The Unexpected Gift Is Often The Best - Part 14

By Tha Avnanizeis
published March 21, 2021
7402 words

Dave prepares for his date and Preppy finally accepts his new position in life

Dave whistled a happy tune as he got into his car to get some items for his date with Bobby. He had decided to go for a fully romantic date with Bobby before taking his cherry. He wanted the day to be special for both of them and it would be great to be out in public with Bobby, with his toned body and handsome face, as his devoted sugar daddy. His plans were to spend time at the beach, including a picnic, the rest of the day wandering around the gay quarter of the nearest city and then dinner at a nice place. He had called L’Auberge just before and managed to get a table for two. L’Auberge was a swanky French restaurant that he had always fancied going to, but could never afford. Those days were now over.

He wanted the day to be special for both of them, so he spent time in the small specialist food shops in the area buying treats for their picnic and a nice bottle of white wine for them to share at the beach together with some quality plastic wine glasses. He knew where his family’s beach cooler was, so he just needed to buy the ice in the morning before waking Bobby.

He next went to the sports shop and bought swimwear for both Bobby and himself. He ended the day by buying himself a new suit for their meal at L’Auberge. He did have an okay jacket, which he would normally wear with smart chinos if he needed to look smart, but for their first date he intended Bobby to wear his best civilian suit when they went out and he wanted to look the part too. Thankfully he knew the very suit he wanted, having lusted after it for sometime. Now that he had access to money, he was quickly fitted with the correct sized suit and he left with a new crisp white shirt and tie.

Noticing the time, he made his way to the car park of the recreational ground opposite the main entrance to the Base, he was ten minutes late and Preppy was waiting there in a blue linen shirt, some tan dress shorts and his boat shoes. He had obviously decided to change before meeting up with Dave. Spotting Dave’s car, he waved and jumped onto the passenger seat as Dave pulled up to him. Dave apologized,

“Sorry, I’m late, the traffic was bad.”

“That’s okay, the weather is good so I didn’t mind the wait, it’s allowed me to relax.”

“Oh, are things tense?”

“Less today, Sherman was very relaxed and he and Bobby have talked and it looks like they have a plan on picking the new members which doesn’t need my input so I was able to do some training with the guys.”

“I’m glad, Sherman definitely was getting stressed.”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t have known it today, he was so relaxed he was almost horizontal. Nothing seemed to worry him today.”

Dave smiled knowing exactly why Sherman was so relaxed. Preppy smiled back and asked

“So where are we going?”

“To my family home. I thought you’d prefer privacy. You seemed to want to talk to me.”

Preppy’s face went serious but he added

“Yeah, that’s better.”

For the rest of the journey, Dave tried to keep the conversation light but he could tell that it was mostly a one-sided conversation as Preppy’s thoughts were mainly on what they’d be discussing when they got to Dave’s home. As they drove onto the front driveway, Dave got a strong sense of déjà vu with Sherman and couldn’t stop his smile. Getting out of the car, he waited while Preppy took notice of the neighborhood before walking to the trunk and getting out his purchases. He passed some of the bags to Preppy before getting him to follow him to the house. When they got in, Dave kicked off his sneakers and said

“Shoes off”.

Preppy instantly kicked his own off and placed them neatly beside Dave’s before following him to the kitchen. Preppy asked

“What is all this stuff?”

“It’s food for a picnic with Bobby tomorrow. We’re going on a date and I want to make it special for us both.”

“Nice, that’s really sweet of you,”

Dave blushed, not used to being seen as a romantic, and put away all the picnic items in the fridge and then said to Preppy

“Do you want a beer or soda?”

“Beer please”


Getting a soda for himself and a beer for Preppy, Dave wasn’t sure when Preppy would get to the point and he wanted to stay alert, he led the way into the family room and sat on the long sofa that he and Sherman had used previously. Preppy sat on an armchair by the fireplace.

“Nice house.”

“Yeah, we’ve been here a long time. We like it.”

It was clear to Dave that Preppy was stalling so he decided to get direct,

“You wanted to speak with me, Preppy, what is it?”

Preppy instantly gulped and looked to the ceiling for inspiration before finally taking a deep breath which he held before letting it out slowly. When he was calmer, he spoke

“We all know that Rob is your slave.”

Dave nodded while Preppy continued

“That he obeys you in all things. He looks really happy and it’s clear that you’re a great master.”

