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The Naked Ginger

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Michael owes a lot to his science teacher but he never knew what the price would be.
2/20/21 11:06 AM
Ben and his buddies decide to enter a competition in order to get some free booze. Will they follow through with it? If so, how far will the night go?
2/5/21 6:19 AM
1083 words
Ryan finds himself frozen, unable to move, as his neighbor humiliates him.
1/14/21 8:47 AM
Ben moves into a new house and quickly discovers the rumors of its haunting may be true
7/4/20 6:11 AM
You attend a hypnosis show to get your mind off your recent breakup, and boy do you. (created largely using the AI Dungeon app)
6/18/20 9:32 PM
2802 words
Friend tries to use a show to hypnotize his straight buddy. But if that fails he has a trick up his sleeve.
5/20/20 9:20 PM
1990 words
Rob is hoping to see some naked ladies but the hypnotist has a trick up his sleeve
4/7/20 10:40 AM
3388 words
Ben forces Meg to go to hypno show and they get pulled on stage, will Ben know his girlfriend well enough to stay clothed?
5/19/19 8:34 PM
1696 words
Two men learn that harassment and physical assault aren't a laughing matter
3/19/19 11:52 AM
A couple friends play a new game that tricks them into a sexy night of shenanigans
1/8/19 5:25 AM