Hole in the Wall

By Cervello - cervellowrites@gmail.com
published August 26, 2020
3921 words

Sam notices a hole in his apartment wall during a particularly boring meeting over zoom and discovers something perfect inside.

Had the idea this morning and whipped this up as a bit of personal wish fulfillment. I really need to get out of the house.

It was during a work meeting when he first noticed it. Gary had been droning on and on to try and make it appear he had done something other than watch Netflix during the last week as they all worked from home. Sam’s eyes had begun to wander, searching for something more interesting than the same unbelievable performance he’d witnessed every Tuesday morning for the past six months. Not that there was anything interesting for them to find anymore. He’d been working from home where he lived alone since the quarantine had started and he knew every inch of his apartment from top to bottom at this point. There was never anything new for his eyes to find. Except today. There was something new. Something unexpected. There was a hole in the wall.

It was as if someone had cut a perfect circle into his wall, creating an opening into his closet. Sam was stunned. He knew for a fact that the hole hadn’t been there when he’d gotten dressed this morning and no one else had been in his apartment in weeks. He quickly cut into Gary’s ramblings about invisible work and excused himself from the meeting. He ran over to the wall in his bedroom and cautiously knelt down to peer into the hole. It was a perfect circle, probably eight inches in diameter, that presumably led to his closet but it was too dark on the other end of the hole to tell. There was no dust or debris or any evidence of a hole being made. The hole was just there.

It occurred to Sam that maybe he should be scared, that someone might be in his house without his knowledge, but for some reason he wasn’t bothered. It was just too mundane to be frightening. As new and exciting as it might be for a hole to be where there wasn’t one before, at the end of the day it was just a hole in a wall. He stood up and walked into the closet to check the hole from the other side and froze as he stared at a solid wall. There was no hole anymore. If a hole being where it shouldn’t was a shock, a hole not being where it should was doubly so. He quickly ran back around to the other side of the closet and saw nothing but pure blank wall. He ran his hands along the wall where the hole had been moments ago and felt nothing but hard solid plaster.

He was going crazy. The months of isolation and mind-numbing boredom had finally gotten to him and he was seeing things. His brain was so starved for stimulus that it had invented something for him to see. His mind could have picked something more exciting than a hole in the wall, but still. He obviously needed to get out of the house and do something. Talk to someone. He was clearly going a little mad from being cooped up for so long and he decided he would take the rest of the day off and go for a long walk outside. Refresh himself. Clear his head. Get away from his closet and give his wandering eyes some fresh sights to see. It had been too long since he had done something like this. Staying home so long clearly wasn’t good for him.

It was two days later when Sam saw the hole again. He was washing dishes after eating sandwiches, too listless to attempt to make anything more involved than that for dinner, when the hole appeared on the wall to the bathroom by the kitchen. He cursed his stupid brain for making things up again and cursed his self-discipline for not being able to ignore what he knew was fake. He quickly finished the last of the dishes and wandered over to examine the hole for a second time. It was that same perfect circle leading to a pitch black area, which was of much greater interest this time.

The bathroom light was on; he’d seen that as he walked to the hole from the kitchen. Wherever this hole connected to, it wasn’t his bathroom. At least his mind was giving him an interesting mystery this time. Again, he somehow knew that he wasn’t in danger. The hole was friendly, he could tell. It was from his own imagination so he knew it couldn’t actually hurt him. He stared at the hole, unsure of what to do when it “vanished” before him. Vanished felt like the wrong word, as there was now more wall than there was before but that’s how it felt to Sam. Like his new friend, the hole, had left. He hoped for good, but he knew it was likely to return again. He truly was that bored.

The next morning as Sam stared at the hole in the wall as he showered, he thought about trying to put something through it. Maybe having his fingers collide with the wall as he tried to put them through the hole would be enough to break the illusion in his mind. He knelt down low, the hole always appearing lower to the floor, and tentatively stuck a finger into the darkness. To his amazement, his finger went straight through the hole with no problem. Intrigued, he started wiggling it around in the darkness to see if he could feel anything. He tried inserting his fingers several times at several angles but no matter how far he reached, he couldn’t feel anything. He pulled out his fingers and stared at the hole. This was real. This was not his imagination. There really was a hole in the wall of the shower and there really was a hard cock pushing its way through it.

