The Story Continues

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published April 15, 2020
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The story continues

Author’s note: This is a bit different than the other chapters, I think. Plus, I made it long so it doesn’t feel rushed (I hope)

Roughly the first half of this is pure story, and no sex, I decided to not split them in half for less hassle. Just a heads up. (If you’re looking for a quick wank)

Part IV

“Chris… have you used this on someone?”

I stare at him, too many emotions running through my head. Whatever you do, don-

“Yes,” I blurted out. Shit! What the hell. My breath quickens as I get more and more nervous by the second.

“Who did you use this on?” he asked, his face undecipherable. He looked at me, his face carefully neutral, but I can tell by his eyes that he was trying his best to stay calm.



Stop. Talking.

The tension visibly thickens, as I see him tense up.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered quietly, too ashamed to say anything else.

He ignores me and continues speaking.

“What did you uh,” he cleared his throat. “What did you do to me during this ‘hypnosis’?”

“I…” I look down at the floor. Shit. Please stop talking. By now I was certain that I was doomed.

“I made you have feelings for me…” I said, my eyes closed. I wince as I wait for his reply. “And I…”

“So… you’re saying that all of this I’m feeling is all because of that book?” he interrupts me, his voice beginning to rise. I couldn’t blame him, if the places were reversed, I’d be incredibly angry too.

“Ye…yes,” I stuttered. By now I’m trying hard to blink back the shine in my eyes. Fuck. Don’t cry, you’re such a baby. It’s all your fault and you know it.

“I’m really sor-”

“Go back to sleep,” he cuts in.

I stop and stand motionless.

I can see that his face was buried in a tight knot. He was thinking about something.

I continue to stand motionless for about five minutes until he finally speaks up.

“When I snap my fingers you will go out of this trance and put me back to a hypnotized state. There you will remove everything that you have put in me. You will let me remember what you just did. You will remove any trigger phrase that you may have put in me. After that you will count me out,” he said.


I look back at him. It felt like I was on autopilot.

“Deep Sleep,” I said in a monotone voice. It felt like I had no control of my body and my words.

Phil stands in front me. A dazed expression on him.

I wanted to go to him and wrap my arms around him. I wanted to nuzzle in his neck and take in his scent, but my body wouldn’t cooperate.

“Phil. Everything that I have made you feel during your hypnotized state is now gone. Your trigger phrase will no longer work on you.”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes,” he said softly.

“You may remember this if you’d like”

I bring him out of his trance.

The first thing I notice now was that he was looking at me. He didn’t look happy. I can feel that many emotions are running through his head, but one thing’s for sure; he is angry. In a short amount of time that I’ve been with Phil, I hadn’t seen him this angry. The only time that I saw him angry was when there were no food, but that was just silly.

“Phil, I’m-”

That’s the last thing I see as I am sent plummeting down to the floor, his fist slamming into my face.

I look at him, wincing from the pain. Soft tears are now running through my cheeks. The usually happy and nice guy was now sneering at me. I couldn’t blame him.

“I really am so-”

“Stop,” he said. His voice was resigned and distant.

“I…” he started. “I better go before I do something I’ll regret,” he said quietly, but not a hint of calmness within him.

With that, he leaves my room, slamming the door shut.

I slowly stand up and walk to my bed, still a bit groggy from the hit.

I don’t notice the tears that are slowly moving in my face as I ponder on what happened. Shit fuck. Stop crying you freaking baby. Did you really think that you’ll get away with this? He was a genuine nice guy, a rare person in this place, and you just had to break his trust, don’t you?

I wanted to scream, to run up to him and apologize. I knew that he’ll just ignore me, even I realize the severity of what I’ve done. But right now I can barely hold myself as I drift of to sleep, not a moment of pain left me that night.

Too many thoughts are running in my head.

Regret, sadness, and everything that you can think of. I was just sorry.

I didn’t sleep much that night.

I woke up the next day, not feeling better. I sigh, I still have to go to class.

I wash up and see that Phil wasn’t here. He probably left early; to avoid seeing me. I sigh, I probably should have anticipated that. I’ll also have to get used to the fact that I won’t see him that often. I’m just shocked that he didn’t do anything to embarrass me, even though he was mad, he was still a nice guy.

I go to class that morning, but my mind was far away even though I tried to pay attention. It was something about numbers? Or English literature? I really have no idea.

During class I felt that someone was looking at me. I scan the class, till I see Kyle’s eye staring straight at me, but I’m not sure as it instantly snapped back to the class.

I brush off that weird look, or if it was just my imagination, and just continued sulking in the far end of the class.

“Okay class, remember the test coming next week. Class dismissed,” the professor declared, giving us a stern look.

I snap back to attention to see students leaving out of the class. I must’ve been too down to notice the time passing by.

I grab my stuff and sigh, going to the cafeteria to grab lunch.

“Chris! You all right?” A voice says, stopping me in motion in the hallway.

I take a nervous glance behind me, not really anticipating the interaction.


“You okay? You seemed to be down today.”

I stare to see that it was a girl, concern seen in her brows. I remember her, she’s one of my classmates in some class. I don’t really talk to her, or anyone for that matter.

“Yeah… I’m okay…” I lied.

I shuffle awkwardly, I don’t remember her name.

“And um… I mean…” I stuttered.

“Who… are you again?” I finished.

“Wow you really don’t remember who I am?” she says, though she seemed more amused than angry.

“Sorry…” I say.

“Hayley,” she said. “We go to the same classes together. We even talked once, in a party awhile ago.”

“Oh… right.”

“You’re cute,” she giggles. “It’s a shame you’re too shy. You should be more confident, you know.”

I don’t know what to feel about that so I just nodded awkwardly, not really meeting her gaze. I fidget uncomfortably. She notices and laughs.

“Are you really sure you’re okay?” she asks me. She puts a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah…” I say, though by my tone I can tell that I wasn’t that convincing.

“Well, it’s just that… someone… no, never mind,” she shakes her head, she lets go of my shoulders.

A guy calls for her in the middle of the hallway.

