Fun With Subjugation 1: Fun With Size

By A Voyeur Fan
published October 1, 2019
16645 words

Unbeknownst to this cocky, well-hung swimmer, my nanobots have the power to cut him down to size.

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When I was in high school, I secretly invented a special kind of nanobot. This nanobot would infiltrate the body of whoever came into contact with it, quietly proliferate inside them, and ultimately exert control on their body and mind. I controlled all the subordinate nanobots with the help of a special Master type inhabiting my own body, and secretly watched as my network of nanobot hosts grew to encompass my entire school.

In Fun With Sliders, I told the story of how I transformed my sexy classmates Sloan and Peter into cock-hungry exhibitionists subservient to my will. As their master, I treated them kindly, because they were nice boys and deserved to be rewarded with a gentle master who would fuck them tenderly.

This story won’t be about the rewards I delivered to nice boys, though, but about the punishments I handed down to bad ones.

You see, the nanobots gave me the power of a god over my classmates, and as a god it fell to me to justly punish the wicked. And just like any high school, mine was filled with bullies, braggarts, and boors who thought they’d never face any real consequences.

Perhaps you’ve met people like the ones I plotted to punish. Perhaps you hoped they’d someday get their comeuppance. If so, I hope you’ll enjoy my tales of how I brought about their downfalls.

John Henry Wellson was a vain and arrogant prick, and appropriately enough it was his prick that made him vain and arrogant.

The cocky young man had been blessed by genetics with toned and rippling muscles and a face worthy of a model. His thick, wavy, strawberry blond hair complimented his handsome features exceptionally well. But John Henry’s biggest asset and his biggest pride and joy was his ownership of the biggest cock in the entire school. Even when he was soft, John Henry’s penis clocked in at six whole inches long — longer completely flaccid than most other boys’ full erections. Though he may have been more of a shower than a grower, John Henry’s eight-inch hard on nonetheless had every other cock in the school beat handily in terms of sheer size.

And the arrogant young man knew just how well he measured up, too. Every day, John Henry wore pants that clung to his toned legs, shapely ass, and monster cock like a second skin. The bulge in the front of his pants was obscene, and he flaunted it for all it was worth.

If ever his bulge drew a lingering stare, John Henry would be sure to comment. If he caught a girl staring, he’d crassly invite her to come see him up close and personal after school. If John Henry caught a boy staring, he’d make open and loud speculations about that boy’s sexual preferences. As loudly as John Henry demeaned anyone showing his bulge attention, attention was always what he craved the most.

This came to a head during swim season, when the cocky young man wore the skimpiest and most revealing speedos the school would permit. Hardly a day would go by without John Henry making some flagrant show of himself in the locker room, hoping to draw eyes.

One time, he stood shirtless and loudly proclaimed that his nipples were sore, inviting anyone interested in his body to come up and suck on them until they felt better. Another time, he knelt on the locker room bench, thrust his boxer-clad rump in the air, and announced that his ass itched, inviting anyone who wanted the opportunity to come and scratch it for him.

Still another time, he peeled his swimsuit half off after practice so the top half of his ass, the root of his big cock, and every inch of his fiery red pubic hair were out for everyone to see. John Henry walked around the locker room half-exposed as other people changed, telling them to check out his manscaping job and calling them gay if they did. Yet another time he dropped his pants to the floor and, naked from the waist down, called out to people as they left the locker room, forcing them to take in an eyeful of his soft cock when the sound of their names made them turn around.

Not all of his stunts were confined to the locker room, either. On more than one occasion, John Henry adjusted his soft cock so that it bulged particularly obscenely in his skimpy speedo. Whenever someone ventured to complain that he was causing a distraction, John Henry would cockily say that if his dick bothered them, they could readjust it themselves.

I hope all these individual moments paint a picture of just how thoroughly full of himself John Henry was. And for years, there was nothing anyone could do about his arrogant and demeaning behavior. But one day, that all changed when I opened my BotNet app to discover that John Henry Wellson was now playing host to over a million of my undetectable nanobots multiplying away inside him.

While he fucked his way through quite a few girls in my school, few of them were repeat customers. The rumor had it that while John Henry’s cock was formidable indeed, he wasn’t interested in using it for anyone’s pleasure but his own. But unbeknowst to John Henry, his sleeping around finally caught up with him when a one-night-stand transmitted the secret gift of my nanobots into his body.

