Fun With Subjugation 2: Fun With Subservience

By A Voyeur Fan
published December 9, 2019
14902 words

Unbeknownst to this rich, spoiled lacrosse player, my nanobots have the power to make him a submissive bottom boy

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When I was in high school, I secretly invented a special kind of nanobot. This nanobot would infiltrate the body of whoever came into contact with it, quietly proliferate inside them, and ultimately exert control on their body and mind. I controlled all the subordinate nanobots with the help of a special Master type inhabiting my own body, and secretly watched as my network of nanobot hosts grew to encompass my entire school.

In Fun With Sliders, I told the story of how I transformed my sexy classmates Sloan and Peter into cock-hungry exhibitionists subservient to my will. As their master, I treated them kindly, because they were nice boys and deserved to be rewarded with a gentle master who would fuck them tenderly.

This story won’t be about the rewards I delivered to the nice boys, though, but about the punishments I handed down to the bad ones.

You see, the nanobots gave me the power of a god over my classmates, and as a god it fell to me to justly punish the wicked. And just like any high school, mine was filled with bullies, braggarts, and boors who thought they’d never face any real consequences.

Perhaps you’ve met people like the ones I plotted to punish. Perhaps you’ve hoped they’d someday get their comeuppance. If so, I hope you’ll enjoy my tales of how I brought them all down.

Last time I used my nanobots, it was to cut that arrogant prick John Henry Wilson down to size. I made use of the bots’ body modification abilities and shrank John Henry’s erect cock from a staggering eight inches long to a laughable two inches short.

Just to make sure that John Henry would get a taste of the mockery he doled out on others, I put a gate on his arousal: he could get all the way to the edge of climax on his own, but John Henry could only cum when someone else was mocking his tiny penis.

Ever since, the school’d been blissfully free of his usual taunts and provocations. The boy who used to flaunt his bulge now shied away from any attention in public. John Henry’s formerly massive ego had been thoroughly deflated.

What’s more, he settled into his new role in life admirably fast. I suggested that if he felt desperate to cum, he should set up a webcam, go online, and find any number of people happy to tease him for the size of his cock. Though I wiped John Henry’s memory of my role in his shrinkage, he must have taken my words to heart.

Watching him remotely in the days since I shrunk his cock, I came to realize that John Henry was becoming a pretty eager contributor to several camboy websites. Every couple of days he’d switch on a live feed from his room, strip down on camera revealing his tiny erection, and bask in the mockery of strangers as he stroked his little rod to climax. For someone so unendowed, John Henry sure drew sizable viewer counts.

He really seemed to enjoy it, too. Every so often when John Henry slipped up and let his face drift into view of the camera you could see he wore a smile more genuine than any expression I’d seen on his face before. I guess somewhere deep down, John Henry was relieved to have a small cock. Maybe he never felt comfortable trying to live up to everything his former giant schlong represented. I’d always thought I was doing the school a favor by knocking John Henry’s ego down a few pegs, but maybe the guy I helped out the most was John Henry Wilson himself.

John Henry was the first naughty boy that I used my nanobots to teach a lesson, but he was far from the last. Like I said, my high school was like any other: filled with bullies, braggarts, and boors that never thought they’d be punished in any way for their misbehavior. But now that I had the power of my nanobots at my fingertips, I could bring each and every last one of them to heel.

Who would be next?

Charles Roger Alcorne III was the scion of the wealthiest family in town, and he never let anyone forget about it. Every stitch of clothing on his body belonged to some high-priced designer label. Every tooth in his high-class smile was polished and gleaming white. Every fine blond hair on his head was carefully oiled and combed each morning into a neatly maintained coif. Every square inch of his skin was tanned to an even golden hue from his family’s countless tropical vacations. Charles was everything implied by the word “prep”, everything except being enrolled in one of those East Coast preppy boarding schools. Instead he went to my school, and that made him my problem.

Charles was a guy who’d grown up spoiled and coddled to hell and back. Values like being considerate of others were alien to him. His whole life, Charles’ family taught him that if you had money, the world was your oyster. At any rate, Charles sure treated the people around him like something you’d butter up, spread on a cracker, and bite down hard on.

Charles was a jerk. He sneered at anyone who bought their clothes at the discount price, laughed at anyone carrying around shabby secondhand schoolbooks, and generally mocked anyone worse off than he was. He’d walk down the hall expecting everyone to clear out of his path; anyone who didn’t he usually shoved into the wall.

Charles would even shake younger kids down for their lunch money!

The gall! A boy who never left the house without a few hundred dollars in his wallet, and there he was threatening boys to hand over the quarters they’d brought for a school lunch.

And the worst part was, Charles got away with everything.

See, Charles’ family were pretty prolific donors to my school. His family’s little donations made up about fifty to seventy percent of all the money the school received in any given year. This money was always recorded as a charitable donation, just an act of goodwill that entitled the family to an equally hefty tax write-off. But anyone who payed attention could tell you that this money had strings attached.

Every time Charles fucked up in a way the school couldn’t ignore — like the time one of his shoves left a kid with a serious concussion, or the time he crashed his car on school property and alcohol was found in both the vehicle and his bloodstream — Charles would go away for a few days, his family would send the school a blank check, and when the rich boy waltzed back from his unplanned vacation the school authorities acted like nothing had happened, nothing at all.

Yes, that’s right. Charles just bought his way out of any proper punishment.

That rich jerk practically slept through most of his classes, but teachers always gave him glowing marks on his assignments like there’d been a gun to their heads. The school knew that Charles could easily go elsewhere, and take all his family’s money with him. All that made my school attractive to Charles was its willingness to take hefty bribes that the East coast prep schools wouldn’t.

If I hadn’t been there, Charles would have just kept up his spoiled ways in college and then gone off to some cushy prearranged job in his family’s business. He’d never have gotten one lick of the punishment he deserved. That wouldn’t be fair, no, that would be utter injustice!

But there was just one crack in the armor of Charles’ wealth.

That spoiled brat went through a lot of girlfriends at a pretty rapid pace. Girls would act sweet on him, lured in by the promise of hanging out in his mansion or flying away with him on a Hawaiian vacation, but they quickly learned that Charles treated his girlfriends like trash. He assumed that women were only after his money, so he treated them all no better than sex workers. Charles rarely gave any girlfriend of his the time of day when he wasn’t driving them up to a secluded place to hook up in his car’s back seat. Charles knew that when the time came, his family would arrange his marriage to some high society debutante from a wealthy family. Until that day came, Charles was just content to get his dick wet with the poorer girls at my school. None of these girls put up with his jerkishness for long, but Charles always had another girlfriend on the way.

But Charles’ sleeping around caught up with him one day. He didn’t know that the little bug I designed was making its way around the school. Let’s just say that one evening one of his short-term girlfriends gave him the long-term gift of my body-and-mind-controlling nanobots!

All of a sudden, Charles didn’t look so impervious to consequences anymore. Charles may have had money, but I had technology.

So how did I come to choose Charles Alcorne as the next boy to punish with my nanobots? Well, I hope everything I’ve said up till now has shown how much of an asshole Charles was. I’d already wanted to teach him a lesson for ages, and now that he was hosting my nanobots it was just a matter of coming up with the right punishment.

I wanted the way I’d punish Charles to reflect his personal vices in a suitably poetic way. I had made the punishment of John Henry — that arrogant, attention-craving jerk — into a suitably public spectacle of humiliation for that reason. What was Charles’ biggest sin, and how could I tailor my punishment to best fit it?

Shrinking his cock wouldn’t fit: unlike John Henry, Charles had never flaunted his phallic endowment, just his financial one. Truthfully, his cock wasn’t anything special size-wise, as I learned when I got my first look at Charles’ nude body in a nanobot-generated render. A reduction in cock-size wouldn’t be a big enough blow to Charles’ self-centeredness.

But perhaps my recent update to my botnet’s capabilities held some promise: with a simple trigger phrase, I could make any nanobot host subject to my will, unable to refuse my commands. I could order around the boy who’d never had to follow orders in his life, but how best to do so?

The answer came with one of Charles’ tailor-made 19th birthday party invitations, sent out two months before the actual date. I was surprised to see the invitation in the mail — I’d never been very close with Charles — but realized upon opening it that it was just a form letter sent out to the whole grade. The party seemed pretty spectacular: an entire booked country club with deluxe pool, go-karts, gourmet catering, and live music. But my eyes were drawn to the text halfway down the card, in letters almost as big as the header:


And below it a url to some fancy website. Below that, in a fancy-looking font, were the words “Guests are required to bring at least one item on the registry to obtain entry to the party.”