“Okay well, if you’re sure…” she said hesitantly. “See you later!” she says, then walks through the sea of students with a wave of her hand.

I contemplate for a few seconds. I actually don’t know what to feel about her. She was nice so there’s that.

I go home later that day, still couldn’t focus much on the rest of my class. Boy, I shouldn’t continue this behavior.

I look and find Phil. He isn’t here. He’s probably avoiding me. I sigh sadly but try not to think of it further.

Plus, thinking about him for hours did really make me exhausted. Not a very productive thing to do, I admit, but it was just so difficult to notice anything else.

Nothing really happened that night. I heard the door open late at night, but I was tired to even check.

A few days pass by, nothing really happened. I mope around, go to school, and mope around there. But I try to focus.

I don’t really see Phil as much as before. Every time I see him, he either leaves the room without a word, or just ignore me. I can’t blame him though. It’s not really a surprise. I’d be surprised if he acted like it was nothing.

“Mind if I sit?” a voice says.

I turn to the voice to see that it was Hayley again. It felt weird since she never really did talk to me before. Or am I really just that dense?

“Uh… sure.”

I’m in the cafeteria that day. Usually I go to coffee shops and read books sometimes but I was too lazy to walk.

She sits in front of me. I continue eating, not really paying attention to the noises and voices around me. Thank god I found a free table. It seemed just a bit crowded today.

I idly scan the crowd, feeling bored. I see Phil, along with his jock friends laughing and talking but I can feel that he is masking his emotions. I hold my breath as Phil looks toward me. He doesn’t give any sort of reaction and just quickly puts his attention back to his friends.

I scan the crowd a bit more to see Kyle. He’s eating quietly but there’s a few people talking around in his table. I couldn’t help but notice how his brown hair along with his eyes make him remarkably handsome. Right, now you’re checking out someone else. Have some decency, Chris.

“Do you know him?” Hayley asks noticing me staring, while munching her food.

“I used to…” I answered.

“What happened?”

“He just started ignoring me I guess,” I shrug. “And he usually just sneers at me.”

“You know Kyle’s actually a nice guy,” she says, even giving a slow nod.

“Do you know him?” I ask her.

“Yeah, look.” She looks toward him. “Hey Kyle!”

Kyle looks toward us. I can feel him tense up a bit to see me but he gives the slightest nod. He seemed a bit angry at something. Well, he looks angry every time, but his eyes widen a bit as he looked over.

Hayley laughs a bit “Yeah… not really a talkative person. But he’s a good guy.”

Hayley’s phone vibrates. She looks over and reads something. I can’t read it because she’s opposite from me.

“I have to go,” she says, rising from her feet.

“So listen,” she started. “Since it’s Friday, I have a party later this evening and I want you to come.”

I stare uncomfortably at the table.

“I don’t really go to that stuff,” I say. Partly true. The only times I went to a party was with Phil, and I didn’t go to any parties after that.

“Please! It will be fun,” she says, a bit pleadingly. “Just… think about it.”

“Okay…” I answered. Couldn’t hurt to think about it, right?

She gives a satisfied smile. She gives me the location and leaves.

I don’t really want to go parties. I’ve already learned my lesson that it doesn’t end well. Plus, I can get really drunk with just a bit of drinking, evidently seen through all that stuff that happened.

Maybe the reason I didn’t want to go was that it somehow reminded me of Phil. It still felt like a knife stabbed through my gut. In my case, it was as though I stabbed myself because of my own actions. Which wasn’t entirely a wrong interpretation.

Later that night as I was walking home, I was thinking if whether I should at least pass by the party.

Okay fine. Screw it. I should at least take a quick look at the party. I’d be rude not to.

I take a quick turn, recalling the place, I start walking.

I don’t know why but I feel nervous coming. There’s this sort of nagging feeling that something will happen.

I’m still at the end of the street, but I can already see people partying. Huh. I bet the police will shut down this party.

I walk through the door, barely able to squeeze in as the crowd continues laughing and drinking.

I make my way to the back, trying to find Hayley so that I can say hi and finally get out of here.

I see her talking to a bunch of people, a drink in her hand as she talks.

She spots me and gestures me to move closer.

“Hey! You came!” she says, as though not believing her own words.

I give her a nervous nod.

“These are my friends…” She gestures to the people in front of her.

Honestly, I can barely hear her over the loud screams and music of the party.

We continue talking, well, they do.

I can tell that they are trying to include me in their conversation, which was nice of them, but I don’t really do conversations with strangers so I just nod politely.

As they are speaking, a bunch of people passes in front of us, obviously drunk.

Okay I think that’s enough interaction for today…

“I think I’m gonna go,” I say to Hayley.

She looks at me, and I’m not quite sure but I saw her think about something, but it quickly fades as she began to talk. “It’s too early to call it a night!”

“It’s just that… so many people,” I chuckle nervously.

“Well, there’s no one at the pool now, looks like they finally had enough heh. Just go hang a bit there, and I’ll see you later.”

“Wait, I-”

Before I could answer her, a couple of girls drags her in the middle of the crowd and they began to dance.

Well, I guess its better than dancing in that crowd.


I turn to my side to see Phil across the room talking with his teammates. He seemed to be happy, he was smiling. My heart skips a bit as he turns to me, his smile fading. Looks like I ruined his mood. Even though we rarely see each other, the rare circumstance that we actually see each other is just so awkward.

I give a sad sigh, and move away, not really sure how to handle that yet.

I move further across the room, There’s still a few people talking near the pool but at least it’s way fewer than inside the living room.

I take a seat at the edge of the pool, the house behind me. My feet hits the coldness of the water.

I stay there for a few minutes, enjoying the soothing quiet.

Just as I was about to stand up and leave, I see Kyle being carried by a few other people. They are laughing while Kyle struggles to get off. He looks a little bit nervous and angry.

They move to the side of the pool, and count to three.

“One, two three!!”

They swing Kyle to the pool, landing with a splash. They laugh it off, and find another victim to throw.

Kyle, swims to the side of the pool, sighing. He pats his clothes, but it’s too wet.

I try hard not to look, but I can’t help but peek a bit. His abs seemed to pass through the wet t-shirt. Damn it, stop staring, creep!

