The Unexpected Gift Is Often The Best - Part 12

By Tha Avnanizeis
published March 6, 2021
5297 words

Bobby returns from his dinner and Preppy decides what he needs

Bobby was so pleased to be leaving and couldn’t help sending a text to his Master that said “Dinner is over FINALLY, I’ll be back in 3”. He got into the car as soon as his driver stopped to pick him up; he needed to be back home with his Master. The only highlight of the evening was wearing his dress uniform, it reminded him of his surrender to his amazing Master, who was everything he could have wished for, and more. He had been so hard when he got dressed that he had to send Dave a picture of himself with his cock out. He knew his Master liked to see him like this and had played with his cock when he was in uniform each morning since his surrender. However, that was the only pleasant part of the evening, he had been in Kandahar, he had seen real battle, and had been in Iraq but they were less of a battlefield than the Officer Dining Room tonight. This base was where the Brass were and some of them weren’t happy with his appointment. His was a prestigious position and one that many thought they should have got because he was only a Lieutenant Colonel and they were more senior. They didn’t seem to remember the successes of his team under his leadership. He had gained his new position through merit not nepotism, and many seemed to want to punish him for that.

Colonel Burke has been making snide comments about Kappa Team since the war games at the weekend, forgetting that he no longer ran Kappa Team, that Sherman was newly in charge and it was lacking 4 members. Burke had used their apparent failures in the war games as a slight on Bobby’s skill and there were others in the higher Brass who were more than willing to go along with it. The steward had come around with the red wine and Bobby had probably drunk more than he should but the adrenaline had kept him sober. Getting into the car, he could tell that he was finally feeling the effects of too much wine, perhaps because of the fresh air or walking.

When the car pulled up to his drive, he got out of the car, not with his usual grace but he wished his driver a good night and closed the car door smoothly. He even gave a small wave as the driver pulled out of the driveway. Getting to the door he tried to find the lock, he was a sniper that could hit a target from over a mile away, but the damn lock seemed to be able to avoid his key at each attempt to put it in the lock. When he dropped his keys, he tried to to bend down to pick them up but was finding it difficult. While bent down, the door opened and his Master was standing there. He was dressed in an oversized white army t-shirt and a pair of jeans. He was the most gorgeous person that Bobby had ever seen even dressed so casually. Bobby face broke out in a huge smile and he could feel all the tension leaving him, he was home and back in the full control of his Master. Dave bent down and picked up Bobby’s keys and motioned for Bobby to come in the house.

“It’s fully private here, Bobby, only us and Dan’s Den Members. You can relax.”

As soon as the door closed, his Master pulled Bobby into a deep kiss which made Bobby’s legs feel weak, he loved the taste of his Master as his Master’s tongue explored every crevice of his mouth. The feeling of his Master’s arms around him felt amazing, he felt safe, home and absolutely loved. The feel of his Master’s body against his own was incredible, he loved his Master’s touch, his cock was getting fully hard. When his Master seemed to have his fill of his mouth, his hands moved from Bobby’s back and neck to hold both of Bobby’s arms and look at him properly. Bobby knew that his Master was helping him to stay steady some from the booze and from that amazing kiss. His Master raised an eyebrow and said gently,

“You’re drunk.”

“I didn’t enjoy the dinner, so I drank more than I probably should’ve. The steward kept on filling my glass. I wish I could’ve stayed here with you.”

To Bobby’s surprise, his Master got on his knees, Bobby could feel his cock getting tighter in his pants thinking that his Master was going to blow him. His Master was so amazing. Instead, he started to untie Bobby’s shoes, and said

“Support yourself on my back, I’m going to take your shoes and socks off.”

Bobby didn’t need to be told as he put his hands on his Master’s back which was warm, strong and firm under his hands, the thin T-shirt material allowed Bobby to feel his Master’s muscles as they moved. His Master held his foot lovingly as he removed one shoe and then the sock and then the other one. When his Master had finished, he stood up and looked at Bobby with a smile, that smile alone nearly made Bobby come undone, his Master was so staggeringly beautiful. His Master took out his phone and took a full length picture as Bobby tried to keep as still as he could but he could feel that he was swaying.

