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Author Name Published
1367 words
Our protagonist gets more than he can handle from his grindr date
2/8/21 5:31 PM
5340 words
Mark receives a gift from Santa - two pieces of Himbo Gum. Anyone who chews it gets muscled up and dumbed down. Lucky for his roommate Ken, Mark is in the mood to share.
12/31/20 8:57 AM
Graham plays a game of Billiards, not knowing the table has special powers.
12/27/20 7:54 AM
When Dan explores hypnosis for the first time he's willing to play along with the idea of fake memories, but he doesn't realise just how much his new son wants him to change...
12/7/20 10:42 PM
Star World, the next big thing in virtual gaming. Using the powerful Mindgear console, players can enter a dream like state to experience an unparralele gaming experience.
11/12/20 10:51 PM
9/2/20 5:52 PM
Bottom waits in an empty room his ass full of cum. He waits for another man to be called who can give him what he craves.
8/19/20 6:11 AM
An elven mage struggling to prove himself in a human-dominated society finds not everything he's learned about his people is true.
8/6/20 6:47 AM
Derek and I found this old fashioned polaroid camera. When we take a picture of one of us with it, the photos always come out... different. And not only do we eventually end up doing the stuff in the photos... we sometimes start to like it, too.
7/28/20 12:03 AM
Ready to win the regional wrestling championships, David prepares to face Xavier, a mysterious newcomer. Their first touch opens David to a whole new world.
4/5/20 7:26 AM