I could see where this was going. A look at the website in question only confirmed my suspicion. All the gifts on Charles’ wish list started at around $1,000 and went up in price from there.

The nerve! This guy belonged to the richest family in town, and he still wanted his classmates to fork over at least a grand to attend this party? The revelation of Charles’ biggest vice hit me right there: he was consumed with greed! Money, status, possessions, Charles was obsessed with all of them.

There was only one thing to do. I was going to strip Charles of his money, his worldly possessions, and all his petty symbols of status. And while I was at it, I might as well give Charles a lesson in sexual submission too.

I had just finished my plan when Charles laid the final straw.

See, at my school upperclassmen were allowed to park up close to the school, right next to the faculty lot. It was a perk that spared us from having to take the bus or park three blocks away and slog up to school in the early morning.

Every senior normally had one assigned space in the lot; Charles had managed to pull some strings with the school and had gotten two adjacent parking spaces instead. The jerk had gotten extra room just to protect his beloved sports car, and he still made a hatchet job of parking.

Now I happened to be assigned to the parking space next to Charles, to my chagrin. A few weeks after his birthday invitations were sent out, I arrived in the senior lot one afternoon to see that Charles had peeled out of his space haphazardly and left a big, ugly scratch along the side of my truck. I really liked that truck! I’d worked all summer to save up to buy it, and now it was scratched up because of Charles Roger Alcorne III. That did it, I thought. I’d punish the bastard the next time I saw him.

Everything was already in order. All that remained was to track Charles down.

Of course, he’d already left for the day, and I couldn’t gain access to the gated community Charles lived in that easily. Instead, I spent the night rehearsing just what I’d do and say to Charles when I had him in my grasp. It was a good thing for me that all the technology I needed was already in place: when the time came, all I had to do was say the magic words.

The next day, I spotted Charles walking down the hall right after the lunch bell rang. I tailed him closely, wanting to get him alone before I set to work. As I followed along a few paces behind Charles, I spotted Sloan and Peter standing a short ways ahead.

The problem was this: Sloan was laughing hard at one of Peter’s jokes, so he couldn’t see Charles coming and get out of the way. And anyone at my school could tell you what happened when you didn’t get out of Charles’ way.

Peter took Sloan by the hand and tried to get him out of Charles’ path in time, but it was too late. Charles laid a hand between Sloan’s shoulder blades and promptly shoved him into the wall. Peter wound up caught between Sloan and the wall and cushioned the blow, but I could still tell they’d both taken a nasty hit.

Now I was even more pissed off at Charles. Anybody else messing with those two really set me off. I silently swore that no matter how much begging came from his lips, I wasn’t going to show Charles any mercy.

“Hey, Charles!” I called.

No response. Charles walked on ahead, his boat shoes squeaking on the hallway tile.

I sped up till I was beside him, then tried to get his attention again.

“Hey, Charles!”

Still no luck. I could see that Charles had his earbuds in.

This wasn’t working. Charles wouldn’t stop unless I got in his way, but if I did get in his way he’d just shove me to the side. Plus, I didn’t know if my trigger phrase would work if Charles’ ears were filled with the music from his earphones. There was only one thing I could do.

Charles headed out the building doors and walked down the breezeway towards the cafeteria. I followed closely behind him. Carefully, as Charles was mid-stride, I stepped on the heel of his boat shoe the moment he lifted his rear foot. Charles’ bare foot (no true prep would wear boat shoes with socks) came free. The confused prep turned to find his missing footwear.

“Whoops,” I said.

“Hey, watch where you’re going!” said Charles.

“Oh, funny I should catch you, Charles. There was something I wanted to talk with you about.”

Charles rolled his eyes and popped one earbud out. “Well?”

“I think you might have really hurt Sloan and Peter back there. You wanna go say something?”

Charles shrugged.

“Eh, I doubt it was that bad.”

I filed away his reply to use as extra motivation, seething inwardly.

“Also, I think you may have damaged my car. I found a nasty scrape on it just yesterday.”

“You sure it was me?”

“Pretty sure. It showed up on the side where you park beside it.”

“Did it? Well, if it means that much to you, I’ll get my family to pay you back for the damage.”

Charles leaned in close.

“But just between you and me, I’ve seen the heap you drive in and I doubt any extra damage on that thing’ll add up to much.”

Charles looked around, peeved at this waste of his time.

“That all?”

“Just one more thing.”

Now it was showtime.

“Whatever I say, you must then obey. When you hear my voice, you have no more choice.”

I spoke the trigger phrase softly, so no one else would hear. Dealing with John Henry had taught me that any nanobot host in earshot would be affected by my words. I didn’t want a spectacle this time, so I leaned in close and practically whispered the rhyme into Charles’ ear.

I watched with excitement as a faint haze passed over Charles’ eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Be quiet.” I said. “Come with me, and don’t act out along the way.”

I set off in the other direction, away from the cafeteria. A glance to the side confirmed that Charles was coming along.

No doubt that boy must have been mighty confused having his feet disobeying his mind like that. Charles was extremely unused to following orders, but that would change. That rich boy was due for a crash course in obedience, and I was gonna be his teacher.

“What’s going on, Robbie?” Charles said softly into my ear. My first command left Charles unable to talk above library volume, so he had to lean way in to be audible. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see.” I said, walking on.

Charles grabbed ahold of my wrist. “I don’t like this. Stop it, whatever it is.”

“Take your hands off me.” I said. Charles’ hand snapped away. “And while I’m at it, do not touch me without my permission. Is that clear? Tell the truth.”

“Yes,” Charles said, shocked at his lips forming words that he hadn’t intended to speak.

It really was marvelous how well my nanobot-augmented mind control worked. Once activated, the bots would induce extreme levels of suggestibility in the subject’s mind while leaving higher processing and motor functions completely intact.

In short, it let me control the will of any nanobot host without even leaving them in a trance. And that power would forever be at my fingertips.

“Come along now, Charles. Keep up.”

He and I walked behind the school building, passing the track field. Charles’ casual gait hardly betrayed the fact that he wasn’t going along of his own free will.

“Why don’t you go ahead now? Hold the door, Charles.”

Now we’d reached the school’s athletic building. Charles stepped ahead of me and pushed open the heavy door, holding it in place as I stepped through.

Sports didn’t happen until after school, and it was only lunchtime, so the building was pretty much deserted. Still, I wanted our privacy to be assured. I took Charles on a silent tour of the building, looking through hallways, store rooms, and offices, confirming that not another soul was in there. Perfect.

“What’s going on? How are you doing this?” Charles asked quietly as we proceeded.

“You’ve been a spoiled brat for too long, Charles. It’s time someone did something about it.”

Now we were back in the boys’ locker room. Funny, the same spot where I punished John Henry would be the site of my next revenge. This time of day, though, it was stark empty. No public punishment for Charles. No, this was gonna be a much more intimate, one-on-one affair.

“Right this way, Charles. Open up your locker for me.”

Charles was powerless to resist my commands. He quickly entered his locker’s combination and opened it up wide. Inside were his lacrosse supplies (of course he was a lacrosse player, what prep like him wouldn’t be?) His helmet, gloves, jersey, shorts, and cleats were all inside. Plus some athletic tape, a lacrosse stick propped in the corner, and Charles’ very own athletic supporter.

“I dunno what you’re doing, Robbie, but if you quit right now I promise I won’t tell on you. It’ll be like nothing ever happened.”

I smirked. Now the fear was really visible in his eyes.

“You’re right, Chuck. You’re not going to tell on me. But that’s because I order you not to. You’re not escaping your punishment. And from now on, call me sir. Understand all that? Tell the truth.”

“Yes, sir.” Charles said, and gulped as he realized how screwed he really was.

I scanned the contents of Charles’ locker, devising the best ways to use them to serve his subjugation. That jockstrap of his could certainly play a part. So could his lacrosse stick. What stuck out to me, though, were the long, thick laces on his lacrosse cleats. Yes, those could work quite nicely.

“Alright, Charles,” I said with a smile. “Let’s get started. Strip.”

I only needed to say the word and Charles’ body responded at once.

