Study Night

By TheAuthor
published January 30, 2020
5183 words

Things take quite a turn after studying.

Shit. I’ve been ignoring my classes more and more ever since I’ve hypnotized Phil. I’ve been focusing on him too much lately. There’s a huge test tomorrow and I have not studied at ALL.

I grab my notes and books and put them on my table, grabbing a chair, I start reading.

Hmm… I wonder what Phil is doing right now… No, wait FOCUS!

I really have to stop my hormone driven self.

I take a glance at the time, 9pm. I better continue this fast if I want to sleep early.

I look back and continue. Sigh. Phil is smart, not me. He’ll probably ace that subject even if he’s busy with other stuff.

Sigh. This is why I focus on other works, because my academic score sucks.

Now. Back to the task at hand. I take a look at my notes, sighing. Numbers, letters, oh so many equations! I continue reading.

My eyes seem to relax a bit… FOCUS! I try to maintain my interest by intently looking and reading but I don’t stop myself from dozing off. Math isn’t what I’m good at, wait no, basically, I just suck at math.

I snap my head up, surprised at how I dozed off. Dammit. I have to stop procrastinating!

I turn to my side to find Phil staring at me. I turn my head back down - surprised, and trying to ignore how close his handsome face is to me.

“What are you doing?” I say, rubbing my eyes.

Phil seemed to snap back to attention. “Sorry! It’s just that, you dozed off…” Phil said, smiling sheepishly. I ignore how his hot breath slightly hits my face.

I glance at the clock. 11:00pm. I groan again. Burying my face in my hands.

“Need some help?” Phil says. “Wha… huh?” I look at him uncertainly, still a bit groggy from sleeping. “You definitely look like you need it” Phil said, though a bit cockily. “Oh…Okay” I gulp. Phil grabs a chair and sits down with me. I could feel myself getting nervous by the second, and I can’t help but try to hide my blush as my heart race.

Phil starts saying gibberish but that seem to fade out as I continue to try to control myself from flushing. His thighs rub against mine. Even though I’ve done much more things with Phil, he still makes me really jittery.

“HEY!” Phil said, snapping his fingers at me. “Oh… sorry. Just spaced out a bit.. heh” I said, laughing nervously.

He raised his eyebrows a bit, but continued speaking. “Well, you really do have to continue studying.” He said. Then slides his chair closer. Hmm… Maybe he’s enjoying the contact just as much as me.

“Now look here…” He said. He continues rambling on. I try to pay attention and I do learn a few stuff.

After about an hour, we decided to take a break. I did learn a few stuff. Though I’d be lying if I tried my best to discreetly check him out.

“Wow. I see you every time doing schoolwork, but you suck at studying.” Phil said

“Yeah… That’s why I try to do so much stuff because my academics suck, especially Math.” I reply, which is true.

“Good thing I’m here!” Phil said cheerily, slapping me on the back. I just laugh nervously.

“Wait. Lemme grab some food…” He said, standing up. He goes outside of my room and I set aside my notes, when I hear a curse. “Shit!” Phil said. He enters my room, rubbing his eyes. “You okay?” I ask. “Yeah… Just some dust at my eye.” Phil said, continuing to rub his eyes.

“Can you take a look?” Phil said. “Oh uh… sure” I reply, my voice cracking just a little bit. I take a look at his eyes, noticing how deep the blue color is. It seemed pretty clear to me. I don’t notice that my breath has already deepened. “It looks fine…” I said, my voice lowered. “Really? Take a real look. Look at my eye. It looks really blue doesn’t it? Really take a look at it. Is there something odd in it?” He said. It was a bit weird but I continued staring. Wait, is he actually trying to hypnotize me? I should definitely be careful, hypnosis did work for him. So I’d bet that it might work on me too.

“Notice it’s shape. It’s color. It looks really relaxing, doesn’t it. It looks like you’re breath is getting deeper too, right? Just looking at it, makes you relax” Phil said, in a low husky voice.

