I'm not gay, just a throatslut

By Dreamweavr
published February 23, 2020
9058 words

Darren finds a way to think about his suspension more positively. Ben becomes a little self aware and discovers some feelings for Darren (he’s not a fag, though). They both mutually enjoy some new cognitions!

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Darren wasn’t sure what to think. On the one hand, the meeting did not go as planned; he did not convince Dr. Matthews of anything - other than, apparently, being a “perverted slut.” On the other hand, maybe he was a perverted slut?

The thought made his throat pussy tingle, and he tried to clear his throat pussy but it was apparently too stretched out to properly do so - he just felt it tighten a little, and he felt a pang of soreness that just reminded him how empty it was.

No, that wasn’t right; he wasn’t a perverted slut. He wasn’t even gay. Sure, outwardly he just got facefucked by a big cock, and that might seem gay. Like, to other people. But he simply had dick sucking lips and a throat pussy that needed cock and cum - it was an urge that needed satiating like any other. A hunger. An itch. That didn’t make him gay.

He didn’t have a problem with being gay - it just didn’t ring true to himself. He was the same as always: into women, but his priority was on his career. Getting throatfucked was just a new activity - admittedly one that he couldn’t believe he’d never done and couldn’t wait to do again - but that’s all it was - like watching sports or reading fiction.

So, even though the meeting didn’t go as planned, Darren was actually happy with the outcome. It introduced him to a new activity that, at the very least, he could spend his suspension getting more acquainted with. For the first time since getting suspended, he started to consider how he could use this time like a vacation. “Exercise certain urges,” Dr. Matthews had said.

“You look… happy?” Ben said, chewing his dinner with his mouth open.

Ben didn’t think that was quite the right word. Darren looked flushed, and his face seemed somewhat shiny and damp. Like maybe he’d just worked out, except Ben knew he didn’t because he wasn’t in the loose tank and skimpy shorts he usually wore to the gym. He was still in his professional garb, though he noticed some damp stains forming on his shirt.

What was most weird is that his lips looked kind of red and puffy. Perhaps even a little bigger? Not super noticeably. But Ben would notice because he usually noticed Darren’s lips, how recently he’d shaved, and how his hair always seemed to fall perfectly even though Ben knew he didn’t style it. But like, that was just because he saw Darren a lot as his roommate. That was normal stuff to notice about someone you saw everyday.

But despite his off complexion, Darren did look pleased.

“Yeah, I guess I am! Isn’t it just unbelievable that I went my whole life without getting my dick sucking lips on some dick!”

Ben coughed as his food got stuck in his throat. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was Darren making a weird joke?

“Hey, are you alright?” Darren said as he came around to Ben. He patted Ben’s back.

I’m good Ben tried to say. Shit. Ben was actually choking.

“Oh fuck,” Darren said. Darren lifted Ben off his chair, reaching his hands under Ben’s armpits and touching his chest. Fuck, Darren had never touched him like that. It felt… confusing. But Ben’s attention quickly went back to choking.

Darren did the Heimlich to Ben, and he spit out his food on his plate. Ben coughed and heaved.

“It’s okay. It’s okay buddy.” Darren patted Ben. Ben melted a little at his touch.

Ben was still doubled over as his breath came back to a normal pace. He had a good view of his own crotch. Fuck. He was rigid, and there was no hiding it, considering his size.

“Um. Uh, yeah, I’m fine. Thanks.” Ben said as he tried to, as naturally as possible, take a seat, then quickly scooted under the table to hide his boner.

Fuck. With all the choking, Ben seemed to have forgotten that they had a glass table.

“So, uh, yeah, you were saying? You… sucked dick?” Ben’s cock twitched. Damn it, he needed to take some deep breaths.

In Ben’s periphery - he could not make eye contact right now - Darren seemed to be studying Ben. Then, he relaxed and took a seat across the table from Ben.

“Yeah. You ever have a moment where it’s like, you were told your whole life you can’t do this thing. And you’re like, why not? It seems like the natural thing to do? But you still don’t do it because you’re not supposed to?”

Ben nodded, even though he had no idea what Darren was talking about. Nope, definitely no idea.

“Well, that’s how I was like today with sucking cock. I always felt like it was something I wasn’t supposed to do. Like, a straight guy doesn’t suck dick. So I never did… I mean, like, when I think about it, I don’t know if I ever really wanted to… But today, I was like, I have these dick sucking lips and a horny throat pussy. Why did I ever feel like there’s anything wrong with swallowing as many loads as I can?”

Ben didn’t know if it was the choking, the embarrassment from the choking, or the awkwardness of his boner - that now had a slowly growing wet spot - but he felt like a mess. Fear was rising in him, but also anger? Something about Darren blowing another guy. Or several other guys, like Darren was saying. Ben wanted Darren to… to what? Ben wanted Darren… nothing. Ben just wanted Darren.

Ben felt tears rising up, and he wanted to leave the table before any tears dropped, but he felt like he needed to say something.

Ben stood up.

“Maybe…” Ben’s voice was shaky. His gaze fell on the center of the table between him and Darren. His boner now felt like the least of his concerns.

“Maybe you thought sucking dicks was wrong because you didn’t wanna be a fucking fag.”

Ben rushed into his room.

Darren did not know what the fuck he’d just witnessed, but he was disappointed that the interaction didn’t end with that massive cock in his throat pussy. Darren didn’t know what was up with Ben, but he swore he could smell the scent of precum emanating from that beautiful wet spot that was growing on Ben’s crotch..

