Is Ignorance Bliss? Chapter 2: The Game, Turn 2

By astrolub -
published March 11, 2016
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Six frat buddies continue to play a game, not realizing a reality warper is playing along.

Author’s Note: Thank you all for the encouragement and feedback from chapter 1 … a year ago. The main criticism was that more was needed. Here’s the next chapter. Unfortunately, my real-life job smacked me in the ass (in a bad way) after the last chapter in Feb 2015 and hasn’t let down since, I have very, very little free time now, and my bf complains when I don’t spend it with him. If you’d like to read more, please send feedback and tell me you like the story:

Chapter 1 – Recap

Six formerly mostly heterosexual frat brothers are playing a mysterious board game where they ask each other trivia questions. Each question seems to be sexual, and the game changes them for good or bad depending on the answers. They all appear to think this is normal. So far, Josh has been changed into the stereotypical gay wolf, George has increased cum production, Mike has large pecs and nipples that leak a strawberry-tasting concoction, Kurt has aged 11 years, Zak has his IQ dropped to 75, and Sean has age-regressed to 18 and has gained numerous genital piercings.

Chapter 2: The Game, Turn 2

Josh took the dice from Sean, who had sat back down in front of the game board. The only visible change in Sean now that his shorts were on was that his legs were no longer together, but he left ample room between them for his new accessories. The slightest movement elicited pleasure, so he tried to stay still. After all, they might all be friends, but this wasn’t some wild orgy.

But they were just friends. Well, except for Kurt, who was more “involved” with each of them, especially Sean these days.

Josh rolled 2 and advanced to a red square. Sean, the one who had just gone before, picked up a red card and asked, “What was a group of people who were early immigrants to America who were well known for their restrictive views about sex?”

Josh thought for a moment and then responded, “Puritans?”

The six friends looked to the inky black dome at the center of the board and read the words that formed therein: “Puritanical about sex, the Puritans were. But for your knowledge of historical sexual morality, you will become the opposite of the Puritans in your views.”

All looked to Josh who just shrugged his shoulders. Nothing outwardly seemed to change, though subtle differences in his posture projected a more inviting view to his new body.

George took the dice next, rolling 12, and he rapidly advanced around the board. He also landed on a red square, so Josh took a red card and asked: “What is a sexual hypothesis for why Victorians had long table cloths, such that table legs were not visible?”

George looked quizzically at everyone, but blank stares met his eyes, especially from Zak.

“Ummmmmm… they thought they looked like dick?” He shrugged his shoulders.

His friends laughed as they looked to the board. The writing in the middle of the board appeared: “Not even close. The saying goes that men were so repressed that the shapeliness of a table leg might make them horny. As punishment for your wrong answer, you will know what that is like, being perpetually horny beyond your increased libido from last round, with a dick too large to hide.”

“Bu—oooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” George’s protestation quickly turned into a moan as his formerly modest cock grew to its 5.5" hard state and continued to grow, and grow. Out of pain and need, George tore off his shorts and boxers, revealing his larger-than-large balls and new, hard 15" cock. The head was leaking profusely, and as George tossed his head back with a final moan, it sprayed cum several feet in the air. With his increased cum production thanks to the last round, he fell back from the intensity, and the cum rained down on him for over a minute while his friends simply stared. When it finally stopped, George was panting loudly, while his cock remained rock hard.

Zak was the first to speak, simply to say, “Wow.”

The four remaining friends looked to Zak and then back to George, and then Kurt got up to get a bath towel. Fortunately, they were playing on wood floors instead of carpet, and Kurt and Sean wiped the spilled seed off the floor and then gently off George’s body.

With a weak, “Thanks,” George slowly sat back up, still breathing heavily, and glaring at his still-hard cock with a mixture of humiliation, awe, pleasure, and fear. It was still twitching, and precum was already leaking out again from the tip.

Trying to draw attention away from himself, though hard to do without any clothing on (something had happened to his shirt, he didn’t remember taking it off), he passed the dice to Mike. Mike took them, though a small drop of liquid leaked from his left nipple in the process. He licked it up almost unconsciously, enjoying the strawberry taste.

Mike rolled a 3 and 1, and he advanced to a green square, science. George reached over, moaning slightly as his cockhead brushed his chest, and took a green card. He asked, “What is a common bivalve that is often believed to have aphrodisiac qualities?”

