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Hey, there I am a filmmaker, been on this site for several years reading, I decided to throw my two cents in for this community that I have grown attached to and start writing too. I have about 10 stories that I kinda have come to figure out throughout the years of reading and I will be writing and posting them; starting with my first series, The Rise of The Abyss Monarch. In general, I am greatly influenced by works of horror literature, both Gothic and Modern; and a sprinkling of Lovecraft which you might see if you enjoy my stories. Anyway, that's all I have to say, I'll probably update some more when I have posted more of my stories. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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**📜 Commission Details:** - Price: $60 for every 5000 words - Additional: $12 for every extra 1000 words - Minimum Word Count: 5000 words per chapter - Contact: Payment via PayPal I can write for several kinks that you might desire or be into, anything from Sissification to Furry, Leather, BDSM, violence, Tantra-romance, Aliens, quite literally open to almost anything, I reply to emails on a rather timely fashion – The sky is the limit, provided there's a mind control element, I'm down to clown. I draw the line at straight erotica, gay-to-straight transformations, SCAT, and any content which feels particularly hateful. Q: Why the minimum word count of 5000 words per chapter? A: Anyone who has read my content can tell you that I'm a rather...verbose writer, I believe in providing depth and detail to your story. Each chapter, with a minimum of 5000 words, ensures an immersive experience capturing the nuances of your desires, get the most bang out of your buck if you will.
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