He notices me staring and I turn quickly to the other side. I notice him turning to the opposite side too, then quickly marching back to the house.

He passes me, and I look behind. His ass seemed pronounced too. Ugh, I stare too much. Well, I’m still gay after all.

Finally, I get up and make my way to the front.

Okay time to go home. I text Hayley that I’m leaving and finally march to the streets.

I have no idea if I accomplished anything in that party, but I guess I made a friend; Hayley.

I look at the time, midnight.

There’s no school tomorrow so I take a little detour down the road to just walk.

The streets seemed to be empty as I walk the lonely on the lonely pavement. Everyone seemed to be sleeping. I walk just a bit more, enjoying the quiet night.

I tense up, feeling like someone is watching me. I look behind, and sure enough, a group of men are staring daggers at me.

I quickly walk faster, my heartbeat getting faster.

“HEY FAGGOT!” a voice behind me says.

I bolt off, and I feel them running behind me closely.

Shit! Shit!

I quickly run and see an alley, the guys seemed to be just behind me.

I turn to that alley, and much to my surprise, a guy punches me straight to the face.

I stagger backwards, wincing in pain. A faint memory of Phil punching me in the face crosses my memory, but I shrug that off, I got more things to worry about.

The other guys catch up. They do not look happy.

I stare at them for a bit more, then realizing that they seemed to be Phil’s teammates.

“I know what you did faggot!” One of them says.

Shit! Did Phil tell them!? I try to hide my shock.

“Well, we know you upset Phil” another one says.

“He’s been playing a bit off, and we see how he scowls when he looks at you!”

At least he didn’t tell them.

A guy, marches to me and gives me another punch. I spit a few blood.

“What do you want?” I finally managed to croak out.

“What we want?”

“We want you to leave Phil the fuck alone, and move out. We know your Phil’s roommate,” the one who looked like the leader says.

With that, they advance and punch me again. Again, and again, and again.

I continue to cough up blood, as they continue their kicking and punching.

I can feel my eyes tear up, because of the pain.

“Oh this little faggot gonna cry?” he says. He laughs and kicks me in the stomach.


They continue, laughing and enjoying themselves.

“Shit! Someone’s coming! Let’s go!” One of them says.

“If you don’t move out this week…” the leader gives a threatening glare.

He looks to the incoming person then quickly bolts off.

I’m left on the ground, feeling pain too much.

I try to turn to look for the person, but darkness finally consume me, and I am left unconscious.

I slowly open my eyes. Everything doesn’t hurt as much as last night. Damn it. Phil’s teammates wants me to move out!? I’m trying hard to avoid any sort of interactions with Phil, even though it’s hard. We don’t really talk. Anymore.

“Oh good! You’re awake.”

I turn around to see a doctor, a clipboard in his hands.

He gives me a soft smile.

“Somebody found you unconscious and brought you to the hospital,” he says.

“Who was it?” I ask him.

“They said that they’d rather remain anonymous”

I sigh. They must think that I’ll just bring trouble. I want to thank them, but I guess that’s not happening.

“How long was I out?”

“A few hours. Thankfully all you needed was a full nights rest. I’m amazed that no bones were broken. You’re a tough kid. Though, you’d probably still need medicine. Especially for that black eye.”

Oh. I didn’t even notice that I have a black eye. I touch my left eye, and sure enough, I wince from the pain.

“You can leave at the end of the day. You still have school for next week. If you feel that you are fine, then you can go,” he says. He gives me another smile, then leaves the room.

I sigh again. Should I leave the apartment? They’d definitely beat me up again if I don’t move out.

I go home later that day, feeling as what as you might expect from someone who was beat up.

Although my body is a bit better, I still wince every time I move around.

I enter the room to see Phil eating. He looks at me wide eyed, noticing my black eye and stiff posture.

Although I don’t think we’re friends anymore, he still looked worried. Damn it, why is he so nice. I really don’t deserve him.

“What happened?” I don’t know if he’s genuinely concerned, or just making conversation.

“It’s… nothing” I say. I quickly move to my room. It’s better to leave him out of it. Less complications.

I plop down to my bed, exhausted.

Sleep quickly tries to consume me, so I get up and go to the bathroom, finally taking the shower I’ve been anticipating all day.

I give a satisfied sigh as the warm water hits my skin. I continue taking a shower. I put a towel around my waist, feeling a lot better than before. I go to the living room, because you have to pass it if you want to go to my room, and I see Phil on the couch watching some tv.

He notices me

“Go back to sleep.”

I stop and stand still, as I go back into a trance.

“Oh! Uh… grab your towel and put it around your waist,” he says a bit nervously.

I look down to see that I was naked. I’d probably be beet red in embarrassment if it wasn’t because of the trance. I grab the towel and put them around my waist.

“Where were you today?” he asks.

“At the hospital.”

“Who did that to you?” he says, pointing at my eye.

“A couple of guys beat me up last night.”

“Do you know any of them? Who?”

“They were your teammates.”

I see him shake his head. I hear him sigh.

“What did they tell you?”

“They told me that you’ve been playing a bit off because of me and I should move out.”

He had an unreadable look in his face.

“Okay. After I count to three, you will continue as if nothing just happened.”

“Oh, and by the way” he says, tensed. “Do you really feel bad about taking… advantage of me?


“One, two, three.”

I slowly rise my head, and continue my way to my bed.

I finally sleep, too much exhaustion. I sigh, damn I’m tired.

I walk up in the hallways of our school. I was always the sort that just fades in the background, but this time, people were staring.

I could feel them talking about me, which doesn’t really help my anxiety.

I pass by the group of guys who beat me up. I tried not to let them see me, but when I looked at them, they were giving me the death glare.

I hurry my steps, not wanting a continuation of the day before.

The class, as usual, was pretty tame. I had another bunch of schoolworks to pass. Thankfully, for my lack of intellect, I make up for my hard work. Not that I’m dumb, more like average.

I was finally heading up to my dorm when I receive a text;


“meet me, caf.”

It was from Hayley. Huh.

“Okay,” I replied.