“Okay, that I know: Oysters. Easy.”

The rest of his friends - except Zak - also knew the answer, so held back while Mike looked to the center of the board for his reward. “Congratulations on an easy answer to an easy question. For knowing about aphrodisiacs, your nipple cream will now be an aphrodisiac to all who smell or taste it. Guess what that means for you, buddy.”

The effect was immediate to everyone in the room except for George, who couldn’t get any hornier: Everyone’s dick went up.

For Josh, he splayed his legs apart fully and let his 7" bulge be seen by everyone. Sean was already pantsless and he groaned openly as his super-sensitive “just under” 6" cock rose to prominence, stretching around his multiple genital piercings. Mike’s 6" cock rose almost instantly to full-mast, given that he was closest to his sweet-smelling cream. Kurt shifted merely uncomfortably, trying to re-position his 7" erection in his shorts, it growing less quickly because he was farther from the source of the new aphrodisiac. As the friends surveyed each other to varying degrees of interest or discomfort and embarrassment, their eyes rested on and then opened wide in surprise as Zak’s 9.5" cock rose above his waistband and he started to rub the head, just a little. When he saw his friends looking at him, his cheeks grew red and he moved his hand away, saying, “Felt good,” by way of explanation. No one had known that Zak’s dick was so large, easily the largest among them before George’s had been tripled in size.

With a general lack of comfort around the room - spare Josh who was now openly ogling his friends, and Zak who now lacked the social awareness to understand - Kurt leaned over to pick up the dice next, unintentionally getting a stronger whiff of Mike’s new scent, causing a small wet spot to appear on his shorts.

He quickly returned to his position and rolled a 7, after-which he advanced to a blue square, definitions.

Mike drew the blew card on top and said: “Fill in the blanks: ‘A _______ bunny should, after a period of time, have _______ muscles, by definition.’”

Kurt thought for awhile on this one. On the one hand, there were lots of possible - and probably correct - ways to complete that sentence. However, all six friends were openly gay, and this game clearly had a gay theme to all questions, answers, and changes. He’d spent many years at a blue-collar job before coming back to get his undergrad degree and joining the frat, and knowing how guys were, he thought he had the answers to satisfy the magical force driving the game: “A gym bunny should, after a period of time, have large muscles, by definition.”

Five looked to the center of the board, while Zak’s hand had gone back to gently stroking the head of his cock.

“Good job on that toughie. Your reward will be the fruits of the term, without any maintenance required!”

Before everyone’s eyes, Kurt started to morph. First, his t-shirt changed to a thin tank top with large arm holes, and a black silhouette of a Playboy bunny head appeared on it with arms lifting a barbell over its head. Kurt’s shorts to mesh, and his boxers to a jockstrap that attempted to contain his 7" hardon. Kurt was already bulky, if rough around the edges, from the last turn (though no one really remembered him being different). But as his friends watched, they saw him simultaneously bulk outwards while gaining a more cut, defined body of someone who spent hours each week for many, many years, with dedicated weight training.

“Come on, give us a pose!” encouraged Josh.

Kurt stayed seated, but put his hands behind his head to do an abs pose, his tank top stretched over his torso, clearly showing every muscle with two small points for each nipple. His arms were the visible works of art, and he knew that they were about 19" around – not ridiculously huge, but larger than your average body builder. Best of all, he knew that he would never have to work to maintain his musculature nor low body fat.

Josh nodded approvingly, tweaking his nipple, while Sean reached over to rub Kurt’s abs tenderly, looking up at Kurt’s face while doing so. Kurt winked, put his arms down, and handed the dice to Zak. George tried desperately hard not to touch himself, least his steady trickle become a stream.

Zak looked at the dice quizzically before dropping them on the board. Rolling a 9, Sean helpfully moved Zak’s piece forward, landing him on a yellow square, indicating a medical question to be answered.

Kurt picked up the top yellow card and asked, “What disease was called ‘The Gay Plague’ when it first made headlines in the 1980s?”

Zak thought on this one for awhile. He was significantly slower due to his dropped IQ from last round, and he was distracted by being so horny from the smell emanating from Mike, causing him to unconsciously continue to thumb his cock. But having been gay all his life, this was something that was drilled into him at every turn, and after several moments to collect his thoughts, he responded, “AIDS?”