And Dr. Matthews had called him a tease?

Darren definitely needed more cock later. He considered knocking on Ben’s door and asking if he needed help with that boner, but it seemed like Ben probably wanted some privacy.

Besides, Darren still needed to think about how to spend the next three months. He had to admit that he had been getting burnt out. Maybe Dr. Matthews was right, and this was a good opportunity to relax. With the rental income coming from Ben, he’d saved up enough to be able to make it through the summer without any issue.

It dawned on Darren that he now had access to one of the greatest - if not the greatest - therapies that existed. He could spend this summer focused on self improvement.

And, of course, exploring his newfound interest in dick sucking.

He knew his dick hunger was returning, so he’d have to figure out how to satisfy that soon. But first, he wanted to plan his next use of the therapy.

Darren went into his room and logged into his computer. He needed to see what he’d used the therapy for before, to confirm that it worked. He checked his records and saw noted, “Therapy trial one: Elbows. Deleting skinny, bony, weak. Adding stability, healthy.”

Darren was taken aback - hadn’t he always felt positively about his elbows? But the data didn’t lie. He apparently used to consider his elbows to be skinny, bony, and weak.

This meant that the therapy must have worked. But, it also meant that the therapy seemed to override memory and conviction of the previous cognitions. That could be dangerous; the therapy could cause a patient to have completely different cognitions, while being completely oblivious about their past self and previous cognitions!

Darren should have thought about this before. It was a good thing that his current trials were controlled and limited to himself, otherwise there could be real consequences.

Imagine the malpractice suits, he thought.

Still, it was probably a good idea to add a feature to the program that would export a diff file - noting each individual cognition change to a text file - whenever the program was run, so that he could track his changes even if his memory of them was lacking. Darren quickly coded this - it was pretty simple to export the cognitions to a csv and pipe it into a diff tool - and then he thought about his personal use of the therapy.

Of course, the limitation of this therapy was that it could only affect cognition. He couldn’t actually change his body or habits directly - only how he thought about himself. For instance, if his goal was to finally get the last few pounds of muscle mass he wanted, he could change his cognition for his triceps or other muscles to something like “feels good to exhaust,” or “fun to work,” perhaps. On the extreme end, he could make it something like “feels like cumming to work out,” but assosciating sexual pleasure with something nonsexual seemed like a can of worms he didn’t want to get into, especially with what he’d just learned about how the programs overrides memory of cognitions.

Plus, even if he did change a cognition to something like “feels like cumming to work out,” he doubted that it actually would feel like cumming to work out. Cognitions don’t have that kind of physiological power. He would just think, at first, that working out would feel like cumming, but since it wouldn’t actually make him cum physiologically, the cognition would change and the motivational effect would wear off eventually. Especially since he could still physiologically cum from sex or jacking off; soon enough his body would realize the difference.

Despite that, he did’t want to totally dismiss the physiological impact of cognition. He recalled an experiment that showed that cognitions that decreased anxiety resulted in improved gastrointestinal health. So, although he didn’t know the extent, it did seem like cognitions could directly affect physiology, even if only partially, and possibly limited to smooth digestive tissue.

So those were his constraints. At this point, Darren still had the whole summer to plan this out, so he figured he’d stick with his original motivation: eliminating his body dysphoria.

Darren booted the program with the male figurine and all his cognitions. After about five minutes, Darren let out a sigh; this interface was not very conductive to his current task of cycling through all his body parts and removing cognitions related to his dysphoria, like “lanky,” “skinny,” and “weak,” and replacing them with more positive cognitions. He had to painstakingly click through everything, and read all the cognitions. It took him about a half hour to go through it all.

Once he was finished, he was curious about one thing. He right clicked and dragged over the whole male figure, selecting the whole body at once. This should give him cognitions about his self concept. Darren went through the list.

Okay, as Darren thought, he was straight. After the day he had, he was just curious to see if he was in denial or something. But his self concept didn’t list anything about being gay, or even bisexual. He really was just a straight guy who happened to have a hunger for cock and cum.

What next? Darren wasn’t going to run the program until the night, since it would render him unconscious, and he’d rather not waste the day.

More importantly, he was still dick hungry.

Darren pulled up his phone. What was that app called?

Ben had been crying in his room. He kept it quiet so that Darren wouldn’t hear him.

What was wrong with him? Why was he being such a fucking pussy? And why couldn’t he get the image of Darren’s bubble ass and him deepthroating cocks out of his head? Ben had to jack off twice before his dick calmed down and he could think a little more clearly. What was going on with him?

Ben still felt angry. Or maybe just upset? Why would he be upset about Darren apparently blowing some guy, besides just the general faginess of it?

Ben thought about Darren. When he first moved in, Ben had expected him to be arrogant and dismissive, like his parents, who were also academics. But he had turned out to be kind. And fit. And he smelled good. The first time he saw him, he’d just come back from a workout, and Ben didn’t know how to feel. He’d never seen a guy built like that, and sweaty, wearing such thin clothes. And an ass like that. An ass that screamed “fuckable.”

Because of Darren, Ben was able to leave his controlling parents - he wouldn’t have been able to afford anywhere else. He was paying some rent, true, but he couldn’t help but feel like Darren had taken him in. Ben’s stomach turned as he realized what a punk he’d been - messing around with Darren’s stuff when he should have been grateful.

