Big Ol' Pecs

By S. Q. Neemie -
published May 27, 2020
2881 words

A viral marketing song has strange effects on James and Stephen’s relationship.

“Big ol’ pecs,” sang Stephen as he stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his trim waist. “Big ol’ peh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eks!”

“Dude, shut it!” hissed James, sticking his curly head out of his bedroom door and scowling at his roommate. “I’ve got a girl in here, man.”

“Hey, nice, bro,” said Stephen, grinning over at his shorter roommate and leaning over to give him a fist bump. “Didn’t even hear you guys last night.”

James scowled. “Fuck, man, we did the deed. Just cause she didn’t scream like the chicks you–” He shook his head, running his hand through his tight curls. “Look, she needs her sleep. Just try not to be a fucking songbird, okay?”

“Sure thing, bro,” said Stephen, grinning. He turned back to the mirror and started putting on deodorant, singing “Big ol’ pecs…” under his breath.

“What is that song, anyway?” said James.

“You haven’t heard it?” said Stephen. “It’s the new KikKok video for that growth hormone–you know, BroGro. Bunch of ripped dudes singing it.” He grabbed his phone and pulled up the video, showing James the shaky slick video of fifteen or so shirtless guys crooning the song and rubbing their chests.

“That’s sick, dude,” said James, pushing the phone away.

“Nah, bro, it’s brilliant,” said Stephen. “Song’s a fucking earworm. I’ve been singing it all day. And dude, I think it fucking helped. Check out the gains from the gym this morning.” He slapped his meaty left pec.

Stephen was already big–his height and thick build intimidated James sometimes, even though they’d been buds since high school. James hit the gym as much as Stephen did–maybe more–but some dudes were just blessed. And of course Stephen was 6’2" while James was 5’8", so that didn’t help. Still, Stephen didn’t have to wave his fucking muscles in James’s face, right?

But, whatever. A bro was a bro and Stephen was his best bud. And his pecs were looking bigger. Bigger and–rounder somehow?

“Dude, you doing a new routine?” asked James as he watched Stephen’s chest flex and shift as he fixed his hair. “You got more underboob or something.”

Stephen grinned and ran a hand down his chest, his fingers bumping over his hard dark nipple. “Naw, dude, they’ve always been like that.” He grabbed James by the chin and said, “You’re just noticing them now, buddy, that’s all,” while he shook James’s head.

“Aw, fuck off, dude,” said James, pushing Stephen’s hand away. Stephen laughed and sauntered off to his own room, pulling off his towel so that it slipped away from his ass a half second before he shut the door. He sang “Big ol’ pecs…” the whole way.

“Fucking prick,” grumbled James. He went back to his room. The girl from last night was still sleeping, wrapped up in the blankets and breathing lightly. For a few minutes James debated whether to sneak back into bed and see if she was good for another round. Big ol’ pecs… fuck. Now that stupid song was in his head too. He grunted and stepped out of the room. Maybe he should make the girl breakfast or something.

Stephen was on the couch in the living room, playing video games. He was wearing loose basketball shorts but he was still shirtless.

“Your chick gonna go nuts if I have the guns out?” he asked James with a grin as he saw him come in.

“Dude, she’s fucking satisfied,” said James, plopping down on the couch next to him. “You can flex all you want, it’s this D she’s coming back to.” He grabbed his sweatpants-clad crotch and grinned.

“Righteous, dude,” said Stephen. “Love it when my bro gets some.” He turned his attention to the screen and started singing again, “Big ol’ pecs…”

“Fuck, man, they really do look bigger,” said James, watching his buddy’s pecs out of the corner of his eye.

“Must still be pumped from the workout,” said Stephen. He absentmindedly brushed the smooth slab of muscle and grunted. “Fuck, that feels really good, dude. They’re like–sensitive or some shit.”

“Bro, you bitching out or something? Put estrogen in your smoothie?” asked James, wrinkling his nose. “You’re weirding me out.”

