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Author Name Published
Author Name Published
11/27/20 7:43 AM
2757 words
Womaniser Josh dumps the wrong witch. He's convinced they want different things - he just wants a quick fuck. Luckily for him, he's about to get exactly what he wants, and more.
11/25/20 6:58 PM
4250 words
A nerdy guy finds a genie who can only grant wishes based on past decisions. His life changes dramatically.
11/23/20 12:07 AM
11/23/20 12:07 AM
11/21/20 3:33 PM
An inflatable unicorn causes changes to those who decide to go on it
11/20/20 10:08 PM
Every man in the world is turning into a gay bodybuilder, and they're doing it alphabetically.
11/19/20 8:03 AM
It’s the last day of an initiation ceremony for a fraternity at a magical university. It’s a tradition as old as the frat itself, but one pledge seems especially nervous...
11/16/20 7:55 AM
11/15/20 7:23 AM
A mysterious barbershop opens up just in time to give some desperate guys the transformation they need to score big on Halloween.
11/13/20 6:04 PM