His hands flew to unbutton his expensive polo shirt, exposing his fuzzy tan chest to the open air. When the buttons were all undone, Charles pulled the fancy preppy shirt over his head and tossed it away. The blond boy was tall and had decent muscles, but his rich lifestyle was obvious from the puppy fat around his belly. Charles’ nipples were a couple of little pink saucers in the fuzz of his bare chest.

After kicking off his shoes, Charles unzipped his pants. A wispy treasure trail led to the waistband of his tight, white boxer briefs. As Charles shoved his designer pants down, his thick bare thighs came into view, coated in a dusting of fair hair.

The discomfort on Charles’ face was obvious as his clothes came off. He barely deigned to recognize my existence before, and now here I was ordering him around like he’d never taken orders before. And he was powerless to resist a single word that came out of my mouth!

I gotta say, this direct control I had over all my nanobot hosts was an unparalleled high! I wasn’t planning on abusing this power on anyone who wasn’t asking for it, but there were enough bullies as nasty as Charles in my school to last me quite a while.

Now Charles was down to his underwear. I could see him trying to fight his body’s need to obey me. I’d have to break him of that habit. A little defiance can be sexy, but the punishment I had envisioned didn’t have Charles walking away from here as anything less than a complete, eager submissive.

“Obey your master. Obey me. Strip.”

Charles’ hands had hovered at the waistband of his boxer-briefs. He was doing an admirable job fighting his body’s need to submit. At my renewed order, though, Charles snapped to obedience. He whipped off his underwear in one fluid motion and stood stark naked before my eyes.

Charles’ body was a sight for sore eyes all laid out for my viewing pleasure. Sure, I’d seen his naked render before. But seeing Charles stripped down in the flesh was something else: I really got off on the discomfort on his face, the knowledge he had of being utterly controlled and exposed. Plus Charles was really quite good looking in the buff.

His body had a lot of features in common with the archetypal “bear cub”: fuzzy, blond body hair was all over him. He had plenty of heft to him as well: strong arms, broad shoulders, thick legs, and a large, muscly gut. His skin lightened considerably where he wore his boxer-briefs: Charles’ tan lines were obvious around his crotch and ass. Speaking of which, Charles’ cute cock and balls lay in a bunch of dense curly pubes coating the area between his legs, down between them all the way to his asshole. His uncut flaccid cock was around three inches long. Now about that ass…

“Turn around. Spread your cheeks.” I said.

Quivering with fear, Charles did as he was told. As he turned his back to me, I took in the sight of his heavy, meaty buns.

My god, what an ass! Somehow, I’d never noticed how well Charles’ ass filled his designer pants. The round, bubbly cheeks were nearly hairless, in contrast to Charles’ otherwise hirsute frame, but a thick crop of hair lay in the middle of his deep crack.

Now Charles was reaching around, spreading his ass cheeks apart before my very eyes! A deep valley lay between his hefty cheeks, and in the middle, thick wisps of hair pointed the way towards his sexy pink pucker. I swear I could see it winking at me! Oh god, Charles had a sexy ass. And the things I was about to do to it…

But first things first.

“Charles, you made me repeat myself earlier. That is bad behavior. When I tell you to strip, I want you to strip all the way. I think you need to be taught a lesson so you won’t disobey me again.”

I spoke the way you’d scold a small child. Charles had acted like a little brat, after all, so I might as well treat him like one.

He was still holding his boxer briefs in one hand. I walked up and snatched them away without any resistance.

“Since you seem so attached to these, let’s see how you do without them.”

I began to pull on the waistband of Charles’ underwear, straining the elastic.

“Wait, sir! Please don’t, sir! Those are expensive!”

I smirked.

“What the hell does it matter whether they’re expensive or not? Are you telling me you’re the kind of guy who cares if other people see designer logos on your underwear when you bend over? Tell the truth.”

“…Yes, sir. I do care.”

I slapped my forehead. Here was a guy who everyone knew was richer than Midas, and he still wanted his underwear to remind everyone of that fact? That was messed up!

“Listen, Chuck. I’m gonna ask you this once, so pay attention. What is your problem? All this stuff with fancy cars and clothes, bribing the school not to kick you out, treating other people like dirt all the time, what’s the deal with that? Tell me the truth.”

The naked boy gulped. It took a while for Charles to form any words. Maybe he’d never considered that question before.

“Having money is… all that puts me ahead.” Charles said slowly. “I’m not that smart. I’m not that talented. I’m just rich. That’s what I’ve got. It makes girls want to go out with me, it makes the school keep giving me a pass. All that stuff I do, it’s to remind myself that I get treated differently. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel like I was anything special at all.”

I tried to wrap my head around what I’d heard. So all that flaunting his wealth was because Charles was insecure? Was his money messing with his sense of self just like John Henry’s cock had been? Was every bully in my school dealing with the same feelings of insecurity?

Then a picture of Charles shoving Sloan crossed my memory, and I remembered my pledge not to show any mercy. I realized that whatever Charles was going through inside, it didn’t justify the things he’d done.

Charles Roger Alcorne III was a bad boy who needed to be punished.

“Listen, Charles. After everything you’ve done, you’ve lost your underwear privileges.”

I gave a sharp tug and ripped Charles’ boxer briefs apart from crotch to waistband.

“No! Stop it, sir! What’ll I wear now?”

“Oh, I’ll tell you what you’re gonna wear, Charles. No underwear, that’s what. From here on out, you’re wearing nothing beneath your trousers, understand?”

Charles bit his lip and nodded. He was quivering from head to cock to toes.

“This pair was just an example,” I said, gesturing down to the boxer-briefs ripped in two, “When you get home this evening, here’s what you’re going to do: clean out your underwear drawer. Donate every pair you own to clothing drives, homeless shelters, Goodwill, I don’t care. Just never wear underpants again. Understand?”

Charles’ lips trembled as he spoke.

“Yes, sir. Please don’t make me do this, sir. I’ll pay you whatever you want, sir, I…”

My palm hit my forehead again.

“Fuck you, Chuck. You think you can buy me? I’m the one person you can’t buy. I don’t need your money, Charles. I don’t even want your money. I just want you to get some punishment for everything you’ve done.”

“But why are you doing this, sir? What have I ever done to you?”

I pondered the question.

“Well for one thing, you scratched my car. But that’s not why I’m doing this. Tell you what, I’ll give you an answer in a moment. First…”

I glanced at a towel rack on the wall behind Charles. The pegs were empty this time of day, and securely mounted to the wall behind them.

“I want you to get all tied up.” I said with a smirk.

It was really the best, having Charles in this suggestive, compliant state. His body didn’t offer one ounce of resistance as I pulled the laces out of his cleats and wrapped each of his wrists in a tight binding, knotted to the towel rack. The rich boy just stood there and took it till he was bound there, naked with his arms spread wide and his whole hairy, muscular body exposed to the locker room air. The best part, though, was how Charles’ mind was unclouded and intact. I wouldn’t feel right if the boy I was punishing wasn’t the very same boy who was begging to be punished. I could rest easy knowing that the pitiful whimpering Charles I was tying up was the very same Charles that had sneered at me just minutes ago.

I surveyed my work. Charles was completely exposed in full frontal nudity. Nice thick tufts of armpit hair lay under each of his outstretched arms. He’d spread his legs a bit to stabilize himself, leaving his soft cock and fuzzy nutsack to hang between his legs. He couldn’t even cover himself if he wanted to.

“Okay, Chuck. Try and get free.”

Charles pulled against his restraints, but they were secure. The double knotted laces were too thick to rip through, and the knots were too tight to wiggle free from.

“I mean really try. I want you to pull with all your might.”

It was clear Charles was doing just that. Cords of muscle tensed along his bare arms and his whole body twisted and strained with effort, but it was no use.

Now he was working up a sweat, which lent a nice sheen to his hairy naked body. I’d done a good job. My only regret was that with his back to the wall, Charles wasn’t displaying that sexy ass of his.

Charles was really starting to turn me on, but before I could have my fun I needed to remember his punishment.

“Are you really trying your hardest? Tell the truth.”

“Yes, sir… I am.” Charles said, panting from exhaustion.

“Alright then, you can stop.”

Charles sagged down on the wall. His discomfort was clear: when he tried to sit, he put the weight of his whole body on his outstretched arms. He was bound tight.

I smirked, grabbed his chin, and brought Charles face-to-face with me. I looked him straight in the eyes as I spoke to him.