All Ben had wanted was Darren’s attention. He was always so busy with work. If Darren could just hang out a bit with Darren. Play video games together and end up getting a little too close on the couch. But Darren never did anything but work! Now Ben recognized his pranks for what they were - a cry for attention. Like a fucking teenage girl.

And, now, it seemed that Ben’s pranks did finally come to something - somehow his recent shenanigans made Darren into some throat slut? Ben’s cock twitched at the thought, even though he’d jacked twice already - damn, was he always this horny, or was it something about Darren?

The worst of it was that Darren had chosen to blow some other guy? That filled Ben with rage and hurt. If Darren was gonna be a fag, Ben knew he would make Darren the happiest fag ever. Other dudes didn’t have shit on Ben.

Once Ben heard Darren leave the apartment, he stood up from his bed. He was shaky - the way that crying can make you. But he stabilized himself and went into Darren’s room.

When he first logged into the computer and brought up the program, he felt a pang of guilt. He’d screwed with Darren so much, he really should just undo the changes he had made before. But when he navigated to Darren’s throat - now throat pussy - he couldn’t remember what was there before. What if he messed it up and somehow Darren forgot how to breathe or eat?

And, was it really a problem that Darren was a throatslut now? He seemed really happy earlier. And, he’d opened up to Ben for the first time that he could remember.

Then a new thought formed. If making Darren a throatslut had made him happy, maybe the best thing Ben could do for Darren was find other ways to make him happy.

Ben could make him so happy, it would surely make up for the things Ben had already done. Ben knew he could be a prick, but he could man up and take care of a Darren like he had taken care of Ben. The more Ben thought about it, the more he really thought that Darren would be happiest if he loved Ben.

Ben wondered how to make this happen in the program. It’s not like it made sense for a body part to love him. Last time, he’d discovered that he could cycle through body parts with repeat clicks. Perhaps there were more features he was unaware of.

He tried moving the scroll wheel. Nothing happened.

He tried keyboard commands. Nothing happened.

He tried right clicking. Nothing happened.

God fucking damn it! Ben thought as he repeatingly right clicked in frustration. That’s when he noticed something.

Right clicking wasn’t doing nothing. When he had right clicked and the mouse had moved, a rectangle had quickly appeared then disappeared as the right mouse button was released. It looked like this might be a multiselect function.

Ben tested it out. He tried clicking a foot, and a text box for “foot” appeared.

Then, he tried right clicking and dragging across a whole leg, including the foot. This time, a text box for “leg” appeared.

Hell yeah! thought Ben.

Ben tried selecting the whole body.

Jackpot. Ben looked at the list.

“Darren. Self. Body. Healthy. Straight. Cognitive Neuroscientist. Academic. Researcher. Career-oriented. Son. Man. Friend.”

Ben wondered what to put here. Ben sure wasn’t gay - except maybe for Darren, but that didn’t make him gay if it was just for Darren - but he figured Darren would probably be happiest if he was gay, so he changed “straight” to “gay.” He also added, “Loves Ben.” This was probably good enough. Now that Ben knew the power of this device, he didn’t want to mess with too much.

Ben started to get up from his seat, but realized one more thing. If Darren was going to love Ben, and Ben was gonna treat him right, he needed to make sure he could please Darren sexually. And vice versa. Ben had already made sure Darren liked getting his face fucked, but, of course, there was something else missing

Ben clicked on the figures butt. Surprisingly, “round”, and “big,” were already on the list. Ben added “gropable,” “squeezable,” “sensitive,” and “feels good to be spanked,” and saved.

Darren clicked the butt area again, and was pleased with the next body part to come up.

“Butthole. Asshole. Anal sphincter. Passing waste. Dirty.”

Ben snickered. The changes he would make would surely make Darren a happy fag.

“Pussy. Butt pussy. Back fuckhole. Cumming. Buttgasm. Sensitive. Loose. Slippery. Wet. Always clean. Sexual organ. Always horny for cock and cum. Needs to be stretched. Fisting. Greedy. Proud of what it can take. Passing waste.”

Ben thought that would get the job done. He realized, though, that if he added “back fuckhole” to the asshole, it made sense to have a “front fuckhole.” Ben navigated to the mouth and added “front fuckhole,” to it.

Then the thought, fuck it, he highlighted the whole face and added “Mainly for face fucking. Sexual organ. Face pussy”

Ben was about to get up again, then his eyes drifted to the figurine’s unassuming cock and balls. Ben tried to imagine touching Darren’s cock. He really thought about what it would be like.

No. Nope, not into that. thought Ben. Ben really was not interested in Darren’s cock. That was too faggy.

Since Ben was never going to be able to give Darren pleasure to his cock, it was probably best to remove the need.

Ben clicked on the cock, and didn’t even read what was there before filling it out with

“Piss stick. Dicklet. Cocklet. Senseless. Soft. Useless. Floppy. Squirting. Spilling. Leaking. Dripping. Aesthetic. Cute.”

Ben whimsically added that last bit. Despite his initial feelings of repulsion, when he imagined Darren’s cock flopping around while getting fucked, he really did think it would be cute.

Ben logged off the computer and left the room. The deed was done; soon enough, Darren would finally want Ben, and Ben would take care of Darren.

Sorry, man. I just jacked and I’m not really into it anymore.

“Shit!” Darren let out as he read the text from his phone. Fucking selfish prick - Darren had on his profile that he was dick hungry and cum hungry. The guy could’ve at least let Darren in to eat his load!