He knelt there, staring and unable to move. Cold water cascaded down his back, the hot water having long since ran out, but he didn’t care. It was a cock. An actual cock was poking through a hole in the wall of his shower. And it was a nice cock. A beautiful cock. Big, but not frighteningly so. Thick, with an engorged head that was moist with an inviting bit of precum on the tip and a big set of full musky balls churning beneath it. The kind of cock you dream about. The kind of cock Sam had dreamed about the last few months alone in quarantine. It was perfect. It was inviting. It was irresistible. No matter how hard he tried to think about the oddness of his situation, he knew he had to have it right now. It just looked too delicious.

That’s what Sam told himself anyways as he took that beautiful hunk of meat into his mouth. He moaned in pure bliss as he felt the hot pulsing pole slide into his warm eager mouth. He needed this. He’d already been in a bit of a drought before the pandemic and the lockdown had only made his craving for cock worse. He savored the thick manly dribble of precum that was pooling in his mouth as he tried to cram as much of the cock into his throat as he could. This was heaven. This was perfect. He started sucking in earnest, moving his mouth up and down the length of the best cock he’d ever had the privilege of tasting. He wanted to show this cock how much he appreciated that it would come all the way through a hole in his shower for him. He loved it. It was just a cock but in that moment that was how he truly felt. It had only been a few minutes but for Sam, it was love at first suck.

Too soon, though Sam had little idea how much time had actually passed, he felt the tell-tale sign of the cock hardening even further in his mouth and he slammed his mouth against the wall, taking the entire length of the glorious dick into his mouth and down his throat. It pulsed and throbbed mesmerizingly in his mouth as it unloaded shot after shot after shot of hot cum down his throat, into his stomach. He moaned in ecstasy, his own cock on the brink of shooting a load hands free at the feeling of his mouth being used like this. This was all he needed. For the first time in months, he was truly happy.

The cock finished its orgasm after what felt like ages but it wasn’t enough. He needed more. Sam started to panic as he felt the cock start to withdraw from his mouth, desperate to keep it within him. He watched it fully extract from him despite his best efforts and disappear back through the hole. Sam watched as the hole “vanished” again, leaving the plain tile of the shower wall in its place. It was painful to see it go but he felt happy that it had happened and somehow he knew that the hole would be back and it would bring the cock with it. He would be ready and waiting. He just hoped it wouldn’t be too long.

It wasn’t. Sam had just finished an excruciatingly slow day at work when he saw it on the wall of the closet again. The hole. He dropped to his knees and crawled over, and stuck his tongue through the hole, signaling that he was ready and eager. He was rewarded immediately with the wonderful feeling of that length feeding his hungry mouth again. Sam had always enjoyed sucking cock, a natural born bottom, but there was something different about this cock. Well, besides the fact it had appeared to him through a seemingly magic hole in the wall. It was just better than the other cocks he’d had. It just had a way of filling you so completely without being overwhelming or hard to handle. It was just perfect. A perfect cock. The taste, the scent, the steady release of delicious precum, it had it all. There was no other way to describe it. It was just perfect.

Sam kissed it, licked it, worshipped it. He thought about nothing but how best to please the cock that was presented to him. The perfect cock deserved the perfect blowjob. He tried his best to bring it as much pleasure as it was bringing him which was why it was a shock when it suddenly pulled out of his mouth and went back through the hole. Sam stuck his tongue back in the hole, licking and thrusting it desperately around, whining with desperate need. But no matter how he begged and whined and cried, it wouldn’t come back. He sat back, staring at the hole in despair when suddenly a note came tumbling out of it onto the ground. He quickly snatched it up and unfolded it and read it in a frenzy.

