothing about this felt normal. But then he smiled. Another day with Ethan did sound nice. Maybe he could take him for ice cream. Tommy got up and flexed his muscles a bit so that his brother could see. He didn’t want to be weird about it, but he wanted to give Ethan a show. Then he started cleaning up as Ethan flipped through the channels, his feet still resting on Tommy’s coffee table. Weird, Tommy thought. It didn’t really seem like Ethan wanted to watch anything in particular. Tommy shrugged it off.

It took Tommy about ten minutes to finish up. He headed toward his room. “Good night, little bro,” he said, pausing in the doorway. “I really liked being with you today. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Whatever you want to do tomorrow is fine by me.”

Ethan smiled. “Sounds good, squirt,” Ethan said. Tommy winced. I’m no squirt! But if that’s what Ethan wanted to call him, he wasn’t going to complain. He stuck his thumb in his mouth and happily headed off to bed. It was way before his usual bedtime, but he wanted to do what he was told.

Ethan couldn’t believe how well the day had gone. Tommy seemed like he’d do anything! But Ethan wanted more. He figured he deserved it after all these years of being ignored. So around midnight, he checked up on his brother. Tommy was fast asleep. Ethan pulled out the device and started speaking.

“You respect your little brother more than anyone else,” Ethan said. “Even though he’s small, you know he is stronger than you. You want to defer to him. Whenever he’s around, you feel like a little boy. Like less than him. You look up to him like a father or a big brother, though your feelings for him are even stronger than that. It would feel right for him to spank you if you’re bad, because he’s so much more of a man than you’ll ever be. In fact, you don’t know why, but the thought of him spanking you turns you on.”

Ethan paused. There was no turning back now.

“You’re afraid to tell your brother how you feel, but you can’t stop thinking about him,” he said. Everything else in your life – college, your girlfriend, sports, your friends – seem unimportant compared to Ethan. You want to be around him, cook him food, clean for him, rub his feet. You try to anticipate all his needs. When you suck your thumb, you like to imagine that it’s Ethan’s cock. You wonder what it might be like to kiss him, to suck his dick, to have him fuck you. To have him tell you what to do. To let him do whatever he wants with you. You’re not gay, but satisfying Ethan turns you on more than anything. The thought of his cock inside you gets you rock hard. You’re deeply in love with him – and not just like a brother. You think he’s the sexiest man on the planet, perfect in every way. You just hope he forgives you for never treating him the way he deserves in the past.”

Ethan put the device down and smiled. He couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

Tommy woke up early, and harder than he’d ever been. He had been dreaming of Ethan. In the dream, he was naked, over Ethan’s knee, his butt bright red. His brother was spanking him mercilessly. His brother was so strong, Tommy thought, despite his small frame. In the dream, Tommy was crying and sucking his thumb, his ass on fire, his dick rock hard, knowing he was getting what he deserved.

Tommy smiled. What a great dream. He thought about jerking off while it was still fresh in his mind. But there was no time for that. Ethan was in the next room! Glorious, amazing Ethan! He needed to prepare. Tommy walked carefully to Ethan’s room, where his little brother was still asleep. The covers had mostly slipped off. Ethan was dressed in white briefs and nothing else. My god, thought Tommy. He stared longingly at Ethan’s slim, hairless chest, his spindly arms, his beautiful, boyish face. Ethan can’t even grow a beard, Tommy thought, but he’s so much more of a man than me. Tommy was still hard, his boxers tenting up, and he was glad his little bro couldn’t see. He looked down at Ethan’s briefs, the outline of his little brother’s cock, and put his thumb in his mouth. He started pushing it in and out, in and out, imaging it was Ethan’s dick. Someday, Tommy thought. Please, someday.

Ethan’s room was a mess, and Tommy wanted to clean up for him. But he didn’t want to risk waking his Ethan up. A real man like Ethan should sleep as long as he wants, Tommy thought. I’ll clean up for him later. Tommy went to the bathroom to get himself ready. He needed to look his best for his little brother. He laughed. Little! That word felt wrong. I’m the little boy here, Tommy thought, that’s for sure. He combed his hair, washed his face, brushed his teeth, shaved. He looked down at his muscular chest and wondered if he should lift more for Ethan, or shave of his light dusting of chest hair. Whatever Ethan preferred. Tommy just hoped Ethan would tell him what to do.