This was the third guy Darren tried to meet who bailed. Each time he made it to the front of an apartment building, they made some excuse.

It was the end of the work day. People were bustling around the financial district. Darren could only think about one thing. Cocks. Fucking cocks everywhere. Darren had never realized before how easy it was to notice men’s bulges if he bothered to really look.

If dick hangriness was a thing, Darren had it. He was getting so frustrated, and it didn’t help that there was the equivalent of a buffet walking around him, even bumping into him, in the busy street. Did these businessmen know their bulges were visible? Were they teasing him on purpose? Maybe if he just got on his knees, he might get a whiff…

People were looking at him oddly. And it wasn’t working - all he could smell was asphalt and car exhaust.

As he was pushing himself up from the ground, Darren saw something and grimaced as his throat pussy unforgivingly throbbed.

Fuuuck. That guy’s bulge is so big. I can fucking see the outline through his thin slacks.

His eyes were welling up with frustration as he lifted his eyes to meet the big cock owner’s. An inkling of hope turned to disappointment as the man’s eyes widened and he veered away from Darren.

This is fucking hopeless, thought Darren.

Darren made his way back to his apartment. He figured he could get an early start on the therapy - at least it would render him unconscious so he wouldn’t be feeling this dick hungriness.

When he went to his room and laid on his bed, he realized that his cock was actually horny as well - he’d seemed to have forgotten about it, given all the day’s eventfulness.

At least I can get some relief, thought Darren. He started jacking off. Usually, he’d imagine giving oral to hot blonde; since Darren’s cock was only a measly four and half inches, he’d made up for it by getting really good at going down on women. He found it super hot to give women multiple orgasms with his tongue. In fact, back when he had time for hook ups, he would more often than not end up finishing on the floor while jacking and eating pussy - this was actually kind of great since he had no need for protection. He didn’t want to think about how a pregnancy could derail his career. And, most condoms were too big for him anyway.

But, with fresher sexual endeavors, Darren found his mind drifting toward other things. He thought again about Matthews. The physical sensation in his throat pussy. The smell of his spit and pubes. Fuck, Darren thought as he remembered. He spit on his hand, then rubbed it on his face to try and recreate the experience. Then, he fingered his dick sucking lips. It was nothing like a cock, but Darren closed his eyes and imagined hard. His throat pussy was feeling emptier with every second.

Darren thought about the big cocked guy in the street. He was white, pale, with black hair and a trimmed beard, wearing a grey suit. Darren didn’t usually think of men this way, but he imagined the facial expressions the man might make if Darren sucked him. He imagined the man had pulled his cock out of his fly, keeping his suit on, and facefucked Darren right in the street.

“Uuck!,” Darren shouted around the fingers in his mouth as he shot a small load. Darren heaved as that post-nut release washed over him.

The relief was short lived. As his little high from cumming died down, Darren realized his throat pussy just felt hornier! Jacking off seemed to do nothing to relieve it, and playing with his dick sucking lips only riled him up further. It felt like, he imagined, how a woman would feel if he had teased her by playing with her pussy lips, and then gave her no release. Hmm, he guessed that actually made sense since women and him both had pussies, even if Darren’s was a throat pussy, and his dick sucking lips were kind of like pussy lips in that way.

This pissed off Darren. Not only had Ben and that guy on the street been fucking teases today, he fucking teased himself!

Darren decided to just go right into the therapy. He wanted to black out - he had had enough frustration for one day. He strapped the netting around his head, then something caught his eye. Was the figurine in the program in a different position?

The program might have refreshed while he was gone. His frustration started to grow even more at the idea of him having to do the menial data input all over again. He double checked one of his changes. Okay, good, his changes to his thigh cognitions were the same, so there was no reason to think anything else had been changed.

Out of curiosity, once again, Darren checked out his self concept.

“Darren. Self. Body. Healthy. Gay. Loves Men. Cognitive Neuroscientist. Academic. Researcher. Career-oriented. Son. Man. Friend.”

Wait, what? Darren had just checked a couple hours ago and it had said “Straight.” Now it said “Gay. Loves Men.”? Had he completely changed sexual orientations in the last few hours?

No, even if that were possible, he hadn’t reran the brain scan. There was no way it would appear in the program. How did this happen?

Darren thought about the hackers that messed with his reports, leading to his suspension. He had figured that the hackers got access to his documents through the internet on his email account. But, this program had no internet connection whatsoever! This had to happen on his own machine.

Frustration built up to a new peak in Darren, as his thoughts came together.

Fucking Ben! That absolute shithead! The fucker got him suspended, and then tried to fucking change his sexual orientation? Why the hell would he even do that?

His throat pussy felt hot with rage too - if that even were possible. He was so angry and sexually frustrated, he felt like he wanted to rage fuck Ben, but with his throat pussy. That fucking fucker who threw his big cock around didn’t even have the decency to fuck Darren’s throat pussy. Darren thought about all the times Ben had had women over, fucking flaunting what that big cock could do. Darren would have at least loved to suck the cum and pussy juices off Ben’s cock when he was done, and he didn’t even offer that? What a selfish, manipulative prick.

Fucking men were pricks, in general. Three turned him down today - four if you count the man in the street. Who the fuck says no to a free blowjob?

Darren knew what he would do. He could kill two birds with one stone. Get revenge on Ben and never go dick hungry again.