“Yeah, but what I do with Bobby isn’t anything to do with you. It has no bearing on how he is as your Lt Colonel.”

“I know, I understand that being your slave helps him be a better Lt Colonel.”


“But that’s my point, I think it helps him be a better soldier and that it may help others of our team.”

Dave pretended to be confused and said

“What’re you implying?”

“That maybe others may like, from time to time, to let go.”

“What, like do a scene?”

Preppy smiled, his eyes bright, happy that Dave seemed to be getting his point,

“Exactly, even I might want to scene for you and let you pretend to be my Master and let you order me around for a few hours. It’d be good to be able to let loose for a short time when I need it.”

Dave let his tone go flat when he said

“I see.”

Preppy’s smile faltered at the tone, but he carried on,

“Yeah, I’m sure I can make it good for both of us and let us both scratch an itch once in a while.”

Dave stared at Preppy, his fingertips pressed together like a cathedral roof, his thumbs crossed under his chin as he tapped his forefingers against his lips. Preppy seemed to look uncomfortable under his stare but stayed silent. Dave spoke coldly,

“So if I’m understanding this correctly, you’re offering to scene for me, occasionally, when YOU are in the mood and that you’d make it good for me.”

Preppy ran his finger under his collar and said

“Yeah, but not just me, I’m sure the others would be interested in it too, occasionally. You can try with me, when I’m feeling it, and I’ll help sell it to the others. I bet you’d like to have me under your control at times.”

Dave sat back, he was surprised at Preppy’s offer, he had expected more, but he knew that he could never accept such terms, he wasn’t a service to be used. Deciding on his course of action, he shook his head and said,

“That doesn’t work for me.”

“What’re you saying?”

“I’m saying that I don’t accept your terms. That doesn’t represent the Master that I am or the slaves I own.”

“I’m sure there are lots who would like to have full access to this body. I’m offering it to you first because I see how you are with Rob.”

“Then I wish you good luck with someone else. I’d never accept temporary obedience.”

Preppy looked crestfallen. Dave carried on,

“I’m a Master. I’m not playing at that role. This isn’t a scene for me but a way of life. If I take on a slave, they’re accepting that I own them body, heart and soul; that they live to serve me above all others; that my needs and wants are more important than their own. They know that I come first at all times. They know that they own nothing, all that they previously owned becomes mine and that their enslavement is permanent. They do what I want, they think what I want them to think, they desire what I tell them to desire. Their body is mine to use for pleasure both theirs and mine.”

Dave looked at Preppy carefully and could see his face was flushed and his cock was hard in his pants. Dave patted the seat next to him and commanded

“Come here.”

Preppy instantly moved to sit beside Dave. Dave smiled to himself,

“You see, Preppy, you’re offering me nothing I don’t already have.”

As he spoke these words, he moved his hand along Preppy’s inner thigh and moved towards Preppy’s fly of his dress shorts.

“You say that someone would accept your offer just to get their hands on your body?”

Dave unbuttoned the button of Preppy’s shorts and then unzipped them. Putting his hand in, he was pleased to find that Preppy was going commando, obviously he had accepted that it was better to go commando when trying to attract someone. He found Preppy’s hard cock and pulled it out of his shorts.

“Look at what I’m doing, Preppy?”

Dave began to jerk Preppy off slowly, with his other hand he began to unbutton Preppy’s shirt.

“Do I need your enslavement to have access to your body?”

Preppy lowered himself on the sofa, opened his legs wider. Dave’s touch was driving him wild so he thrust his groin into Dave’s hand saying,

“Fuck, but you’re Dave, you can always play with our bodies. You know we love it.”

“Exactly, so why would I accept giving you what you need and get nothing I require in return? Drop your shorts to your ankles and then kick them off.”

Preppy thrust his hips forward and used both hands to pull his shorts down his legs before letting them fall to the floor and then kick them away. Dave smiled, whilst Preppy was denying his enslavement, he was happily taking orders without resistance. Dave pulled back Preppy’s shirt to leave his body fully open to Dave’s view. Dave played with Preppy’s nipples and palmed Preppy’s balls with Preppy breathing heavily. Dave removed his hands and sat back. He motioned with his hand at Preppy’s body,

“Look at yourself, Preppy, everything I’ve done is because I’m who I am, not because of you submitting to me. If I want to play with your body, then I can play with your body whenever and however I want. If I want to scratch an itch, as you say, I already have Bobby ready and eager to fulfill my desires. Don’t you see, you’re offer me nothing I don’t already have. But if you want me to be your Master, then you have to accept what that entails - all of it. I don’t give freebies and I certainly don’t scene.”