Tommy went to the kitchen to make breakfast. There were still a few eggs left. Not enough for him, but he could feed Ethan, and that’s what mattered. He hummed happily, wearing nothing but his boxers, trying to think of what Ethan might like.

Ethan walked into the kitchen a few minutes later. He yawned and stretched, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. The slim 18-year-old was wearing nothing but grey sweatpants, which clung to his slim hips. His tiny, smooth chest was on full display to his brother. “Hey, squirt,” Ethan said.

Tommy turned around and gasped, almost dropping the pan he was holding. His cock, which had softened slightly while he cooked, immediately became rock hard again. What a man, Tommy thought. He had an urge to drop to his knees, but he resisted. He didn’t want his brother to think he was insane. But how could he just pretend things were normal? His brother was so fucking amazing.

“Good morning, sir,” Tommy blurted out. “I mean, uh, Ethan. Sorry. Um, I don’t know why I called you that, sir, I mean, uh, I’m making your breakfast, I hope it’s ok, I’m making eggs, I can get anything you want for tomorrow.” Tommy blushed. He was so dumb. He always felt like a little kid around Ethan. Well, he didn’t remember feeling that way before today, but he must have.

Ethan laughed. He looked over at the kitchen table, which was empty. “The table isn’t set, kiddo.”

“I’m so sorry, sir!” Tommy said. He grabbed silverware and napkins and rushed over, laying out a single table setting. He pulled out the chair for Ethan to sit down and waited.

“Good boy,” Ethan said. Tommy felt his cock somehow get even harder. They both looked down at Tommy’s boxers. Tommy blushed. “Looks like you got a little excited, squirt,” Ethan said.

“Yeah, sorry,” Tommy stammered. “I don’t know why, it’s just, you’re so, I mean, I’m sorry, if you want to spank me…”

Ethan laughed. “What?”

“No, I’m just saying…” Tommy was so embarrassed. His brother was so much cooler than him. He just wanted to make Ethan happy. “I can make your eggs now if you want. Whatever you want me to do.”

Ethan said down in the chair. He looked up at his brother, who stared down at him adorably. “Go ahead, squirt,” he said. “But take off those boxers. You can’t hide anything from me.”

Tommy walked in front of Ethan, and slowly lowered his boxers. When Tommy’s hard cock pushed over the elastic, it shot up and hit his firm stomach, a drop of precum splashing against his six pack.

“Hmm,” Ethan said. “You’re going to shave that hair around your cock. Hair is for men, not boys like you. You should know that.”

“Sorry, sir, of course,” Tommy said. He was so dumb! “I’ll make your breakfast now.”

Tommy made the eggs, along with some toast and a glass of orange juice. It was hardly worthy of his brother, he thought. Still, it felt great to cook for Ethan. The way things should be. And he’d do better tomorrow. He brought the food to Ethan, his body fully on display, his cock still hard. “Can I, uh, rub your feet while you eat?” Tommy asked timidly. He wanted to anticipate his brother’s needs, so Ethan didn’t have to waste time telling Tommy what to do.

“Sure, squirt,” Ethan said. Tommy got under the table. He looked up at his brother, his vision taken up by Ethan’s perfect, slim, hairless chest. He liked being down here. It felt right. He wanted to pull down Ethan’s sweatpants and show Ethan how much he respected him. Lick his balls, suck his cock as long as Ethan wanted. But his brother would think he was such a weirdo.

At least Ethan’s feet were a good consolation prize. There was barely any hair on them, but they were still so manly. Tommy started rubbing, getting his nose close enough to smell his brother’s teenage feet. It was intoxicating. Ethan hadn’t showered yesterday, Tommy thought happily. He felt a drop of cum drop out of his cock onto the kitchen floor. He wished he could suck on Ethan’s toes, but Tommy didn’t want Ethan to think he was some freak. Instead, he focused on giving his brother the best massage he could, praying that Ethan was enjoying it.

After a few minutes, Ethan kicked his feet out, got up and walked out without a word. His muscular 20-year-old brother emerged from under the table, still hard, and started cleaning up. He put Ethan’s fork in his mouth while he worked, hoping to suck out any traces of his younger brother’s saliva.