“Turn around”

Quickly realizing what the magnificent cock wanted from him, he got on all fours and pushed his ass against the hole. He groaned as he felt inch after inch of thick powerful cock forcefully push into his hole, tight after months of disuse. He could barely breathe as it bottomed out inside him, filling him to the brim. It was more than his ass that felt full. It was as if his whole body was full of cock, stretching him out, making room for itself inside him. He was sure he’d taken bigger toys in his hole when he was younger but nothing had ever made him feel as full as the glorious, wonderful cock buried deep inside him. God it really was just the perfect cock, he thought again. He racked his brain but couldn’t come up with a better word for it. It was painfully stretching his hole out as it snugly settled inside him but there was still only one word that came to mind at the sensation. Perfect.

As the cock started thrusting slowly inside him, giving him time to adjust, Sam could almost see stars. He panted and moaned as that incredible schlong hollowed him out, his wails of pleasure echoing throughout his empty apartment as the cock picked up speed and force. Each punch of the perfect cock into his hole was like a sledgehammer to his body, leaving him breathless and dizzy. He could hardly keep up with what was happening to him as his body was used harder than he had imagined it ever could be. He fell forward off his elbows, his ass still firmly glued to the wall like his life depended on it, a puddle of drool forming on the carpet beneath him. He couldn’t speak. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t do anything but lay there and feel that wonderful cock carving his ass into a pussy for its use. There was no place on earth Sam would rather be than on the receiving end of this cock. This was the best place in the world.

As the thrusts sped up and the cock ejected its steaming hot cum into his ass, the foundation of Sam’s world came crumbling down. Sam swooned. Nothing in his life had compared to this. The closest thing had been getting this wonderful cum pumped down his throat earlier from sucking that magnificent cock. He felt changed. He knew his purpose. He needed this. He couldn’t go without this. He had to have it again. As he felt the cock pull out and the hole “vanish” behind him he knew he would do anything to have it again. He loved that cock more than anything else in the world. No relationship he had ever had could compare to the one he had with this cock. It was so simple but that’s what was so great about it. The cock needed to cum and he needed to make it cum. That’s all there was to it and that’s all there needed to be. It was, to use a word, perfect.

It was perfect that night before bed when he sucked another load out of the cock, this time getting to taste the heavenly cum as it exploded all his face and open mouth. It was perfect the next morning when he spent his shower thrusting his ass against the wall, fucking himself on that glorious meat stick. It was perfect that afternoon when he spent three hours worshipping its ripe balls, smearing them all over his face to cover himself in their musky, full-bodied scent. It was perfect any time it wanted him. Sam had no qualms about being at the complete mercy of the cock whenever and however it wanted. It was all he thought about from the moment he woke up to the moment he managed to fall asleep to dream of the cock every night. It was as if each time he got to pleasure that stupendous cock, he cared about everything else in his life a little bit less and cared about the cock so much more. He would stop mid-work when the cock wanted to unload inside him. He would let his dinner burn if the cock wanted him while he was cooking. He would stop doing anything when the cock presented itself for worship. Nothing was as important to him as the cock. He would pace around his apartment when the cock wasn’t there praying for it to come back soon.

He started receiving more notes from the hole and he always did what they said without question. They started simple enough, they wanted his ass or his mouth this time, he needed to use his tongue in this particular way, things of that nature, but over time they started growing more elaborate and more demanding. He kept ass clean and lubed at all times so the cock could easily access his hole as needed. He moved his bed under an overhang so a hole could appear above him or on his mattress, letting the cock access his mouth or ass if it needed him while he was asleep. He did daily squats and stretches to firm up his butt and create the perfect ass for the cock to fuck. The cock loved to appear through a hole on the ground and have him do his morning stretches with it inside him. He worshipped the cock in every room of his house, at every angle and height. He ate only the paltry food the cock allowed him, preferring him to be slim and lithe for its pleasure, and only if it was covered in cum first.

Oh, the cum. Sam could have rhapsodized for hours about the cum if he weren’t so busy milking as much of it as he could from the magnanimous beast of a cock that came from his walls all day long. If it were possible he would have lived solely on the warm oozing spunk and many days he did. His solid meals were a sad nuisance, time spent away from his true favorite feast, but the notes ordered him to maintain his health and he would never disobey a note. They were the words of god, tossed out from the hole sparingly and they were the ultimate source of truth in Sam’s quickly narrowing world. He kept them all; reading them in his spare moments spent wishing the cock would return to him. They were his gospel, the teachings of the cock. He pondered and diligently obeyed every missive sent his way.