Stephen grinned. “These look like girl tits to you, bro?” He flexed and his chest bulged.

“N-no,” said James, swallowing. “Fuck, no, dude, they look manly.”

“They feel manly, bro,” grunted Stephen as he rubbed at his pecs, still playing but humming the Big Ol’ Pecs song as his tongue poked out of his mouth.

“Fuck, Stephen, you’re freaking me out,” said James. “You getting hypnotized or something?”

Stephen blinked at him. “What? Naw, man, it just feels really good. Big and muscled. Nips are hard-wired this morning too for some reason.” He flicked his large, dark nipples with his fingertips and grinned. “Fuck me, dude, that’s the stuff.”

“Dude, you’re really freaking me out right now,” said James.

“Naw, man, it’s just good healthy growth,” grinned Stephen. “C’mon, touch it.” He grabbed James’s hand by the wrist and pulled it over to his chest.

“No way, dude, I don’t want to touch them,” said James, pulling back.

Stephen grinned as he wrestled James for control. “Aw, c’mon, buddy, touch my titties. Maybe you’ll like them more than that chick’s you fucked last night.”

“Fucking asshole!” said James, and then Stephen caught him off guard and yanked him forward so that James’s hand was squarely on his best friend’s pec.

“Motherfucker,” whispered James, feeling the thick muscles under Stephen’s smooth skin. “Jesus, Stephen. Why does this, um, feel–” He looked up at his friend’s face.

“So good,” muttered Stephen. His eyes were half closed. “Fuck, dude, I thought it felt nice with my hand. This is like, the shit.” Still holding James’s wrist, he moved James’s hand across the wide flat muscle, moaning softly as James’s hand slid across his skin.

“Fuck, Stephen, this is–this is kinda queer, dude,” said James as Stephen brought James’s hand closer to his bud’s left nipple. “I don’t wanna–I’m not gonna–”

“Just chill, dude,” grinned Stephen, his powerful hand guiding James over his pointed nipple. “Nothing weird about respecting the pec. The big ol’ pec.”

“There is too something weird,” said James, but he couldn’t pull away, watching his buddy’s gaze glaze over as he slowly felt the pebbled surface of his right nipple. “Fuck, dude, this is, like, super queer, man.”

“It feels awesome,” said Stephen, grunting in a way that made James swallow hard. “Hey, dude, let’s try this–feel both of them at the same time.”

“What? Shit, no way, man, I’m not giving you a feel, dude,” said James, feeling the blood rush to his face. “C’mon, bro, that’d be–that’d be wild.”

“C’mon, James, help me out, bro,” said Stephen with a grin. “Your hand is fucking doing something to me, man.”

“Fuck me, man, I’m not a bitch,” said James, trying to keep the panic out of his voice. “Besides, I can’t hold ’em both from the side, man, the angle’s bad.”

“Gotta solution for that,” grinned Stephen, and before James could react he dropped his controller and grabbed his shorter friend. Grunting, he hauled James over his lap, turning him as he did so that James faced him.

“Jesus Christ!” yelped James as his friend manhandled him. “Fuck, man, what are you doing? Lemme go!”

“Shit, dude, just helping you out,” grinned Stephen. “Giving you primo access to my big ol’ pecs. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“Fuck no, man,” said James, but his hands were already on Stephen’s chest and his eyes were wide. He brushed both slabs of muscle with his palms and Stephen shuddered.

“Fuck, dude, you got a magic touch,” he said.

“Shut it, Stephen,” said James weakly. Still staring, he slowly lowered himself down onto Stephen’s lap. At the last moment, he jumped and squeaked like he’d been pinched. “Dude, bro, you’re fucking boned!” he hissed.

“Can’t help it, bro,” grunted Stephen. “You stroking my big ol’ pecs has got me going, man.”