Tommy got a strange feeling while he cleaned up. He had always felt this way about Ethan, hadn’t he? He had memories of ignoring Ethan in high school. But it seemed impossible. I mean, LOOK AT HIM, Tommy thought. Ethan was so perfect. Tommy loved him so much. He tried to put those bad memories out of his mind. He needed to focus. Ethan was here. Nothing else mattered.

Tommy heard Ethan turn on the shower, so he rushed into Ethan’s room to tidy up while he had the chance. There were clothes everywhere. Tommy picked up a pair of his little brother’s dirty socks, put them up to his nose, and inhaled deeply. The scent was incredible. He wanted more than anything to take the dirty socks to his room so he could jerk off with them later. But he didn’t want to take anything from his brother, no matter how much he wanted to. He loved Ethan too much for that. Instead, he allowed himself to sniff them for a few extra seconds before continuing to clean. He knew he’d never forget the smell. There was nothing that even came close.

Tommy heard the shower turn off. He grabbed a towel and rushed to the bathroom. “Sir?” he asked meekly through the door. “Can I dry you off?” He heard Ethan laugh. I hope he’s not mad, Tommy thought nervously. But then the door opened. “Sure, squirt,” Ethan said. Tommy entered. His brother was naked, the steam rising around his tiny, boyish body. Tommy had never seen anything more beautiful in his life.

He got on his knees and started drying Ethan’s feet, his legs, and – he couldn’t believe it – his cock. It was so beautiful. Ethan was hard for some reason – probably thinking about some girl he wanted to fuck, Tommy figured. A man like Ethan could have anyone he wanted. Ethan didn’t have a big cock – it was pretty small, in fact – but Tommy thought it looked perfect. His own dick seemed oversize and stupid by comparison. Tommy almost came as he dried Ethan’s small, perfect dick. It took all his willpower not to dive on it right then and there. He then reluctantly stood up and dried Ethan’s chest, back, and arms, while Ethan watched with a strange look on his face. Tommy didn’t know why he’d never done this before, back in high school. He had never been happier in his life.

“From now on, you shower with me, squirt,” Ethan said. “That way you can wash my legs and back and stuff.” Tommy felt his heart leap. He tried to play it cool. “OK, Ethan,” he said, trying not to show how happy he was. He didn’t want his brother to think he was a fag. “Whatever you say.”

“Now shave off that hair,” Ethan said, pointing at Tommy’s hard dick. “In fact, everything below the neck. And make sure you get your asshole nice and smooth for me. Then you come present yourself for inspection. I’ll be in my room.”

“Yes, sir!” Tommy said happily. He didn’t know why his brother wanted his asshole smooth, but that didn’t matter. Whatever Ethan wanted. His brother knew what was best.

Ethan left the bathroom, and Tommy got to work. He shaved off the hair around his cock, under his armpits, on his legs and arms, his chest, his treasure trail – he made sure not to miss a spot. It wasn’t easy to do his asshole, but he concentrated hard – Ethan had mentioned that specifically, so Tommy knew it was extra important. He briefly wondered what Sandra and his friends would think when they saw him, but Tommy didn’t care. Ethan was so much more important than the lot of them. When he finished he turned off the shower and looked down at himself. Not a hair to be seen. Just like a little boy, he thought happily, putting his thumb in his mouth. Ethan was such a genius. Tommy loved him so much.

Tommy went into Ethan’s room. His god of a little brother was sprawled out on his bed, naked, his perfect little cock now soft, even smaller, but still amazing. Tommy couldn’t believe he got to see it! Ethan must be the hottest man on the planet, Tommy thought, despite still looking like a skinny young teenager. How could anyone not see Ethan’s beauty? Tommy reluctantly took his thumb out of his mouth – staring at Ethan’s cock, he wanted to keep it in there, so he could pretend he had the real thing. But he’d been told to present himself, so he did.

“I’m ready for my inspection, sir,” Tommy said. His brother had mentioned his asshole specifically, so Tommy turned around, bent over, and spread his cheeks open so Ethan could get a good look. He was nervous. He looked back toward his little brother. “I hope I did ok.”

Ethan couldn’t believe it. His arrogant older brother, who had ignored him and belittled him for years, was now literally spreading his hairless asshole for inspection. Ethan got up and walked over to Tommy. He dragged his hand down between Tommy’s ass cheeks, prompting an involuntary sigh from his big bro.