After changing his self concept back to “Straight,” he unbuckled the netting off himself, and carried out his door. The industrial sized cables from the lab kept the netting connected to his computer as he carried it to Ben’s front door. As he opened the door, he planned how he would convince Ben to use the device.

But that wasn’t necessary. From the tissues surrounding him, Darren guessed Ben had jacked himself to sleep or something. He was knocked out, with his earbuds in.

Darren paused for a second. Seeing Ben asleep like this, it became remarkably obvious how young he was. He was just 19. Still a kid. Supporting himself. His heart melted a little.

But only a little, and just for a second. This kid still ruined Darren’s career, humiliated him in front of his peers, tried to make Darren gay, and kept is fat cock all to himself.

He would pay. But maybe Darren could make sure he’d at least enjoy it.

Darren strapped Ben’s head into the netting. He quickly tiptoed back to his room and booted a new instance of the program, and ran the brain scan. He worked quickly, since, once started, it should keep Ben unconscious. Then Darren wouldn’t need to worry about waking him.

The brain scan took about twenty minutes. As curious as Darren was to look at all Ben’s cognitions, he was impatient, and intent on just one thing.

Darren clicked on the figures cock.

“Cock. Dick. Penis. Big. Huge. Eleven inches. Cum. Gives multiple orgasms. Fucks pussy. Gets blown by bitches. For fucking. For stroking. Impressive. Makes other dudes jealous. Hard to hide. Not a fag. Pissing.”

Darren chuckled at “not a fag.” Interesting how some men could be so insecure in their masculinity that apparently they even have to think “no homo” about their own dicks. Darren could help with that.

He would keep, “fucks pussy,” since the goal was to make Ben fuck Darren’s throat pussy whenever he wanted.

He deleted “by bitches” from “Gets blown by bitches.” Darren wasn’t a bitch, and there was no need to use misogynistic language.

He figured he could keep some of Ben’s pride in his cock there, but he didn’t need to get off on making other men jealous. He changed “Makes other dudes jealous,” to “Loves to please other dudes. Too big not to share.”

Darren felt pleased with these edits. Now, what could he add to make sure that Ben would always be eager to give Darren his cock whenever he needed it? Darren relished the idea of never having to be dick and cum hungry again.

Darren added, “No refractory period. Always horny. Needs to be in men. For Darren.” Then, he thought Ben might not know what refractory meant - since this was Ben’s cognitions, it needed to make sense to Ben. He changed it to “Has multiple orgasms. No recovery after cumming. Always hard.”

One last thing: Darren hated the idea of Ben wasting his sexual energy and cum by himself. Ben’s only form of release should be fucking Darren. He changed “For stroking” to “Not for stroking. Bad to touch with my own hands.”

Darren looked over the new list

“Cock. Dick. Penis. Big. Huge. Eleven inches. Cum. Has multiple orgasms. No recovery after cuming. Always hard. Always horny. Needs to be in men. For Darren. Gives multiple orgasms. Fucks pussy. Gets blown. For fucking. Not for stroking. Bad to touch with my own hands. Impressive. Loves to please other dudes. Too big not to share. Proud to show off and offer to men. Pissing.”

That would do. Ben’s punishment would be to be Darren’s live-in, willing cock and cum provider, and Darren would never have to have another painfully dick hungry day like today.

He distracted himself for the next few hours as he waited for the program to run and tried not to think about his dick hungriness. He could be patient now that he knew he’d be satisfied soon enough.

The program finished executing around the time Darren normally went to bed. Darren carefully pulled the netting off of Ben, then set it up for his reprogramming that would remove his body dysphoria, and went to bed.

Darren had rolled onto his stomach while he slept. Strange, for the first time that he could remember, he woke up without morning wood. Usually his piss stick was rock hard when he awoke. Wait, but that didn’t make sense - his dicklet was soft and floppy, not hard. It seemed wrong for it to be hard. Maybe it was a dream that it was usually hard? Or, maybe there was a medical issue with his dicklet. He made a mental note - if his dicklet got hard in the future, he’d set up a doctor’s appointment.

Fuck fuck fuck, a sensation like getting hit by a bus rushed through Darren. He ripped the netting of his head and rushed into the bathroom.

Thank God it was empty. Darren could barely hold it in before getting on the toilet.

Darren dropped the biggest shit he’d ever taken. He was panting afterwards. It was like he’d taken laxatives in his sleep or something.

When he went to wipe, the toilet paper came up clear, though it was covered in slippery anal mucus. He looked into the toilet - his turd was fucking huge, but it was also really solid and healthy looking. Maybe the healthiest dump he’d taken in years. Certainly the biggest - he felt a twinge of pride that his butt pussy could hold something that big. He probably wouldn’t have to go again for days.

He went to wipe again, just to be sure. His pussy was pretty loose - like it should be - and going to the bathroom seriously stretched it out. When he pulled up the wipe, it was once again clear and covered in slippery mucus, even though he’d just wiped. It seemed his pussy was so loose, it couldn’t stay dry for a minute!

He stuck a few fingers into his butt pussy and felt around till he was confident it was clean, like it always should be.

“Oooh,” Darren cooed. This felt good. His back pussy was so sensitive. How had Darren never even thought of fingering his back pussy, up until yesterday? Even then, he was barely wiggling in his index finger. Right now, Darren was shoving four fingers in when he felt a spasm deep in his pussy. He noticed a drop of clear fluid leak out of his dicklet. It was pretty odd that his dicklet, a nonsexual organ, spilled sometimes when he pleased his sexual organs like his back or front fuckholes. But Darren also thought it was cute, and he wanted his dicklet to look cute if it made cock owners want to fuck him.