Wait. Don’t freaking listen. He’s trying to hypn- “Shh…. Don’t think so much. Just look at my eyes. You feel yourself falling into them, am I right? The blue color, the big round shape, it all looks relaxing doesn’t it? Yeah, just keep looking at my eyes. Just relax. Take a deep breath, and relax…”

Wait….no…. Don’t listen…. Wait… the book… he’s trying to induce me to a trance… don’t give i- “Just relax and take deep breaths. Look at my eye. Feel yourself falling into them. Those big blue eyes. You like feeling relaxed, don’t you?” Phil said. I could only mumble a reply. I feel myself getting relaxed by the second, and I can’t help but notice that his eyes DO make me relaxed. There’s definitely something wrong, and I’m trying hard not to give in to the relaxing voice.

I try to lean back but he grabs my shoulder and continue speaking.

“Take a deep breath. Notice how your breath seems to slow down, each breath deeper and more relaxing. You feel yourself relaxing, giving in to my deep blue eyes. It feels so good, right?” “Yes…” I find myself replying. I breath a sigh of relief, finally giving in to the relaxing state.

Phil stares at me, completely dumbfounded. Hands dropping to his side.

"It worked… " Phil muttered, though I’m too relaxed to pay attention. He continue mumbling something, he looked really shocked and happy at something. I remain seated, my head facing down. “Chris… Look at me…” Phil said. I look at him, still relaxed and content. “How do you feel?” He asks. “Good. Relaxed. At peace.” I answer.

He continues saying more things, about how relaxed I feel and how deeper I get but I’m too relaxed and calm to do anything but listen.

“Chris, open your eyes and stand up. You will remain in that relaxed trance.” I stood up and opened my eyes, feeling so calm. “Set that chair aside and look at me.” Phil said. He looked like he was thinking about something. I can see him reddening a bit and shaking his head.

He seemed to be thinking hard, he was reddening a bit too.

I remain sitted at my chair, too relaxed to do anything else.

"Tonight, and only for tonight, if I say the words “‘I think you’ followed by something, you will register it as your own thought and forget I’ve said it. These sentences will only take effect for tonight. You will not remember the events of tonight than the fact that you studied with me.”

“Now. Chris, after I count you out, you will not remember that I’ve hypnotized you. In fact, you will be convinced that I have never hypnotized you. You will not suspect that I could or would use hypnosis on you. When I say the words ‘go back to sleep’, you will return to this hypnotized state.”

“You will leave this trance after I count to three”

“Did you get everything I’ve said?” Phil said, still looking a bit shocked.

“Yes…” I muttered, a bit sleepily.

“One, two… Oh wait!” Phil said, suddenly realizing something.

“Remember the things we reviewed?” Phil asked. I nodded and said yes. “You will easily retain all that information for your test tomorrow.” He pauses for a few seconds.

“Okay. Now, One, two, three!”

I snap back to attention, confused, then I look at my stuff and finally decide to put them aside and go to my bed.

I look at Phil to see him staring at me, then smiling nervously. I ignore him (barely) and move to my bed.

“Hey Chris!” Phil said. “Yeah?” I say, turning my attention to him. “I think you don’t want to go to bed yet. I think you want to hang out with me.” Phil said.

I continue to stare at him, then I found myself not wanting to go to bed but wanting to hang out with Phil instead. I am a bit alarmed at my sudden change of thoughts, but brushed it off.

“Yes?” I ask, still waiting for an answer. “Uh… Do you want to watch some tv?” Phil asked me. “Oh… sure…” I said, following him to the living room and to the couch. I am a bit glad to see him wanting to hang out with me, even in this late hour.

We sat into the couch, Phil grabs the remote and starts skimming to the channels. He settles on a soccer game. I think neither of us are really paying attention to the game, as much as we’re paying attention to each other.

“I think…” Phil hesitated. “I think you are really uncomfortable in that shirt and want to take it off” I continue watching the tv, hearing nothing but the occasional cheers and boos of the crowd.

I squirmed uncomfortably on the couch, my damned shirt was really uncomfortable! But I can’t just take my shirt off in front of Phil. I continue moving a bit, trying to ease the uncomfortable feeling.

