Genie Troubles

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Randy’s stepdad finds a genie that grants his wishes.

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Author Name Published
The story finally comes to a close as Bill gets ready to reap the benefits of his wish-blessed life with his hot slutty stepson Randy.
4/19/21 9:52 AM
David gets one last shot at Bill's expense. He is in for a hard time for his 'son's' last hoorah.
12/5/20 6:16 AM
Things are finally going Bill's way after last night.
11/12/19 7:30 AM
The genie has disappeared and left Bill behind with no clue as to what his final wish was...
9/30/19 4:19 AM
Even when things are starting to look up, Bill just can't catch a break.
9/23/19 7:55 AM
Billy is treated to the best show of his life.
10/28/18 7:30 AM
Billy must endure the enforced obligation of the previous wish.
10/22/18 11:57 PM
Randy and Tim go shopping and Billy once again gets screwed over somehow.
10/21/18 7:25 AM
Bill wakes up to find his wish did not go as planned at all, while still stuck as a teenager
10/20/18 9:38 PM
Randy's stepdad stumbles upon a magical lamp and gets more what he's bargained for.
10/18/18 12:20 AM