“Shit, I gotta get off,” said James, but he couldn’t move. He brushed Stephen’s nipples and watched as his ripped big buddy shuddered. “Jesus,” he whispered.

Stephen was watching him with a sly grin. “Yo, James, gotta secret for you,” he said.

“Fuck off, dude,” said James in a small voice. “Don’t be–flirty with me, man. C’mon.”

Stephen shrugged but kept the smile. “Suit yourself, bro,” he said.

James kept squeezing Stephen’s chest, trying not to notice how beefy his best bud’s arms were, or how wide his shoulders were, or how warm and hard and strong his big ol’ pecs–

“Fuck, fine,” he growled. “What’s your stupid secret?”

Stephen’s smile widened. “I’m not the only one that’s boned up, dude.” He pulled slightly on James’s sweatpants, revealing a sizeable tent.

“Fuck off, man,” said James. “I’m just–remembering the girl–”

“Sure, bro,” said Stephen, grinning openly now. “I guess you better go back to her, take care of that beast.” His hand lightly brushed over where James’s cockhead was straining against the fabric of his sweatpants.

“Je-eesus!” yelped James. “I’m going right now, dude. Gonna–gonna fuck–her–”

Stephen watched his friend for a second, letting his hands drift to James’s thighs. James was biting his lip, his eyebrows scrunched together, but his hands kept stroking Stephen’s chest.

“Hey, James,” he said with a smile after a moment. “You didn’t go fuck her after all.”

“Fuck, dude, don’t make fun of me,” said James in a small voice. “I’m under a spell or some shit. You gotta help me.”

“Aw, c’mere bro,” said Stephen. He wrapped his thick arms around his buddy, pulling him into a hug that brought James’s straining hard-on up close to his chest.

“Unh,” moaned James. “Fuck, dude, this is just too queer.”

“Naw, it’s not queer enough,” grinned Stephen. He tugged at James’s T-shirt. “Take it off, bro.”

“Wh-what?” said James. “No way.”

“C’mon, we’ve gone this far,” said Stephen. “I wanna see my buddy’s big ol’ pecs, too.”

James bit his lip again, and then nodded. He pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his compact, muscular torso.

“Fuck yeah, man,” growled Stephen, running his hands up James’s ribs and over his chest. “Big ol’ pecs.”

“J-Jesus,” moaned James, shuddering. “W-we shouldn’t be doing a-any of this…”

Stephen grinned. “This little guy says different,” he said, tweaking the dark spot on James’s sweatpants where his straining cock was leaking precum. With a sly look at his buddy, Stephen slid his fingers under the waistband of James’s sweats.

“N-no, dude,” said James, actively shaking now. “C’mon.”

“I’m gonna do it, bro,” said Stephen. “My big ol’ pecs want to meet your big ol’ pecker.” He giggled at his own joke as he slowly pulled down James’s sweatpants. James’s fat, tubular cock bent down as the waistband pulled away and then bounced up, hitting the center of Stephen’s pecs with a wet slap.

“God fucking damn it!” whooped Stephen, his eyes going big. “Were you always this fucking hung, bro?”

“Jesus, your pecs,” said James, clenching his fists and trying not to move even has his swollen cockhead pulsed against Stephen’s chest. “Fuck me, man, it feels so good.

Stephen grinned up at his buddy. “Well, you know what I’m thinking,” he said, shifting on the couch.

"“D-don’t, dude,” said James in an agonized voice. “I can’t fucking help myself.”

“What I’m thinking,” said Stephen, grinning wildly, “is that we need some titty-fucking up in here.” He began to move his chest up and down James’s exposed shaft, growling at the way James shuddered and bit his lip as the flexing muscles massaged the underside of his best bro’s dick.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh Jesus fuck,” breathed James in a long breath, grabbing on to the top of Stephen’s head for balance. “Shit, dude, it’s like–fucking fireworks–”

“Hey, bro, don’t make me do all the work here,” said Stephen with a wink. “I’ve already taken these puppies to the gym today.”

