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Hello everybody, call me Fox! Just your average MC kinkster here! I’m a sucker for good stories. I also like stories that really go in depth about the unwitting or, more rare, witting subjects. I wanna know what they’re like out of control. Since I tend to like the hypnotist’s perspective, I am quite intrigued about the subjects “I” am about to take control over. I’m a sucker for nice guys more than bullies HAHAHAHHA.

I tend to relate most to controllers that like to keep most of their subject’s personality. Either by making them their slaves BUT make them love being their slaves while fully conscious or like have them unaware. Completely stripping them away of their personalities or corrupting them sounds sad and always tugs at my heart more than my limp dick.

I really get off the transformative aspect of mind control, particularly from a helpful/improvement perspective much like how hypnotherapy is being used nowadays. Quite related to this, I like it when the controller feels responsible for the care of their subs.

Reprogramming and super powers are the niches of control I find most interesting, mostly because it seems to “realistically” provide more control over the subject. I like reading about regular hypnosis too and magic the least, but of course, many exemptions apply from this site.

I also like art! My DP’s something I made! I sorta want to make an MC-centric comic someday but I don’t have the time and I gotta work on my layouts first! Anywho, I am quite busy at Grad School at the moment, so works will be few and far in-between! But please, do hit me up for anything you’d like to discuss.

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