The Tennis Player

By Elmara
published January 8, 2021
4191 words

Paul sets his eyes on the perfect male specimen that starts playing tennis at his fancy country club, so he asks his oblivious, innocent daddy for help in seducing the tennis stud.

I was actually good at tennis, and when Tyler started practicing at our country club, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was incredibly muscular and handsome, and very young to be such a professional, star athlete at just nineteen years old. He also had the habit of wearing very tiny shorts for practice, as to not disturb his movements, and I could see from afar the scandalous bulge in his skimpy shorts, flopping up and down with every stroke of his racket. One day he came to my court to retrieve one of his tennis balls and I could actually see up close how exposed he really was. The shorts he wore that day were thin and white, almost see through, and It was obvious he was not wearing any underwear. I could see every detail of his huge, perfect cock. The fat head of his dick was clearly outlined on his skimpy shorts and the whole big length was straining to be contained inside. That sight paralyzed my body as he asked for the ball, and I could feel my tight pink puck pulsing and twitching inside my own shorts. After I gave him his ball and he thanked me with his million dollar smile, I just knew I had to have Tyler’s huge cock inside my ass somehow.

First, I started to snoop around our private country club to know more about the mysterious, hot, straight tennis player. I quickly learned that Tyler was just starting college with a full athletic scholarship, but that he was also looking for sponsors to help him fulfill his dream of playing professionally in Roland Garros one day. So I went to my loving daddy and asked him, “pretty please”, if he would pay Tyler to give me private lessons. My daddy quickly agreed, since he loved to give us opportunities to get better and better at sports and at school, and he wasn’t in any shortage of money. After my daddy agreed to my first request, I asked for the second one, which would be critical for my plans of getting Tyler to fuck me. I waited for a day when my daddy was hanging out on the couch watching a tennis match, beer in one hand and wearing only his boxer briefs. I entered the room and put a hand on his shoulder to steady myself, while I straddled his lap and put my head on his big, manly chest, my jockstrap encased ass sitting on top of his huge bulge. I spread my legs on each side of him so the fat head of his cock would be hitting my exposed jock hole while I purred in my daddy’s chest, touching the light, small hairs on his big pecs.

“Hey daddy… so, I’ve been thinking…” I said softly, always playing the innocent little boy he thought I was.

“Yeah champ, what’s up?” He asked with a gasp, feeling my fat ass cheeks holding his big cock against my crack and his blunt cock head hitting my hole slowly and steadily.

“I know you said you’d pay Tyler, the stud tennis player, to train me, but I was thinking we could help him more. I mean, he’s so nice and humble and talented and well-endowed… in playing tennis, of course, that I think we should actually sponsor him! We’re already rich, so we won’t miss the money. And we would really be helping him a lot. What do you think?” I asked him while I now pinched his hard nipples.

“I… I don’t know son, I know he’s a good player and all but I’ve never done this before… I wouldn’t know how to keep track of that kind of investment… I just watch tennis for fun…” he said that between moans, because after a while his big daddy cock got hard as a rock inside his boxers with all the delicious friction I was giving him. I kept the slow motion of my ass against his now hard dick, loving the feel of that big piece of meat pressed all over my crack.

“Oh, come on daddy, I know the tennis world pretty well, don’t you think I could do it? I’m eighteen now! And besides, wouldn’t it be good for me if I already had my first investment to take care of? Please daddy, please, please, please daddy!” I pleaded, while I gave a pretty hard thrust of my exposed ass against his big hard cock. It was such a violent thrust that I could feel the tip of his fat cock head trying to breach my hole inside of his boxer briefs, and the sensation of the blunt tip of his dick, encased by the thin material of his underwear spreading my hole almost made me cum. Although I could control myself, it was all too much for my hung daddy, who started to cum buckets when he felt his dick almost penetrating his twinky, jock son. After he calmed down from his orgasm, he muttered a simple “Okay son, you can do it”, to which I replied with a “Thank you, daddy” and a kiss to his cheek. I quickly got up and left my cum soaked daddy so I could put my plans in motion.