Preppy sat there, his chest heaving, his cock hard as he stared at Dave. Dave continued,

“Are you prepared to forget your bullshit proposal and accept that you’ll be my slave? That I’ll own you 100%: your body, your mind, your heart, your wealth and possessions. Everything that makes up Captain Frazier Prescott will be mine completely?”

Preppy sat there, his face was flush but he didn’t say anything at first. Eventually, he looked toward the floor and said,

“I’m a Prescott and Prescotts don’t submit to anyone. Prescotts were born to lead, not obey. Prescotts don’t beg and Prescott’s certainly don’t give their wealth away. I’ve told you what I’ll accept, I might be willing to scene when I’ve an itch to let go but that’s it.”

Dave drank down his soda, stood up and replied

“Then I think we’ve finished this discussion. Being my slave is not a negative thing, it’s precisely because you’re strong and powerful that you need to surrender to me. However, I’ve told you what I need if I’m to be your Master and you want something different. There’s nothing more to discuss and I wish you luck finding what you need. Get yourself ready. I’m just off to the bathroom and, when I get back, I’ll take you back to the Base.”

Without a second glance back at Preppy, Dave made his way to the half-bath, he was deciding what his next move would be and he was trying to recall exactly what he had commanded Preppy to do when he started Preppy’s enslavement. He couldn’t recall exactly what he had said as it had been a spur of the moment decision. In the end, Dave couldn’t delay any longer and he made his way back to the family room and Preppy.

Preppy was sat exactly where he had been left on the sofa, he was still semi-nude, his face resting on his hands. Dave was getting annoyed

“I thought I told you to get dressed while I was in the bathroom.”

Preppy looked up and said,

“I hoped you’d reconsider.”

“No, Preppy, I’ve told you my terms.”

Preppy’s tone became very plaintive,

“But I need you to be my Master.”

Dave looked at him firmly

“But on your terms, and that is not acceptable to me. What you need is irrelevant to me. I’ll only be your Master if I own you permanently. I expect my needs to be met.”

Dave watched Preppy’s cock get harder and begin to leak.

“But …”

“No buts, Preppy, accept my terms or I take you back to the Base and we never talk of this again.”

Preppy was almost in tears when he screamed

“I can’t!”

Dave walked up to Preppy and cupped his face and said softly as if taking to a skittish animal,

“Can’t or won’t? Look Preppy, I know what I am. I’m a Master, I like to think I’m a fair master but how I treat my boys is entirely up to me. To be my slave doesn’t diminish who you are as a soldier, or as a man, you just need one person you feel safe surrendering to. I would like to be that person but it has to be on my terms. You either accept your full and permanent surrender to me, or we go back to the Base and never speak of this again.”

Preppy leant his face firmly against Dave’s palm,

“You’re the only Master I could ever accept. I’ve watched you with Rob and imagined myself in Rob’s position, and I’ve wanted it so badly. You’re the Master for me, no one else.”

“Then accept your full and permanent surrender. I’ll not be your Master without complete and everlasting ownership.”

Preppy began to physically shake, he couldn’t look Dave in the eye, tears were flowing down his cheeks and his cock began to deflate. Dave didn’t know what was happening but he stood his ground and waited to see what the outcome was. If he needed, he would trigger Preppy again. Then in a voice that seemed to come from the very depths of Preppy he answered,

“I’m yours.”

His shaking stopped and he seemed to relax. Dave stepped back and said

“Then beg to be mine.”

“Please, Master, let me be yours, I need it, I need you as my Master, please!”

“And you belong to me?”



“Yes, Master, I’m yours forever.”

“Everything that you owned is now mine.”

“Yes, Master, I own nothing, it’s all yours now to do with as you wish.”

“Do I own you body, mind and soul?”

“Yes, I’m completely yours, Master, now and forever, if you’ll only accept me.”

“Will you obey me without question, putting my needs above your own?”

“Yes, Master, I live to serve you and put your needs above all else. Please, Master, let me be yours, I need this.”

