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After the tickling session in the shower where Jon discovered Theo’s tiny little hole, the dumb, hung jock got obsessed with Theo’s ass and now wants to play with it all the time. Also, Theo does something about Jon’s delicious and very much welcomed habit of always getting his huge cock stuffed inside Theo’s receptive mouth. Will both jocks find a compromise? Read to find out!
Theo is still getting used to his hot, hung, dumb and very straight jock roommate, but how long will it be before Jon has all ten inches of his cock inside Theo’s throat again? And what is going to happen when Jon discovers Theo’s tight little hole? Plus: Theo meets another huge, dumb jock cock!
In his first day of college, Theo finds out his new roommate is every gay boy’s wet dream: Jon is dumb, hung, and full of cum, and has a sexy tendency of fucking his way out of the tricky situations he gets his clumsy self in. Theo, of course, intends to enjoy every single minute of it.
Jason’s fraternity Halloween party is coming, so Paul helps his big bro pick out his costume.
Paul sets his eyes on the perfect male specimen that starts playing tennis at his fancy country club, so he asks his oblivious, innocent daddy for help in seducing the tennis stud.
Bradley, one of Paul’s hunky friends from “Motel”, shows up again to help him with a jockstrap related incident.
In an alternative world where Paul lives in Riverdale, he tricks sweet, dumb Archie into releasing his pent up frustration in the locker room.
A study session with one of Paul’s jock friends turns into a hot fuck fest after the appearance of a nasty looking spider.
What can you do when you have a handsome, muscular and well endowed jock boy working as a pool boy at your house? Tricking him into fucking your brains out, of course, and that’s exactly what Paul, our slutty naughty jock, does.
After successfully seducing his hung, dumb older brother Jason, it’s time for Paul to play his tricks with his big dicked teammates.