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Author Name Published
4/8/21 11:05 AM
4/2/21 8:45 PM
Tim's body is still changing, even after puberty, and guys are starting to notice him a lot more and even seem to be drawn to him.
2/21/21 9:31 PM
Connor just can't bring himself to ask out his friend Isaac. After one missed opportunity too many, he gets a little assistance...
2/14/21 1:41 PM
2/6/21 8:09 AM
2586 words
Bertie has to constantly remind himself that he's strong enough, he's open enough, and his dick is big enough. One day, his affirmations come true in a way he could never have guessed.
1/14/21 8:31 PM
3433 words
Paul gets a mysterious knock on the door on Christmas eve, just as he's getting comfortable. He hasn't spoken to Bradley in years, but the second he opens the door the hunky rugby jock from college can't stop kissing him. What the hell?
12/24/20 9:48 PM
Cory wants to introduce his roommate to the frat but James the president is having none of that. Cory thinks his roommate will be able to convince him one way or another
11/28/20 4:15 PM
Regular buff-guy Dean has an unwanted visitor (or two) in his home. Unfortunately when he tries to actually get rid of them, all hell breaks loose.
11/21/20 8:16 AM
My roommate Jake took up demonology as his COVID-quarantine hobby. Now there’s an incubus loose somewhere in our apartment. Except… we can’t seem to find it? Well, whatever. Maybe our sexy OTHER roommate (who has *totally* been here all along) can help us!
10/9/20 9:35 AM