I go to the table were Hayley’s in. Thankfully, she’s the only one there.

“What’s up?” I say, taking a seat.

“What’s up!?” she exclaims, seemingly agitated.

“You got beat up by a bunch of guys! Are you okay?”

“Yeah… I’m fine now.” I answer, which is partially true.

“Why did they beat you up?” she asks.

“I… don’t want to talk about it.”


Thank god she didn’t pry.

“Well, thankfully, Kyle found you there,” she says.

Wait, that was Kyle? Huh. Maybe he doesn’t hate me. Or just wasn’t about to leave some unconscious person behind.

“Really?” I ask, still wide eyed.

“Yeah… he was really worried.” she says. “I’m sorry if I’m being nosy, but I think I want to be friends with you. We are friends, right?”

“Yes,” I give a small smile. I knew she meant well. Plus, I think I’d be nice to actually add to my almost non existent circle of friends.

“I better go thank him then.” I say, not realizing that I have to face yet another uncomfortable conversation.

I remain seated. Really hesitating my decision.

“Well? Go on then! You’ll be fine!” she says, encouraging me on.

I sigh, and stand up.

I make my way to Kyle’s table. He is eating alone. Although people kept staring at my black eye, I did my best to ignore them.

He sees me, and of course, he tenses up. He narrows his eyes at me.


He continues to give me a narrow gaze.

Damn it, I’m already bad at conversation, and he isn’t helping.

“I uh… thank you. For the other day. When you found me unconscious. I had no idea it was you. My head was spinning so much. And I uh, some guys were really mad at me. They were uh, it’s not important… Anyway uh…” Stop talking.

I didn’t even realize that I was mumbling like an idiot.

I laughed nervously, rubbing my neck with the non existent scratch.

He just nods at me, and continues eating.

Huh. Okay then. I turn around and I hear him sigh.

“Wait,” he says.

I turn back to him, not really sure what’s happening.


“Do you have your partner for Professor Zielner’s projects? We have the same class.”

Oh. That’s right. Professor Zielner gave us a project, about a week ago. It was mostly research conducted by us and too many essays.


He seemed to be thinking hard about something. Then I hear him sigh.

“Would you like to be my partner, then?”

My eyes widen a bit. We have been really distant for quite long now, and I don’t know why he’s starting to talk to me again.

I’m left speechless, nervous and unsure.

“You don’t have to say yes” he says defensively. I wanted to ask him why, why me? Why not anyone else?

“No uh, I mean yes… I’ll be your partner.”

He actually seemed surprised that I agreed. Well, me too.

I guess it’s for the best. We used to be friends. Best friends even. Maybe we’ll become friends again? Better not hope for something like that. He’ll probably ghost out on me unexpectedly again.

He looks at me awkwardly, as if just realizing what we had agreed upon.

“Okay, uh, great.” He clears his throat. “Let’s meet, this Saturday. Your place? or mine?”

Best not to bring a guy. Phil will probably get weirded out. Phil wasn’t homophobic but considering I’d done some stuff to him, he’ll probably get even more mad. I don’t know why, I just felt like he would.


He gives me his address and phone number, and we walk away awkwardly.

I go back to my table. Hayley looks at my bewildered, more like shocked, face.

“What happened?” she asks.

“So uh… apparently we’re partners for Professor Zielner’s project”

She gives a grin.

“Well that sounds awkward” she laughs.

“It is…”

“Well, you guys make a cute couple.”

“What!?” I ask, my face getting redder from embarrassment

She raises her hands.

“I’m joking, I’m joking,” she says.

“For real though, make sure to keep me updated with that awkwardness,” she said her face in mock seriousness.

I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll start something new again?

But what the hell did I get myself into?

This doesn’t sound so bad does it? I mean, he WAS my best friend when I was a kid. Ugh, why do I feel so nervous!?

I turn up and look at his apartment building. It’s a couple of blocks away from my dorm, but not close enough for us to run into each other.

I take a glance again from my phone. Room 14, okay. I got this.

Mustering up the courage, I walk through the entrance.

We’re supposed to meet up at 4pm, in which both of us are free. Right now it’s… 3:58pm, I guess I better wait two minutes then.

This feels so weird. I used to know him very well, he likes puppies so much, that he and I took care of an alley dog when it was sick. Of course, that was a long time ago and I have no idea if the dog… Inu, was still alive, and if he was still with Kyle.

He hates pickles. It was odd since I really did have no opinion about pickles but he hates them.

I didn’t even notice that the door was already open and he was staring at me.

I back away, a little bit surprised.

“Come in,” he says, opening the door a bit more.

“Dunno why I even agreed to this,” I hear him mutter. I brush that off. There’s no stopping now.

I take a deep breath, and nod at him, trying my best not to look directly at his eyes.

I enter his room. It’s the usual stuff, tiled floors, cream colored walls, along with some personal items.

But one thing I did notice though, was it was really clean. He wasn’t the cleanest person, he was a bit of a slob, but I guess that changed.

Huh. Looks like a lot has changed.

I take a peek at his tv, it was open on netflix.

I try my best to ignore the fact that my favorite movie is on the list of movies on the screen. Well, just looking at the movie poster for a 16th of a second, I instantly recognized it. Sue me, don’t tell me you don’t recognize your favorite movie even for just a split second.

“Uh… take a seat near the table,” he says, pointing at the table. He seemed awkward. Well at least it’s not just me.

“Okay” I say and move to the table.

His books and notebooks were neatly organized. There’s a picture on his table and it is framed. I take a peek at it to see that it was him and his family. He’s wearing his graduation suit and he’s smiling softly.

Damn, I can’t deny it; he is hot.

“Uh… hey,” a voice says from behind.

I look behind, to see Kyle. Well, of course it was him.

This time, I couldn’t help but examine his features. His brooding attitude doesn’t really go with his shaggy brown hair, but his face looked intense. I remember when I look at him before, that it was soft and kind, but now it’s just stoic and serious as hell.

He clears his throat, and I immediately snap my attention back, embarrassed at being caught. It’s hard not to ogle on his boyish look but damn.

