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Author Name Published
4/4/21 2:52 PM
10/21/20 9:36 PM
8/11/20 8:27 PM
Josh has to move to the family farm after an incident at college. His step brothers aren't fond of him, but he'll make sure to change that.
5/6/20 7:32 PM
4/3/20 5:24 AM
A high school jock has a crush on his best friend. Another guy has an amulet with the power to put people in an obedient trance.
4/2/20 5:30 AM
3/3/20 5:18 AM
A clumsy elf forgot his toolbox, what will Ben do with it?
12/29/19 6:43 PM
Ethan goes to his first camp after joining the scouts. There he finds an artifact that may help him make his summer much more interesting.
10/30/19 5:52 AM
Pine is your normal, silent classmate, the one you barely notice it's there. The football team's jock love to bother him, could this be the time for sweet revenge?
10/16/19 10:20 AM