With that thought, Darren’s dick and cum hungriness painfully returned.

“Fuuck,” he cried out. He shoved almost his whole hand into his butt pussy, which made his dicklet drip more, and waddled to Ben’s room.

Ben woke to the feeling of his cock head getting tickled by a warm mouth. He slowly came into consciousness, opening his eyes in time to see Darren, naked and on all fours at the base of Ben’s bed, plunge his face down onto Ben’s cock. Darren could only fit about half of it down his throat - not bad for a first attempt. His eyes were already watering from Ben’s almost unreal thickness stretching Darren’s throat.

Darren paused there, and a wave of horniness came to a slow boil in Ben. Soon, he felt about the horniest he’d ever been. But it didn’t stop there. His horniness kept growing and growing. He started to squirm beneath Darren and whimper, quietly at first, then loud with desperation. He was at least five times horner than he’d ever been in his life - he didn’t know this was humanly possible.

“Fuuck.” Ben could no longer take it and involuntarily gripped Darren’s head and shoved it all the way to the base of his cock. Darren made surprised gagging noises, but he must’ve liked it because Ben noticed a small load shoot out of Darren. Ben also noticed then that Darren had his arm behind him - seemingly fingering himself, though he couldn’t see.

The horniness subsided breifly once Darren was at the base of Ben’s cock, but, fuck, it immediately came back, even stronger, once the motion stopped. Ben could practically hear it, like white noise crashing in his eardrums.

Ben cried out and moaned, “fucking shiiiit.”.

He tightened his grip on Darren’s head and forced it up and down, while also thrusting into Darren’s face. Blubbering and gagging throat fuck noises filled the room. Darren’s brought his hand out of himself and fought for purchase, but his hands were slippery and couldn’t grip. If Ben slowed down, he might be able to grab a hold of something, but Ben wouldn’t let up. Ben couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to.

Snot dripped from Darren’s nose, adding to the pool of wetness in Ben’s pubes that Darren’s face was now repeatedly slapping into. Darren’s eyes were wet, and they bulged as they tried to meet Ben’s eyes, only to lose focus as he would find his nose yet again buried in Ben’s pubes.

“Damn, now that’s a good face pussy.” said Ben. Darren seemed pleased by those words, as his eyes became fully unfocused, no longer trying to meet Ben’s eyes, or prioritize seeing anything, really - Ben had made his face to be mainly for face fucking after all.

More juice squirted out of Darren’s dick, which Ben realized had been soft, and completely ignored, this whole time. Ben used one hand to shove Darren hard down to the base of his cock, from which he heard and felt Darren’s throat gag and spasm, then used his grip on Darren’s hair to pull himself forward so he could reach Darren’s little dicklet. He grabbed around the balls, thumb and forefinger gripping the base of Darren’s cock, and wiggled the cock around.

The thing was small! Ben didn’t know it would be small, since the program just seemed to use some stock 3d model. This was great, since Ben had no interest in Darren’s cock anyway, it might as well not get in the way.

“Wow look at that cute little cocklet,” Ben wiggled the dicklet around between his fingers, one hand still wrapped around the balls and with the other still keeping Darren down on his cock. Darren’s arms were still halfheartedly resisting, but he was clearly starting to realize it was pointless.

“That cute little dicky tells me what a happy fag you are. Look at it dripping it’s dicklet juices as I fuck your throat pussy. The useless thing, except for turning me on and looking cute. Oh fuck, oh yeah it’s squirting all over the place! Look at that mess it’s making. Oh wow, it’s really go - oh shit. Awwh oh fuuhh.”

Ben could hear rhythmic swallowing noises coming from Darren, and it felt like the wettest, smoothest, tightest pussy ever was expertly riding him. Fuck, Ben felt an orgasm building in him. Fuck, Darren was gonna make him cum. Fuck, he squeezed Darren’s cocklet and balls - the whole package easily fit in his one had - and jizz continued to spill out of it and onto Ben’s fingers. Fuck, he moved both of his hands to Darren’s chest - he didn’t need to hold down Darren’s head anymore, it felt like it was vacuum sealed onto him anyway.

Darren’s fucking perky chest. Ben hadn’t realized how much he’d wanted to grope this slutty chest. Ben held one pec in each hand and flicked Darren’s hard nipples. Ben noticed the strokes of Darren’s throat pussy get stronger and speed up, while Darren’s arms went limp and he sunk deeper into Darren’s crotch. Ben’s eyes settled on Darren’s ass, which was arched up near Ben’s feet.

“Your fucking… Tits… Soo hot.. Throat so good”

“UnnnnggghhhhUUuHHHHhggggh,” Ben exploded deep in Darren’s throat, heaving as he his cock continued to spasm. Darren’s limp arms tried to push himself off the cock, but a few inches up, his eyes dulled and he fell back onto the cock, a few more spurts shooting out of his dicklet.

Fuck yeah thought Ben, awaiting the wave of satisfaction that came after cumming. Except it didn’t come.

Shit, Ben needed to fuck again, right now!