“We should probably start…” he says.

He takes a seat. He’s sitting opposite me, so it’s a bit hard to concentrate than his face.

He keeps on sighing while we do our research, and I really don’t know what to feel. He’d ignored me and sneered at me for a long time, so it wasn’t really new, but at that exact moment, I was mad.

“Okay,” I say, standing up from my seat. “I know that you probably hate me or whatever, but why did you even choose me as your partner? I really would like to be anywhere else if all you are going to do is mutter some inane curse, and sigh like this is the worst thing that’s happening to you. You’ve been ignoring me all these years, and now you ask me for this? I really don’t get you.”

I stare at him, flushed. At that moment I just wanted to exit the damned place and just die from my sudden burst, but I knew that it should be said.

He stares at me carefully, but then gives a nod. “Alright. I’m sorry for being rude just now. I chose you as my partner because I know you’re hardworking.”

Well at least he apologized for his actions for today.

I take a seat, and finally calm down. “Let’s just get to work.”

Eventually, we began to actually do some work. It’ll probably not finish today, so we’ll meet up again. I don’t know, but I feel that he isn’t too keen on that idea. I mean obviously, but still, it did kinda hurt.

Finally, we finish up on what we can do today. Kyle goes to his room, saying he had to check on something.

I take a glance at the tv again. It’s still open. I stand up and walk to the couch. I take the remote and click on the movie.

I couldn’t help but smile. I really loved this movie ever since I was a kid.

“Isn’t that your favorite film,” Kyle says, noticing the film.

I jump a bit, shocked. Damn why does he keep jumping on me.

Hm. I guess that he remembers my favorite film.

“Oh sorry… I’ll uh, go,” I say.

I shuffle to fix my stuff and put them on my bag. Kyle just continues to stare at me.

Finally, after gathering all my stuff, I move to the door.

“Wait…” Kyle says, sighing.

I look behind me, to see Kyle, a bit unsure.

“Do you want to hang out? It’s still pretty early…”

Before I have the option to answer, he quickly adds in

“You don’t have to say yes,” he says defensively.

This will probably just mean more awkwardness.

I mean, I want to hang out with him, I do, but It’s not like we’re like we used to be.

Against all my better judgment, I agree.

“Okay… uh, sure.”

It seemed like both of us didn’t expect the answer with the way he gives me a surprised look. He quickly tries to tone it down though.

“Oh… well, sit down then,” he says.

“Do you want something to drink?” he asks.

“Water’s fine…” I answer.

He nods and goes to another room. I take a seat at the couch.

This is weird. Both of us are pretty uncomfortable.

He comes back with a glass of water and some chips.

He puts them in the table in front of us and grabs the remote.

He plays the movie as he pops a chip into his mouth. We’re sitting at the opposite ends of the couch.

Normally, I’d love and be focused watching my favorite film, but knowing I’m watching it with Kyle makes me flutter just a bit. We did watch them as a child but that was a long time ago.

“Why are you so… tense?” he asks with a slight frown.

“You are too…” I retort back.

No one continues, the uncomfortable tension feeling thick in the air and we continue watching the movie.

This isn’t going so well. Okay, new plan: remove everything from your mind and just focus on the damn movie.

Remember! You love this film. Don’t be rude!

I completely focus on the movie, although it was hard and tuned out everything else.

I actually managed to enjoy myself. I laughed at certain times, and of course, still shocked and amazed at the scenes I’ve watched for like a million times.

I breath in contempt. The movie just finished. I’m usually in a good mood after watching the movie, but Kyle is here and we are not exactly in the best of terms. Not enemies really, more like a very distant acquaintance.

Speaking of, I turn to my side and look at Kyle. He is smiling softly, staring straight at the tv. He looks at the tv then me, and the look quickly vanishes into his usual demeanor. Looks like he enjoyed the film just as much as me.

“I should, uh… probably go,” I say.

He gives me a nod and he stands up.

I gather my stuff, this went better than I expected.

He leads me to his door and I exit.

Hmm… That felt nice. I was surprised at how uncomfortably at ease I was. At least, just for a few moment.

Maybe we’ll get comfortable with each other soon?

“Hey,” a voice says, stopping me in the hallway.

I turn around. It was Kyle.

“Thanks for tonight. I had fun.”

My eyes widen, but I try not to show it.

Instead, I show a genuine smile. “Me too. See you.”

I wave at him goodbye as I make my way to the exit.

Kyle’s place was 30 minutes from the dorm, so I decided to just walk. It’s fun to walk anyway.

The night is pretty quiet, though it was cloudy.

I have no idea what to make of Kyle. Had he somehow changed his opinion about me? I dismissed that idea. He had years to change his mind, and he does it now? Something is going on. I can feel it.



I’m sent flying to the ground as someone punches me to the ground.

“You fucking told on us!?” the voice said. Oh no. Fuck, not again.

“I-I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said to him, trying to stand up.

“Stay down faggot!” he said, kicking me.


“Let’s teach him a lesson,” he said to his ‘gang’.

A sudden surge of adrenaline goes through my bloodstream, and I quickly bolt to the side, much to their surprise.

I stand up, clutching my stomach that was still reeling from the pain.

They’ve blocked the way to my dorm, and I can’t to another route since it was much further away. Shit. I have to go back to to Kyle’s place.

I ran, faster than my legs could. I could still hear the angry shouts from the group, and a cold shudder runs down my spine.

I run to his door, and knock.

I was running on pure adrenaline at that moment, and I enter the door as soon as it opened, only to hit a firm surface. Kyle. Kyle’s chest. He’s shirtless.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, quickly moving back.

Kyle closes the door, and he looks at me and narrows his gaze. “Why are you back?”

There’s a hint of hostility in his voice. Man this guy sure is hot headed, it was literally just tonight that he told me that he ‘had fun.’

“I…” I am very aware that he is shirtless, and with a towel covering his… lower regions, and I try my best not to let my eyes linger on his sculpted body. I really have no idea in which moment I was reeling upon; Kyle’s pecs or the bullies from outside.

He looks down, seemingly noticing that he’s shirtless. He quickly grabs a shirt from the side and puts it on.