“Not bad, squirt,” he said. “It should always be smooth for me. I never want to see another hair on your body. Otherwise you’re in for a spanking.”

“Yes, sir!” Tommy said. But internally, he was torn. He wanted to obey his brother more than anything. But he literally dreamed about going over his brother’s knee. It was where he belonged: his ass on fire, tears rolling down his cheeks. He wouldn’t disobey, but maybe Ethan would find some other reason to spank him, Tommy thought. He sure hoped so. Maybe if he begged Ethan would do it just because.

“Stand up straight,” Ethan said, shaking Tommy out of his daydream. Tommy rushed to comply. He stood at attention like a soldier, shoulders back, his muscular body on full display, his 8-inch cock sticking straight out. Ethan circled him, running his small hands across Tommy’s hairless body. Ethan was much shorter than Tommy, but Tommy knew he was far stronger despite that. “Arms up,” Ethan said. After Tommy complied, Ethan rubbed his fingers around in Tommy’s armpits. He could barely feel the stubble from where his brother’s hair had been. Tommy was as smooth as a baby.

When Ethan was satisfied, he contemplated what to do with Tommy. His horniness got the best of him. “On your knees, boy,” Ethan said. Tommy dropped to his knees and looked up adoringly at his little brother. Ethan smiled. “I see how you look at me, Tommy,” Ethan said. Tommy blushed. “You want to suck my cock, don’t you kiddo? Your own brother? You can’t hide anything from me, boy. Tell me. Admit it.”

Tommy didn’t want to admit it! He worried Ethan would hate him. But an order was an order. And he could never say no to his brother.

“I’m sorry, Ethan! I know it’s weird, but I just can’t help it – I mean, you’re so amazing,” Tommy said, the words pouring out. “I’m not gay, it’s just, I just want to please you. And I know a man like you has needs. I thought if you wanted to use me, then you should. I just think you deserve it. You’re so strong and smart and cool. You should have anything you want. Especially me. If you want me. I’m sure you could have anyone. And I’m just so useless compared to you. I know that. But if you ever did want to use me, I’d be so honored. You could fuck my face, shoot down my throat, fuck my hole, anything you want. You have no idea how much I want that. I think about you all the time. I can’t help it. I just – nothing matters but you. I’m sorry, sir. I worship you. You’re perfect. Better than perfect. I love you so so much. I just want to belong to you forever.”

Tommy looked down at the ground. He couldn’t believe he admitted it. But what could he do? His brother told him to be honest, so he was. Now it was out. Ethan was going to think he was such a freak. He was so embarrassed. He could feel his cheeks getting red. What if Ethan didn’t want to see him again? He couldn’t bear the thought.

“Well, squirt, that’s a lot to take in,” Ethan said. “I don’t know. This is pretty weird. You’re my brother after all.” Ethan was enjoying seeing Tommy squirm.

Tommy looked like he was going to cry. The muscular 20-year-old college student stuck his thumb in his mouth and looked up longingly at his younger brother. He prayed silently that Ethan wouldn’t send him away. The boys stared at each other in silence until Ethan finally spoke. “Maybe I could give you a trial period. See if you’re worth it.”

Tommy lit up. “Whatever you say, sir! Thank you so much!” He was so relieved. “Do you think I could…” Tommy looked down at Ethan’s hard cock. “I mean, it looks like you could use some relief, if you want, maybe you could, uh, try me out or something. I’ve never sucked a cock but maybe you could teach me.”

Ethan laughed. “You really wanna suck your little brother’s cock, don’t you kiddo?”

Tommy looked up earnestly at his brother. “I just want to make you happy, Ethan. I don’t know why it took me so long to tell you. I guess I was scared. I’m such a stupid kid. I’m not a man like you. I never will be. I need guidance and discipline. Just tell me what you want. I’ll do anything.”

Tommy paused. “And I don’t think of you like my little brother. I feel like I’m a little boy and you’re my dad, or my favorite athlete, or my idol. Like all three wrapped up in one. But so much more than that, too. I can’t believe I’m related to you. You’re 100 times the man I’ll ever be.”

Tommy felt like a weight had been lifted. It was such a relief to finally admit the truth.