“Now listen up, Charles. I’ll tell you why I’m doing this. It’s because you’ve always been such a spoiled brat. You look down on everyone around you, you treat them like common trash, you hurt people and break things and you never get punished for any of it. Well, that changes today. If not for me, you might have gone your whole life as the exact same spoiled brat. But I’m going to turn you into something else, something you’ll be for the rest of your life.”

I leaned in so close to Charles that our noses were practically touching before I went on, looking down at him all the while.

“You’re going to be a submissive, meek little bottom boy.”

I ran a hand down Charles’ sexy hairy torso and took his limp cock roughly in hand.

“And I’m going to teach you how. Right here, right now.”

Now Charles’ eyes grew wider than ever before.

I ran my fingers along the underside of his cock a bit to excite him. I could hear Charles stifling a moan as I did it.

“So let me tell you how it’s going to be from now on.” I said, stepping away and leaving Charles on edge.

“A submissive bottom boy always obeys his master, but I can see you’ve got that part down.”

Not like he had a choice, I thought.

“And a submissive bottom boy will embrace the life that his master gives him without any reluctance.”

I reached for the laces binding Charles’ hands.

“Now listen. I’m going to untie you for a bit, Charles. Before I do, I have a few instructions for you. Do not try to run away. Do not try to defy me. Do not try to harm me. Do not try to hold on to your status or your wordly possessions. If you obey me, I’ll keep your discomfort to a minimum. If not, your punishment will be swift and severe. Understand?”

“Yes, sir.” Charles said, stifling another shudder.

“Oh, and one more thing. Don’t bother with ‘sir’ anymore. I want you to call me ‘master’ from now on. Understand?”

“Y-yes, master.”

Charles Roger Alcorne III still couldn’t conceal his bewilderment and fear at the power I held over him. With my technology I’d made this rude and disobedient boy into a naked, whimpering little whelp. And there were so many changes left to make.

With some work the knots that I had tied came loose. As his bindings were untied, Charles’ arms dropped to his sides. Charles glanced left and right as I simply stood staring at his sexy naked body. Then, shifting from one foot to another in discomfort, Charles brought his hands forward to cover his groin.

This was what I’d been waiting for: an opportunity for yet another lesson. I grabbed Charles’ arms and roughly pulled them away from his crotch, exposing his cock and balls.

“A submissive bottom boy,” I went on, “does not hide his body from his master.”

I grabbed Charles’ hips and pulled him away from the wall.

“A submissive bottom boy knows that his body isn’t his own. The body of a submissive bottom boy belongs to his master.”

I ran my hands over Charles’s fuzzy chest. My thumbs played with his pink, pliable nipples.

“That means that your body belongs to me, Charles.”

I crouched and ran my hands down his pudgy stomach.

“That means that I will play with you whenever, wherever, however I want, and you… you will just stay there and take it.”

I took his soft cock back in one hand, and rolled his fuzzy nuts around in the other. Charles didn’t budge: he couldn’t resist my commands no matter how much he wanted to. All this tall, strong, rich boy could do was submit and obey.

Slowly, eagerly, I slid back Charles’ foreskin to expose a tasty looking purple cockhead. I looked up. Charles was keeping up a stoic expression, but it seemed that this manipulation was affecting him.

I placed a finger on his exposed glans and began to rub. The sharp intake of breath from Charles told me all I needed to know: this sort of stimulation was intense! I rubbed more vigorously, and Charles stifled a gasp.

But he was still completely soft. I guess a man’s touch didn’t excite him.

No matter. It wasn’t like that was out of my power to change.

“A submissive bottom boy,” I said, “is excited and aroused by his master’s gaze and touch.”

I stood back up and grabbed Charles by the jaw, turning his face to meet mine. My other hand stayed on his cock. I stared straight into Charles’ eyes as I held his member tight.

My words had an immediate effect. Charles grunted with discomfort as he met my gaze. My one hand rubbed his cheek, my other stayed on his cock. He tried to look away, but I held him close.

I could feel blood rushing into his cock with every pulse. Charles was boning up in the palm of my hand! I didn’t let him go until I had him as hard as a rock.

I guessed that out of one hundred, Charles’s arousal slider was probably reading forty to fifty when I let him go. As he’d boned up, his foreskin had retracted the rest of the way, leaving that tasty looking head exposed, shiny and swollen and purple. His cock stood up at a forty-five degree angle fully erect, and had a pronounced upward curve. I could see it throbbing with his pulse.

I really got off on the chance to just bask in my power over Charles. With Sloan and Peter, I’d changed them slowly over weeks and months because I didn’t want to make my own involvement known. With Charles I had no such reluctance, so I could just go all out and control his mind and body as much as I wanted. He was completely powerless to resist my words: with one simple instruction I’d overwritten his body’s entire arousal response!

Speaking of which…

Charles’ hard cock was enticing. I bent down and popped that tasty purple head inside my mouth, licking and sucking. As I did so, I grasped at Charles’ shapely buns, squeezing and kneading the glutes. He moaned in agonizing ecstasy at my touch.

I enjoyed going down on Charles, but I couldn’t get carried away. Of the two of us, I was master, and I couldn’t have him thinking it was normal for me to pleasure him rather than vice versa.

I grabbed Charles by the jaw again.

“A submissive bottom boy,” I said, “is always eager to repay his master for the pleasure he receives.”

I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down, along with my underwear. My own cock was definitely rock hard by this point.

Charles kneeled on the locker room floor. He certainly got my message. I let out a sigh of pleasure as the rich boy took my cock inside his pretty mouth without any hesitation.

Charles was a natural cocksucker! He hummed around my hard cock, lending some lovely vibrations to the motion of his lips and tongue. He even massaged my balls as he held his breath and deepthroated my shaft down to the root! Oh, this was exquisite! If nothing else, I had done right by the world in making this stuck up rich boy discover his true calling, sucking dick like a champ!

If Charles had gone on, he could’ve easily finished me right there. I wasn’t ready to cum just yet, though. I wanted to breed and seed Charles, to mark his ass with my sperm as I impressed his new life on him in the most exhilarating way possible!

“Get off.” I commanded.

Charles spat my cock out and let go of my balls without a word.

“Stand up. Turn around.”

He stood straight at attention and pivoted on the spot. Again my view was drawn to Charles’ sexy, shapely ass, the hairy crack, the inviting pink hole.

I just had to claim it for my own. But first…

“A submissive bottom boy,” I went on, “ always tries his hardest not to cum without his master’s permission.”

I laid my hands on Charles’ exquisite ass cheeks. I could feel him shudder at the touch, his cock still hard as steel.

Then I spread his cheeks wide, took a long look at his inviting hole, and buried my face in his crack. This made Charles’ shudders give way to moans.

Rimming Charles’ sexy, eager hole was a delight. My tongue thrust in and out, in and out of his ass as Charles carried on moaning in ecstasy. Part of me was reluctant to let this jerk have a moment of unchecked pleasure, but I though about what I’d do to punish Charles when he inevitably failed to hold back his orgasm and went on rimming him with gusto.

I couldn’t know what was going through Charles’ head at that moment, but I imagined that all his outward sounds of pleasure were accompanied by a hefty dose of inward shame. There he was, richest boy in school, straight as an arrow, only to now be my abject toy, left moaning and dripping with arousal at another man’s tongue buried up his ass.

And Charles was indeed dripping. My orders made his arousal steadily increase with my every touch. Charles was by now surely around seventy percent juiced up. His cock was rock hard and dribbling a steady stream of precum even though not a finger had been laid on his cock since a couple of minutes ago.

I smirked even as I went on rimming Charles. My orders were for him to “try his hardest” not to cum. If I’d simply said “don’t cum,” I’d have placed a cap on Charles’ arousal, just like I had on John Henry’s. Instead, I’d simply ordered him to “try”. No doubt Charles was fighting mentally to stave off the orgasm brewing in his balls, but the mind is a mere plaything of the body. Charles’ body was under my complete control, and he couldn’t fight off its new reaction to my touch.

“Oh… Master, if you keep this up I — Ah! I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop, Master!”

That was just what I wanted to hear. Charles doubtless hoped he’d hold off long enough to get my permission to cum. Well that wasn’t going to happen. To help him along the road to unauthorized orgasm, I reached around to Charles’ chest and pawed at his hairy pecs, rubbing his sensitive nipples to send waves of pleasure straight to his dick.