“My barefooted Lt Colonel.”

Preppy has been a gentleman and escorted Becky home.

“Do you want to come in for a coffee?”

Preppy felt like saying “No, I’d rather get back to Base and to Dave” but he wasn’t fully ready to accept that he’d finally found what he wanted and needed. Leaning forward he kissed Becky and, running his nose along her neck said

“I’d love that, I’m always up for a … coffee.”

She laughed and turned round to open the door. As soon as the door was shut, Preppy became an octopus as he allowed his hands to explore Becky, she was soft and warm under his hands and he knew he would have been more than happy before, now he was thinking,

“Dave feels so much better.”

His Master came back to him and started working on Bobby’s belt. Bobby smiled remembering the first time he was dressed like this and said sultrily,

“Are you unwrapping me again, Master?”


His Master quickly pulled the belt out of his pants and threw it to the side and worked on the placket and zip. When he had the pants open, he put his hand on the waistband of both the pants and boxers and pulled them fully down, letting them drop to Bobby’s ankles. Bobby sighed, it was great to finally let his hard cock free of its confines. Holding Bobby’s arms, his Master said

“Kick them away”

Bobby did as he was commanded, not looking away from Dave, and his Master took hold of his erect cock, it felt wonderful. His Master ran his thumb over Bobby’s piss slit and then along the ridge of his cockhead and Bobby made a gutteral moan. All the issues of the night were fading, lost in the pleasure of full surrender to his Master and the pleasure of his Master’s touch. His Master dropped his hand and pulled back again making Bobby crave for his touch. Dave took out his phone again, and said,

“Salute me, Bobby, and hold that salute until I say ‘at ease’.”

Bobby knew that it was against the rules to be seen not fully dressed in uniform. Here he was, still in his Green Beret, his crisp white shirt, tie and his jacket covered in medals and gold braid. He was still the Lt Colonel from the waist up, but from the waist down he was Bobby, Dave’s Daddy-Slave, his legs and feet bare, his cock fully hard and wet. Bobby didn’t even hesitate, Bobby pulled his hand in a salute, his back rigid, although he was swaying. His hand raised caused the bottom of the jacket to raise and Bobby’s dick and trimmed bush was clearly in view. Dave took another photo before walking around the back to see Bobby’s bubble butt and powerful thighs and calves. The jacket framed his ass perfectly and Dave took another photo. Dave plastered himself against Bobby’s back and pushed his arms inside the back of Bobby’s jacket. Bobby felt such elation at the feel of his Master touching his skin again and from pleasing him.

“At ease”

Bobby’s arm came down and Dave walked around to the front while allowing his hands to roam Bobby’s body. Bobby shivered under his touch.

“What is your name, rank and number, soldier?”

Bobby gave his answer as he had been trained to do if ever captured in a loud and clear voice,

“Robert James Gifney, Lt Colonel, 342681, United States Army,”

Dave nodded and further asked

“And who are you to me?”

Bobby smiled and answered much more sweetly

“Bobby, your Daddy-Slave”

“Good boy.”

Bobby felt a wave of pleasure more intense than an orgasm go through him at those words. He loved being his Master’s “Good Boy”.

“And how should Daddy-Slaves be dressed before their Master”.

“A Daddy-Slave should be naked where possible, sir.”

“And is it possible?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And are you naked?”

Bobby realized that his Master wasn’t angry but rather teasing and so answered,

“Not fully, sir, you were unwrapping me.”

“You can remove the rest yourself.”

Bobby instantly threw off his beret, shucked off his jacket and was working on his tie, he was having difficulty because of his inebriated state. To his own frustration, and desperation to fulfill his Master’s command, he was making the knot too tight to loosen the tie. While he did so, Dave began to unbutton Bobby’s shirt as he couldn’t help touching Bobby’s amazing body. Eventually Bobby got the tie untied and, unbuttoning the shirt sleeves, allowed it to drop to the floor. Bobby wasn’t wearing a T-shirt and now he was fully naked before Dave.