At this point, Preppy was on his knees, his face to the ground in supplication

“Please, make me your slave, I’m yours if you’ll have me, all of me forever! Please, Master!”.

“But I thought Prescotts never submitted, never gave their wealth away, never begged? You’re doing all three.”

Preppy gripped Dave’s ankles

“Please, I was wrong. I was born to surrender to you, and being a Prescott has no bearing on that. I need you to own me, I submit to you, I give you all my possessions, I’ll beg as much as it takes for you to accept me.”

Dave knelt down by Preppy and lifted his chin so that Preppy was looking him in the eye.

“Hear this, you’re at your very heart, ‘Dave’s slave, Fraze’, feel it burning its way into you psyche becoming your new identity. You answer to your old names but you know this is who you really are. Who’re you, boy?”

“I’m Dave’s slave, Fraze.”

“Very good, Fraze, I accept you as my permanent slave.”

Preppy threw himself at Dave and hugged him

“Thank you, Master, thank you.”

Dave ran his hands through Preppy’s hair which had him leaning into the touch.

“Preppy Boy, instruction mode.”

Preppy instantly became calm and attentive as he became open and attentive.

“You now accept fully that you are Fraze, Dave’s slave. You know that you are Dave’s permanently, that your body, your mind, your heart and soul belong to Dave. You love only Dave, you desire only Dave. While you’re still outwardly Preppy, the Captain of the Kappa Team, you are first Fraze, Dave’s slave. Dave owns everything that made up Captain Frazier Prescott and he can change that as he wishes without any resistance and immediate compliance. You adore serving and obeying your Master, even if it would previously been distasteful, you’ll willingly and happily obey as pleasing your Master is the most important and amazing thing you can do.

“Your body knows that it belongs to Dave and so your throat and your ass accept his cock or fingers without resistance, it’s as if they belong there. Your ass muscles will always relax and accept Dave as will your throat. You will have no gag reflex when it comes to Dave, his cock belongs down your throat. You will love Dave’s cock down your throat or up your ass.

“Everything about Dave attracts you, he is the most attractive person you’ve ever met, his smell and taste are the most amazing things you’ve ever sensed. The feel of his touch and skin arouse you beyond measure.

“In a second, I shall wake you up and then you will accept without any further resistance that you are Dave’s slave, Fraze, and that your previous offer was both poorly thought out and offensive to your master. You will want to apologize profusely. 1,2,3 wide awake.”

“Thank you, Master, I don’t know what I was thinking. It was all the bullshit that my Prescott family had burned into my head. I’m so sorry that I offended you. This is what I want Master, to be yours forever. Please can you forgive me?”

“In time, Fraze, but I think you will need lessons as to what it means to be my slave. From now, until I say differently, you’re cock can’t get aroused by anything you do, or anyone else does, other than me. It will still react completely to me, you will get aroused just looking at me or pleasing me, and you will feel extreme pleasure whenever I touch your body especially your cock or erogenous zones, but if you touch your cock or erogenous zones, or anyone, other than me, touches them, your cock will deflate and become useless as a sex organ. You can still get horny but can get no relief. It will just flop in your pants despite any stimuli, apart from my stimuli, if you try to jerk off it will feel no different than rubbing your forearm. You will feel no sexual pleasure. Touch your cock, Fraze.”

Preppy took his cock in his hand and immediately Preppy’s cock deflated.

“You can only cum if I permit it, you will need my permission from now on. I’ve made your cock useless except to me as you need to learn that I’m the source of all your sexual pleasure and without me, you will experience none. You need to learn that you put my pleasure first.”

“Yes, Master”

Dave pulled out a sachet of lube from his pocket and threw it to Preppy.

“Use this and keep on playing with your cock, I want you to experience what it feels like. Try to get yourself hard.”

Dave watched as Preppy spread the lube over his cock and hand and then began to stroke himself. It was funny to watch as it was pathetic. He couldn’t get any rhythm as his cock would fall out of his grip or bend as he tried to jerk himself off as it wouldn’t do anything but remain soft.

Dave looked at him and said

“How does that feel, Fraze?”

“Nothing, it’s like I’m doing nothing, it’s getting to be frustrating and painful to be honest.”

“I want you to always be honest with me, as my slave, you’re incapable of lying to me.”

“Yes, Master.”