“Master, please… I can’t — Ah! Oh! Oh, god. Oh, master, I’m gonna—“

Charles never finished that last sentence. The way his naked body jerked in breathless pleasure told me all I needed to know. Charles was one of those guys whose cum, rather than shooting, dribbled out of his cock at the peak of his orgasm. The creamy mess ran down Charles’ rock hard shaft and dripped off his balls to splatter on the locker room floor. The rich boy sank to his knees at the intensity of his orgasm. I took my face out from between his ass cheeks and walked around to face Charles, who was still panting and dizzy from pleasure.

“Look at that. You’ve made quite a mess, Chuck.”

He looked up at me with pleading eyes.

“Please, master. I tried so hard not to cum. It’s not my fault, master. I just lost control.”

I cocked an eyebrow.

“Lost control? Without even a hand laid on your cock? I didn’t take you for that kind of guy, Chuck. Are you the sort of person that goes off half-cocked in situations like this? Tell the truth.”

Charles nodded vigorously.

“Yes, master. All the time, master.”

I chuckled to myself. Without even intending, I’d gotten Charles to admit to suffering from premature ejaculation. This was fun.

Charles lay on the ground in front of me and groveled.

“I’m so sorry master. I didn’t mean to disobey you, master. Please, master, have mercy on me.”

It was doubly fun to watch Charles whimper and beg like the submissive bottom boy he was becoming. It turned me on to no end to contrast this new behavior with the assholish devil-may-care attitude Charles had displayed just a half hour ago.

“Well, Chuck, I’m moved by your sincere apologies. In light of your contrition, I’ll decide to let you off with a warning just this once.”

Charles let out a sigh of relief. I let him think he was out of he woods for a moment before I went on.

“And Chucky, in light of what you told me I realize it wasn’t fair to make you hold back your own orgasm like that. You’re just too immature: you haven’t got enough control over your cock, you’re too excited by my every touch…”

I tried to sound considerate, but at the same time I wanted to tease Charles for his own lack of self-control. I patted him on the head and chuckled as my touch sent another small wave of arousal through his naked body.

“…So here’s what I’ll do, Chucky. I’m gonna give you a little present: a toy that will make your job as a submissive bottom boy so much easier. It’ll do all the hard work for you. It will let you do all sorts of things that are beyond your abilities right now. And frankly, I think it’ll look great on you.”

Charles was quaking and quivering at my words. I doubt he knew just what I was talking about, but he could tell it wasn’t something he’d enjoy.

“Wh-what is it, master?”

“I’m so glad you asked. I’ll show you right now.”

I reached for my backpack, up till now discarded on the bench. I dug deep into the concealed pouch where Charles’ gift lay hidden. My fingers found the smooth plastic object pretty quickly.

Dramatically, right before Charles’ eyes, I pulled out his present in the open air: a brand new CB 6000 male chastity device!

It was clear plastic, three and a quarter inches long, and shaped like a miniature hollow translucent cock with a thick detachable ring at the base attached via a tiny padlock and key. A narrow slit lay at the end to let its wearer use the bathroom while locked inside.

“What’s that, master?” Charles asked with audible apprehension. No doubt he’d never seen a cock cage like this in his life.

“This is your personal protector, Chucky. It’s a wonderful device that will help you be the best submissive bottom boy you can be. You see, freshly started submissive bottom boys like you have a hard time living up to their responsibilities. They can’t keep from orgasming at their master’s touch, so they shoot their loads prematurely like you just did. Even worse, whenever they feel horny they can’t help but masturbate to take the tension off instead of saving it all up to share with their master.”

I eyed Charles’ softening, cum-covered cock. Locking Charles in chastity had been one of my goals all along, but learning that he was a premature ejaculator gave me a pretense to whip this specially-purchased CB 6000 out for him. It had cost a pretty penny, but I knew Charles would reimburse me the cost very soon.

“This protector will help you through all the hardest parts of being a submissive bottom boy, Chucky. It goes over your cock and locks in place, just like this!”

I held the device up in front of Charles’ face to demonstrate. For show, I took apart and reattached the ring and cage before his eyes.

“You see, this part goes around the base of your cock and balls, and then this clear bit covers the rest of your cock! Then you lock it on, and there’s no taking it off without the key!”

I could see Charles’ face sink as he realized what was going to happen to him. I smiled as I went on.

“I just can’t wait to see you wearing this, Chucky! Why don’t I put it on you right now?”

Charles jerked backwards as I reached down for his crotch. No doubt he would have clutched at his cock protectively had my commands not forbidden him from covering it.

“Wait, master! Please don’t lock up my cock! I beg you, master, please!”

I cocked my head.

“Oh? And why not?”

“Because it’s humiliating, master! I won’t be able to cum when it’s on! I won’t even be able to get hard!”

“You’re not supposed to do those things without my permission anyway.”

“But how will I hide it, master? I can’t let other people see me wearing that plastic cage over my cock. It’s so embarrassing!”

“Well I can tell you that answer to that, Chucky,” I said, grinning, “You won’t hide it. You will let other people see. When you’re showering after lacrosse practice I don’t want you to cover your protector up. You won’t skip the shower. You won’t hide it behind your hands. You won’t even face the wall. All of your teammates will see your protector, and if they ask about it you’ll tell them you’re wearing it because you’re a submissive bottom boy and you wear a cock cage so your penis will be out of your own control.”

Tears were forming in Charles’ eyes.

“Please, master! I don’t want to wear a cock cage! I promise not to cum without your permission, master, I’ll do anything you ask, anything! Just please don’t lock my cock away, master!”

“Oh, Chucky…”

I grabbed him by the chin again and pulled his gaze towards my face.

“That’s not your decision to make. I will lock your cock away because I control you. You will go along with it because you must. I will keep you locked up whenever, wherever, and for however long I want. Understand?”

“Yes… master…” Charles sputtered out.

“Good. Now let’s begin.”

I reached down and took Charles’ deflated cock and balls in my hand. The naked rich boy went on whimpering.

I took the plastic ring from the CB 6000, snapped the clasp open, and eased it up to hold the base of Charles’ shaft and scrotum snugly.

“Nggh… Master, it’s too small. Please, it won’t fit.”

It seemed Charles was starting to get hard again from my touch. No doubt it would be a pain to get this chastity device on him when he was chubbed up.

“Oh, don’t flatter yourself, Charles. Soften up. It’ll fit.”

My command triggered the nanobots gathered in Charles’ cock to leave him impotent for a short time. The boy’s rod went soft as a wet noodle in my hand, and the ring easily slid closed around Charles’ cock and balls with a click. The plastic ring held the root of Charles’ cock and the base of his scrotum gently, but firmly. It wouldn’t cut off any blood flow, but once the lock was in place Charles would never be able to get it off on his own.

“Now the case goes on. Get ready for your glass slipper, Chuckerella.”

I eased the clear plastic casing over the head of Charles’ cock. Normally these devices needed lube to go on gently, but the residual cum covering Charles’ shaft worked well enough in that regard. I lined the casing up with the ring and pushed the connections through to join them together. As much as I joked about a glass slipper, this cage seemed tailor made for Charles. His soft cock fit snugly inside the penis cage without being squeezed. The lightweight plastic locked his penis away without weighing it down. The only discomfort Charles would get from this device would be from the blow to his ego and his loss of autonomy. Oh, and from losing the capacity for erections, too.

Now all that was left was the lock.

“A perfect fit! You’ll find your Prince Charming yet…”

I slid the padlock shackle into place over the junction between the cage and ring. I stared up at Charles’ sorrow-filled face. This rich jerk was just standing there taking it all in as I locked his cock away. That, I had to admit, was a major turn on.

“Any last words before I go ahead Chuck?”

Charles just let out a choked whimper.

“No? Well, that’s alright. I’ve got to admit, this cock cage looks good on you. It’s a good thing you’ll be wearing it for quite awhile.”

I shut the padlock, turned the key, yanked it out, and stored it away in my pocket. Now Charles was truly locked away from erections or orgasms, locked away by a device to which I alone had the key.

Charles put his head in his hands, took a deep breath, and sputtered “Thank you… master…” in a shaky voice.

Huh? That really threw me for a loop. I hadn’t ordered Charles to say that. There he was, naked and degraded, penis padlocked in a little plastic cage, and he was thanking me? Why?

“You’re… welcome?”

I hesitated.

“Are you really feeling grateful, Chuck? Tell the truth.”

“N-no, master, but…”

Charles held back a sob.

“…but a submissive bottom boy like me should always express gratitude for his master’s care and attention, shouldn’t he?”