“Much better, my Daddy-Slave”

Bobby smiled at Dave, completely at ease and happy to be finally fully naked for his Master

“Thank you, Master.”

Putting his arm around Bobby’s waist, his Master led the way into the kitchen where he grabbed two bottles of water. He passed one to Bobby and said

“Here, drink this, it will help save you from a hangover.”

Bobby felt so cared for as he drank down the whole small bottle of water. Dave took back the empty bottle and lead Bobby back to the family room. When they got to the family room, he pulled Bobby to the back of the sofa and, pushing on his neck, made Bobby bend his body over the back of the sofa. His Master reached around Bobby’s body with both hands and started to pull his thighs apart so that Bobby’s legs were wider apart and his front rested comfortably over the top of the sofa. Bobby loved it when his Master manhandled him and moved him as he desired. His Master started to massage Bobby’s ass and Bobby wanted to thrust his cock against the back of the sofa but knew that he had to wait for permission. His Master leant down and kissed his shoulder, his clothed body pressed against Bobby’s before asking,

“Have you kept yourself clean?”

“Yes, Master.”

Bobby had been most particular to make sure he kept himself clean with the enema since he had been given that instruction. His office had an attached half-bath and he made sure to clean himself there.

The next thing Bobby felt was a wet finger push against his ass ring which he loosened without even a thought, his body knew that it belonged to its Master. The feel of his Master’s finger was amazing as it explored the inner walls of Bobby’s ass and made its way to Bobby’s prostate, the feeling of His Master’s finger inside of him reminded him so much of how he belonged to his Master completely. Bobby couldn’t suppress the quiet moan even if he had wanted to,

“You like that, don’t you?”

“I love it, Master. I love it when you play with my body.”

“Spread your legs for me more, boy, and stick out your ass.”

Bobby widened his stance even more, the back of the sofa now digging into his abs, and pushed his ass back, almost rocking himself on his Master’s finger. Bobby felt the addition of a new finger and his muscles relaxed as his Master used both fingers to stretch Bobby’s hole more. Bobby could feel his Master’s knuckles on his ass as his fingers were pressed fully inside but he was surprised when he felt a jolt of pleasure as Dave’s fingers started to play with his prostate, he’d never experienced this before, he also felt his cock leak more leaving a pool that was forming on the leather sofa.

His Master began to finger fuck Bobby faster which had Bobby’s skin break out in goosebumps, his breath ragged, the sparks of pleasure from his prostate increasing with the fast pace. He then heard and felt as his Master spat on his fingers, catching Bobby’s ass as well, before he thrust in again, this time with three fingers. Bobby moaned and said,

“Fuck, Master, I feel so full.”

“I’m getting you used to feeling full so you can take my cock. On our date on Wednesday, I’m going to take your cherry.”

Bobby was so incredible turned on, he loved this new experience that he begged,

“Take me now, Master.”

“Not tonight, I want you fully sober and I want us to have a full day together before I make you fully mine.”

Bobby knew that his Master was only looking out for him but he hated that his Master believed that Bobby wasn’t already fully his and he was so turned on that he couldn’t stop himself saying,

“I’m already yours, Master, you own all of me, take me now, my ass is yours!”

His Master kissed his back and said softly

“I know you’re all mine, but I’ll take your cherry when I decide it’s right.”

“Of course, Master, I just want to please you!”

“And you do.”

Bobby felt euphoric that his Master was pleased with him and gasped as his Master began to massage his prostate hard with his three fingers. To his surprise he heard his Master speaking on the phone, his fingers still fucking him,

“Can you wake up, Cisco?”

After a few seconds, his Master shouted “Cisco, come, pup!”

Then speaking back into the phone,

“Thanks, we’re probably not coming down again tonight, I hope you can entertain yourselves.”

Bobby said confusedly, “Who’s Cisco?” at which point, the noise of clunking on the stairs could be heard. Looking to his side, Bobby saw Sherman come towards them, his tongue out, dressed in nothing but knee pads and a red collar. Bobby looked at Sherman before saying,

“Sir, what’s Sherman doing?”