“Are you okay?” Phil said, seemingly noticing the movement. “Yes… I’m… uh fine” I lied. “Sure” Phil said, not sounding convinced at all. “I think you are really bothered by your shirt so much and you know you have to take it off.”

The uncomfortable feeling seemed to multiply as I tug my shirt a bit, feeling a bit nervous. I try to hide my discomfort, but it proved to be too much. Sweat dripped off my body as I move discreetly

“Hey Phil… Do you mind if I take my shirt off?” I said hesitantly. “It’s just that… heh… It’s so uncomfortable.” I cringe at my poor attempt of reasoning.

“Yeah sure, go ahead.” Phil said, still looking at the tv. Phil tries to to look like he’s just watching the tv but I can tell he’s sneaking a peek at me.

I take my shirt off. I breath a sigh of relief. Although the uncomfortable feeling was gone, I still felt awkward in just being shirtless in front if Phil, though I’d be nervous being shirtless or naked in front of everyone.

Phil seemed to hold his breath as he sneakily (sneakily, for him) took a look at me. His breath seemed to stop for a few seconds. Not to sound like I’m bragging, but I did try to keep in shape, because I used to be bullied because I was skinny but anyway…

“I think you really want to see me shirtless.”

Huh. I usually want to see him shirtless, but it randomly just became more intense. I try to keep my composure, though I’m sweating nervously.

“D-Do you want to um… Take your uh, sh-shirt off too?” I say, trying to be as casual as possible. I see him try to hide a grin as he nods and slides off his shirt, showing his torso. I guess that he doesn’t mind, he’s comfortable with it already.

I take a really careful peek at him, and I try to stifle the excited feelings that stir within me as I watch his abs, his damn perfect abs.

I look down to see him with a sizable bulge! Looks like he’s enjoying himself quite a bit. I quickly snap back up, just to find him staring at me in return.

“Oh… sorry… It’s just that… You’re really in shape, and uh… It’s good… heh” I said, glancing away nervously. “You’re not so bad yourself” Phil said, with a casual - though obviously not, nod.

I return my attention back to the game, the sounds of the game doing nothing to grab my attention.

“Hey Chris.” I look at him. “I think you absolutely have to kiss me right, now-” Before he can conclude his sentence, I find myself springing from my seat and throwing myself into him, kissing him passionately.

His eyes widen in surprise but he quickly returns the kiss, kissing just as passionately as me. Our tongues finding each other, and I can’t help but taste the sweet taste -maybe from a candy, in his mouth. I can barely contain my hard on as I continue the kiss, my breath getting deeper and deeper. I could feel his hands gliding down to my back, exploring every muscle, and I find myself returning the act.

Finally, I snap back. I just threw myself at him and couldn’t even hold back! Plus, he wasn’t in a trance, although I could maybe make him forget, but right now, I don’t find myself thinking anything about hypnotizing him as I am continuing to be bombarded with sudden thoughts.

I quickly moved to the far side of the couch, my head probably beet red. I realize what I’ve just done.

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know why I did that. Shit. Shit!” I said quickly and stood up planning to barge to my room, and feeling like dying with my embarrassment. I have no idea why I’m freaking out so much, but the embarrassment was just too much to handle at the moment.

“I think you won’t move!” Phil said, seeing me stand up.

Suddenly, my brain decided that I shouldn’t move. It felt weird, but somehow I thought of it. I try to ignore how much his muscles has tensed up.

“I think you will seat down”

I hesitantly take a seat. Although I really did want to leave, I felt that I should probably seat down.

“I think you want to…” Phil said, quickly reddening “uh… you know uh… lick my body…” Phil finally stammered.

I look at him. Damn it.

“Look. I’m really sorry but…” I hesitated, not realizing that I already went closer to him.