Dave got up and stripped himself of his own shirt, pants and boxers. He lay down on the sofa. He patted his chest and said,

“Come here, lie on top of me.”

As soon as Preppy stood up, Dave saw he was still wearing his shirt and said

“Lose the shirt”

Preppy let the shirt drop to the floor before climbing on top of Dave. Dave grabbed Preppy’s hips before he lowered himself so that their cocks were touching. Preppy’s was now chubing up now that he was touching Dave.

“Use what’s left of the lube to fuck your cock against mine.”

Preppy began to thrust, Dave commanded

“I want to hear you, let me hear you moan and gasp if you enjoy it.”

Preppy continued to thrust but now he began to moan

“Does that feel good, Fraze?”

“Yes, Master, fuck, mmm, it feels incredible.”

Dave ran his hands over Preppy’s back and ass, his body was well toned, Dave could feel the muscles undulating under his hands, his skin fair and tanned, his back was hairless as was his ass except for a soft velvet fuzz on his ass cheeks.

“Who do you love, Fraze?”

“You, Master, only you, there will be nobody else for me ever again. Fuck, you feel amazing.”

Dave grabbed Preppy’s ass and pulled on it, pushing their cocks tighter together. At the same time, he began to thrust in unison with Preppy’s own increasing the friction and pleasure. Preppy became a moaning mess above him, his face was smashed against Dave’s neck and he was breathing heavily, his tongue licking at Dave’s pulse point. Dave increased his thrusts and Preppy matched him. Dave wanted to make sure Preppy knew his new position, so commanded,

“Fraze, my pleasure comes first, get between my legs and blow me.”

“Yes, Master”

“Have you done this before?”

“No, Master.”

“But you’ve been blown before, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Master, I love a good blowjob.”

“Then remember the best blowjob you got and do that to me.”

“Yes, Master”

“Kiss the head first, Fraze, let me know you love it.”

Preppy positioned himself lower on the sofa and brought himself so he was in line with Dave’s cock and he kissed it gently.

“Good boy! By the way, whenever I call you a good boy you will feel a wave of sexual pleasure run through your body. Good boy.”

Dave watched as Preppy shivered and moaned.

“If I say Good Boy in quick succession, each additional Good Boy will increase the pleasure exponentially. Now open that mouth and show me how you like to be blown.”

Dave smiled as Preppy moaned and shivered at the phrase even when not directed at him.

“Yes, Master.”

Preppy took Dave’s cock in his mouth, it was clear that he has been reticent initially but as soon as he felt Dave’s cock in his mouth and tasted him, he became much more enthusiastic. Dave put his hand on Preppy’s neck and pushed him down to the base enjoying feeling his cock down the throat of another of his conquests.

“Stay down there until I let you up.”

Dave kept Preppy against his pubes enjoying the feel of him swallowing around his cock. When it was obvious that Preppy needed to breath, he pulled on Preppy’s hair and let him come up for air.

“I like my boys to deep throat me, Fraze, so remember that”

Preppy answered, his voice a little more husky

“Yes, Master.”

“Show me what you can do.”

Preppy was surprisingly good at giving blowjobs, he kept his teeth covered and he played with the piss slit, sucked Dave to the root and licked along the head and the vein that ran underneath Dave’s cock. Preppy was clearly talented and it wasn’t long that Dave felt like he was going to blow. However, he didn’t want to cum down Preppy’s throat but mutually through frottage.

“Get back up here and rub your cock against mine. Remember to make it good for me. When I cum, you’ll cum with me and it will be the most incredible orgasm you’ve ever had.”

“Yes, Master, thank you.”

Preppy climbed back into position and began to rub himself against Dave’s hard cock. His moans and gasps were arousing for Dave to hear as they thrust together. Given how talented Preppy’s mouth had been, and because Dave was still quite young, it wasn’t long before Dave orgasmed, it was followed immediately by Preppy who went rigid, his back arched as his eyes rolled back in their sockets and he gave a deep moan that seemed like it came from his feet. His orgasm didn’t seem to stop, after the initial rigidity, his hips thrust forward hard and fast multiple time as he continued to spurt. Eventually there was nothing left and he fell heavily against Dave as he got back his breath. It was at least 3 minutes before Preppy became aware of his surroundings again and he looked up at Dave lovingly and said

“That was incredible, Master, thank you.”