At this point, Sherman had come right up to Dave, his ass wagging, his face pressed to Dave’s crotch. Dave ran his hands through Sherman’s hair and Sherman wagged his ass even more.

“This is Cisco. Sherman wanted to be my pup and so I’ve allowed him to be one. When he’s collared, you’ll treat him like a pup, a pup who’s part of our family, but you’ll know it’s Sherman.”

Bobby felt it easier to treat Sherman as a pup,

“Yes, Master”

“This doesn’t change who Sherman is when he’s not my pup and you won’t treat him any differently.”

Bobby continued to moan quietly as Dave had not changed his pace on his finger fucking. It was obvious that Sherman needed this like Bobby needed to surrender, it didn’t change who he was as a soldier and a friend. Bobby nodded sluggishly, too turned on.

Dave pulled Bobby’s ass further back creating a space between Bobby’s dick and the sofa back. Dave pushed on Sherman’s head and then Sherman pushed himself between the sofa and Bobby and began to sniff and lick Bobby’s dick.

“Sherman, stop that!”

As Bobby has not called Sherman “Cisco”, Sherman ignored the command but Dave said

“No, Bobby, you won’t stop him. You’ll let Sherman lick you whenever he wants when he’s my pup. You’ll enjoy it too because I desire it.”

“Yes, Master”

Bobby loved that his Master had such control as not only wasn’t he bothered by Sherman licking his cock any longer but he loved it. Bobby felt Sherman’s tongue on his cock licking up all the oozing precum that was dripping because of the prostate massage. Sherman nuzzled his balls and licked Bobby’s perineum with long deep licks, he nose snuffling deeply. As Bobby had his legs open wide, his balls and perineum were easily accessible to Sherman’s tongue.

“Good boy”

Both men whimpered in pleasure. Dave bent down to Bobby’s ear, his fingers still in his ass.

Preppy led Becky towards the bedroom. With each step, he would kiss her and remove a piece of his and her clothing. She was mesmerized by his body as her hands played with his pecs and abs. He was reminded of Dave doing the same with Bobby and he got instantly hard imagining Becky’s hands to be Dave’s.

She helped to open his zip, his hard cock released. She felt it appreciatively, all he could think was how hard he had been earlier sending those photos to Dave when he’d asked. He’d found it so hard to get his cock into these jeans. He’d got so hard obeying his Master, erm, Dave.

“Let go completely, Bobby”

Bobby stopped gripping the back of the sofa, where his knuckles were white from his strong grip.

“No, not your hands but let go of all your self-control. I don’t want you to endure this quietly, I want you to moan freely and squirm and fuck yourself on my hand and Sherman’s willing mouth. I control when you can cum but I want to see all that you feel.”

Bobby felt the last of his rigid control shatter, he had handed over control of himself to his Master but he was so used to keeping as silent as possible and holding his body without any sign of what he was thinking that it was second nature. With that one command, all that ingrained control just shattered and Bobby’s moans increased, he fucked himself with absolute abandon on his Master’s fingers and in their pup’s greedy mouth. Bobby had never felt so free. The stimulation became greater and greater and he would have already have shot if it wasn’t for his Master controlling his orgasms. Instead, he begged,

“Please, Master, let me cum!”

“Not yet, I want to see how much you can take and how well you can take my fingers.”

Bobby dropped his head onto his arms on the sofa back, he was so overstimulated that his prostate was starting to pulsate and burn and his balls were tight against his body. The pleasure was going in waves down his legs and along his abs, each wave of greater power than the last. Still the onslaught continued and Bobby began to squirm, trying to get away from Dave’s fingers only to push his cock further into Sherman’s welcoming mouth and tongue; trying to get away from Sherman’s tongue pushed him more onto his Master’s fingers. If it wasn’t for Sherman, the floor would be covered in precum instead it was all eagerly licked up by Sherman. His body was covered in sweat, his mouth was open as he drooled as his attention was centered on his dick and ass. The stimulation was too much, tears were forming in his eyes and he just kept on repeating “Ple … ple” as he was incapable of forming the full word to beg as his body begged for release, a release that could only be given at his Master command.