That cocky jerk had made some loud, public speculations about my own sexual orientation multiple times in the past, so my beef with John Henry was more than a little bit personal. With Sloan and Peter I’d hoped the changes I put them through would be fun and enjoyable, but as for John Henry… I wanted to take him down a few pegs.

But how? My nanobots could never directly harm anyone, and that was an ethical line I wasn’t willing to cross. Why? Because I didn’t want to risk my invention going rogue and turning the whole planet into a heap of grey goo. I had to work with whatever non-violent punishments I could dream up.

There was no point in trying to program exhibitionism into John Henry. I doubted my technology could make him any more of an exhibitionist than he already was. Performing the normal suite of nighttime arousal training on him would be no good either. Something told me that if I simply reprogrammed John Henry’s desires to make him attracted to men, he’d just take his womanizing and arrogant ways to a whole new gender.

No, what I needed was to strike at the core of John Henry’s distorted self image. I thanked my lucky stars that my nanobots had very recently gained the capacity to change their host’s bodily proportions through controlled cell expansion and contraction. For my purposes, I’d take the most exceptional part of John Henry and reduce it into oblivion.

Oh yes, I was going to take John Henry Wellson’s eight-inch cock and shrink it away to practically nothing. Then, with the foundation of his overinflated ego stripped away, the young man’s arrogance and vanity would vanish overnight.

But before I could put my plan into action, I had to verify that my nanobots could carry out the necessary bodily changes. After a day’s hard work, a new slider was added to my BotNet app. Unlike the others, this new slider didn’t control wishy-washy internal phenomena like arousal or attraction.

No, this new slider was simply marked “Cock Size”.

To ensure this device would work on John Henry as intended, I needed a couple of guinea pigs to test it on. Who better for the job than my first two nanobot hosts, Sloan Cradey and Peter Cordille?

That night, as I ogled the naked rendering of Sloan’s sleeping body on my tablet screen, I peeked at how the newly deployed slider appeared. This slider had two dials, one on each side of a thin gray bar like the page margin icons on a computer document. The dial on the bottom denoted flaccid cock length, while the bar on top marked the length of the subject’s erection.

Currently, Sloan’s cock size sliders matched the data that my nanobots had gathered the evening they first infiltrated his body. His flaccid cock currently measured 3.7 inches, while his erection reached 5.8. I reached out and ever so gradually eased the erection length slider down.

The stud’s sleeping body showed no visible response, but that was to be expected. His cock still lay soft as he slept, and altering his erection ought not to have any change on that.

I slid the dial for erection length down until it bumped into the marker for soft cock length and would go no further down. That figured, I thought. It was simple common sense that when blood rushed to your cock it got bigger, not smaller, so it was a limit on the cock size slider that someone’s boner had to match or exceed their soft cock size.

Now to test out the dial for flaccid cock size. I zoomed in until the sleeping Sloan’s soft cock filled the screen, then put my finger on the slider to reduce his dick. Smiling as I remembered the first time I’d seen the sexy stud undressed before me on screen, I slowly dragged the dial controlling his flaccid length to about half its initial value.

The process was totally silent, and whatever sensation came from it was subtle enough that Sloan didn’t even stir in his sleep. All the nanobots multiplying away inside his genitals began to instigate a harmless miniaturization of the cells that made up his cock. At first glance, it merely looked like Sloan’s cock was pulling inward for warmth, like he’d just gotten into a cold shower. Then I noticed something else: it wasn’t just his cock! His balls that rested underneath it, both the fuzzy scrotum and the nuts themselves, were contracting, pulling inward, and dwindling.

When the shrinking stopped, Sloan’s soft cock looked indeed to be about half its original length, just a hair below two inches long. But it wasn’t just his cock’s length that had gone down, the thickness had dwindled as well: the whole shaft kept the same proportions at half scale. His balls too, had gone from the size of ripe cherry tomatoes to the size of unripened grapes.

I gotta say, to see this shrinking happening before me was hot as hell, not least for the sense of power I now wielded through my nanobots. I not only controlled the minds of those carrying my nanobots, but now their very manhoods were mine to alter as I pleased. My own dick hardened and grew to its full six and a half inches at the sight of Sloan’s reduced cock.

I was half-tempted to leave Sloan’s cock at its new size. It looked so adorable on his tall muscular body, and it would suit his new role in life so well. But ultimately, I was just experimenting; any permanent changes I’d reserve for John Henry when his time came.

Now it was time to verify Sloan’s change in erect cock length. I dialed the sexy stud’s arousal slider up to fifty and waited as his cock filled out and stood up at its new maximum size. Sure enough, Sloan’s erection looked to be only as big as his soft cock had been before.