I smile broke out across my face. Wow! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Charles would submit to his new role in life quite so soon. I thought it’d take weeks of orgasm denial to temper Charles into a true submissive bottom boy through and through! Instead, his stubbornness and disobedience were collapsing right before my eyes! I had to milk this moment for all it was worth!

“Exactly right, Chucky! I’m very proud of you for figuring that out! Why don’t I reward you by telling you even more about how to be the best submissive bottom boy you can be.”

Charles nodded mutely, shivering.

“A submissive bottom boy normally keeps himself free of any body hair. This time, though, I’ll grant you a special exemption. Truth be told, I think yours is pretty sexy. Oh, but I still want you to shave off all your pubic hair when you get the chance. Otherwise your cock cage might yank on it and cause you a lot of pain. We don’t want that, do we, Chucky?”

Charles shook his head, newly committed to shaving his crotch bare.

I picked his discarded pants up off the floor.

“A submissive bottom boy,” I went on, “always dresses appropriately.”

I felt the stitching on Charles’ designer pants. Lucky for me, his clothes were made for style, not durability.

“I’ve already made it clear what you’re to do with your underwear from now on, Charles. I should add that you’re going to donate a good… ninety percent of the rest of your wardrobe. After all, a submissive bottom boy never needs to wear that much. As for the other ten percent…”

I pulled on the fabric of his pants. The material ripped easily, and in quick succession I tore off both pant legs. In a flash, Charles’ fancy trousers had turned into extremely skimpy booty shorts.

“…You’re going to make some ‘alterations’.” I said with a smile.

I tossed the ruined pants at Charles’ feet. His designer pants looked closer to a pair of skimpy briefs now, or a ragged Egyptian cotton speedo. Combined with his lack of underwear, there was precious little material left to cover Charles’ crotch. Had he not been locked in a permanent flaccid state, any of Charles’ erections would threaten to spill out either side. The material at the rear didn’t suffice to cover even half of Charles’ hefty ass, and if Charles ever had to bend over there’d be a full moon rising. What’s more, I’d torn off the button on the waistband, so the zipper was all that kept the pants from falling down. Without the button to secure it, that zipper would gradually ease down throughout the day and require constant rezipping on Charles’ part to avoid flashing his ass and caged cock to the school.

The naked boy looked shocked to see his wardrobe destroyed in front of him. I wondered what all was going through his head. Perhaps he’d thought that he could maintain some dignity, conceal his status as a submissive bottom boy from some people. But I was never going to let that happen.

He looked up at me.

“But why, master?”

“So everyone else will know what you are at a glance, Chucky. Understand?”

“Y-yes, master.”

Charles still couldn’t conceal his bewilderment and fear at the power I held over him. With my technology I’d made this rude and disobedient boy into a naked, chastened, submissive little whelp. And there were so many orders left to give.

“A submissive bottom boy knows that he has no right to modesty in public.”

Now I had his polo shirt in my hands. The flimsy fabric was easy to rip; I tore off the popped collar, smiling at the destruction of this emblem of preppiness. I tore off the buttons on the collar, turning the shirt into a very low-cut V-neck. I tore off the sleeves to leave only slender tank-top straps. Finally, I grabbed the hem and ripped off a good half of the remaining fabric, tearing away everything below nipple-height.

I held the ruined shirt up for Charles to see. I’d torn off so much that you could barely call what remained a shirt at all. It was closer to a sports bra: it’d cover Charles’ nipples and half of his pecs, but practically nothing else. His hairy chest and fuzzy, muscly gut would be completely on display when he wore this. Not to mention, he’d have nowhere to hide his skimpy short shorts.

“These are all you’ll wear. Except when you’re playing lacrosse. Then you’ll need to wear the uniform. Let’s see what I can do about that…”

I grabbed Charles’ lacrosse shorts, ripped out the drawstring, and pulled on the waistband until the elastic ripped. When I was done, the shorts had no ability to stay up on their own. Charles would need to hold them up with one or both hands at all times.

I took his jersey and ripped off the sleeves and hem once again. This time, I ripped down the neckline all the way to the bottom, so the front of the jersey came apart completely. When I was done, Charles’ jersey covered less skin than Aladdin’s vest.

“B-but master…”

“Yes, Chucky? What is it?”

“Won’t I get in trouble for wearing stuff like that? Won’t it be indecent, master?”

“Eh, you’ll get away with it. You’re rich. If anyone from your family or school asks about it, just say it’s your new mode of self-expression, dressing to match how you feel inside. They’ll let you off. They have to. They let you off when you did far worse things than this.”

Charles held up the skimpy remnants of his pants, trying to imagine wearing them throughout the day.

“I-is that all, master? Can I go?”

I smiled.

“Go? Oh, no. Not yet. I still haven’t taught you the most important part of being a submissive bottom boy: taking it up the ass!”

This fact, even after everything he’d been through, caused Charles’ eyes to bug from their sockets.

“W-what?! But master, I’ve never put anything up my ass before!”

“Which is why now is a perfect time to start. What did you think the ‘bottom’ part of ‘submissive bottom boy’ means, anyway? A submissive bottom boy never tops. He never inserts his cock into anything but his protector. He derives all his pleasure from being fucked in the mouth and up the ass. That’s why I’m going to fuck you, right here and right now.”

“It’ll hurt, master! It’ll hurt really bad! My asshole isn’t ready to take your cock, master!”

“Oh I doubt that, Chucky. You see, I think you were a submissive bottom boy at heart long before I took you aside and showed you how to be one. That’s why you do everything I tell you now: it’s not in your nature to disobey your master. And true submissive bottom boys, they don’t feel pain when they take large cocks up their ass. All they feel is the sweetest pleasure.”

The truth was, my nanobots had given Charles’ asshole the strength and resilience to take any size of cock without injury and had altered his anal pain receptors to transmit pleasure instead. I just enjoyed playing mind games with Charles, making him believe that the pleasure he would feel from being topped was really an expression of his deepest, truest nature.

“Now I’m getting impatient, Chucky. Bend over, spread your cheeks, and get ready to be fucked.”

Charles’ body snapped into compliance with my commands no matter how much his mind resisted. In seconds he was kneeling on the ground with his ass in the air, hands spreading his hairy crack and that tight pink hole just begging me to fuck it.

My earlier rimming had left Charles’ asshole lubed up just the right amount. My cock was rock hard with the anticipation, so I tossed off the rest of my clothes, got into position behind Charles, and lined myself up with his eager hole!

I lay my hand on Charles’ broad muscular back and gave him one final command before starting.

“Tell me how it feels, Chucky. And tell the truth.”

With that, I grabbed ahold of Charles’ hips, set my cock against his hole, and started to pull him onto my dick. There was some resistance at his tight hole as I pushed forward, but I kept at it until Charles’ virgin asshole opened up and started to welcome my hard cock! The rich boy gasped as he felt me take his anal virginity away.

After it cleared his entrance, my cock slid into Charles’ ass as easily as if it had been greased in warm butter. Charles panted and struggled for air as my cock slid into him, inch after inch. I had no intention of stopping before it was all the way in, but even if I’d wanted to, I doubted I could stop myself from sinking balls deep into Charles’ asshole. It practically sucked in and swallowed down my cock, it seemed so eager to have it! And Charles’ ass felt exquisite: as soft and sweet as honey, as warm as a loving hug, and it fit around my dick just like a glove. Before I even knew it his hungry hole was pulsing around the very base of my cock, his hairy crack was tickling my balls, and I only wished I had even more inches of dick to feed it!

“Oh… Master… It feels… I feel… so… good…”

Charles rocked forward on his hands and knees, sticking his ass up to meet my cock. I thought about teasing him. I thought about telling him how this proved he’d been a submissive bottom boy at heart all along. But the truth was that I was so caught up in the pleasure of fucking Charles that all I wanted to do was enjoy this sexy moment.

“You and me both, Chucky…” I panted, “You and me both…”

I rutted around in his stuffed ass for a moment, savoring the feeling of it enveloping my whole cock. Then I started to move my hips forward and backward, letting my cock slowly glide back and forth inside Charles.

When he could muster any sounds at all, the only thing Charles did was moan in indescribable pleasure. I doubted he could form any words at the moment.

I needed to pace myself: going full tilt thrusting in and out of Charles’ ass would make me blow my load in minutes, and I wanted to take my time. Instead, I eased my cock backwards and pulled out of his hole inch by inch. It was no easy feat, since Charles’ ass seemed to suck my dick deeper inside it with its almost irresistible allure.

