You can call me Felix. I’m twenty-nine, I live in the US, and all I want is to transform into a submissive rubber object. Because I _can’t_ do that, I write about it. I like when the bad guy gets what he wants. I like devil motifs. I like bubble butts. I like rubber. Perhaps more strangely, I get a kick out of characters who feel pangs of jealous lust. Of wanting to become the object of desire that others enjoy being, but not being able to obtain it quite yet. I am turned on by characters who are excited about their transformation/reprogramming just as much as characters who struggle against it. I get disappointed when I read stories that include pictures as if to dictate what my fantasy should look like. I am on Twitter at @felix_nox, where I regularly dress up in spandex and post about it for others to drool over. Feel free to reach out!
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