Is Ignorance Bliss? Chapter 1: The Game, Turn 1

By astrolub
published February 22, 2015
2582 words

Six frat buddies start to play a game, not realizing a reality warper is playing along.

Author’s Note: This is my second attempt at writing erotica. (First was under the name “astrolüb” on this site, but the umlaut had some rendering issues.) This particular chapter for this story was heavily influenced by “John Gray”’s “Master PC: The Victim’s Perspective,” but my ideas for the story, as a whole, are separate and beyond that premise, and they move beyond just playing this board game. If you’d like to read more, please send feedback and tell me you like the story:

Chapter 1: The Game, Turn 1

Josh rolled a 7. Picking up his piece, he moved forward and landed on blue. He looked up to Sean who was already pulling a blue card from the stack. Blue was definitions.

“In gay culture, what is a ‘wolf?’”

Josh had no idea. He looked around at his five other friends for help, but none of them showed any facial or body expression that might have assisted him. Zak, the only one who was gay, had the straightest face he could muster.

“Um, someone who’s aggressive?”

Sean and Josh looked to the center of the game, to the half dome filled with squid ink -like fluid. Words in smokey white rendered themselves visible over the next several seconds. Sean read out loud: “Close, but not quite. For not knowing, you will experience what it’s like to be a wolf, first-hand.”

When Sean finished, all eyes were on Josh. He looked quizzically around the circle until he felt a tickling itch on his face. His hands instinctively went up to scratch, and he felt a short beard. He frantically felt all around his face and it was covered in a fresh growth, something new on his previously baby-smooth countenance.

As he was feeling his face, his friends watched as their formerly lean companion bulked up, becoming more muscular. Not a bodybuilder by far, but his formerly relatively shapeless body was now clearly defined. As his hands left his face, his now muscular arms guided his hands down his new abdominal muscles, lifting up his shirt to see what was going on.

Just as had happened to his face, hair began to fill in his formerly smooth torso, only enhancing his musculature and drawing attention to what may lie within his pants.

The change was semi-pleasurable, and his crotch grew tighter, something his friends noticed but didn’t comment on.

“How do you feel?” asked George, who had the next turn.

“Definitely more aggressive …” Josh started to answer before his hands flew to his throat. He felt a much more massive lump, a physical mechanism to explain why his voice had dropped. After examining himself for a few more moments, he continued, “but I don’t feel any different that way. But, wow! If this is what being a wolf is, I think I like it. Your turn.” He passed the dice to George.

Zak muttered something under his breath about “amazing” and “completely ordinary,” but no one paid attention.

George rolled a 3 and moved along the board’s circle. He landed on yellow, medical.

Josh picked up the top yellow card from the pile near the board’s center and asked, “What is one of the methods of harvesting semen from wolves?” Josh looked up from the card at George and added, “I can show you if you want” and winked.

George rolled his eyes and said, “All because you’re trapped in a gay wolf’s body doesn’t mean I’m up for all this gay stuff. And the answer is electrostimulation. I was just watching a show on how they’re trying to bring back the wolf population.”

George and Josh looked to the black semi-sphere in the center and words formed: “For your knowledge of semen extraction, you will be rewarded with ten times normal human male semen production, with no negative side-effects.”

This time, everyone in the room looked not to George directly, but his crotch. Nothing happened at first, but then two noticeable - if subtle - lumps appeared, and George let out an involuntary groan of pleasure. When his eyes opened, a new hunger appeared, for while the game promised no negative side-effects, the main positive one was a dramatically increase libido.

Mike grabbed the dice from where George had rolled them, and rolled a 11. He moved his piece around the circle and landed on green, the science category.

George picked up the top green card and asked, “Mammals are known for having [blank] that separates them from other animals.”

Mike, as with Josh with his question, had no idea. But he had to answer, so he guessed: “Live birth?”

The board’s center indicator responded: “Nice try, but no. You’ll soon learn.”

As before when the board responded, the remaining five friends all looked to their frat brother, who was getting worried. What could it have possibly meant?

He sat there without the slightest idea, still trying to figure it out, when he absent-mindedly scratched his chest. “Oh!” he gasped. ‘What the hell was that?’ he thought to himself. He’d never felt anything so good on his chest.

Conscious that he was sitting in his dorm room with his five best friends – half of whom were gay – he tried to slowly run his fingers back over his chest to figure out what it was that felt so good. When he reached his nipple, he let out an involuntary groan, and his cock grew rock-hard in his pants.

“Dude! Let’s see it, lift your shirt up!” Josh called out in his deep voice.

Mike had never been too self-conscious about his body, but he was no where near as defined as Josh was now. Still, he couldn’t deny that something had happened to his chest, and it was only fair that they all got to see the answer.

He peeled his shirt off to reveal his hairless torso, and he immediately noticed that his pecs were bigger. As he gingerly pressed, they weren’t hard with muscle, or at least not only muscle, but they felt slightly softer. His nipples were a different story.

His nipples had always been tiny, and his areola small. Now was a different story. Th areola were at least two inches across, each, and the nipples nearly the size of dimes. And, they had started to leak a milky-white fluid. He reached up and gently touched one, and his cock grew harder, if that was possible. He then squeezed it roughly and the white fluid leaked out in a small stream, wetting his pants in a quite convenient location. Or inconvenient, as was the point of view of his two straight friends.

Overwhelmed by the sensation for a few moments, he finally announced, “Mammary glands. Mammals are defined by mammary glands.”

He then flicked his other nipple and watched some of the liquid leak out onto his finger. He then licked it and smiled. “Tastes like strawberry milk.” Josh looked hungrily at him, while Mike was lost in exploring the sensations of his chest, ignoring Josh.

