By Alpha Artemis
published June 12, 2020
1447 words

Training a puppy is hard work. But man the rewards are nice.

Darren looked at the diapered boy giving him puppy dog eyes, well begging and panting in his lap. He smiled as a small plaintive whimper came from the poor boy as he again tried to grind his padded butt against Darrens crotch desperate for a treat from his favorite “bone”. Darren looked the puppy in the eye and said in a teasing tone of voice, “Aww does Alphas lil baby bitch pup wanna nurse again already?”

The puppy bounced up and down and barked happily, pawing at Darren’s crotch and grinding his diapered bottom against his leg. Darren relented and unbuttoned his jeans and tugged down his boxers so his puppy could get at the prize inside. With a happy yip the puppy dived down and instantly settled into place against Darren’s side. His warm, wet mouth began sliding back and forth on Darren’s cock while he gently ground his diapered crotch against Darren’s leg. Darren could feel the caged cock rubbing against his leg inside the puppy’s diaper and smirked again.

“Aww someone’s trying to get hard, isn’t he? But he can’t because Alpha locked his little puppy bits away in a nice tight cage, because little puppies like you don’t need their cocks huh boy?”

Darren smirked as a muffled whimper vibrated the throat of the puppy as it continued to move its mouth up and down on his cock, savoring the steady leak of pre cum from his Alpha’s bone. Darren leaned back and rubbed the back of the pup’s head, pushing him down a bit further each time; just enough to gag him and then pulled him back, letting him breath before slowly pushing him back down.

Darren smiled again as the puppy started taking more and more of his cock without being forced on it. He kept one hand resting lightly on the puppy’s head and used the other to gently pat the back of the thick, colorful diaper enclosing the pup’s bottom and locked privates. As the pup moved back and forth and continued its slow grind against his leg, he thought to himself how delightful it was to have a new pet in the house. His last one had been sold the month before and it had been rather quiet and boring around the house since. Plus, now he could get his rocks off whenever he wanted and his new puppy would always be ready to lend a paw, mouth or tail hole to the cause.

What had this one’s name been? Alex? Arron? Adrion? Darren tried to remember but shrugged and thrust into the puppy’s throat causing him to gag and then recover and take even more of the shaft down his throat. He had seen him harassing a gay couple on the street and decided to make him his next “project”. A little slight of hand hypnotism combined with some sleeping pills in the drink he bought the guy for “fighting the good fight” and he was out like a light and swept into Darren’s arms and carried to his apartment downtown. Darren remembered cackling like a loon when the guy’s eyes had rolled up into his head right in the middle of railing against the “faggots” infesting the city as he passed out.

And now look at him. Amazing what a week spent in a drugged haze and some hypnotic suggestions and conditioning could do to a person’s outlook. This little puppy was already sucking dick like he was born for it. And with a bit more time and a few more sessions with Darren’s special video collection and his little puppy would be ready to start getting fucked and bred like the little bitch he was. Darren grinned and, after sucking on his finger for a moment, slowly moved his hand down the back of the puppy’s diaper and, grinning like a cat that caught the canary, slowly slipped the digit inside of the puppies hole.

The blowjob suddenly stopped and the puppy let out a long slow moan of pleasure causing his throat to vibrate around Darrens cock. Darren growled softly in pleasure and pushed the puppies head down to get him started again. His finger moved slowly in and out of the tight hole and the puppy continues to moan and whimper around his cock and the humping grew even more excited. Bending his finger slightly and locating the spot he wanted, Darren began a slow, teasing massage of the puppies prostate well still moving his finger in and out.

“Mmm that’s right good boy. You feel that? You feel where Alpha is pressing on. That special spot inside your tail hole? That’s puppies prostate. And pretty soon it’s gonna be the only way you can cum. Your gonna need something shoved up your little hole working it over so you can splatter your little load out of your locked cock. And your gonna beg and whimper and whine and plead with me to help you do it. But remember. You only cum it Alpha is satisfied”

Darren could feel the puppies grinding getting more and more frenzied and decided to make it more fun. He slowly withdrew his finger and leaned over to were the puppy was resting his head on Darren’s lap well he sucked. And he whispered a word into the puppies ear causing a small shudder to run the puppies entire form before a soft hissing sound started and the puppy whimpered several times and pulled his mouth off Darren’s cock and pawed at his crotch as his locked little bits filled his diaper with a flood of warm piss without any way of stopping it. The puppy whined and looked up with shame and fear in his eyes but Darren smiled at the poor boy and gently stroked his head before pushing him back down into his cock to resume the blowjob.

“Shhh it’s okay buddy. Your just filling your diaper like a good boy. Little puppies aren’t potty trained. That’s why they wear a diaper. Don’t worry buddy. Its all natural. Just keep nursing away.. You have almost earned your treat. Puppy want a treat?” Darren said in a supportive and teasing tone of voice.

The puppy begin to move faster and faster and Darren felt his balls rise up and pushed the puppy as far down as he could go safely and with a low moan began to shoot ropes of cum straight down the puppies throat. Three shots went straight down the pups throat before he pulled out and shot another 3 across the puppies muzzle and on his chest. The puppy squirmed and lapped at the head of Darren’s cock trying to get as much of the treat as he could. Darren let him lap away and clean him up before he rubbed he cum into the puppies chest and fed the rest to him.

Sitting up slightly and scooping the smaller boy into his arms Darren carried the puppy over to the large playpen in the corner of the room and set him inside of it. He smiled and rubbed the puppies head and said “go play with your toys buddy. Alphas gonna turn on a nice musical track for you to listen to well you play. Remember to be quiet don’t wanna wake the neighbors.”

The puppy barked softly with his tongue out and then went to gnaw on nearby toy well soft music began to fill the room and fill his ears. He slowly grew more and more tired until he curled up on his bed with his Alphas dirty shirt on it and dozed off well the music floated through his head and his caged bits jumped up and down in the cage trying to get excited and his little hole flexed and remembered all the pleasurable feelings his Alpha has given him.

Darren shut the door and went to his computer to get some work done. The music would have the pup asleep in a 30 minutes or so and would start the process of making it easier to train the puppy to get fucked and remove more of his bladder control. He smiled and thought to himself how good the little guy looked with ropes of spunk across his face and chest.

“Hmm. Spunky. That’s a perfect name for the little guy.” Darren thought aloud as he turned to his computer and casually rubbed his cock through his pants anticipating the next step in the pups training.

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