“Hey, Chris!” he snaps. I was still breathing hard.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “A couple of guys were chasing me.”

This time, he seemed to calm down. “Alright.”

“I’m going to put on some more clothes,” he said, leaving me alone in the middle of the room.

I really have to move out of my room. Those guys are getting way too aggressive for my taste.

Why though? It’s not like I’m intentionally ruining Phil’s game. Though I was the cause of his….

“Want something to drink?” Kyle says. Again, I thought. Just another glitch in The Matrix.

“Uh yeah sure. A coffee would be nice.”

“It’s the middle of the night.”

“I kinda don’t want to sleep,” I shrug.

He looks at me, but then gives a shrug of his own.

He quickly whips me up a coffee, and I sip it eagerly.

I look from his window, checking the streets. Thankfully, it’s empty.

I look up, and I find myself smiling. There’s full of stars in the sky tonight.

It may seem mushy as hell, but I have a deep fascination of space. Always had. I can always forget about my people when I just stare into the sky.

Finally, I look over to Kyle, excitement gleaming in my eyes. “Can I go to your roof?”

He tilts his head. “Why?”

He doesn’t wait for a reply. “Sure.”

I make a silent sound of glee. Damn I look like a kid that was given a candy.

He leads me to the roof, and I plop down, sighing happily.

A good scenery can really lift my worries away, just like that.

I stare at the deep sky filled with stars of all sizes. They all seemed to blink softly.

I look to my side, and find myself surprised to see Kyle also gazing at the stars with me.

He looks at me, then goes back. He doesn’t say anything.

“That’s the Seven Sisters…” I muttered.

He looks at me, confused. “What?”

“The Seven Sisters or Pleiades, is a constellation. Heh. Sorry. I can be a bit over overexcited over this stuff,” I said with a soft chuckle.

“Yeah, I know,” he said.

I look at him, and he just stares at the stars.

“Anyway,” I started, steering the conversation elsewhere. “You can see it right… there!” I pointed at the seven bright stars. Though they look really small.

“I don’t see it,” he said, after a few seconds.

“It’s those small stars close together,” I said, trying to guide him.

“Oh, those? That’s six.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to see sometimes but really look.”

He nods and stares intently at the sky.

“Focus on that blueish star. It really looks cool right? It always made me relax. Just staring at the sky always made me feel calm and relaxed.”

He doesn’t give a reply, so I continued. The night was quiet, the slow cold breeze gives a smooth tingle on my skin.

“As you really focus your eyes, you’ll start to see it. It depends sometimes in the weather conditions, but right now, it’s pretty clear. I can just feel myself getting lost in the stars. Sometimes I close my eyes, and I can feel myself just relaxing and in peace…”

“It always managed to get me relax. Just staring at the sky, it really does make you relax too right?”

“Yes,” came a reply.

I look at Kyle curiously. He was now sighing softly. Shit, is he in a trance?

“Kyle, can you hear me?” I mutter softly.

I wait for him to reply, and I give a relieved sigh when I got no response. He was probably just sleeping.

“Yes,” he muttered softly.

Now it was my turn to stop. Is he that easy to be put in a trance?

“How do you feel?”

“Good. Relaxed.”

I stood up. He was still staring at the sky mindlessly.

I really don’t want to do this again. It’ll probably lead into something worse.

“When I count to three, you will snap back to normal. You will forget that you were ever in this trance.”

“Killjoy,” a thought breaks in. I ignore it.

“One, two, thr-”

“No,” he said softly, interrupting me.


“What do you mean no?” I ask him. I couldn’t deny that my face must have looked shocked and confused compared to his calm and serene mood.

“Want to stay here… So relaxed…” he droned.

I was curious. He was resisting the command. He was easily put into a trance, and yet he still had a very strong willpower.

“Kyle, stand up,” I said, an idea bubbling up in my brain.

He stands up, his legs barely supporting him.

“Stand up straight, let your legs support you.”

Finally, he snaps and stands straight as a rod.

He still had the same dazed eyes and a soft calm smile. He really was enjoying himself.

“Kyle listen to me. As I count to ten, you will find yourself needing to pee. After I say ten, the need will grow so intense that you will leave this trance even if you want to or not.”

“Hope this works,” I muttered.



I can see him scrunch up his face for a second. He looked disoriented.

“Three. Four.”

He was beginning to sweat just a bit. He was swaying just a bit.

“Five, six, seven.”

By now, he was sweating really hard. He looked really uncomfortable. His face was flushed, and he mouth were open and quivering slightly.

“Eight, nine, ten.”

The moment I said ten, he bolted off in which I’ll assume is to the bathroom.

Looks like it did work.

That was weird. Most usually, people in a trance wouldn’t be able to resist that much, or at least in my experience. Of course, I researched on the internet about hypnosis, and things were quite different. It’s much more effective, but I really have no idea why since the induction all seemed the same.

Finally, he comes back.

He looks at me almost sheepishly. He eyes flicker to mine, before dropping to the floor. Was he embarrassed?

Oh wait. Did he remember?

He doesn’t say anything, and by now I’m fully awake and nervous. What is he-

“I want you to put me back,” he said, interrupting my thoughts.

I stare at him blankly. “What…?”

“I’ve never felt that relaxed in a long time. I want you to put me back in a trance,” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I didn’t know how to respond.

“I know you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to so it’ll be fine,” as he said that, I note that there was nervousness in his tone. Even though he tried to hide it.

“I don’t know Kyle…” I responded.

Did I want to see him back in a trance? Yes. Will I be able to make him do anything I want? More or less, I’m not sure, probably?. Was I tempted to do so? Oh hell yes. But I really do have to have self control. Am I irritated with myself for being like this? Yes, you have no idea.

He just looks at me. I can tell that he wanted me to agree, and convince me, but didn’t know how.

“Look,” he said. He looked like he was considering his words very carefully.

“Just this time. Let me relax for an hour or so. I’ll even treat you for lunch,” he said, though a bit hesitantly.

I thought about it. Lunch with him wouldn’t be half bad. He could be a nice person if he tried. But if he keeps antagonizing me, then I don’t think I can take it.

