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S. Q. Neemie

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Author Name Published
Disaster strikes Hendricks Department Store when an employee accidentally changes the normal Christmas music playing on the loudspeakers to a station that plays subliminal gay messages.
12/11/19 11:16 AM
12/30/19 6:34 PM
The gym has a Reality Enhancer machine to help dudes maximize their workouts, but today it has a glitch. Whenever someone says "No homo," whoever they're saying it to becomes a tiny bit--well, homo. How will the glitch affect the patrons' workouts?
1/9/20 5:43 AM
2/10/20 9:31 PM
2/11/20 8:05 PM
4765 words
Sparky is irritated that his cousin Cletus is pussy-whipped by his girlfriend, so he asks the family witch for a potion to help Cletus man up.
3/6/20 11:02 AM
A local company installs a Reality Enhancer machine in their offices to improve teambuilding. Two employees and their boss feel the effects almost immediately. This is a story in the same universe as "The No Homo Glitch."
5/9/20 4:21 AM
2881 words
A viral marketing song has strange effects on James and Stephen's relationship.
5/27/20 5:52 PM
Ricky's brother Truck comes to keep him company during the pandemic. Written for a certain lil bro who knows who he is.
6/24/20 5:29 AM
Can Tyrone's wrestling buddy, the team doctor, and the coach undo the spell placed on him by his girlfriend?
7/2/20 5:55 AM