“As you see, I’m the source of all your pleasure and what I provide is greater than you’ve experienced before.”

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before and we were just rubbing off against each other. You feel so amazing, Master.”

Dave allowed his hands to roam over Preppy’s body and could feel Preppy’s cock stiffening as his body was conditioned to get aroused from Dave’s touch. He squeezed both of Preppy’s ass cheeks before saying

“I would’ve played with your asshole but you need to make sure you’re always clean. Sherman has an enema kit for you. You’ll use it every day to make sure that you’re clean for me whenever I want your ass.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now lick up all the cum on yourself and me. You’ll love the taste of it.”

“Yes, Master”

Immediately Preppy began to lick up Dave’s and his own cum that was smeared across both their chests. He was diligent in licking it up from everywhere, where he couldn’t reach, he used his hands to scoop up the cum and lick it from his fingers. This took Preppy some time as cum is hard to remove with just fingers but eventually he lay back down on top of Dave, boneless, licking his lips as he savored the taste of them both.

“I’ve never eaten cum before because I’ve always thought it would taste horrible but it’s delicious. I wish I’d tried it before, yours tastes better than mine but mine isn’t bad either.”

Dave ran his fingers through Preppy’s short blond hair,

“Just the first of your new revelations. Now I want you to slide off me to the back of the sofa, close your eyes and fall deeply asleep until I wake you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Preppy shut his eyes and it was cute watching him fall asleep, he even had a soft snore. Dave looked at his new conquest for a while and ran his hands over his body getting the full feel of it while Preppy softly snored. Dave grabbed his shorts, and walking to the kitchen, Dave made himself a coffee. He pulled his phone out of the pocket of his shorts and called Bobby using WhatsApp video. It was only a few rings before he saw Bobby’s image come up on the phone. He was still dressed in his uniform

“I’m so glad that you called, Dave, I’ve been missing you.”

Noticing that Bobby wasn’t calling him ‘Master’ he asked

“Where are you?”

“I’m in my office, as we’re on a date tomorrow and I wasn’t expecting to see you tonight, I decided to get some work done and look through the other teams under my command more.”

“Are you alone?”

“Yes, but anyone can come in at any time.”

“Then push yourself more under your desk. I want you to edge for me every 30 minutes while you’re in the office and the same when home tonight. Remember you can’t cum without my permission but I want you fully horny and primed for tomorrow. I want you to go to bed by 11 tonight and stay asleep until I wake you in the morning.”

“Yes, Babe.”

“Now switch on the flash and put the phone under your desk and show me you’re edging.”

Dave watched the screen as the phone passed down Bobby’s body until it got to his crotch and he unzipped himself and pulled out his cock. Bobby began to play with himself.

“Show me that you mean it, Bobby”

Bobby’s hand speeded up and he began to moan, his rule to not hide his arousal still in place.

“As you’re in the office, Bobby, and I’m only on the phone, you can be quiet but never when we’re together or you’re completely in private.”

“Thanks, Dave”.

Dave watched as Bobby jacked himself off.

“You can stop a edging after you’ve brought yourself to the point of cumming twice.”

“Yes, Dave”

“Good boy”

“Fuck! I think that was once, Dave.”

Dave laughed and said

“Well, you’ve got another time, give yourself a minute each time before you start again. I want you to film each edging session and send it to me so I know that you’re doing it.”

“I’d always do what you ask, Dave!”

“I know but I’m a believer in ‘Trust but verify’.”


“Get back to it.”

Bobby’s hand went back onto his cock as he edged himself, this time he was much more quiet but his hand was jacking him off at a fast pace.

“When you get back tonight, I want you to make sure you have a nice white dress shirt ironed for tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow, I’ll decide what you will put on for our date and what you’ll wear for our meal at a restaurant.”

“Oh, we are dining out, where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Okay, Dave.”

Still Dave watched as Bobby edged himself. This time took a little longer but it wasn’t long before Bobby’s cock was wet with precum and he was breathing harder. His cock was red and hard, it was throbbing as he was close to the edge.

“Dave, I’m done.”

“Give me one more minute, there is no risk of you actually cumming, you need my permission and you don’t have it for this night at all. I want to see you ride that edge.”

Bobby’s hand went back on his cock and he began to Jack off again

“Faster this time.”

