I challenge you, hero!

By The Extractor - the.extractor@yahoo.com
published March 19, 2017
2302 words

A message to curious heroes for finding missing heroes. Sincerely the Extractor

This story is meant only for entertainment only. If you have fallen into a deep hypnotic trance while reading this story then you will wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy when you finish or leave this page.

You must be wondering what the challenge is. Or even why I am putting one out. You know full well that villains don’t go out seeking the attention of heroes. But, no – I’m different. See I got your curiosity, right? Well you’ve just got to read it through to find out.

I’m sure by now you’ve been wondering where some of the heroes have gone. How do I know? Of course I know – I keep tabs on you heroes. What good villain doesn’t right? Right. I’m not some second rate villain that you’d find randomly robbing a bank – no, don’t you worry – it’s much to boring like trying to pick a lock – tick, tick, tick, tick , tick…and TICK….and it just goes on and on and on and on…oops sorry did I drone on again? Right. Back to what I was talking about.

You see those heroes that went missing, aren’t really missing you see, they’re quite enjoying their life. How do I know when you heroes all lead a secret life? Well…that’s my secret. And you’ll just have to keep reading to find out as well. Oh, I’ll tell you. I’ll spill all the nice, good, hard, facts. The juicy details you’re waiting for I’m sure. You can’t help yourself to some sweet free intel. It’s almost too easy isn’t it? Yeah. I know. I know. I’m sure you’re nodding your head a little. Maybe nodding off too? Am I being too boring? No? Okay -I hope not. Keep on pushing on then my shining knight stud. If there’s one thing you can do is to be a good hero.

Speaking of good heroes, you just can’t help yourself to do good, feel good. Oh yeah, I know. I’ll make sure I won’t get in your way. How you might ask? Well that’s something you’ll find out as well. Keep reading hero. This is so much easier than solving all the puzzling connections to solve a crime. Right? Right. See I’m not wrong. I’m not bad. I’m sure you can feel that. As a matter of fact, I’m your best buddy! Not quite your sidekick you know, but maybe that voice that helps you with things here and there? Yeah? Can you imagine that? It’s a bit like that artificial helper Jarvis that Iron Man has. Yeah, I’m like that. I’m helpful. You know it!

Don’t worry, leave the details to me, you know I can help you. Help you with finding those missing heroes and many other things. You just got to listen to me you know? Just relax for a bit, calm down, breathe in. Deep breath now. That’s it. It’s good for you. Exhale.

Feeling so nice and relaxed, listening to your helping side voice. So nice and calm. If you’re standing, I suggest you take a seat, or maybe lie down. Yeah? Yeah! It’s another good idea! See! Feeling even better now, right? Right!

Okay you see, my challenge is what I’ve already told you about, those missing heroes. Yeah, you know they’re like impossible to find. You’ve searched everywhere. Up and down the streets, in and out of all the different possible buildings. But still no luck. I’m telling you hero, you’re missing the details! You just got to think again, then rethink it again. I’m sure you’re getting my drift, right? Is it a bit confusing? Yeah? Well you know it’s supposed to be. It’s hard to put it into words you know. The exact precise reason. But I know you can do it. You’re a hero! You can achieve anything that no other ordinary person can! You’re the stud that everyone talks about when you beat another hero or solve some crime. Yeah – this is just like one of those. Another puzzle, that’s complicated, but with your hero powers and intelligence, you can solve it. I’m telling you – there’s something going on. Maybe try focusing a bit more on the details. Focus closely.

Think back of the places you’ve tried to look for those missing heroes. Oh yeah. Back. Way back. Down further memory lane. You can feel yourself a little realize that there were clues, oh yeah, all hiding in those places you’ve checked. They’re a bit of a blur in your mind. But hang on, just focus, yeah, that’s it. Focus harder. You’re seeing something. Something that’s coming into vision. In and out. You can almost grasp it. Yeah focus harder. Don’t let it get away now, hero. Harder. Long and hard. That’s it. You’re almost in clarity now. We need that clue. You need it. Need it to solve this puzzle.

It’s so difficult isn’t it. As your memory is feeling a bit hazy. But I think what you’re seeing is a word. I’ve left that clue there. Easily missed until I told you about it. What word? Think again. Harder hero. I know you can do it. It wouldn’t be any fun if I told you straight up. Even if I said I was going to help you. But I am helping you right now. Right? Yeah, that’s it. I can give you a clue. Oh yes – I think the first letter you’re seeing is the letter ‘S’. Is it all falling into your mind like dominos. You can imagine a whole room of them just falling down one by one in a chain in your mind. Round and round all the thinking you were just doing falling into place. Oh yes. You’re so close to the end of my challenge hero. I’m sure you’re dying to know more details of that word. I can help you again hero. You’re going to need it. I know it. Just keep reading! You see if you bring yourself back to that mode of thinking again. Yes, focus nice and hard again on that spot. That blurry memory of yes, that time when you think you saw something. Well you did. That clue. Oh yes. What was after the letter ‘S’? Well I left you a word. Think harder. Back into your mind. Deeper. Relax, it’s not a race. Relax, into your mind. Oh yes, you can feel yourself get closer to that perfect clarity again. So nice. So good. You can’ help yourself again to just use your hands and give it a rub here and there. Well, I’d say, do it!