Darren came back to consciousness to the smells of cum, precum, and piss. He had barely been able to breathe when he was getting throatfucked by Ben, and he completely couldn’t breathe towards the end. Even a throat slut like him had limits. He had finally passed out towards the end of his throatgasm, trying to pull himself off Ben’s cock. It seemed that Ben had turned Darren’s body around while he was out, and shoved his face into his own dicklet juices that were now soaking the bed sheets.

“Fuck yeah, pussy boy made a mess, didn’t he? Breath it in, slut.”

Darren didn’t know how he felt about this dirty talk. Just cause he had a pussy - well, two - did that make him a pussy boy? Nonetheless, he did have to breathe in, so he took a deep breath, and that’s when it hit him - cum! There was cum in these juices! Did his dicklet make cum?

Darren hungry licked up the cum, even if it might have been mixed with some piss, and after that he tried to suck it out of the bedsheets, but his jaw couldn’t close all the way, so he ended up just rubbing his face in it.

“Fuuck yeah, good slut,” Ben said, and Darren felt something warm line up with his butt pussy lips.

“Unnnng aaaa eeeena,” Darren let out, as he tried to say, “Fuck yeah, I need to be stretched.” He thought perhaps he should be alarmed by how difficult it was for his wrecked face pussy to speak. But, then again, it was mainly for face fucking; not being able to speak was basically just like not being able to use his non-dominant hand - an inconvenience, sure, but he could still do what was important. Which, right now, was satiating is back fuckhole’s need for cock and cum. His front hole was satisfied for now, but his butt pussy burned with need more than ever.

What was taking so long? Ben kept on weirdly tapping is cock on his pussy lips. Darren started to get frustrated, thinking Ben was - still even now - teasing Darren. Then, Darren chuckled to himself; Darren had programmed Ben’s cock to be “bad to touch with my own hands.” This was surely just as frustrating for Ben as it was for Darren.

Darren gyrated his pussy and ass cheeks around, trying to find the right angle, when finally his pussy lips got a hold on Ben’s cock head.

“Look at you, teasing me. There we go,” Ben said as he squeezed Darren’s ass cheeks, then spanked them hard before driving his cock all the way into Darren. Darren’s floppy dicklet pressed into the bedsheets has his body weight fell into the bed, his dicklet already producing a puddle of wetness in Darren’s crotch area.

Ben wasted no time taking things slow or waiting for Darren to loosen up, and Darren didn’t mind - the initial pain was well worth losing the feeling of not being filled with cock. Besides, Darren’s loose, slippery, wet butt pussy took no time to loosen up at all. His scientific mind briefly considered how perhaps a strong enough cognition could loosen the involuntarily tight butt pussy sphincter muscles, but after three pounds from Ben’s monster cock, Darren couldn’t make any fully formed thoughts at all.

Darren’s vision partially blacked out - again, seeing wasn’t what his face was mainly for, so he embraced it. Ben was so fucking deep. As he thrusted in and out, almost all the way out and shoving himself back in, Darren had not control over his breath - his inhales and exhales were completely determined by the pushing in and pulling out of Ben’s cock. He thought about what a slut he must’ve sound like with his rhythmic moaning. Undeniably, all his neighbors, hell, perhaps even the whole building, would know that a man was getting the stars fucked out of him in this room. And, given how apparent Ben’s massive cock was, most of them would probably realize Darren was the one submitting to Ben. He moaned even louder - unsure if that was intentional or not - as he felt and pussy spasm and a little more fluid spurt out of Darren. At this point, he wasn’t sure what the juices coming out of his dicklet were, just that he was, for sure, what one would call a “squirter.”

Darren raised his body up and looked down. He could see more detail on his abs as his vision returned and came more into focus. Holy fuck, Ben thought. He could see the outline of Ben’s cock scraping his insides, starting below his belly button and brushing up to a few inches about it. He thought he could make out the outline of Ben’s cock head. There’s no way, he thought, and then Ben’s cock slipped out, and when he tried to thrust back in, he missed and, instead, his cock pushed between Darren’s legs, over his dicklet, and right up to about where he’d seen the cock protruding from inside him. Shit, Darren thought, before immediately getting filled with cock again.

Squirt. Another squirt. He was squirting with every thrust now. He felt something in his butt pussy start to tighten a little. Something was building up in him.

“Unnng eee, Uuuuunnnng eeeeee,” Darren tried to say, “Fuck me.” He was still on all fours taking Ben’s cock. He pulled his knees together, squeezing his dicklet between his thighs, and leaned back into Ben’s cock.

“Oh yeah, show off that booty. Who’s a good bitch.” Ben spanked Darren, making him moan out. “Who’s a good bitch?” Ben spanked Darren again.

Darren didn’t like being called a good bitch, or at least he thought. And yet, the fact that Darren was unable to respond, letting Ben assume he was a good bitch, made Darren’s pussy tighten.

“Oh yeah, I felt that, I felt that. That’s a good bitch.” Maybe Darren was a good bitch after all.

“Alright, no more games. You’re gonna cum like a good pussy boy slut.” Ben reached onto Darren’s chest and tweaked Darren’s nipples. Then, he squeezed Darren’s ass checks and pushed him face down onto the bed. Ben’s cock pulled out with a schlop noise.

Ben spanked Darren.

“That’s right, arch that back. I said keep it arched!” Ben spanked him again. “There you go.”

Without warning, Ben plunged his fist into Darren, then pulled it out. Darren couldn’t help but make a high pitched moan. He really felt like a pussy bitch now. Ben punch fucked Darren a little longer, and then began relentlessly fucking him with his huge cock.

