Hello, heroes...

By The Extractor - the.extractor@yahoo.com
published January 30, 2017
2066 words

A message to fellow heroes, sincerely The Extractor.

Hello hero! I see you took the bait. Wait, wait, hold on. No need to be alarmed! There’s nothing to be afraid of. First I’d like to tell you to find somewhere nice and comfy to read this, oh I assure you, you’ll have time to read this, but I think you best read this where you won’t be disturbed. Maybe in your secret base? Yeah?

Of course, after all it’s just a message from your friendly villain, Extractor. Maybe you haven’t heard about me? No? Or Maybe you have.

But anyways, I know you want to find out what I have in store for you and what I’m up to right? Well you better keep reading. No worries, you’ll find out soon enough. I won’t keep you waiting you know? I’m not like a countdown at New Year’s Eve where everyone’s waiting for that moment. Tick tock, tick tock…and seeing that needle getting closer and closer, those numbers getting higher and higher to the end of the year. Yes…why don’t I just fast forward to that part…where everyone’s only focus is to do the most exciting part where you all go in your head thinking…


See wasn’t that satisfying? Feels good right? Well, anyways, the main idea to get you to read my message is I’m sending a nice friendly greeting. Right, what good villain does that? Well I do, you see I like to give heroes a challenge. A nice long challenge, I’m sure you heroes love that from a villain. I know you love your victories. You always win. I know you do deep down inside, heroes always win. But I bet you can’t win against me. That’s right, I’m challenging you and I reckon it will be hard for you to beat me. Keep on reading and you’ll get more clues about me. Oh, yeah, I’m just giving you a big advantage, you’ll love it, rising above the villain in all your glory…but I’m just asking you to keep on reading. You will won’t you?

So far you’ve only got clues about my name and not much more leads. Maybe you’d want to trace this message back. But you know I made sure you couldn’t. So don’t waste your time, I assure you, you just gotta’ keep reading. I’ll even tell you how to contact me, you just keep reading. Word for word, I know you can do that, good heroes always do, isn’t that right? Right.

I’ve already been talking for some time now, time to take a nice long deeeep breath. That’s right and….exhale. Ah that feels refreshing, so relaxing doesn’t it? Of course it does. You finally noticed your breathing. All nice and calm. Maybe you just need a helping hand to relax your tense muscles on your back. Or perhaps to help you with your thinking? I think you do. You just got to reach for it. Go for it hero, get that help in. I challenge you to.

You see, you just got to think. Think carefully. Think nice…long…and hard. I bet you know what I’m up to. That’s right. You’ll figure it out I’m sure. It’s written all over this message. You just got to read between the lines. I’m literally giving it away! Still not getting it? Maybe you just have to think even harder! And harder! That’s right, I know you can do it. I want you to solve this puzzle so badly.

As a matter of fact, you can solve this puzzle with one stroke of your hand. Maybe two strokes. Or a few more. You just got to think real hard. Don’t stop reading, you’re almost at the next clue. I know you need it. You need it bad. You just have to keep reading, keep thinking, that’s it hero, it isn’t so hard is it? I don’t want you breaking a sweat just yet until you reach the climax. Until I get to meet you.

By now you must have been thinking real hard. Real nice long and hard. You can sense it. Your instincts tell you that. I know you found my next clue. Feels good right? Feels sooo good. I know. Good heroes love it. You love that nice warm feeling that spreads out all over your body. Making you all tingling and warm. It pulses with each and every thought. Don’t worry hero if you’ve been thinking too hard. You’re doing a great job figuring it out already. Just read between the lines, you’ll find another clue again. And again you’ll get your victory that makes you feel so nice and warm. Just make sure you think hard. Think nice and long. Keep reading. I can be sure to tell you you’ll be wanting to know my next hint. Speaking of hints, didn’t you get the hint already? No? How about…

Three… Two.. One… ZERO…

That’s right hero, did you miss it? Maybe you have to reread it? Go on, go ahead. The words won’t fall off or disappear now.

Done? Good. I know how you like being a zero. Oh no I mean hero. You’ve come a ways reading my greeting. You know there’s more clues to be found about me. You can’t stop reading now. There’s more to be found. Can’t you just wait what you find next? Keep reading and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do next. Isn’t that exciting? Thrilling? I’m sure it gets your blood pumping. Throbbing. Getting your sweat going. Oh yeah. I know you heroes love your uniforms, gear and muscles. Speaking of which, won’t you do me the honour of giving your muscles a nice flex. Yeah? Please?