The dice were passed to Kurt, who rolled a 6 with two threes. He moved his token to a red square. “Hey Zak,” he asked.


“What do the rules say about doubles? Anything special?”

Zak picked up the instructions card that was behind him and quickly scanned through it. “Yeah, says that doubles mean a change not only happens to you, but someone else you choose. This doesn’t count for snake eyes or double-sixes, only for values you could get by other non-double combinations. And you have to choose that person before the question card is read.”

“Hmmm … Okay, how about Sean then. Us heteros gotta stick together!” George and Zak both rolled their eyes at him, while Sean just shook his head in irritation.

It wasn’t that anyone was homophobic – far from it. Sexuality just didn’t seem to be an important topic to talk about among any of them - except George, but that was expected because of his condition making him so horny all the time. But it sometimes seemed like Kurt was compensating for something.

While Sean was musing about that, Mike picked up the top red card, getting it slightly moist from spit since he had been sucking on his fingers for the last few minutes after playing with his new chest.

“What civilization is known for accepting adult men having erotic relationships with teenagers, often associated with initiations and rites of passage?”

“Easy, ancient Greece. I am a history major, remember.”

All six friends looked to the middle of the board to see how it would respond: “For your knowledge of ancient customs, I hope you and Sean enjoy them!”

Not sure who to look at, Josh, George, Mike, and Zak looked back and forth, while Kurt and Sean looked at each other. Their expressions softened as each began to feel a bond between them, Sean of thanks and respect, and Kurt of nurturing.

Physically, Sean’s form went from a typical 20-year-old junior to an 18-year-old freshman, shrinking in bulk and regressing to more youthful features. Instead of an advanced member of the fraternity, he was still a pledge, while Kurt was his mentor.

For Kurt, the change was a tad more significant. His youthful 19-year-old features aged to those of one closer to thirty. His body filled out not as someone who looked like they worked out, but like someone who did manual labor for a living. New memories of working after high school for a few years to save before enrolling in college filled his head, and now a senior, he had helped younger members through college life and many looked up to him. He was going to graduate this year, and he was going to miss the fresh meat that arrived each year, but while he may portray a bravado on the outside, he really cared for the young men he mentored.

As to how all of them ended up gay? It was just a coincidence, but he was more than happy to ignore the coincidence and consider it one of the perks of his position. After all, the young men didn’t complain, some even initiated things themselves. Kurt had been different, it had taken awhile to get him out of his shell, but once he opened up, well, he opened up.

“Zak, it’s your turn,” Kurt said, handing him the dice.

“Oh yeah, okay,” Zak responded as he rolled a two.

He advanced to a yellow square and Kurt picked up the card and asked, “what is the shape of a boar’s penis?”

Zak had an “Ah ha!” look on his face and opened his mouth to answer, when his expression fell and became quizzical. “I have no idea, but that’s not right, I told it that I was always gonna …”

As he spoke, the inky central object formed the words, “Playing games can be fun, but sometimes you just get screwed. For not knowing that’s the answer, lose your roll times your age in IQ points.”

“But that’s … that’s …” Zak’s expression went from one of consternation to confusion as one could almost see the intelligence drain from his face.

Kurt looked at him a bit sadly, but patted him on the back and said, “That’s okay, you’ll get a chance to get ’em back. Two times 19, by the way, is 38. I think that takes you down to about 75 now.”

Zak just looked at him and smiled, enjoying the larger man’s firm hand on his shoulder. Kurt looked up to Sean and grinned, “It’s your turn.”

Sean, assuming a double entendre, smirked and felt a rise in his pants as he reached past Zak who was just leaning back on his hands with his eyes closed and a stupid smile on his face.

Sean rolled a 9 and moved to a blue square. “Aw man, I hate language questions!” he lamented.

“Just remember what I taught you before, think of the root and pull from that,” Kurt winked.

Sean sighed as Kurt handed Zak the card to read. Zak looked at it and said, “What’s a … a … Kurt, what’s that word?”

Kurt looked over Zak’s arm and replied, “Frenum.”

“Yeah, that. Sean, what’s a frenum piercing?”

“Easy,” Sean stated. “Underside of the penis, loose skin just under the head.”

Kurt took the card from Zak and put it at the bottom of the pile, while he and the rest of the group looked to the center of the board. Being spelled out now was the statement: “Good job. For your knowledge of genital piercings, enjoy some, free of charge!”

“What the–” Kurt intoned as he felt something happen under his pants.

“Take ’em off, let’s see!” Josh called out with a lilt of hunger in his voice.

Used to being naked at the frat from initiation, Sean stood up, pulled down his shorts and shucked his briefs, throwing them behind him to disappear in the rest of the mess in the room, and gasped at what was happening. Not only had an 8-gauge barbell appeared in his frenum, but at least a 4-gauge PA had worked its way through his modest penis head. His dick was only 2" soft and a little under 6" when hard, but the weight of the PA was pulling it down.

He felt a pinching under his balls and lifted them up to see what was happening there. George chuckled at how small they were compared to his large apple-sized sack but marveled at the three guiche piercings that had materialized under his balls.

“Here, let me feel,” Kurt stated more than asked, as he reached across the board to fondle them. “What do you think?” as he looked up at Sean.

Sean just moaned and his penis rapidly grew to its full “just-under-six-inch” length.

Kurt chucked and drew his hand back. “Maybe later,” he winked. Slightly disappointed, Sean looked behind him for the clothes he threw away and brought back much roomier, more fitted briefs and his old shorts. He put them back on and sat down, and passed the dice to Josh.

“Guess it’s my turn again,” the man said, idly scratching his hairy chest through his shirt.

To be continued? Let me know!

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