I introduced myself to Tyler the next day at the country club and we had a pretty nice chat. He was a genuinely good guy and I could tell he worked hard for everything he had. I could see how driven and talented he was, and I couldn’t help but feel charmed by the guy. He seemed to be the perfect man: handsome, muscular and hung, with a sweet personality to match. After we played a few matches together I invited him for drinks at the club’s bar and pitched my proposal to him. I heard he was looking for sponsors, I said, and my daddy had deep pockets and much love for the game and his little boy. I told dad would give him a monthly allowance, tennis clothes plus the necessary equipment, pay for his membership at the club and even for his travels for away games if he gave me tennis lessons three times a week. The guy was so ecstatic by the news I could see tears forming in his eyes the minute I stopped talking. He couldn’t help but jump off the table and come to my side to hug me, while he repeatedly thanked me for the opportunity. Being who I was, I didn’t pass out the opportunity to feel up his muscles and to press my right leg in between his strong thighs, feeling his big dick humping and grinding against my flesh in the process. It felt so big and thick. I knew I had struck gold with this one.

The next few days were normal, so to speak, and we got to know each other pretty well in between lessons. I cherished every moment I had beside that beautiful hunk, tattooing on my mind the sight of his perfect, toned body. I also used every opportunity I had to feel him up or press my body against his, telling him I could understand the movements and how they affected different muscle groups a lot better now while he moved around the court. When I asked him to remove his shirt so I could see better the way he stroked his arm and hit the ball with the racket, he complied immediately, thinking nothing of it. He showed me over and over again the right way to swing the racket and I even used the opportunity to touch and squeeze his big guns in the process, telling him how easier it was to learn when you could actually see the body in motion. Soon enough, he was taking off his shirt every time we met for a new lesson, knowing that I wanted his body on display for “learning” reasons, and I remembered to always compliment him on his nice body when I was feeling him up, touching his pecs and squeezing his nipples. He seemed a little exasperated during those moments, but he also got a shy smile on his face every time I told him how hot and muscular he was. He was so flattered by my jock admiration for him.

One day after one of our private lessons, we went together to the locker room for a shower before heading home. We talked the entire time like the good buddies we were, and I let him go first saying I forgot something in my car. When he came back from the showers, his hot, shredded body was still dripping wet and a small white towel was wrapped messily and low on his waist, the top of his small, blond pubes showing. The bulge of his dick was also leading the way before him.

“Hey Tyler, come check this out man”, I told him, while I opened the duffel bag I had dropped on the bench. I loved having that big hunk of a dude towering over me like that, his white tanned skin a little red from the hot shower, and his barely concealed piece of meat level with my face, almost touching my lips giving how close we were. I quickly opened the bag fully and revealed to him lots of new tennis clothes I picked for him myself, alongside a few brand new sneakers and a new professional racket. He eyes shined at that moment.

Here’s the catch: I picked the most skimpy, see through, small, sluttiest polo shirts and shorts I could find. I specifically ordered his shorts a size smaller, so that he would expose permanently the precious family jewels between his legs. While he checked everything out like a excitedly little boy in Christmas morning, I got up and told him “Come on man, lose the towel and try them on. I think you’ll look great in them!” I said, while my right hand went to the knot in his towel. I made sure to brush his big cock while I took the towel off his body and revealed Tyler to me in his full glory.

Fuck, was he hot. His runaway model body, the small droplets of water running down from his chest and his happy face made me weak in the knees. When I looked down, his huge dick and fat pair of balls graced my eyes while he kept looking at the clothes I bought for him, not minding in the least his naked state. Fuck, I bet seeing all those clothes pumped a lot of blood into his system, cause his big cock looked like it was growing by the second. There was a strong vein running alongside his big piece of meat, and my mouth was watering at the perspective of seeing him hard.

“Shit Pauly, these new clothes are so amazing man. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for them, these will really help me a lot. I think I won’t need to buy anything for at least six months or so, maybe even more! Thank you so much!” He said, while that huge schlong of his bobbed in front of my face.

“Nah, don’t sweat it bro. We believe in you. We don’t want you to worry about anything other than winning your matches okay? Now try the clothes out!” I hastened him.

Well, what a show he gave me that day. Let’s just say that the polo shirts I gave him were stretched to the maximum in his muscled torso, showing off his hard nipples and every defined ridge of his abs. But the real winner were the shorts. The ones I chose for him were so small and tight that they even didn’t concealed the big fat head of his cock, and most of them were completely see through. Not only his huge length was on display the entire time, but his fat cock head kept tumbling out of the legs of his shorts every time he moved around. When he sat down, almost his entire thick shaft came into view for everyone to see. But the guy was so excited by my gifts that he didn’t notice a thing, and kept talking to me and looking in my direction while he tried piece after piece of clothing, fully oblivious of how exposed he was and how slutty he looked.