“Just a little more, my Good Boy”

Bobby’s feet curled, his body muscles went tight, he didn’t know what to do with himself, he was just completely consumed by need to cum and still Sherman was licking him hard and fast as Bobby’s cock was almost a fountain for pre-cum and his prostate had never been stimulated in such a way. He wasn’t even aware what his body was doing, it was as if he was separated from it except for his cock and ass.

“Cum for me, my good boy”

Bobby screamed and the orgasm was as painful as it was glorious. It felt like it was ripped out of him. His cock spewed ropes of cum as he shuddered in pleasure. Still Sherman licked and his Master still played with his prostate which increased the intensity and duration of his orgasm. He felt done in when the last of his orgasm was over and he collapsed against the back of the sofa, unable to do anything but take big gasps as his body tried to recover from such a powerful orgasm. He thought it would be over but his Master’s fingers continued to play with his prostate while Sherman continued to lick his cock except when licking up the cum from the sofa, the floor and Bobby’s body. He was so sensitive that he tried unsuccessfully to stand up but he felt his Master push on his back to keep his chest against the sofa, resting his own body weight against Bobby’s back. The feel of his Master’s body against his own triggered Bobby’s arousal into overdrive. His Master spoke gently into his ear

“That was perfect, my good boy, but I want to see if I can get another orgasm out of you. For this one time, you can cum whenever you want. Bobby moaned, his prostate was very sensitive and his cock was extremely sensitive, Sherman’s relentless tongue was painful, yet he could already feel his body already responding to their ministrations. His Master spoke again,

“Give me another one, Bobby, let me drain you.”

The sex was predictable, she was eager and had watched him hungrily as he rolled a condom on. He felt like a prized specimen and it felt wrong to let her look like this, only Dave should be able to look at him like this.

He put his knee on the bed and climbed towards her. He did everything he knew would get her to ecstasy and she was like all the other girls. He mounted her, her legs around his waist as he rutted into her. He remembered how it felt to be doing this Dave on the sofa as their cocks rubbed against each other’s, that had been incredible and intimate. This felt like following an IKEA instruction, “insert B into hole C”, it was boring. If he didn’t allow his mind to wander to remember how he felt with Dave above him, he probably would have stopped, he wasn’t enjoying it at all. Here he was in complete control and it wasn’t what he wanted, he wanted to be controlled, to be able to surrender. He wondered if he could get her to mount him and ride him, let her take control but he could tell she wouldn’t have interest in that. She wanted her lover to be the one in control, to be able to surrender to pleasure. Oh, he was so sick of this game. He should’ve just stayed on Base.

Sherman seemed to redouble his efforts, having enjoyed the taste of Bobby’s cum, while Dave continued to brutally play with Bobby’s prostate. Bobby could do nothing by this stage but moan and whimper. Bobby had no self-restrain left to stop himself showing exactly how he felt. If a person outside could hear him they would think he was a wounded animal. When he thought he couldn’t take any more, his cock thickened and pulsed and his orgasm crested, this time not as ropes of cum but as a slow drip from his cock. While it was only a small amount, given his sensitivity, it was shocking in its intensity. If it wasn’t for the sofa holding his weight and his Master bracketing his body, he would have collapsed on the floor as his legs could no longer support his body. Still Sherman licked his cock and Bobby whimpered as his cock could take no more.

The sensations that Bobby had experienced overwhelmed him and he burst into tears, not through sadness but because his body did not know what else to do to deal with its overwhelmed state. He would have never cried before but his Master had removed his rigid self control and the tears felt freeing. He was allowed to cry and show vulnerability with his Master, there was no shame. He felt his Master’s arms snake around his body as he was hugged from behind. It felt wonderful to be hugged by his Master. His Master turned him around in his arms and Bobby, keeping his legs still wide apart, was Dave’s height and so rested his head comfortably on Dave’s shoulder as his sobs calmed now that he was in the arms of his Master. He could feel Sherman pushing between them to get to his cock but his Master said

“No, Cisco, lie down.”