That’s it. Rub that vision, that thought, you can feel the answer, the image get clearer. Closer and closer. You’re getting so close now. But wait, hang on. There’s more to the picture. There’s more letters. I know you can kind of see it now. Oh yes. You’re right before the edge ready to solve everything aren’t you hero?

Well, go on, I know you want to know. Keep teasing that image in your mind. You’re so close in getting the perfect image. I know you heroes love perfection, right? Right. So this is just another simple matter for you. You just got to get it just right – no one else can, but you! You’re going to solve my challenge in a few strokes. Just like that. Oh yes – and it’s going to feel so good. So nice.

Come on now, don’t stop. Harder hero. Harder! Here let me relax you some more. Deeper, focus on that image. That clue. You just can’t wait to have it. Have all of it. Yeah, that’s it. So close now. Let me help you. Don’t give up now. I know you heroes won’t. Give up just doesn’t exist in your mind. You’ll definitely win this challenge I know it. Otherwise what’s the fun if it was impossible. Just think of that image … ‘S’ something. You can almost make it out.

Think deep.

Think back.

Think hard.

Think deep.

Think back.

Think hard.

Think slow.

Think slower.


So close.

So on edge.

So nice.

So good.

That’s it. The hint. It’s there. You know it. You just got to listen to my words.

Think deep.

Drop deep into the thought.


Even deeper.

Then deeper.

Each word dropping you more and more.

Making you drop more and more.





You ready? I think you are. So deep. So relaxed. So in thought. Thinking. Let me tell you what to do next. You just got to do it. You know I’m helpful. You know I’m right. You know I’m good.

Just stroke those thoughts. You’re doing so well. How about a little show off now? Won’t you flex and stretch your muscles? Yeah? Good. You’re looking fantastic. You know you’d look great in a nice tight uniform. You’d be almost perfect.

Almost perfect – you just got to finish this challenge. Oh yes. Can’t stop now. That’s right. We’re too far in now. You know it. I know you’re thinking it. Can’t stop. You’re even saying it as a matter of fact.

Can’t stop.

Don’t stop hero. You’re doing great! Like all good heroes do. Oh yes. You’re a good hero. Can you see that word yet in your mind yet? No? Well, don’t stop! You’re so close! I know you can sense it.

I now you heroes love a good victory, oh yes, you’re right before it. You know it. You can smell it. You can almost just taste it. That’s right. So close. So good. Now, I know it’s getting really difficult, but you can hold on for me can’t you? I know good heroes can. You’re a good hero aren’t you? Yeah? Good!

You’re just like a good boy! Oh yes. I think I’m going to call you heroboi. You wouldn’t mind right? Right! I know good herobois wouldn’t mind and you’re a good heroboi! Yes you are!

Now in a few moments it’s going to hit you. Here let me help you again.












Did you see it? The word? No? Oh that’s strange. Maybe you need to focus a little harder heroboi! I know you can do it!

What’s that? A ‘yes’? Oh no, heroboi that just won’t do. It’s suppose to be a ‘YESSIR’. Now say it, “YESSIR”. Good heroboi! You’re doing great!

Now we’re so close. So edged. So hard. So deep and relaxed. My heroboi deserves to know what that word is. That clue that’s just so, so elusive. Is my heroboi wanting to know? Yeah? Do I hear something?

A “YESSIR?” Good heroboi!

I think it’s almost time you know and when you do know the full word that starts with ‘S’. But you know, if I give you something you didn’t solve yourself, then I’m your superior. You know deep inside that’s true. You couldn’t beat my challenge. But that’s alright. Because you know you’re MY good heroboi. Isn’t that right?

Good heroboi!

As a matter of fact you can’t stop yourself at all. You’re going to listen and obey to all my instructions as you know I am your superior already. I’m your SIR. Isn’t that right? Yeah? Good heroboi!

Now take a good look at those nice bulges you got. Give them a nice flex will you? See how nice they are. So perfect. So good. Well you see, I control those now, because you’re my good heroboi. I’m your superior and you just obey. Isn’t that right heroboi? Yessir? Good! You know good herobois never go back on their word! Now stroke and obey with your hands. See how good they feel on you? Yeah? Each touch getting you closer and closer on figuring out what that word is.

Soon you’ll know everything. Everything in perfect clarity. You just have to keep obeying me. Flexing. Stroking. Pumping. Oh yeah. It feels all so good to be my heroboi. You’re going to love it all just like you are now. But even more! Does that make you even more excited? Yeah? Good! Now you just got to really earn it. Isn’t that right? You got to earn your place under me now. Now’s your chance. Who owns you heroboi? Say it again! Yeah? You know there’s no going back now and herobois don’t lie!

Good heroboi!

Now you want to know what that word is?

Yeah? Is that a ‘PLEASE SIR?’

Oh? Say it again heroboi!

Very good! Now in…





CUM HEROBOI. CUM AND EMPTY YOUR HERO JUICES. You’re my SLAVE now! That’s it! It was all in your head all along. MY HEROSLAVE. You’re TOTALLY MINE. Mine to control. Mine to own. You’re my heroslave!

What’s that? A “SIR YESSIR?”

Good heroslave!

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