“I… I have to-” I grab Phil by the shoulder and push him down. He smells faintly of beer and I have a hard time stopping my hard on as his deep musky scent overcomes me. I lick his abs, the taste of sweat overpowering. He could probably overpower me if he wanted to but I can hear him moan a bit as I continue to lick his body. I continue licking all over his body, his heavy breath encouraging me on. I finally go further down his body, pulling his shorts with his boxers down. I skip a breath to find his cock springing straight as a rod. I lick his balls, while taking in his deep manly smell.

“I… think y-” But before he could continue his sentence, he moans hard as I lick the head of his cock, tasting the precum which has been going down, and finally take my mouth to his cock, slowly taking in. I take more in, finally deep throating him. I lick more and more, as I massage his balls. I slowly go to a rhythm, going in and going out. We don’t notice the tv anymore as our moans get noticeably harder and louder. I quickly suck harder as his muscles seemed to tense up. The taste of his cock is overpowering me, he shoots his load. Hard. Continuous amounts of cum seemed to shoot straight at my mouth as I gobble and try to drink all that I can.

I finally take my mouth off, licking my lips, his cum still on it.

I look at him to see him just as much horny as I am.

Shit, what is happening! I have no self control!

“I think you want to lick my hole…”

I stare at him. Breathless. I am too consumed by lust to say anything. I grab his thighs, spreading them aside. I look at him to see him flushed. I stare back down and start to lick his hole.

Phil moans deeply as I take my tongue to his ass. I continue to lick every inch of his hole. The musky smell overwhelming.

I don’t notice him as he grabs my hair roughly and pull me closer.

His moans get harder and harder and my cock is flowing with pre cum.

I continue my way to his ass, my cock still rock hard.

Finally, I snap back to the far side of the couch. I stare to the ground, too embarrassed at my lack of self control.

“I…” I try to say sorry but I’m to embarrassed to continue.

“I think you want me to jerk you off so bad.”

I try to hide my obscenely large bulge.

Shit! Now I want him to jerk me off? What is happening to me today. I seemed to be more horny than usual!

I don’t know why I feel so embarrassed, he will probably want to do it too. But still.

“Go back to sleep” Phil said, bringing me back to a trance.

“What are you feeling right now?”

I paused, “Embarrassed, and very horny” I blushed at my words.

“What do you want to do right now?”

“I want Phil to uh… want to uh… jerk me off”

Without any warning, he slides to my side. He pulls down my short to see my large bulge. I don’t react, and still have that relaxed look. He proceeds to remove my boxers, my cock spring straight. His eyes widen with lust at my cock.

He grabs my rock hard cock and starts stroking slowly.

I tense up.

“You are going to enjoy this immensely. I want you to moan and squirm”

Although I’m really enjoying it, it seemed to multiply as I squirm, getting hornier and hornier. I moan a bit, and Phil fastened his stroke. Just the site of him stroking me is making me so hard, shit!

“You know you have to cum so bad, but you can’t. You will only cum until I say so.”

Shit! SHIT!! I have to cum so bad, but somehow I couldn’t.

Phil continues and I am moaning and squirming, shit I have to shoot my load!

My senses went to overdrive as I feel Phil’s tongue touching the tip of my cock.

He slowly puts my cock in his mouth, and I can’t help but be even more horny.

He licks my cock, dripping with precum. He fondles my balls as he works his way on my cock.

“I…have…to…shoot” I muttered, pain and lusts overlapping.

He ignored me and continues sucking and massaging my balls.

I am moaning uncontrollably as I grab the sides of the couch for support.

About ten minutes has passed, and I am so damn horny, I didn’t even shoot my load!

He stopped sucking me, then went to stand up. I still had the relaxed look on my face except the obvioush flush in it. And of course, my rock hard cock springing.

“Put on your underwear and shorts. When I ask you how you are feeling, you will cum right there. You will not be able to stop yourself.” Phil said.

“Now what will you do when I ask you how you are feeling?”

“I…will…cum” I replied, a bit breathlessly.

“When I count to three you will get out of this trance, you won’t remember the blowjob but you will still feel extremely horny.”

“One, two three!”

Dammit! I have to cum! I didn’t even pay attention to Phil as I move uncomfortably, too horny.