Dave watched as precum drenched Bobby’s cock and he could hear Bobby’s quiet moans, his cock head was red and swollen.

“Please can I cum?!”

“Not tonight. I want you wet, hard and horny.”


“It’ll do no good, I’ve decided.”


“You can stop now.”

“Thank you!”

“Zip yourself up and bring the phone up now.

Dave watched as Bobby struggled to put his hard cock back in his pants one handed and zip himself up. When the phone was brought back so Dave could see Bobby’s flushed face, he said

“Don’t forget you”ll be doing that again soon.”

“I know, I wish I could be with you, Dave, and we could do this together. I miss you when you’re not with me.”

“And me too.”

“I love you, Dave.”

“Love you too.”

Ending the call, Dave climbed the stairs to his own room and looked in his closet. He found what he was looking for, two old white shirts that he could live without. Going to his Mom’s sewing room, he found her seam ripper and he separated the collar and cuffs from the two shirts. He then went back to his room and found a tie that he was willing to sacrifice. He then went back down to the family room and woke up Preppy.

“How do you feel, Fraze?”

“Wonderful, Master.”

“Good, now you’ve learned that your pleasure only comes from me.”

“Yes, Master, and it was incredible.”

“Well I think you need to learn another aspect of enslavement: service. Did your family have servants?”

“We had a driver, a cook, gardener and my Mom had a maid but my grandparents had a full staff of about 12.”

“Did your grandfather have a valet?”

“Yes, Master”

“And did he have a butler”.

“Yes, Master.”

“Well, when I ask you to wear this uniform, you’re going to provide both those services to me. This’ll be your uniform, stand up and let me put them on you.”

Preppy immediately stood up,

Dave took his wrists and put the cuffs on Preppy’s wrists and, then leaning up, put the shirt collar around his neck. Lifting up the collar, he put the tie around his neck and tied it and fitted it to the collar and put the collar down. Stepping back, he had Preppy naked except for a shirt collar and cuffs. The tie nestled between his pecs and ended just above his cock, caught in his pubes.

“Come with me to the hallway.”

Preppy followed Dave as he took him towards the large hall mirror. Standing behind him he made Preppy stand before the mirror and look at himself. Putting his hands on Preppy’s hips, he looked over Preppy’s shoulder.

“Look at yourself, don’t you look great, Fraze? You look perfect.”

“Yes, Master”

Dave pulled himself flush against Preppy’s back and began to kiss Preppy’s neck just below the collar, his hands caressing down his front. As Preppy was conditioned, Preppy’s cock began to plump until the tie nestled on his cock. Preppy reminded Dave of the Chippendales, if the Chippendales had done full nudity.

“This is your new uniform in either this house or Bobby’s, as long as the house contains only us or members of Dave’s Den. I will expect you to put it on, unless you’re about to go on Duty as a solider or are expecting to be called by a superior officer. You’ll wear this also in Dave’s Den instead of absolute nudity.”

“Yes, sir”

“You’ve a spare collar and cuffs, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the collar and cuffs are clean and pressed each day.

“Yes, Master.”

“What’re the duties of your grandfather’s valet and butler?”

“The valet is my grandfather’s personal servant. He makes sure the clothes are clean and pressed, he helps to dress my grandfather, he draws his bath and brings him a towel and dressing gown. He does anything that my grandfather requires. The butler is the head servant, he runs the house but ensures the house is clean, the staff carry out their duties and is my grandfather’s ultimate servant. He generally anticipates my grandfather’s wants but if my grandfather wants something done in the house, he asked Willows to do it and he makes sure it’s done.”

“I want you to think about what they do and realize that you’re required to provide these same services to me when wearing your uniform. I may not have required this, as I didn’t with Bobby, had you not made your proposal, but I believe you need to learn that you exist to service my needs. So for now, I require you to wear this uniform whenever possible and consequently be my servant. Is that clear, Fraze?”

“Yes, Master”.

“As I’ve no other servants, it’s your job to meet my needs alone. You cannot pass them to another servant.”

“Yes, Master”

“However, you aren’t just my servant but also my slave. As such you’ll obey me in all things, provide me with sexual relief, and go over and beyond the roles that your grandfather’s butler and valet do. However, they represent part of your everyday duties for now as I require you to wear your new uniform.”

“Yes, Master”

“Good boy”

Preppy’s cock jumped and plumped up further at that phrase.