Finally, I sigh. “Alright.”

A part of me was excited, I don’t deny that. But this time, it was strictly business. No sexual stuff. Nothing at all…

We went inside and settle on the couch. We sat opposite to each other so it can be easier.

Ugh, why didn’t I just leave a mental word for him to go back into a trance.

“Wait. Are you really sure? We can stop right here-”

“I’m sure,” he nods. His face was serious.

Looks like we’re really going to do this.

“Kyle, I want you to empty your mind and then close your eyes. I want you to breathe slowly, and with each breathe you will find yourself feeling more and more relaxed. You will fall deeper and deeper as you breathe. You will not think of anything else and stay calm and relaxed.”

He was already sighing softly. He really is easy to put in a trance.

“Imagine that you are in an elevator. You are currently on the hundreth floor. With each floor that goes down, you will feel yourself getting more and more relaxed. By the time you reach the first floor, you will be so relaxed that it will be the most relaxed feeling in your whole life. Press the first floor, and tell me what floor your in.”

He began muttering, “99, 98…” and so on.

He was really falling so deep, that he almost dropped right there on the floor.

By the time he reached the first floor, he was sighing very contently and a soft smile appeared on his lips.

“Kyle can you hear me?”

“Yes,” he said.

“I want you to rest in the couch and just stay in that relaxing state.”

He rests in the couch with a contented sigh.

I couldn’t deny it then that I was just a little bit turned on.

I studied him. He eyes were closed and he was breathing slowly. His eyes fluttered under his eyelids as if he were dreaming.

By now, I really began to study Kyle. He was athletic. His body was lean and firm. His pecs were huge, and I couldn’t deny that he was making me hard. My eyes drifts further down, and my eyes widen-

There is a very promising bulge.

What the hell. He’s hard? Is he really enjoying himself that much?

“Kyle, answer me, are you hard?”

“Y-Yes,” he stammers. He looked embarrassed admitting the fact, but he was also too relaxed to do anything but answer.

I was confused. Did he have a fetish for hypnosis or something?

“Why are you hard Kyle?”

“Because I…” he stopped. He stirred a bit, and I feel like if I don’t do something, he’ll snap out of this trance himself.

“Why Kyle? Tell me why,” I prodded. I was genuinely curious. I literally felt both aroused and confused at the same time. It was confusing, my arousal was hitting higher than it usually would but confusion was the higher factor.

“B-Because of you,” he said, his face red. He looked really embarrassed.

“W-What!? Wh-Why me!?” It was now my turn to stammer. Wait what!?

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


I could only just stare at him, too much emotions running through my head. What did he mean because of me? Did I do something? Fuck, how the hell did I not notice this? I’m so fucking dense! Or is he-

“I love you, Chris.”


“W-What!?” I blurted out, and I can tell that my face was now scorching red. My face felt hot, and the atmosphere was thick.

“I love you. I loved you ever since. I didn’t know how to tell you so I tried my best to avoid you. It was hard, and I was grumpy, but by now, I didn’t know what to do but to avoid you. It became a natural reaction.”

Finally, I calmed down, well not really, but I am trying to. I took a few deep breaths.

How the hell have I never noticed that!? Was I just too dense?

One thing is for sure though; I don’t know if he wanted to tell me all those things now. Or if he wanted to come out, even!

I was running on my first instinct.

“When I count to three, you will get out of this trance. You may choose to forget this last minutes if you wish. One, two, three.”

I didn’t take any chances. I was running on adrenaline and emotions.

He snaps to attention. Looks like he also wanted to get out of the trance.

He sits on the couch and fixes his eyes on me.

I have no idea what look he’s trying to give me.

Finally, he stands up. Wait, is he mad? Is he going to punch me? Or-

“W-What are y-you-”

Before I finish my incoherent stammering, his soft lips meets mine.

I audibly gasp. He’s kissing me! His lips feels smooth, and his saliva was sweet. I can feel his hot breath on mine as he continued the kiss.

I let go of the kiss.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, my cheeks flushed. I stare at him, his lips were still wet from the kiss.

“Don’t,” he mutters softly, before diving his lips back into mine. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me closer.

His tongue invades my mouth and I’m hit with a sweet taste. His scent was overpowering. It wasn’t like just like any man, it was a man! It was fresh and refreshing, and it felt like he was just radiating his sex pheromones with his manly scent.

I can’t help but take him in, and breathe in his musky scent. I run my hands all over his body, it I wonder just a bit how I didn’t swoon right there. He was a great kisser, even nibbling my lips softly.

His body is well toned, and built like a brick. His arms were firm, and well maintained. His pecs were big, and full of muscles. I run my hands all over his body, as if there were no tomorrow. I flick his nipples eliciting a groan from him. I twist his nipples and his tongue fucking got harder and harder.

He yanks my pants down.

I stopped and looked at him. “A-Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked him. I was breathless. He stares at me so intensely, that I could only describe it as his best bedroom eyes. It was inviting, and full of lust.

He doesn’t answer, instead, he pushes my pants down, along with my boxer. My cock sprang up, and I look at him embarrassedly.

His licked his lips seductively, his eyes filled with lust and passion.

“W-What ar- umghh!” I groaned, his tongue hitting the tip of my cock. It was now leaking precum, but he wasted no time gobbling it all up as if it were a delicacy he lusted for.

I clutch the couch harder, feeling myself moan uncontrollably as his tongue swirl around my cock. Damn, he was good. Really good.

He goes deeper, and I take a deep breath in, trying my best not to cum right there. He was good at sucking cock!

I grab his hair, and pull him in closer. I was driven by lust, and I can feel his hot breath in my skin. His hands fondles my balls, all all I could do was moan pleasurably at his massage.

He begins to bob his head, making me moan harder. He removes his shirt, exposing his rock hard abs, and orders me to do the same. I remove my shirt, and he looks at me and bites his lip. He looks at me with lustful eyes before coming back to my cock.

He forms a rhythm, taking in every inch of me. It’s a wonder how he didn’t gag. Fuck, just the view of him was making me already hard! And now he’s sucking my cock, and he was doing it excellently.