Aw, thanks. I love good heroes that gives a good show. You’ll have to do it again for me when we meet. I’m sure you enjoy it anyways. Just like how much you love reading my words. How easily it flows right through your eyes and your brain processing it. Like a good scanner that just goes in a systematic process. Through and through. Line by line. Each stroke of the words going right into your mind and turning words into action. Remember, I’ve laid out hints throughout. Don’t forget to think long and hard about these words. Long and hard, hero. I’m sure your hands will be able to grasp what I mean. Maybe it’s your fingers yeah?

Very good hero. You know you have to read between the lines too. You know where sometimes your thought gets a bit fuzzy. Yeah that’s it. That’s the part where you gotta give those thoughts a little nudge and maybe a bit of a stroke or two. You’ll tease out the answer. Oh you’re so close to the real secret hero. But you know good secrets aren’t just given away. You just keep reading and maybe you’ll discover another hint. Remember tease those fuzzy thoughts. You know you’ll get a lot of good clues from them.

My my, hero, I know you want to know the secret. I might just let you in on a secret. But maybe not THE secret. You see you just not only got to tease those fuzzy thoughts. But you got to bring more and more fuzzy thoughts into your head. Then you’ve just got to focus one them. Nice long and hard. You’ll see the clues right in there. Maybe you’ll be on the edge of discovering the secret. Isn’t that thrilling? Right on the edge! I know you want that secret. But you just got to get to that edge.

Make sure you focus nice a long and hard – You’ll get closer and closer to that edge. Don’t stop hero. I know you have the power in you. You’re a hero after all. Nice, strong and muscular, I’m sure you’re a total stud. But get to the edge my hero. Focus on those fuzzy thoughts. Yeah good. Very good. Can you sense it? Can you feel it? No? Maybe you have to focus more on it. Harder. More. Longer. Yes. That’s it. Good hero.

Again focus on that edge. I know you can’t wait to find out the real secret behind all that fuzziness. Just keep reading. You’re almost there. Be a good hero for me will you? I know you can. After all you’re my good hero right? I think I’ll calling you my good heroboi. I think that’s a great name for you hero. You love it. I know it. Just say yes. Yes.

You’re doing a great job. Doing what a heroboi does best. Being good at his heroics. Isn’t that right? Right. Now who’s a good heroboi? You are! Now I think there’s something not quite right here. Oh yes, you’re supposed to call me SIR. Yes, I think that’s perfect. You’re a heroboi. You give your superiors proper greetings don’t you? Right. So that’s decided. I think you’re doing a fantastic job. You’ve been reading into all this very, very well. You’re going to be a fantastic heroboi at solving all my secrets.

Now, I am your superior you’ve just got keep reading and obeying my words isn’t that right heroboi. Isn’t that right? Right heroboi? I can’t hear you heroboi. Just say ‘YESSIR!’ Good boy. Now keep thinking, keep stroking, keep pumping, keep edging. I know you want to get to that secret so badly but it’s so elusive to you.

I’ll give you another hint. Just take a look at your gear. A nice glimpse at the sweet suit you got on. How it just clings perfectly on your body, your muscles perfectly covered in a smooth layer. Pump those muscles will you? Yeah? See how nice they are. Good. Because they’re mine now. I control those nice bulges. Just like that nice big bulge between your legs. You know how good they feel. Yeah that’s it. Stroke and pump with your gloved hands. They feel amazing don’t they? The touch is mind blowing aren’t they. Each and every stroke making you think even fuzzier thoughts. You’re getting so, so close now. You know it.

In a matter of a few more teases and stroking you’ll be my very own heroboi for me to control completely. You like that. You want that. That’s it. Stroke and obey my words. Good boy. Feels sooo good yeah? Yessir it does! Good job! I think you deserve to know the answer now. You just have to keep on stroking. Pumping. That’s it. I know you’re struggling. Waiting for the answer. The answer to it all. Oh yeah. You fucking want it now. Harder. That’s it. Push for it. You’re going to give it all to me. You want that. You want me to own you heroboi. Isn’t that right? Right. Good. You know good heroes don’t lie. And good herobois don’t go back on their words. So who owns you my good heroboi? Say it out loud. Yes that’s it my good heroboi. Good. Now I think it’s time you solved the mystery.

What’s that? Do I hear a ‘please sir’? Hm? Is your final answer that I own you now? Yeah? Well say it again heroboi. Good job! Then now on zero you will obey fully and completely…

Five… Four… Three… Two… One… ZERO!

You have my permission to CUM. CUM HARD HERO. You’re MINE. ALL MINE. Excellent work heroboi. Now, I’ll be owning that cock of yours. Make it your mind and body. What’s that? Is that a ‘YESSIR’?

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