After that, I touched him a lot more during our private lessons, and even got to feel around his bulge from time to time under the pretext of “fixing” his tight shorts for him. I took a long time doing this, squeezing his huge cock and balls while I kept pretending that his shorts were not in the right way. Most of the time he got hard during those long minutes, and the tent in his short was completely obscene. I acted like nothing wrong was going on and went back to playing with him, seeing from afar his big hard dick jumping up and down on his shorts or even escaping it, out in the open for anyone to see. Lucky for him, we were in a secluded court that day, so I was the only one who got to witness that amazing sight.

One day I came late for practice, and almost every court was booked, so we had to practice in a very central one, with lots of traffic from people going to one place to another in the country club. After a few wrong swings, I told him that there must be something wrong with my stance, so I asked him for help. He went behind me and started to position me the right way, and I immediately used the opportunity to push my back against his chest, feeling his muscled body pressed up against mine. His huge snake was completely encased by my tight buns while he wrapped his arms around me, taking my pulse with one hand and showing me the right way to swing while he placed my legs in the right position. The feeling of that barely hidden big dick against my ass was pure bliss.

I used every movement he instructed me to gently roll my firm, round ass against the big, obscene mound in his shorts, while I kept pushing my body against his big pecs and abs. We stayed like that for a few minutes, me pushing my ass back against his hardening cock and humping against his bulge with all that I got, all the while pretending to practice my swings in the right stance. I could feel the blood pumping to his dick while I kept grinding against him, and he suddenly froze when he realized he was having a big erection. Noticing he stopped, I turned my head around to find him blushing with embarrassment, not stopping the motions of my slutty jock ass against his now fully hard cock.

“Hey Tyler, I think your phone is poking my butt” I giggled innocently to him.

“Hmm… er, right, hmm… you know Pauly, that’s not my phone bro. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly got hard as hell for no reason, bro. I guess I haven’t jacked off in a while…” he mumbled, very ashamed.

“Oh” I said. “You mean this? This is your big, hard cock?” I pushed my ass hard against him, feeling every inch of his thick shaft against my crack.

“Shit bro, yeah, that’s my dick… I’m so sorry, I’ll get it away from you now” he said, and when he started to move, I gave a quiet scream. “No! Tyler, stay where you are!”

“What…” he started to ask, but them he saw that some families were just passing by our court at the moment, probably leaving one of the facilities for a snack at the restaurant.

“Keep that huge hard cock of yours against my ass, buddy. There’s lots of good, innocent people walking by. I’m afraid if anyone sees you in this state you might get in trouble” I told him alarmingly, while I resumed humping my ass against his now dripping hard cock.

“Fuck, you’re right bro. What should we do? I mean, the club is pretty busy at this time. I can’t let anyone find out about this. This just might ruin my entire life” he said, very scared at the prospect.

“Don’t worry bro, I got you. Let’s just keep doing what we’re doing, okay? Keep your body pressed against mine and hump that huge juicy cock of yours against my ass as much as you can, so everyone will think you’re just helping me with my stance. Let’s go!” I ordered him, and soon enough he complied, now actively pushing his body and cock against me for the sake of appearances. We kept practicing my swings, with his right hand holding my pulse with his other arm encircled my waist.

A few minutes later, Tyler was actually gasping with the painful pleasure my ass was giving him, and I could feel his body tremble and shake from time to time. I pretended to be worried again and asked “Hm, Tyler, you acting weird, bro. What’s up?”

“I’m sorry Pauly, but I think if we keep that up much more I think I’m gonna cum bro” he moaned.

“Shit Tyler, that’s even worse. If you come in those tiny white shorts of yours, everyone will see the stains on your wet clothes, that if the cum doesn’t drop down in your legs for everyone to see! Can you imagine the scandal? The helicopter moms and conservative old ladies will be hysterical!” I taunted him.

“Oh my God bro, please no, not that. What do we do? What do we do?” He pleaded.

“Calm down bro. I’m not the smartest jock at school for nothing. First, slowly take that big dick of yours out of the leg of your shorts, and quickly push it against my crack, so no one can see it” I told him, and he immediately did as I said. I heard him having trouble with moving that fucking huge cock around in his shorts, but then the heat of his bare meat against my spread ass told me he succeed at doing what I told.

“Yeah, shit, just like that bro. Wow, that’s such a huge cock. It feels so hard against my ass…” I moaned.

“What now, Pauly?” He asked, still afraid anyone would see our naughty situation.