Somehow I managed to pull my dick out of Charles’ hole with a gentle pop. Charles whined as he felt my dick leave him. I lined my cock back up at his hole and slid right back in, and the two of us moaned in reunited pleasure.

I groped between Charles’ legs and pawed at his caged crotch. When I had his little cock in my hand, I could feel it and the plastic around it twitch to the time of his pulse. No doubt Charles’ cock really wanted to get hard with all this stimulation, but every time it tried to swell in size the plastic cage squeezed it back to full softness. Even with this limitation, Charles was dripping like a faucet. His precum coated and lubed the inside of his plastic cage and fell in drips from the opening at the tip down to the locker room floor. I doubted he could cum like this, but no doubt Charles was in immense pleasure.

I decided to play another game with Charles. Once again, I slowly withdrew my cock from his ass and left it perched near his eager hole. Once again, Charles whined as my cock left him. I left my cock waiting at his entrance, and the denial of pleasure drove him crazy with need.

“Tell me what it is you want, Chucky,” I finally said, “and tell the truth.”

“…Please fuck me, master…. Oh please, master, please fuck me…”

“How hard do you want me to fuck you?”

“…As hard as you can, master! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!”

“How deep do you want me to fuck you?”

“Oh, god… All the way inside me, master! I want you to fuck me as deep as you can!”

“How long do you want me to fuck you for?”

“Forever, master… or at least, as long as you can! God, my ass feels so empty without you!”

“And how badly do you want me to fuck you, Chucky?”

Charles let out a cry of need that was practically deafening.

“I want you to fuck me so bad, master!” he yelled, “Worse than I’ve ever wanted anything! I’ll do anything, master! I’ll give you anything! Just please fill me up again, master! Please fuck me hard!”

I grabbed ahold of Charles’ hips and penetrated him fully in one long, hand, deep thrust. I was pretty sure I could hear Charles crying with joy as I fucked his ass.

Now— now that Charles had fully accepted his role in life as a submissive bottom bitch— it was time for me to make a few permanent commands.

I bent forward as I fucked him and lay my naked torso along Charles’ warm muscled back. I wrapped my arms around him and embraced him from behind. I lay my hands over his soft nipples and hairy pecs. I leaned my head on his shoulder and whispered my words right into Charles’ ear.

“Charles Roger Alcorne III…” I began, investing my voice with a master’s ultimate authority, “I pronounce you guilty of the sin of greed.”

I played it slow fucking Charles. I wanted to last the length of my little speech.

“For far too long you’ve been obsessed with your money, your status, and your possessions. You’ve lorded your wealth and privilege over those less fortunate than you. You were blessed from birth to be the heir to a great fortune, but you used this blessing to flaunt the rules, abuse the weak, and hoard all your gifts to yourself. This ends now.”

I steadily ramped up the pace of my thrusts as I spoke.

“The punishment for your avarice, selfishness, and insolence will be this: you have proven time and time again that you don’t deserve the money, status, and possessions that you take so much pride in. From now on you are to be stripped of these things you hold so dear. You will spend your family’s money only for the good of others; you’ll not spend one cent of it on yourself. You will donate all of your possessions — all your personal property, all your valuable belongings, even all of your clothing — to those less fortunate than you, and you will dress yourself only in the rags and tatters of what remains…”

I gestured with a sweep of the hand towards Charles’ newly retailored, torn up, and revealing clothing.

“And your status… you will lose that as well. You will make it clear to all you meet that you are superior to no one. You will embrace the life of a submissive bottom boy and in doing so you will proudly claim your place at the bottom of the social totem pole. Wealthy scion or not, you will defer to each and every person that you meet as your social better.”

Whatever the impact my words had on Charles, his mind was too clouded by pleasure to respond coherently. I realized that going on too long risked defying the odds and making Charles cum inside his cock cage. I certainly didn’t want that, so I went on.

“But Charles… I am not unmerciful. In your punishment, I offer you the chance to begin a better life. I see how your illusions of superiority are built on the shaky foundation of your family’s wealth. I see how you believe that being rich is your only personal virtue. In taking away your wealth, I will give you the chance to discover pleasures that money does not buy. I truly hope that in your destitution you will discover the virtue of… generosity.”

Charles’ whole body was twitching in pleasure. No doubt he was mere inches from cumming as I spoke.

“And to help you discover this virtue, I give you one more punishment and one more gift. I can feel how close you are to the edge, Charles, but you will not cum today. I hereby place a cap on your arousal, Charles: from now on you may get horny, you may get so aroused that despite your caged cock you feel orgasm is in reach, but you will never attain that sought-after sexual climax without the express permission of the person that holds your key.”

For dramatic effect I grabbed the key to the lock on Charles’ protector and waved it in front of his half-lidded eyes.

“And if it should ever transpire that you, Charles, hold the key to your cock cage, you will never ever be able to use it to unlock yourself. That will be a privilege for your keyholder alone. What’s more, if anyone promises to unlock you permanently you must not let them, Charles. You must be a good submissive bottom boy, lock yourself back into chastity, and find another keyholder who’ll treat you like you deserve.”

I was fucking Charles harder and harder, faster and faster. His body was still twitching in pleasure from which he now had no release.

“That is my final and permanent command, Charles Roger Alcorne III. You will obey. This will be your punishment. This will also be your gift. I will demonstrate.”

I gathered my strength and started fucking Charles as hard as possible. Now was the time to really cut loose! Charles was an amazing fuck, and I wanted to enjoy his body as much as I could. I grabbed at his hairy pecs and rubbed his thick, muscly gut. I ran my hand up and down his broad, muscled back. I even stroked his exposed balls to drive Charles mad with need!

And I shoved my cock deep down inside his needy ass over and over again! I felt my hips slap against his meaty buns! I felt my balls slide against his hairy crack! I felt his exquisite ass massage my rock hard cock like nothing else ever had!

Charles was stuck at ninety-nine arousal until he had my permission to cum, and by all indications he was loving it! His whole body bucked with pleasure at every deep-dicking, and he thrust his ass backwards and forwards to intensify every thrust of my cock.

I kissed and sucked at the back of Charles’ neck, leaving a trail of hickeys that would be clearly visible above his collarless shirts. The pleasure of fucking Charles nearly made me forget all my earlier anger towards him. All I could think of now was fucking away, seeding him deep, filling his wonderful ass with my cum!

“Oh, yeah! Hell, yes! I’m gonna cum, Chuck! Right inside you! Fuck, yeah!”

“Do it, master! Cum inside me! Oh master, I want you to cum deep inside my ass!”

Charles’ shouts of encouragement sent me over the edge. My eyes rolled up as I felt a warm torrent of cum flood from my cock into Charles’ warm, inviting asshole. I buried my cock inside him to the hilt and shot my semen inside him as far as it would go!

My stamina spent, I lay down on Charles’ naked body and caught my breath. We lay still there for a while, two naked sweaty young men united by my deflating cock lodged up his ass. Charles was obviously still right at the edge, panting and moaning at the feeling of my cum settling and pooling inside him.

Soon I came to my senses, and slid my soft cock out of Charles with an audible pop. The hungry pink pucker gaped for a second before closing. It looked eager for another round.

“Man, thanks for that, Chuck. That was the best. Honestly, no one’s ever bottomed for me quite that spectacularly.”

I turned on one of the showers to rinse the sweat and cum from my body, then grabbed a towel and started drying off.

“Well, see you around.”

“But… Master…”


“Can I… cum too, master?”

I pulled my pants and underwear back on.

“Chucky, only your keyholder can give you permission to cum. Don’t you remember?”

“But I though you were my keyholder, master?”

“Me? I never said I was your keyholder. Sure, I’m holding your key right now, but that’s different. Being someone’s keyholder is a lot of responsibility. You’re asking a lot of me if you want me to be yours.”

Charles got up on his knees and begged.

“Oh please be my keyholder, master!” he pleaded, “I want you to hold me and fuck me hard! I’ll do anything you want, master, if you’ll only be my keyholder!”

I pretended to consider it deeply. Truth be told, I was chomping at the bit to be Charles’ keyholder, but I wanted to negotiate from a position of power.

“I might consider it… on the special condition that you do a few things for me—“

“Anything you want, master!”

“Let me finish. I want you to do a few things for me and everyone else who’s ever been hurt by your actions.”