“I-I’m going to cum!” I said, my voice barely getting out between moans.

Upon hearing that, he quickly removes his mouth from my cock, making me sigh in frustration. I was on edge, I was ready to shoot my load. I look at him with a frown. He gives a smirk.

He removes his pants, not taking his deep black eyes off of me.

“Spread your legs,” he growled, his deep voice resonating into my head.

He seemed really agitated, and it looks like he wanted to top. I find myself obeying him, just from the deep growl in his voice. He was in control, and he knew it.

He whips out his veiny cock. It was rock hard. I could only do nothing but stare at it dumbly.

He points it toward my hole, and without any warning, he plunges deep.

I wince, feeling a bit of pain.

He notices, and he slows it down, and eases it in.

He moves closer and kisses me deeply, making me sigh instead. His breath feels hot, and the warmth overpowers my body. The air was hot and thick, his sweat runs down his body, and his smell was overpowering. It was like pure sex.

He kisses me deeper, feeling his tongue moving erotically as his cock plunges deeper. It feels warm and hot, and I can feel my sweat running down my body. It felt no longer painful, it was overwhelming and satisfying. I felt full.

I run my hands through his body, and it feels as though I can’t get enough. He sweats as his thrusts begins to go faster and harder. I roll my head back, taking in every bit of inch of him, and engraving the feeling to my brain.

“I’m going to cum, ohhhhh,” he moans.

Finally, I can feel his cock pulsate and finally shoot his load, filling my hole with his cum.I shoot my load soon after, the cum splatters on my stomach and some on my face.

I stare at him, still panting. We were driven by lust, and nothing else. He removes his cock and stares at me.

He moves his head closer and licks my stomach, licking off my cum.

I look at him in amazement, hours ago, we were just barely talking and now, here he is, his handsome face down and licking my cum. He was licking eagerly, as if my cum was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

He wipes the cum off my face using his finger, and puts his fingers in his mouth.

Neither of us do anything, but continue to stare at each other’s eyes. It seems as though both of us still don’t believe that we’d have sex. We had no idea what to do, as the remnants of the sex left little by little.

“So,” I started. “What now?”

I was nervous, I don’t know why though. It wasn’t like it wasn’t consensual, but things were different. It was Kyle.

He stares at me more, and finally, his eyes widen and I can see his cheeks flush deeper, as though just realizing what happened.

He lets go of me and goes to the other side of the couch. He picks up his pants and shirt and puts them on. I do the same.

Neither one of us talk, both of us unsure how to start. God, we are so bad at this.

“Did… Did you really mean it?” I asked him. Even though he just said that he had feelings for me, I still couldn’t believe it. I find it hard to believe that someone who had been ignoring me and seem to be scowling at me every time he sees me has feelings for me.

He nods. “Yes,” he said, his voice was serious.

“Oh,” I said dumbly, feeling my cheeks grow red.

I don’t know what to feel about him though. I definitely think he’s handsome, but I don’t think I can actually say that I love him too, it’s all too early. Damn, this is all too mushy.

“I…” he started, but then stops, as though contemplating his words.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered. “For all those time. I just… didn’t know how to handle my feelings…”

“I sucked at handling my feelings that you had to suffer. I wanted to stay by your side everyday, and be with you, but I was a moron, I thought that if I pushed you away, then all of this will leave.”

I look at him. He wasn’t looking at me directly and his face was flushed.

“Let’s give this a try,” I muttered.

He looks at me in wild confusion. “What?”

He looks at me as if he didn’t hear me right.

“I said, let’s give this a try,” I said, more firmly this time. Dammit Kyle it’s not easy to say these words too you know.

“Just like that?” he said, his eyes lining with confusion. He tilted his head in genuine confusion. He was flushed and confused. “But what about me, being mean to you and ignoring you for no reason? Don’t you hate me?”

“I don’t care,” I said. I honestly meant that. Of course, I was upset, but at that time, I just didn’t seem to care. He was my best friend way back since I was a child, and things have changed, he has changed, but there were something that changed too. Something good.

Finally, I can see a small smile appear on his face. Fuck, that damn smile was probably the best I’ve ever seen. Though Phil had a similar one, he always smiled, and it fit him and his personality, but with Kyle, it was different. His smile was genuine, and it filled my stomach with butterflies. It takes me a surprisingly amount of willpower to not grab his face and give him so many kisses.

Seeing him give a small smile really added to his handsomeness, and I give a sheepish smile in return.

I glance at the clock, it was nearly midnight.

“I should go,” I said, standing up. He grabs my wrists.

“Stay,” he said softly.

“I can’t,” I muttered. “I have an early class tomorrow.”

“Oh,” he says, he looked sad and disappointed. Then, he gives a nod in full understanding. “Alright.”

I nod awkwardly. I should…

Before I could react, he had already captured my face with his tender lips.

“Oh,” I say, letting go of the kiss. It felt just as powerful as it was from before. I give him a grin before leaving his place.

I begin walking to my dorm, and I can’t help but smile along the way.

It feels so weird, so surreal, like everything didn’t actually happen. But at the same time, it felt weirdly natural, like something we should have done a long time ago. I couldn’t help but ask a few questions like when had he started to have feelings for me, but that was for another day.

Thankfully, no one is waiting to ambush me on the streets so I make it back safely. I’d be surprised if they’d actually wait all night just to beat me up.

I open the door and the bright screen of the television greets me.

A movie is playing.

I look at the couch to see Phil sleeping softly, his attractive face lying softly on the couch.

I grab the remote and turn the tv off.

Phil stirs awake, and gives a loud yawn. He looks at me.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I reply.

“I’ll go to my room,” I said. He gives me the slightest of nods.

Before I entered my room, I look back at him.

“Hey Phil,” I called out to him. He looks back at me.

“Are we ever going to be alright?” I asked him, waiting nervously. He looks at me seriously, really thinking about his words.

Finally, he gives a smile. “Yeah. But you’re not off the hook just yet. But yes. I think we will be.”

I smiled. “That’s good enough for me.”

End of Part IV

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