“Well big boy, I think you’re in luck today, cause if I remember it correctly, I picked one of my old tennis shorts to wear this morning. I was just so late, you see, so I grabbed the first shorts I found. If you put your hand inside my ass crack, you’ll find a small hole that tore at the center of my shorts a few months ago. Can you do it?” I asked, while I closed my eyes to the pleasure about to cum.,

“Yeah bro, just a minute…” Tyler left hand went directly to my ass, feeling my plump ass all over until he found the small hole in my shorts. He pushed his fingers inside it only to find my twitchy, hungry boy pussy, which immediately tried to close on the tip of his middle finger.

“Yeah, right there, that’s the spot! Great. Now Tyler, pay attention, cause this next part is critical. You’ll have to take that big hard cock of yours and push it inside that small hole until your fat cock head is straight up against my ass lips, okay? And the minute you feel my tight pussy trying to suck that huge cock inside you just ram it inside me with all that you can, okay? Putting your big dick inside my ass is the only way no one will find out about this. Your cock is just so big I’m afraid if you don’t do that everyone will get to see just how much of a stud you really are”, I said in between moans.

"Shit bro, are you sure? Is this really the best option? He asked while his fingers felt my spread ass crack up and down and teased my chewing, hungry hole.

“Yeah Tyler, I’m sure, just do it!” I screamed.

“O-o, okay!!!” He whispered, and then I felt that glorious big cock invading my hole and stretching me to the hilt. I didn’t lube myself previously cause I knew I wanted to feel the painful pleasure of that massive cock spreading my ass walls and hitting my prostate over and over again, and my slutty jock hole welcomed it wonderfully. When his cock was fully embedded inside my tight pussy hole, I took his arms so we would stay in the same position as before, and instructed him to keep practicing with me so no one would suspect that I was getting fucked by the hunky tennis player in the middle of the court in front of everyone, on a crowded country club.

We kept pretending to be practicing for minutes, while I kept pushing my ass back and fort against Tyler huge cock, fucking myself on his jock meat. From afar, any beholder would just see two jock boys helping each other out at the tennis court, and the movement of our lips would surely show that we were having a nice conversation in between sings. In reality, I kept talking over and over about how reckless Tyler was, getting super hard like that in the middle of the court, forcing me to get fucked like a complete slut by his horse sized cock just to save him from trouble. His dick was just so big and thick, I said. Jesus Tyler, you’re hitting a place inside me that’s making me feel so good bro… at least your cock being so big has a good side to it. You’re just fucking my hole, bro, keep pushing that slutty buttom deep inside of me, it feels so good… almost like your big cock is massaging my ass walls. I can feel every vein of it. Fuck Tyler, you’re just destroying my hole with that fat cock, bro. My tiny, tight jock hole, small and hairless, pink and hot… is it squeezing your cock? I can tell it is. It feels like is chewing on your dick, like it wants to just bite and make it stay inside forever…

Ten minutes into that slow fuck, I noticed the club had emptied a little bit, so I taunted Tyler to fuck me harder. “Come on Tyler, everyone went away already bro. You can just fuck me the way I know you want too, hard and fast. Come on, just slam that huge cock inside of my ass and make me cum too! That’s the least you can do for all the troubles you put me through today. Yeah, just like that, pick up the pace. You’re a big stud, I know you can fuck harder than that. Just keep fucking and banging my tight hole until we cum, that way we can take that big cock of yours out of my ass and we can go to the shower. Jesus fuck, yeaaah Tyler, like that bro! Right there, stud! Fuck me like a slut! Fuck me buddy! Let’s get this over with! Show me how fucking good of a fucker you are!!!” I screamed to the empty courtyard.

With a stream of “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!”, the big stud got crazy by our now frantic fuck and pushed me to my hands and knees, quickly mounting me like a dog and going all the way against my ass. Every thrust from his body made me push forward and in minutes my face was pressed against the floor, while I felt his big jock buddy slamming me against it with every powerful thrust of his huge cock against my prostate. Ten minutes into that glorious, porn worthy fuck, we came together in an almost cosmic orgasm, the risk of being seen just adding a little plus to the situation.

A while later, while we showered together in the locker room, I told Tyler while I washed his big cock and balls from all the cum he fired: “You know what Tyler, despite everything that happened, I really liked our practice today. But I’m not so sure about my stance yet, tho. I think we’ll need it to practice it a lot more from now on, just like today” I told him, an innocent smile in my face.

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