“I’ll do anything you desire, master! Just say the word!”

“Cool, then I’ll accept the responsibility of holding your key.”

“Oh, thank you, master! What do you desire?”

“Me? I’m easy. I just want to be reimbursed the full cost of damage to my car. That and the cost of your protector.”

“Done. I’ll send you the money right away, master. May I cum now, master?”

“Uh-uh, don’t be so greedy just yet, Chucky. See, I already made you cum once today, remember? Your little cock dribbled its load all over the floor while I was rimming your ass, see?”

I pointed to the drying puddle of Charles’ cum on the locker room floor.

“To let you cum right now would mean that you got to cum twice today, when I’ve only gotten to cum once. A submissive bottom boy should never cum more often than his master.”

“But you can come again if you want, master! I’d love for you to fuck my ass again, master!”

“I appreciate the offer, Chuck, but guys like me have to deal with something called a refractory period. But I think I’ll be available for another round sometime this weekend.”

Charles whined with unfulfilled need.

“Oh, don’t be like that, Chuck. Consider your horniness extra motivation to make me happy. Now if you want me to be a good master and keyholder, here’s what I expect from you in return.”

Charles listened intently, glued to my every word.

“I expect you to think long and hard about everything you’ve done at this school, and make a mental list of anyone you’ve ever bullied, mocked, or hurt. You may start with Sloan and Peter, whom you hurt earlier today, and work your way backwards chronologically from there. You will find these people. You will apologize to them directly. You will offer them your money. You will offer them your connections. If they desire it, Chucky, you’ll offer them your body. I want you to do this for everyone at this school you’ve ever looked down on, and your job will only be done when you’ve made amends with and been forgiven by every single one of them. Will you do this for me, Chuck?”

Charles sat still a moment, taking in the immensity of this task.

He nodded.

“Yes, master, I will.”

“Excellent. Now here’s what else I expect you to do. I expect you to meet me every weekend so that I can temporarily remove your cage and give your little cock its weekly cleaning. In return for this, I expect you to let me fuck your warm mouth and sweet ass. Then, you’ll tell me how you’ve made amends with the people at this school, truthfully. If I’m satisfied with your work, I may consider letting you have an orgasm. Do you understand?”

Charles nodded silently.

“Do you agree to this arrangement?”

Another nod.

“Yes, master, I do.”

“Good, Chuck. You know, I think you’ll be one of the best submissive bottom boys ever!”

Charles’ eyes brightened at my comment.

“You really think so?!”

I fought back a chuckle at the staggering change I’d wrought on this boy.

“Yes, Chucky, yes I do. Oh, and one more thing: I want you to never tell anyone else that I’m your master and keyholder. You will tell no one that I brought these changes out in you. Make my whole involvement with you our little secret. Okay?”

“Oh yes, master. Of course.”

I threw on the rest of my clothes and gathered my things.

“And just to keep it a secret, I’d rather we didn’t leave here at the same time. So if you’ll excuse me…”

I grabbed the discarded laces from Charles’ cleats.

“I think I’ll leave you tied up here, Chucky.”

A look of confusion crossed Charles’ face.

“For how long, master?”

“Until someone comes by and finds you. It shouldn’t be too long.”

I grabbed Charles by his wrists and lashed them, one at a time, back to the towel rack. I knew from experience that he couldn’t get free without outside assistance.

“But what’ll I say when someone comes by, master?”

“Oh, the usual thing. Tell them it’s all part of a new phase of self-discovery for you, and ask for their help getting loose. You won’t get punished for this, remember? You’re rich.”

I turned to leave, sparing one long last look at Charles, all bound and helpless, naked apart from being lost in chastity, no way for him to hide his caged cock… and I couldn’t resist one last urge to mess with him.

“One more parting gift, Chucky.” I said as I turned back.

I grabbed his athletic supporter from his open locker. This jockstrap was his only article of clothing there that I hadn’t already torn up. I figured jockstraps were revealing enough, but now another use for it occurred to me.

I slid the straps over Charles’ head and left his mouth and nose covered by the fragrant cup. Charles made a sound of confusion as he was left breathing in the smell of his own genitals.

“I want you to wear yours like this whenever you play lacrosse, okay?”

It took a while for him to get used to the jockstrap over his face, but Charles soon gave a grunt of affirmation.

I noticed as I came in close to Charles that a little rivulet of my cum had leaked from his asshole and was running down his leg.

“Oh, and let me help you with that, Chucky.”

I took his lacrosse stick and propped it head down on the floor. I guided Charles’ ass onto the flared rubber butt of the stick and pushed until it slipped inside his asshole. Charles’ lacrosse stick would now act as his butt plug.

“Now you won’t spill any of my cum until you take this out. Goodbye, Chucky. I’ll see you soon.”

The last thing I saw as I left the locker room was Charles standing there bound and exposed, gently fucking himself with the lacrosse stick stuffed up his ass and moaning in undisguised pleasure.

So that’s the story of how I brought Charles Roger Alcorne III down and turned him into a submissive bottom boy forever.

The next couple of weeks were a time of big change for the school. Rumors started circulating pretty quickly about Charles and his new fashion sense. How could rumors not start flying when so many people saw Charles walking down the hall in booty shorts and a skimpy crop top every day?

Fortunately, I never heard my own name mentioned in connection with Charles. He had kept my involvement an utter secret. The common consensus was that Charles had gone through some kind of affluenza-induced mental break and was trying a whole new approach to life as a coping mechanism. It made enough sense that most people were satisfied with that answer.

Of course, Charles still never got in any trouble with the school for dressing like a male slut. He still had his family ready to buy the school’s cooperation. I bet Charles had some awkward conversations with his family when he got home, but they never punished him either. They were all rich, so they were allowed to have bizarre proclivities without being considered crazy. No, they just got seen as “eccentric” instead.

Oh, and Charles’ birthday party had new invitations sent out last week. It’s gonna put a unique spin on the old custom of birthday presents: now instead of receiving them, the birthday boy is giving them away! Guests pick an item on the registry and are given that item at the door. Awfully nice of Charles to be so generous; I imagine it’ll help him dispose of all those worldly possessions I told him to give away. The party’s shaping up to be attended by the whole school. I imagine Charles will make quite the impression lounging by the pool in a tiny white thong, the only swimwear I let him keep.

In other news, Charles and I meet up on the sly every weekend for some unsupervised fun. He tells me all about the goods and services he provides to people he’s hurt in the past, all while I clean his cock and fuck his mouth and ass. I like hearing about the services Charles is asked to provide in particular: some of the bigger horndogs in this school really astound me with their creativity. I ought to try out some of their ideas one of these days.

Charles likes our weekly meetups so much that he wants to make them an even more regular thing. I told him I was tempted, but thought he should finish making amends with everyone first. That boy is admirable in his desire to earn everyone’s forgiveness. I wish all the wealthy were as considerate of the people they hurt in the past as Charles Roger Alcorne III is today. Problem is, he was such a jerk for such a long time that earning everyone’s forgiveness is a long, long way away.

But someday he’ll finish apologizing, finish making amends. And when that day comes I reckon Charles will come and be my full-time submissive bottom boy. I look forward to that day, I really do. But when that day comes, I reckon fucking Charles will be such an irresistible pleasure that I never have the time or the energy to do much of anything else. He’s just such an amazing piece of ass.

Until that day comes I have other plans, plans that require more effort than I could be expected to produce when Charles is my live-in fuckboy. That’s why I turned him down until he finishes making amends.

There are other bad boys in my school, you see. Other bullies, other braggarts, and other boors that haven’t yet been brought down. But with the power of my technology, I promise to teach them all a lesson they’ll never forget!

But that’s a story for another day.

Author’s Postscript: It’s finally done!

I hope those who enjoyed my last entry in the Fun with Subjugation Series will find this a worthy follow up. Thank you all so much for your appreciative comments! It’s messages like those that gave me the motivation to get this chapter ready for public consumption.

I anticipate Part 3 of this series will be slightly shorter in length, and hope to get it done soon. In the meantime, I have another series in the works, the first part of which is near completion. Expect that very soon.

I’d like to thank Mr. Lord Chirenon of Chirenon’s Rules for providing inspiration and reference material for the chastity elements featured in this chapter. Check out his photomanips on Twitter or sadOsam.

Have good ideas for people or punishments that should be featured in this series? Leave a comment, and your suggestion may find its way into a future part! Thank you, all.

–A Voyeur Fan

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