Sherman dropped to the floor, his head on his hands as he lay patiently at their feet. His Master maneuvered them until he got them to sofa where he pulled Bobby down with him onto the sofa. After some rearranging, Bobby was lying with his back to the sofa and his Master plastered against his front. His Master ran his hands over Bobby’s body and Bobby felt himself calming under his Master’s touch. It was still arousing but his body wasn’t up for anything new. His Master kissed him and said

“You were such a good boy, Bobby, I’m so pleased with you.”

Bobby could do nothing but hold on to his Master tightly enjoying the praise and comfort that his Master could give. His Master rearranged them on the sofa so that he could wrap his body around Bobby’s. Finding the second bottle of water, Dave opened it and held it to Bobby’s lips

“Drink this for me.”

Dave held the bottle while Bobby brought his lips to the rim to sip on the water. He had never felt so secure, so cared for, so loved. He basked in the attention of his Master. He was no longer feeling overwhelmed just entirely satisfied and owned. When the bottle was finished, he buried his face into Dave’s neck and breathed while his Master caressed his body with his hands, soothing him.

After a while, his Master asked

“So what was so bad about your dinner?”

Bobby pulled back from Dave’s neck and turned so he could see his Master and said

“Apart from the fact I was away from you?”

Dave bopped Bobby on the nose playfully

“Apart from that?”

“Politics mainly, there are a lot of people who wanted my position and they are making me pay.”

“I heard from Sherman that a Colonel called Burke was causing you problems.”

“Yeah, he’s the most vocal. He thought he was going to get my position but they gave it to me, he hasn’t got over that.”

“Let me know if he escalates, won’t you.”

“Of course, I have no secrets from you.”

Dave ran his hands through Bobby’s hair, his other leg was off the sofa, his foot running over Sherman’s back.

“That reminds me, Sherman is scared to pick his new team members in case he gets it wrong, I said you and I would help. On Thursday let’s go through all the prospective candidates together. I’m sure I’ll have insights. When he has another war game, I told him that he can discuss it with you too. He doesn’t have to do this alone.”

Bobby relaxed and said

“Let’s do that.”

“The same goes for you too - you don’t do this alone.”

Bobby stretched out against Dave enjoying the feel of his skin against Dave’s clothes

“I know that, Master.”

At that point, Dave’s phone beeped, he checked the message, answered and put his phone back in his pocket. Giving Bobby another kiss, Dave said,

“Come on then, let’s go to bed. Come, Cisco!”

As soon as he’s finished and left a satisfied customer, Preppy gave Sandy, no, Candy, oh yes Becky a hug before pulling away and out of the bed.

“I’m sorry I can’t stay but I have to be back on Base.”

The girl looked at him, her body open to his view, her hand behind her neck as she watched him speedily get dressed. He felt nothing but a feel of relief that the night was over.

“I’m at the Look Out most nights. I’ll see you around.”


As soon as he walked out of her door he pulled out his phone and texted Dave

“Can I come round to Bobby’s and stay in the spare room.”

“No, not tonight, go to the Barracks, Sherman is using the spare room. Why don’t I pick you up tomorrow at the car park opposite the main entrance of the Base at 4pm. I know you’re finished by then.”

Preppy felt despondent that he couldn’t be around Dave tonight. He knew what he wanted now, there was no going back from it. He would talk it through with Dave tomorrow, explain his position and beg if he had to. He needed to surrender to Dave. He was finally willing to accept who Dave was to him and what he was. They were Master and willing slave. Preppy got into his car and drove to the Barracks. He didn’t expect he would get much sleep tonight.

The three of them made their way to the bedroom. Sherman stayed by Dave’s side while he did his ablutions. However, when they were to leave the bathroom, Sherman stayed. It wasn’t long before they heard the toilet flush and Sherman walked back out on all fours to the bedroom. He jumped on the bed and rested his head on Dave’s lap, his nose buried against Dave’s balls, while Bobby wrapped himself around his Master. Dave said,

“Are you up at the normal time?”

“Yeah, do you want a wake up blowjob?”

“Of course. Good night.”

“Good night, Master, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

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