“Hey Chris?”

“Yeah…?” I could barely speak, too much pent up cum hanging within me.

“How are you feeling?”

And with that, I feel my knees buckle as I instantly shoot my load. Phil’s eyes widen as I moan and shoot my big load.

I grip the couch, overwhelmed. I continue to shoot my load, pent up cum going through and through. I can’t help but feel good, finally getting off.

Finally, after a seemingly unending load, I look up to find Phil staring at me. I turn deep red as I quickly get up.

Cum drips from my body and a little bit in the couch.

“I…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, still breathless. I quickly went to my room. Shit!

I can vaguely hear Phil chuckling a bit but I’m too shocked to stop.

I shut the door behind, trying hard to ignore Phil’s stare.

I bury my face in my bed, so much emotions running through me. I can probably remove the events tonight. Another surge of guilt pass through me as I think of using hypnosis to manipulate Phil. I bury my head deeper, trying hard not to cringe. What the hell! It’s probably one of my biggest load I’ve shot, and I couldn’t do anything to stop from shooting! I fall asleep much later, noticing just how tired I am.

I stare at my phone in disbelief. I barely got any sleep at all! I stand up and notice I am shirtless. Weird. I don’t sleep shirtless. I shake off the weird feeling. I stare at my phone again, my eyes widen in realization. It’s 10 minutes before my class! And you do not want to be late for this class. My professor is very strict.

I quickly grab my books and other folders, not even bothering to arrange them properly.

I don’t see Phil, huh. Must’ve left early I guess. I quickly leave the dorm and rush off to my class.

I quickly rush to the hallway. I don’t notice someone in front of me as my books and other items falls to the floor after me knocking into someone.

“Shit! I’m sorry!” I say quickly kneeling down on one foot and grabbing my stuff.

“Look where you’re going!” the person sneers.

I stood up, clutching my stuff tighter. I stare at the person, it was a guy. A really handsome one. I notice his jet black hair, kept in a neat fashion. His steely grey eyes sneering at me. I also notice that he is muscular. Really muscular. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans, nothing really noteworthy. But damn he looks good. I can tell that he is bigger than Phil. His muscles seemed to bulge out a bit in his shirt. I groan as I recall who he is.

Kyle Rogers. A jock, and a past friend; best friend even. We went to the same highschool. We used to be best friends ever since we were kids but one day he started ignoring me and when I tried talking to him, (as he was literally the only person I am friends to) he usually replies with much hostility and coldness as he could manage.

I didn’t know why he’d done that at first but I came to understood why, because I once saw him with bruises. Lots of it. I suddenly realized that it was his father that had caused it. I used to come to his house when we were kids to hang out and usually his father was just drunk. Although, his mom is pretty cool; she was a nice lady. She used to give us snacks when we we’re at their house. He probably puts his frustration on me.

Though what I don’t understand is why he still does it. Maybe he forgot to stop.

Up to this point, everytime I run into him he couldn’t keep his sneer off me.

During this first year of college, when I found out that he and I were in the same school, I didn’t know what to feel. He’ll probably start sneering at me again. And he did.

I stand in front of him, feeling my cheeks flush.

“Watch where you’re going!” He says, his voice loud, his eyes shooting daggers at me.

I mumble an apology, and I try to ignore his gaze, and how I get a little bit flushed at his deep gaze. I suddenly find my shoes interesting: and I stare at it (which often happens, in most of my interactions with anyone.)

A few uncomfortable seconds passed by.

I look up at him.

He still has his eyes narrowed at me.

“I’m really sorry. I wasn’t looking.” I muttered quietly.

“Just get out of my way.” With that, he rushes past me, his big shoulder hitting me just a bit.

I stare a bit as he continues his way down the corridor. I find myself staring at how snug his ass is to his jeans. I force myself to look at something else. I glance at the clock on the wall. SHIT! I have to go to class!

I run to class, now late.

I meekly open the door. My professor has already started his lecture. I walked quietly but quickly.