Something was different this time. A warmness was building in Darren. He felt it around his belly, which also happened to be pushing into the bed with the force of Ben’s cock. The warmth kept growing from that point in his belly. He felt safe, and giddy like a child. He was becoming unaware of himself, only knowing the sensation. A nipple tweak here, and a butt grope there, he could no longer distinguish it. It was like it was all happening at once, and it all contributed to the warmth, the belonging. This was what he was made for. The warmth spread to the skin of his stomach, and he smiled as he realized he was pissing. He didn’t care. He would happily piss himself for a cock that made him feel like this. Cock would take care of him, so he would do anything for it.

“Uuuuhhhngnng Uuuuuhnnh Angoooo Angooo,” Darren uncontrollably moaned, initially with no intended coherence, and then he found his mind and body uncontrollably trying to say, “Thank you, thank you”

“Angooo Angooo,” was all that came out. He didn’t know who he was thanking at first, then he realized he was thanking Cock. Not Ben’s cock, just Cock. Yes, that felt right. If this was what Cock could do for Darren, he would be a lifelong servant. Darren thought about all the cocks in the world, and thought about how many of them probably didn’t have a hole or a pussy to fuck. The poor cocks. He could care for them, kiss them and show them love, and provide warm fuckholes. Even though he wasn’t thinking coherently, on some level Darren knew he’d found his purpose in the world - to serve Cock.

He felt like he was rising to a new plane of existence. He’d never experienced such complete pleasure before. If he had access to his cognitive neuroscientist mind at that moment, he might have considered how exposure to such powerful, pure pleasure might permanently rewire the motivational center of his brain, potentially even causing delirium.

But right now he was focusing on the warmth that now spread to his chest, and he found himself desperately spreading his pussy cheeks apart to try and keep the sensation going.

Schlop schlop schlop. The room was quiet except for his pussy noises. For a second, Ben thought the sensation was over.

But it was just the calm before the storm; Cock would deliver for Darren. The sensation was starting again from the beginning, in his stomach, only this time it was white hot with orgasmic pleasure, and grew faster.

“Aaaaahhhh Ahhhhhh,” tears streamed down Darren’s cheeks, feeling like cum dripping down his body, as he cried out with pleasure. The orgasm had spread to his whole body now, and his ass was bucking and his legs shaking. All the sensations felt amazing - the stretch of his pussy boy hole, the stroking of Ben’s cock on his insides, the slaps on his ass - all of it came together in a full body orgasm. He wished he could be choking on a cock as well. And with that thought, he felt a tingle build up in his throat. No way, he thought, as he felt the undeniable build up of a throatgasm. He wasn’t even getting throatfucked!

As his throat made a “unngnuck unngnuck* noise from the spasmic swallowing of the throatgasm, Darren felt Ben’s fist going down into his throat pussy and and start to throat fuck him, kickstarting the throatgasm again.

As he felt the full body orgasm start to decline, Ben started fucking his butt pussy with a newfound energy - Ben seemed to have found Darren’s prostate and he was pounding it like no tomorrow.

“Mmmuuuhhh” Darren let out around Ben’s fist. His butt pussy pushed it’s pussy lips out, getting even looser as Ben made him buttgasm. Darren turned his head around to look at Ben. His eyes zeroed in on his crotch. His beautiful pubes, if only he could shove his face into them and smell them. Feeling them brush is pussy cheeks would suffice for now.

He had absolutely no control over his body as the buttgasm built up, he pushed his pussy out, tightening his core, and let out a high pitched squeal, and felt more warm beneath him as he squirted once more.

Once all his orgasms subsided, he was exhausted and felt wrecked.

“Angooo,” Darren said once Ben’s fist left his throat.

Darren closed his eyes, ready to sleep.

What a mindfuck. What were all those thoughts about Cock about? Sure, Darren loved cock, now more than ever, but all those serve Cock thoughts now felt pretty strange post-cumming.

And yet, Darren was afraid to admit that he knew how close he was to really breaking - to really buying into near religious cock worship. Perhaps part of him bought into it already… If he had been fucked a little longer - well, he didn’t want to think about it. He still wanted to get his therapy out to the world; he couldn’t devote his life to serving cock.

Now that Darren could think clearly again, he realized how that amount of pleasure was not normal. This was basically like heroin - maybe worse. This had to a side effect of the therapy; it had to be his top priority to figure out what was going on.

“UUhhh!” Darren let out as Ben unexpectedly flipped him onto his back.

Ben looked into Darren’s eyes. His face was wet, then he swooped down to be on top of Darren.

Then Ben kissed him, hard.

The kiss was nice, but Darren thought it was all about the sex?

“Angoo?” Ben said, smiling. “I love you, too,” Ben said.

Before Darren could protest, Ben shoved himself back into Darren’s pussy.

“And, I’m still horny.”

Darren’s eyes rolled back as he couldn’t help but submit to the pleasure.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for the warm comments from the previous chapter. Personally, I don’t usually like a romantic/love element in these stories, so I kind of feel like a hypocrite for adding it to this one. But I just couldn’t deny when writing Ben that he absolutely loved Darren, even if he had an immature understanding of love and had a lot of internalized homophobia about it. And, I just love the aloof unrequitedness of it. Let me know what you thought about it; I’m curious if it felt like it added to the story, or just distracted from it.

It will probably be about 1-3 weeks before I can do another chapter. I’m maybe feeling 1 or 2 more chapters.

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