Interested in doing commissioned stories for others! (Specifically if they involve Edging, milking, cumcontrol, polishing, feet, tickling, and bondage) HMU with your ideas if you would like. Huge edging, milking, Polishing and cumcontrol enthusiast. My stories I write and read will normally deal with that kink as a main theme. Love stories of good guys defeating a bad guy and the bad guy getting a fitting consequence. If you read my stories, Please leave a comment! It makes me really happy and motivated to continue knowing an audience is enjoying! Recently fell down a wormhole of being into hypnosis. I’m big time into edging/cumcontrol/bondage. Love how hypno can be incorporated in different ways to make it more intense on a sub. onlyfans.com/tieedge (20 + full length videos of me being edged and milked here) Me Being Milked: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/unbearable-polishing-cumming-3-times-41204812 Twitter: TieEdge I cum way to fast and have trouble holding back when I get close. I could use someone skilled in cockwork to help me straighten this problem out ;P . I am in the Jamestown area. Would love to host for anyone that may be willing to travel (I can help cover travel costs if it is a long trip) and torment me for an entire WEEKEND. We can plan out multiple edging sessions throughout each day spaced different times apart. Maybe keep me in chastity the whole weekend minus the sessions until you let me cum? Would be a blast and i'm serious if anyone is into actually planning a meet. Hmu! Ot even just a one off edging session for an hour or so. A session like this is my dream: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/edgingadventure3day3session1part1a-27801781 Fantasy sessions: Displayed CumControl Party - I would be immobile in the middle of a room/club/bar and on display for an entire group of guys to edge me. Focused ONLY on me. Groping me, teasing my nipples, polishing my knob, and taking turns stroking me. I would not be allowed to speak at all, only to warn that I am close. At the end no cumming and locked in chastity only to return for the next meet up. After several (maybe meeting up every weekend) I would finally be milked dry all of the cum I owe. Weekend Edging Adventure - This one is more simple. Save my cum for a week or more. Meet with a cum control expert. Several edging sessions spread throughout each day: Morning, Afternoon, and night. Maybe 2 hours per session. No cumming at all Friday or Saturday unless it is an accidental ruined load. On the last session of the last day, milked dry with prolonged post orgasm polishing. Hypnosis Edging - I've been very into the idea of hypnosis lately. I would love to be frozen in hypnosis but still fully alert and aware while i'm edged, groped, and having my dick edged to insanity. Unable to moan or beg at all while it becomes overwhelming. Would love to explore this. Hypnotists, hmu! Foot only session - Any guys think they have skilled soles? Skilled enough to edge a guy for hours with no hands or toys? Just soles. I have had footjob play incorporated into my sessions but never a session that was just someones soles tomenting me. I think it could be interesting. Hope one day to make these all Cum true
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