“OK, squirt,” Ethan said. He sat down on the bed and opened his slim legs. “If you feel that strongly, I guess I’ll give you a chance. You owe me big time for this, kiddo. But I know how much it means to you. Come here.”

Tommy rushed over and fell to his knees in front of Ethan. His brother’s little cock was rock hard, with just a light dusting of hair around it. Tommy’s mouth watered. “Thank you, Ethan,” he said, staring at his brother’s dick. He couldn’t look away. “Thank you so much. It’s so beautiful.”

“Lick my balls, first, squirt,” Ethan said. “And look up at me. Never break eye contact.”

Tommy looked up at Ethan’s boyish face, then bent down toward his cock without breaking eye contact. He maneuvered his head around Ethan’s dick and started licking his brother’s balls. If it was any other man, he’d be grossed out. He had often said “lick my balls” to his buddies as a joke, in fact. But this wasn’t just some man. This was Ethan. Slim, strong, beautiful Ethan. And his balls tasted incredible to Tommy. He reached down and started playing with his cock with his brother’s balls in his mouth.

“Tommy, no,” Ethan said. “You don’t touch yourself while you serve me. In fact, you don’t touch yourself at all without permission. You only cum when I let you. Got that, squirt?”

Tommy let go of his pulsing cock. Somehow his brother telling him he couldn’t cum turned him on even more. “Yesh, sir,” he said, the words coming out muffled, since he had Ethan’s balls in his mouth.

Ethan was ready to cum right there, but he somehow controlled himself. The moment was overwhelming. He’d never even kissed a boy – let alone got a blowjob – and now his older brother was on his knees, licking his balls and awaiting his orders. It took all his willpower not to shoot all over Tommy’s face. He closed his eyes tight and opened them wide to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. He wasn’t. His big brother was still there, happily licking his balls, looking up at Ethan with a look of contentment on his face.

“OK, Tommy,” Ethan said. He couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth: “You can suck my cock now.”

Tommy couldn’t believe it was finally happening. He licked up Ethan’s shaft and wrapped his lips around the top of his cock, his eyes still locked on Ethan’s. Tommy pushed his face down onto Ethan’s dick. He had no trouble getting Ethan’s small cock all the way down, and soon felt his brother’s pubic hair hit his face. It was everything Tommy had hoped for. He started bobbing up and down on Ethan’s cock, thinking back to all the times he’d practiced on his own thumb. But this was a million times better. He never wanted it to end.

“Tommy!” Ethan said. “Watch the teeth!”

Tommy was mortified. He sucked his teeth back and wrapped his lips over them. He had to do better for Ethan. A moment later, he felt Ethan put both hands on the back of his head. “Hold still,” Ethan said.

Ethan began fucking his big brother’s face. Tommy just sat there, trying to make sure Ethan couldn’t feel his teeth, torn between hoping his 18-year-old brother would cum down his throat and wanting the moment to last forever. Ethan’s slim hips went back and forth, back and forth, with increasing intensity and force. Tommy sat there obediently, his mouth wrapped around his little brother’s cock. He’d had never been happier in his life.

It didn’t take Ethan long to cum. “Oh, fuck, Tommy” Ethan said. He shot spurt after spurt into Tommy’s mouth. Tommy didn’t like the taste, but he knew he’d learn to love it. And he already loved that he’d been used by his little brother. It was such an honor. Tommy eagerly swallowed every drop that came out of his little brother’s cock. When Ethan sat back, spent, Tommy leaned forward and started licking his cock to get any remaining cum he could.

“Thank you, Ethan,” Tommy blurted out. “Thank you so much.” He wrapped his arms around one of Ethan’s slim legs, hugged it tight, and looked up at his little brother, whose face was flush after his orgasm. “I love you more than anything,” Tommy said.

“I know, squirt,” Ethan said. “Now get a washcloth and clean me up. We have a lot to discuss.”

Tommy rushed to the bathroom and ran a washcloth under warm water. He returned and lovingly ran it around his little brother’s cock and balls. When he was done, he learned back and started rubbing Ethan’s feet.

“All set, sir,” he said. “Thanks again. Now what did you want to talk about?” Tommy awaited Ethan’s orders. He didn’t know what his brother had planned for him, but he didn’t care. Whatever Ethan wanted, he would do. All his dreams were finally coming true.

(Stay tuned for chapter 2!)

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