His eyes half-closed in ecstacy, James suddenly hunched forward, driving the length of his dick against the muscled valley between Stephen’s pecs. Stephen groaned and James bent over him, wrapping his bro’s head in a bear hug as he jackrabbitted his cock up and down over Stephen’s beefy chest. From time to time his cock would slip out of the valley and slap wetly over one of Stephen’s nipples, making them both gasp. Stephen quickly freed his own cock from his shorts and began jacking it to the rhythm of James’s thrusts. Soon Stephen’s thick pecs were slick and shiny with James’s precum.

“Oh God, bro,” moaned James as he fucked away at his buddy’s chest. “Oh, Jesus God.”

“Fucking feels so good, dude,” grunted Stephen. “Fuck my big ol’ pecs.” The magic words made James groan and stab against Steven’s chest more rigorously. Stephen moaned at the feeling of James’s hot fat length massaging his chest and then suddenly reached up and stuck two of his fingers into James’s panting mouth.

“What the fuck, dude?” garbled James through a mouthful of fingers.

“Relax, bro–saw this in a porno once,” said Stephen. Taking his fingers out of James’s mouth, he reached around James’s hunching, exposed ass. James yelped into Stephen’s ear as a spit-slimed finger breached his tight asshole, and then moaned as the digit slowly burrowed inside of him.

“God that feels–fucking weird,” he moaned.

“You like it tho, bro?” asked Stephen.

“Uh-huh,” gasped James with a little nod. He began adding an extra gyration to his thrust, clamping his asshole down on Stephen’s finger as he pec-fucked his friend. Soon two of Steven’s fingers were buried all the way in his ass and James was going crazy banging between the muscular chest he was fucking and the thick fingers that were fucking him.

“Shit, Stephen I’m about to cum I’m about to cum oh Jesus God I’m gonna cum all over your pecs your fucking big ol pecs oh God oh God oh fuck Jesus God,” moaned James into Stephen’s ear.

“That’s it, bro,” grunted Stephen, finger-fucking James with one hand while he jacked his raging prick with the other. “Fucking drown me, buddy.”

James suddenly wailed and his fat cock exploded, splashing jet after jet of hot cum over Stephen’s chest and up to his chin, his ass clenching around Stephen’s fingers as his cum shot through him. As the salty slime glazed his pecs, Stephen came with a growl, shooting huge arcs of cum that splattered up and over James’s naked ass and back. Spent, James collapsed into Stephen’s lap, his arms still around Stephen’s neck.

Jesus, Steven,” he mumbled into his buddy’s spermy chest. “What the fuck did we just do?”

“I dunno, bro,” said Steven, “but–fuck, if I had known how good that was gonna be, I woulda been messing around with you from day one.”

“Yeah?” said James, looking up into Stephen’s eyes. When Stephen grinned at him, he blushed and said. “Fuck, dude, don’t make it weird.”

“Naw, won’t make it weird, dude,” grinned Stephen. “But I’ve never seen my bro so sexed up. It was–cute.” He blinked. “Fucking cute.”

“Shit, man, you make it sound like I’m your bitch or something,” groaned James.

“Dude! No way–you’re my bro,” said Stephen, “and bros share. I’m gonna be creaming up these babies the first chance I get, kay?” He ran a knuckle up James’s pec and James shuddered. Stephen grinned. “Who knows? I might even go in for some backdoor action. You’re the man, yeah?”

“Yeah,” said James with a grin. “Th-thanks, Stephen.”

“Aw, bro,” said Stephen, looking down at him. He leaned over and kissed his friend’s handsome face. James made a little mmf! of surprise and then returned the kiss, forcing his tongue into Steven’s mouth, which made Stephen growl hungrily. The two half-naked men began making out furiously, rubbing their hands over each other’s backs and arms and big ol’ pecs. They were so wrapped up in each other that they didn’t hear the sound of James’s bedroom door opening.

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