“Unless I say otherwise, you’ll sleep by my side, naked in the same bed as myself and Bobby, my other slave. Once out of your servant’s uniform, you become just my slave and lover. You’ll be respectful to Bobby, when it’s just us, but your main focus is on me. It doesn’t matter to you what I’m doing with Bobby or anyone else, you’ll keep your focus on me. You’re going to love me cuddling you, you love being pressed against me and me caressing your body. If the bed is full with others, and by that I mean there are three in the bed, you’ll ask me whether you can sleep either on a cot at the foot of the bed, if there is one, or in the spare room. Is that clear?

“Yes, it’s perfectly clear. Thank you for letting me serve you.”

“You’re my slave at all times, but if we’re out in public or you aren’t sure that we’re in private, you’ll treat me as your closest friend. You will call me “Dave” or “Bud” at those times. There’s no personal space between us and you accept and give easy affection. However, you will still obey me even in this circumstance and will anticipate my needs and put me before your own needs.”

“Yes, Master”

“Good boy”


Dave began to play with Preppy’s cock

“Is this getting you excited, Fraze?”

Dave felt Preppy’s hard cock

“Yes, Master”

“My good boy”

Preppy’s entire body shuddered, his nipples were pebbled and he thrust his cock forward into Dave’s hand as he moaned deeply.

“Now, I’ve bought a new suit, shirt and tie. They’ll need all the shop labels removed and will need pressing as will your other collar and cuffs. Let me show you where the iron and ironing board is kept.”

“Certainly, Master”

“Afterwards, the house could probably do with dusting and vacuuming.”

“Of course, Master.”

Dave took him to the laundry room where the iron and board were set up.

“Here it is. The suit and shirt are in the green bag in the kitchen.”

“Thank you, Master, I’ll go and fetch it.”

“Give me a kiss first.”

“Certainly, Master.”

Dave pulled Preppy against him and plundered his mouth, there was no attempt by Preppy to even dominate the kiss and Dave spent his time exploring every tooth and ridge in Preppy’s mouth as his hands roamed Preppy’s sides, back and ass. Dave could feel Preppy’s hard cock press against his own stomach while Preppy’s arms rested over Dave’s shoulder. When Dave was satisfied, he turned Preppy around to face the door and gave Preppy’s ass a slap to send him towards it. Dave sat on a seat in the corner of the laundry room, where his Mom used her computer, to watch as Preppy returned and pressed his suit and shirt while dressed in his “formal uniform”. Preppy’s cock was still hard, his balls were heavy as they swung with his motion with the iron. His chest was firm and hairless, his face chiseled as he concentrated on making sure that he pressed the clothes to the best of his abilities. Each item was done carefully and was placed back on their hanger. When they were finished, Preppy said,

“I’ve finished, if you could show me where the dusting supplies and the vacuum cleaner is, I’ll commence with my next task, Master”.

Dave stood up and said

“Good boy, Fraze, you like me calling you Good Boy, don’t you”

Preppy’s moaned hard, his cock surged and a glob of precum dripped on the floor.

“Thank you, Master, I love being your Good Boy.”

“You’ve dripped on the floor, lick it up.”

Preppy instantly dropped to the floor and began to lick up what he had dripped. When it was finished, Dave showed Preppy where his mom kept her cleaning supplies and left him to it.

“I’m going to the family room to watch TV, bring me a beer before you start.”

“Of course, Master.”

Preppy came in with a glass and the bottle on a silver tray that Dave didn’t even know his family owned. Preppy poured the beer and left in on a coaster before Dave,

“Will that be all, Master, before I return to my duties?”

Dave ran his hand along Preppy’s inner thigh and cupped Preppy’s heavy balls,

“Yes, Fraze”

“Thank you, Master, do not hesitate to call if you should need anything else.”

Dave lay back on the sofa, sipping his beer, and watched as Preppy left with the tray, his muscled back and ass on display, the shirt collar and cuffs very prominent against his tanned skin. On Preppy’s return, Dave sat and drank as he watched Preppy dust the room.

“Don’t forget the corners and the baseboards, Fraze.”

“Thank you for reminding me, Master.”

Dave smiled and enjoyed the view as Preppy stretched and bent over in front of him. At the same time, Dave looked at his phone to watch the video of Bobby’s next edging session. Life was looking good.

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