Pine's College Jocks 2

Series Summary

After a year of resting, Pine is decided to start using his powers again, along with a new plan.

Author Name Published
8/11/20 8:27 PM
Pine tries to rebuild Leo's friend, while also discovering a bit of the past.
7/24/20 8:20 PM
Pine's evening gets interrupted by an interesting proposal.
7/11/20 6:12 AM
Geoff gets his induction as Pine assigns him his new side-job.
7/3/20 5:40 PM
Leo struggles with being a good mind controller, so Mike volunteers to help him with that.
6/26/20 8:08 AM
Leo tries to start with his part of the deal, as Pine finishes a half-done business.
6/13/20 2:39 PM
Pine tries a new approach with Leo, as the pair decide to go after the rugby coach.
6/6/20 9:45 PM
Still upset, Pine decides to take a day off from being the jock master.
5/29/20 4:56 AM
Pine tries to continue with the sports club plan, but his new ally may be more dangerous than he seems to be.
5/15/20 9:35 PM
An unexpected surprise appears on Pine's way.
5/9/20 3:05 PM