The center of the board formed these words that Kurt helpfully read out: “You may be slow, but you got that one right. As a reward, not only will you be ‘aided,’ but so will your friends. Your IQ is raised by your roll, and none of you will ever contract nor transmit an STD.”

The heaviness in Zak’s eyes cleared somewhat, and he removed his hand from his dick as he felt the effects of a small regain in his intelligence. Meanwhile, all the guys were giving each other high-fives, causing several fluids to be leaked – both Mike’s nipple cream and precum from George wound up on the board, but none touched the middle where the inky black dome resided and had returned to blackness, the letters vanishing from before. Some touching lingered a bit longer than others, such as between Sean and Kurt, and Josh and anyone he could, but both George and Mike sat back down quickly. Just because you’re gay and with a bunch of friends who are gay doesn’t mean that you have to be all sexual with all of them.

Sean took the dice and rolled 5, moving his piece ahead to a yellow square. Zak was still slow on the uptake, so Kurt helpfully handed him the top green card to read. “What’s 6, 6, 7, 7, 9.5, 15 all have in common?” Zak asked.

Sean had absolutely no idea. He had figured out the general theme of the questions - just like his “big bro” Kurt, and knew it had to be something sexual and/or gay-themed, but a number sequence in a medical question? It made no sense.

It didn’t help that he was completely distracted by his hard dick every time he moved, made super-sensitive in the last turn. The piercings he had been given didn’t help, for every time his penis throbbed, it moved the metal, providing a shuddering feedback which made it throb again in an endless loop. He was desperately hoping that Mike’s “reward” from the last turn might be revoked. Or maybe they could attach pumps to his nipples to harvest the cream and sell it – killing two birds with one stone, making money for the frat (well, him, Kurt, and the frat being a beneficiary), and removing the intoxicating smell.

He sighed and looked around at his friends, who were all similarly in various stages of distraction, and Zak had gone back to play with his dick. Wait – his dick! Zak looked around at his friends and saw their hard cocks on display, and tried to gauge their size. A grin spread across his face and he announced, “It’s the size of each of our cocks!”

He leaned in to read the center dome which had already formed the words: “Good job knowing your friends. As a reward for the correct answer, each of you get the previous average minus the smallest previous size added onto your penis. Enjoy!”

Everyone felt their penis growing, and Kurt grabbed the card from Zak’s hand and did some quick mental math. He announced, “That means we each get an extra 2.5 inches!!”

No sooner had he said that than they all heard a groan not only from George, but also from Sean, whose piercings had grown in thickness along with his cock. The noise came in stereo as the two men involuntarily orgasmed, spraying all over themselves and the immediate area. While Sean’s cock was under control after about 15 seconds, George was still going for a full minute, giving Josh enough time to grab an extra towel to mop him up.

“Thanks,” George smiled meekly, again embarrassed by what was going on and his lack of control. He wrapped himself in another towel, even his pants having disappeared by this point. Sean wasn’t wearing any pants after the last turn, and with this latest explosion, he took off his shirt to mop himself up, and then threw it behind him.

Kurt, the oldest of the friends (after what happened in the last turn), surveyed the scene. Josh was a hot, lean, hairy muscle guy, fully clothed, with what was now a 9.5" cock that he would now use every chance he got. George was naked, his cock nearly 1.5 ft long, always hard, with balls generating 10x the normal sperm for a guy his age. Mike’s 8.5" cock would also be perpetually hard thanks to his larger “pecs” adorned with more sensitive, large nipples that leaked strawberry-flavored “nipple cream” (as the game called it) that turned everyone on who smelled or tasted it; he was necessarily shirtless. Zak was borderline mentally retarded though had gained a bit of his intelligence back along with a now foot-long cock was fully clothed, just like he was, though he was wearing a tank and gym shorts, but that was all the better to show off his amazingly hot body - right? Last but not least was his little (fuck) buddy/mentee Sean who was naked with an 8.5" cock (just an inch shorter than his), that was pierced and highly sensitive.

Kurt smiled as he took all this in, breathing in deeply and feeling a new rush to his dick from Mike’s scent. It was a pleasant feeling if also a bit embarrassing, but it was hot.

He wondered what the next turn would bring as Josh took the dice.

To be continued? Let me know!

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