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3335 words
Paul suspects something is wrong when his normally buttoned down boyfriend comes home a sweaty, moaning mess. He’s right.
1/22/21 6:18 AM
3921 words
Sam notices a hole in his apartment wall during a particularly boring meeting over zoom and discovers something perfect inside.
8/26/20 7:12 AM
4094 words
A passage from my new Choose Your Own Adventure Game, Kink Week. You arrive in town for the Kink Grand Prix only to be told by a mysterious stranger that you aren't ready to compete. Gifted with the ability to repeat the night before the competition seven times you must get enough kink experience in that week to overtake the competition and come in first. (Link to full game in story)
11/3/19 7:38 PM
The first of three paths showcased from my new Choose Your Own Adventure game, Saturday Morning. You respond to a message from an old hookup you remember smelling great, eager to get some more of that delicious musk. You end up getting more of it than your mind can handle.
1/5/19 4:58 AM