Once, after the cock tried to penetrate his ass during his weekly work meeting and found resistance in the form of his pajama bottoms, the notes ordered him to buy a pink jockstrap and wear nothing but that from now on. Sam had felt so bad about that incident that he cried into the cock later that night as it mercilessly fucked his throat with the force of a firetruck, his gag reflex long since fucked out of him. It had needed his hole and he had let it down. Pleasing the cock was his only job and he had made the one perfect cock in existence wait a full five seconds for him to pull down his pants before it could enter him. It was unconscionable. Untenable. He would never forgive himself for that one. He vowed to love and cherish the cock with twice as much passion and obedience.

When a note fell out of the hole onto his face telling him to lock himself in chastity and throw away the key, he did so without hesitation. He had long since stopped caring about his own cock and focused solely on the only cock that was important in his life, the cock from the hole. Once you’ve had the perfect cock, why would you ever care about any other, even your own? With his own cock locked away he soon forgot any cocks existed beyond his cock. The Cock. The Cock was the most important thing in his life. It was his life. Work piled up around him, his mailbox overflowed with letters, his front steps littered with packages that lay uncollected. He didn’t care. He couldn’t care. If it didn’t involve his master, as he’d started to think of The Cock, then it didn’t matter to him. The only conversation he ever had was mumbling about invisible work at his weekly check-in meeting with his boss. That was the only thing he ever did beyond pleasing The Cock, and thinking about pleasing The Cock.

Strangely enough, he never thought about The Cock as being attached to a person on the other side of the wall. At first, some part of him rationalized that it must be attached to someone but he didn’t bother thinking about it. It didn’t matter. The Cock was an entity all its own to him, it didn’t need to be attached to anyone to be his master. His master was a Cock and he was proud of that fact. He was a good Cockslave who loved his Cock and fulfilled all its desires proudly. No matter how much The Cock came, it never seemed to tire. It could fuck him for hours and hours and explode in a tremendous orgasm that shook Sam to his core, whittling out his already vacant and empty mind even further, and want him to suck it off five minutes later. Sam never minded though. He was the happiest when one of his holes was full of Cock. It was what he was made for. It was the only thought on his mind. It was the only thing that he did. It was the entirety of his being and he was so happy for that.

In a rare lucid moment as Sam had his ass pushed up against a window feeling his perfect master pound his now loose hole wondering what it looked from the outside, his thoughts turned to wondering how his life had gotten so good. He was still isolated, still stuck inside, and still devoid of any meaningful human interaction but he didn’t mind. He had Cock and that was enough. The Cock vanished from his hole, appearing on his office chair and he dutifully extracted himself from the window and sat down upon it in delight and wondered how life could possibly get any better. His eyes began to roll in his head in bliss, The Cock sending him to the same nirvana it always did when it initially filled him up. As his eyes settled back down as the thrusts in his ass slowed to a more manageable speed, just as they’d done a thousand times before, he spotted it. Something new. Something unexpected. A hole in his desktop.

His ass still being pounded by The Cock, he stuck his fingers in the hole, wiggled them around, and withdrew them. He gasped as he saw a Cock push its way through the hole. It was a nice Cock. A beautiful Cock. Big, but not frighteningly so. Thick, with an engorged head that was moist with an inviting bit of precum on the tip and a big set of full musky balls churning beneath it. The kind of cock you dream about. The kind of cock Sam had dreamed about the last few months alone in quarantine. It was perfect. It was inviting. It was irresistible. No matter how hard he tried to think about the oddness of his situation, he knew he had to have it right now. It just looked too delicious.

As he took The Cock into his mouth, savoring the taste as it started to thrust hard in his mouth at the same tempo as The Cock in his ass, he smiled. There was only one way to describe how things had turned out. How his time alone in quarantine had changed his life. There was just one word that described how he felt as the two Cocks pistoned in and out of his perpetually greedy, insatiably hungry holes.

It was perfect.

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