The Adventures of Ethan Masterson

Looks, youth, innate hypnotic abilities (of which he is completely oblivious) - Ethan Masterson has it all. Except intelligence, that is. What trouble will he find himself in, and more importantly, how will he fuck his way out of it? Read on to find out in every exciting, erection-inducing episode of the Adventures of Ethan Masterson!
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Ethan is caught in a sexy comedy of errors when he accidentally turns the tables on two burglars. Will their break-in of his apartment turn into an unexpected breaking-in of their assholes? Spoiler alert: yes!
Ethan is working as a clerk at Cummer’s Convenience when his boss, who has a real stick up his ass, gives him a hard time. Will Ethan (and his dick) rise to the occasion and deliver the level of customer service required to keep his job?
Ethan is loading up the washing machine when his favourite dildo tumbles out of the bedsheets. He's mortified, but lucky for him a friendly stranger knows just how to help him learn never to make that mistake again.
All Ethan wants to do practice yoga on the beach. Is it really his fault that he winds up with a cock down his throat?