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Noam de Pluma

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Author Title Published
Looks, youth, innate hypnotic abilities (of which he is completely oblivious) - Ethan Masterson has it all. Except intelligence, that is. What trouble will he find himself in, and more importantly, how will he fuck his way out of it? Read on to find out in every chapter of the Adventures of Ethan Masterson!
9/16/21, 9:31 PM
Ambitious college grad Zeke knows that somebody always gets fucked in politics, but he never thought it would be him. He’s about to learn the hard way that sometimes you have to power-bottom your way to the top.
9/11/21, 8:01 AM
1347 words
Dickon is far at sea, alone and forlorn as he recalls his forbidden lover back home.
8/3/21, 3:43 PM
Young Bheeshma comes out to his friend, but the experience isn’t satisfying. What if he could get a do-over? Or… infinite do-overs? Thanks to an old family totem, he might get his chance(s).
8/1/21, 10:23 PM
Casper has started an exciting new job, and bought himself an expensive new apartment, but finds himself on a dreaded Performance Improvement Plan. What's a scared, sexy new hire to do when his job is on the line?
7/12/21, 5:29 AM
Aaron, the geeky programmer for Niche Software Startup, Inc., finds a strange spreadsheet in his boss’s files with intimate information about his coworkers. Aaron is shocked to learn that reality will change to fit the spreadsheet numbers he enters. Will he use the spreadsheet wisely or turn his office into a never-ending orgy?
4/27/21, 8:21 PM
Wealth, fame and hot, gay sex come easy when you’ve got the power to rewrite reality. Unless you have a penchant for letting other people have a say in the changes you make, that is. What could possibly go wrong?
4/14/21, 11:54 AM
Kafka’s Metamorphosis, but make it sexy.
1/12/21, 6:14 AM
4552 words
Although the hibiscus was in full flower, Vance was not. Fortunately for him, an enchanted clocktower in the Botanical Gardens was about to remedy that problem for him. And his dick. And his muscles. And his...
1/4/21, 6:37 AM
4464 words
Madcap romp to the year 2130 where the Christian Conservatives have won, and unbelievers are sent to jolly old Saint Nick for some surprisingly sexual rehabilitation.
12/31/20, 4:50 PM