“Get out.” My professor says, his glare striking at me intensely. The class stares at me and I fidget uncomfortably, stopping in motion.

“I’m sorry. It wont happen again…” I say, wincing.

He stares at me a bit more. But relents. “Fine. Don’t let it happen again.” He says, gesturing me to go to my seat. “Good thing you’re a good student” He muttered.

“I don’t tolerate tardiness and if I see you again late, then don’t bother coming to my class.”

“Uh… yes sir.” I said quietly walking to the farthest part of the room.

I breath a sigh of relief as I make my way to my seat.

Thank god Phil helped me study, or else I’d probably fail my subjects. I’m fairly sure I got a high score. Phil’s lecture did really help out a lot.

Much later, I go home, a big smile painted on me. I breezed through this day very easily, despite of all the tests.

Aside from that encounter this morning, it was still a good day.

I enter my room, a bit exhaustedly but still with a small smile.

I look at Phil to see him just resting on the couch.

“Someone’s got a good day.” He comments, noticing me. He had an unreadable expression. “Yeah… thanks for helping me study last night. It really helped me a lot.” I said. “Don’t you…” he said, then quickly stops, as though realizing something. “What?” I ask. “No uh. Nothing” he said, now with a soft smile. I raise an eyebrow at him. “Do you remember what happened last night?” He asked out of nowhere. “You helped me study. Thanks for that by the way, it really helped out” I say, gratefully. Though I’m a bit puzzled by the abruptness of the question.

“Well, I’m gonna go to my room and put my stuff.” I said. He just nodded.

I go to my room, putting my stuff aside. I plump to my bed, tired.

Maybe I’ll have a little fun with Phil later this week. Hmm… But right now, I need some sleep.

I nuzzle to my pillow, the softness in it making me sag in relaxation.

I idly reach down to the floor. I look under my bed, to which I left my hypnosis book. Last time I read the book, was about two weeks ago. I stare in alarm as I feel nothing but emptiness.

I look under my bed to see nothing but dust. Shit. SHIT! Where the hell did I misplace it? There’s a box under that book, but the book is nowhere to be seen.

I quickly search my room. Looking under the mattress and still finding nothing. I pace around my room, racking my brain as I try to recall where I put my book.

Where the hell is it!? Shit! How could I be this careless!

Maybe Phil found it? Well, he definitely would not use that on me.

I’m a bit alarmed at my certainty but I had more things to handle right now.

I search my room a bit more. Looking at the table, to the small drawers but still nothing.

“Hey.” A voice said.

I look to see Phil standing beside my room.

“Hey.” I smiled, I try to avoid my nervousness. I don’t know if he noticed my nervousness but he continued speaking.

“You lost something?” Phil said. “Yeah…” I said, getting a bit uncomfortable. I continue shuffling through my stuff

Phil had an unreadable face.

“Go back to sleep.” He said finally. I quickly stop in motion as the trance overcomes me.

“Stand up. Listen to me. When I bring you out of this trance, you will listen to what I will say and when I ask you anything, you will always answer the truth. You will also forget that you were hypnotized just this second.”

“One, two, three.”

I blink, a bit unsure but continued what I was doing.

“Hey Chris.” Phil said, his voice filled with concern and with a serious face. “Yes?” I answer, a bit nervous at his unusual seriousness. “You’re probably looking for, uh. wait.” he said, quickly leaving the room. I wait for a few moments just to see him return with my hypnosis book!

I stare at him in shock. How did he find it!?

“You’re probably wondering how I have your book. I saw it below your bed, behind other stuff. It doesn’t matter.”

I couldn’t help but continue listening to him.

How could I be so stupid, just leaving the book. I continue looking at him, getting more and more nervous by the minute.

“Chris…” He said, an unreadable look in his face. “Have you used this on me?”

Author here. Sorry for the very late update. I write like a sloth. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the story to go to this storyline, but i posted it anyway. Life’s been in the way too much, so I don’t post often. I wrote a short non hypnosis story but I have no idea where to post it. I’ll link it soon if I think of anything.

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