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Alpha Artemis

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Author Title Published
2/13/21 11:16 AM
1447 words
Training a puppy is hard work. But man the rewards are nice.
6/12/20 5:07 PM
Always on the lookout for a new toy. Boys beware. Daddy is always on the hunt.
6/12/20 5:09 PM
2516 words
A pair of Mormon boys on a mission are captured by a stranger. What will happen to them in this strange mans clutches?
6/17/20 4:23 PM
A thug from the street is taken in by a caring daddy and shown a better way.
10/5/20 9:47 AM
A cheating boyfriend is punished and made a good boy.
10/3/20 10:35 PM
Be careful who you accept gifts from. Specially strangers met online.
2/11/21 7:32 AM
Jafar has Alladin right where he wants him. Vulnerable.
2/11/21 1:11 PM
Prince John has taken the Merry Men captive!
2/15/21 10:21 PM