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Author Name Published
1367 words
Our protagonist gets more than he can handle from his grindr date
2/8/21 5:31 PM
After Frankie received a pretty pink thong from his boyfriend Gino, his booty and his sex-life dramatically improved. But now that he's regularly getting plowed by his boyfriend and a bunch of other guys besides, he's starting to think that Gino, with his disappointingly-flat ass, is getting a little boring.
1/12/21 5:11 PM
Two gay roommates in a house full of nerds enact a plot to turn their straight roommate, Devin, into their personal bottom bitch.
4/28/20 5:29 AM
Mike went to college to try new things and make the most of his lacrosse scholarship to make sure he would escape the small mountain town his folks called home. Little did he know that learning something new would change him unexpected ways.
4/10/20 6:42 AM
3/15/20 4:27 AM
3919 words
The gym has a Reality Enhancer machine to help dudes maximize their workouts, but today it has a glitch. Whenever someone says "No homo," whoever they're saying it to becomes a tiny bit--well, homo. How will the glitch affect the patrons' workouts?
1/9/20 5:43 AM
7/6/19 8:29 AM
3956 words
Jim and Ryan's girlfriends text them to meet up at a new club for the night. When they get there, it seems that their girls aren't there... or any girls for that matter.
7/4/19 3:53 PM
23157 words
5/9/19 3:25 PM
13670 words
Charlie Morrison is a red-blooded, straight, Christian American man, and he thinks that the world is meant to bow to his every whim. He thinks himself above everyone else, but when the sins of his past come back to haunt him, it doesn’t take very long to knock him down a few pegs.
1/6/19 8:15 AM