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A father takes punishment and rough housing too far and finds out if he can take what he dishes out at the hands of his son.
4/5/20 7:14 AM
3344 words
Best friends and Roommates, Ricky and Jay spend a nice afternoon smoking until Ricky over does it. Jay decides to use his buddies inebriated state to his advantage and ends up finding a little too much humor in it.
2/3/20 4:14 PM
Donny decides to play a little prank on his brother William and Ben catches on exploiting his father's weaknesses to assert his own dominance on him.
4/19/17 12:51 PM
A man and his son are visited by the father's younger, more domineering brother. His nephew learns a thing or two about his father's past when his uncle divulges how he used to treat him.
4/12/17 7:18 AM