I set up a Patreon for anyone curious to look into it and perhaps support me. It has more details on commissions as well as hypnosis sessions. I'm open for commissions on original fics or continuation of any of my other stories by brute forcing it (most of them are almost done but are in development hell, the only one without anything written is the most recent one and the one with Superman), should anyone else pay me 20$ for a choose my own plot with your characters commission. If you have a specific plot in mind and characters for it it's 30$ for a one shot. A max of 3 chapters per client at regular price per each additional chapter with a max total of 6 chapters, each additional chapter past the 3rd being an additional 5 of the base price. So to clarify if going with the 20$ option, getting a 6 chapter fic would cost $135 (20 times 3 plus 25$ times 3). If you or anyone else is interested you’re totally free to dm me on discord at abyssmaluser#7790 so we can discuss what you want. I have plenty of ideas for chapter two for this Adrien fic already haha.
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