Franco Apollo

#### "There are worse things in the world than a boy who likes to kiss other boys." ##### - Benjamin Alire Sáenz - - - ![Feel free to reach out!](/image/show/10005661) #### Introduction: I’ve always been writing throughout my entire life - short stories, novels, scripts, and whatnot. Never anything good enough to actually be published, but I enjoy it nonetheless and it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time. This is my latest exercise in what happens when I combine two of my favorite things: Writing and Hot Dudes. #### Franco Apollo: My penname, Franco Apollo, largely draws inspiration from the Olympian deity of sunlight and healing, music and arts, and protection of the young. Apollo personifying a masculine beauty and handsomeness, as evidenced by his many lovers – both female and male, including Adonis. A common trend that has been noticed and commented upon in my works is the ample inclusion of Latino/Hispanic characters. Being Latino myself, I feel that Latinos are quite underrepresented in both porn and sex work. This is simply my way of trying to rectify that and celebrate Latino manhood and masculinity. I'm admittedly very fond of interracial pairings and relationships. I find the contrast of skin tones and the blending of ethnicity as something sexy and sensual that should be explored and not be tabooed. I strive for what I deem as a "soft raceplay" vibe; that being not the declaration of the superiority of one race over the other, but moreso a celebration of our cultures, identities, and what makes us different. #### Current and Upcoming Projects: As it stands, I currently have two concurrent projects in the works: For my next story, I have settled on an anthology. That is, a collection of short stories all sharing the same universe and cast of characters, a "day in the life" so to speak. Work is still in the planning stations as of now, and the writing process will begin with the next following weeks. My second project, I have dramatically deemed, Operation **REVISE**: Rewriting Erotica, (re)Vitalizing my Inspirations, Smuttier Experiences. In which I'm looking to fully rewrite, reedit, and revise some of my earliest submissions to this site to meet my modern expectations. Work is still in the early development stages, and will only fully commence upon submission of the aforementioned work above. #### What to Expect: As I write and hone my work, I try to often remind myself of my personal motto: **“Smut should be fun.”** While I believe that long chronicles of romanticism and chivalry are often worth a read _(sometimes you need to eat the main course before getting to dessert),_ my personal writings are often akin to porn. Hot, to the point, and you don’t need to think too hard about it. All that to say, don’t be surprised when every dude we meet has six-pack abs, an eight-incher, and in a constant state of rut. Believe me, there will be **DUMB HORNY JOCKS** looking to _bust a fat nut_ before the big game, **RAUNCHY FRAT BROS** who _fuck first_ and ask questions later, and plenty of _perverted antics_ that turn even the straightest guys into **CUM-HUNGRY PIGS!** _Buckle up, grab your lube and tissues, and get hard because the best is yet to come!_
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