What’s more, his balls were still the reduced size they’d reached when I shrunk his flaccid cock. So that meant ball size was only affected by the soft cock size slider, huh? I guess that made sense. After all, your balls don’t tend to get noticeably bigger when you get a boner.

Anyway, Sloan’s dick was now fully erect before my eyes, and from a glance it seemed to top out at just about 3.7 inches. Sloan’s hard cock was only as large as his soft cock used to be! Both flaccid and erect reductions had been an outstanding success!

Now to restore Sloan’s former length. I sure hoped that my nanobots could handle expansion as well as reduction. Not that it wasn’t super hot to see Sloan with a cock of such modest size. Honestly, the thought that Sloan’s cock might be permanently shrunk turned me on, but I still wanted to save any permanent changes for John Henry.

It was bizarre to see Sloan’s erect cock steadily grow while keeping the same rigidity as I moved the slider back to his original size. The process looked like someone had pasted a picture of Sloan’s erection into photoshop, clicked on a corner, and was now dragging it out until the picture was twice its initial size. However it looked, though, it must have felt subtle enough that Sloan didn’t budge an inch as his hard cock lengthened back to its original six inches.

I was about to end off there when I realized my mistake: Sloan’s balls still looked comically undersized below his erect shaft! I readjusted his soft cock size back to the initial 3.7 inches long and watched as his nuts grew back to normal and his sack expanded to accommodate them. I smiled thinking about how everything had gone according to plan. As a reward for being such a good test subject, I even set Sloan’s arousal slider up to one-hundred briefly and watched as the sexy sleeping stud came all over himself in utter ecstasy.

There was one other thing I wanted to test before I worked my magic on John Henry. Peter would be the ideal subject for some experiments into nanobot-driven cock expansion: when you had a cock as small as that sexy twink’s, there was hardly anywhere to go but up!

I switched the feed to Peter’s slumbering naked body and took a moment to salivate over the nude, lithe, smooth hottie. His penis looked oh so tiny between his hairless legs; it was hard to imagine how a properly sized cock would look in its place.

But there was no need to imagine! A mere swipe of Peter’s cock size slider would answer all my questions! I zoomed in on Peter’s live nude render until his tiny cock and small hairless balls were magnified to look almost normal-sized on-screen. Then, I slowly and carefully inched up Peter’s flaccid slider a teensy bit at a time and watched his penis get bigger, little by little.

As the dial controlling Peter’s soft cock size crept upwards to meet the one that controlled his hard cock size, Peter’s teeny flaccid dick get longer and longer, thicker and thicker with each little adjustment to the dial. Peter’s balls followed suit, steadily increasing in size as his sack expanded to accommodate them.

Finally, the dial hit the one controlling erection size and would go no further. Peter’s soft cock had now doubled in size, and capped out at around three inches long. His balls had grown from the size of marbles to around the size of grapes. To be sure, his penis still wasn’t anything to brag about, but Peter’s soft cock had gone from a medically abnormal one-and-a-half inches to a merely below average three inches long.

But now Peter’s flaccid and erect cock sliders coincided at the same length. I wondered what would happen if I gave Peter an erection right then. Curiosity got the better of me, and I nudged the nude, sleeping boy’s arousal slider up to fifty.

A soft moan escaped Peter’s lips as his body responded to my nanobots’ stimulation. Peter’s cock stiffened and stood up as arousal swept through his body. Yes, no doubt he was now fully erect, and yet…

Well, Peter may have been fully hard, but his erect cock hadn’t yet grown at all. With both his cock sliders set to the same length, arousal had changed his cock’s stature and rigidity, but not its size. Peter’s flaccid cock may have been in the normal range, but his erection still fell squarely into the range of a micropenis. Indeed, Peter was cursed with the opposite of John Henry’s blessing: whereas John Henry’s soft cock was larger than most guys’ full erections, Peter was smaller when completely hard than most guys were soft.

I supposed that the gap between flaccid and erect sizes on a guy’s cock slider measured where he fell on the grower/shower spectrum. Since I’d set Peter’s flaccid cock length to the same value as his erect length, that meant Peter was all shower, no grower.

Now what if I tried to make his erection a few times bigger?

No sooner had I thought it than my finger reached out for Peter’s erection size dial to make it so. An inch at a time, I dragged the slider to the right, in the direction of a longer, thicker, meatier cock. And I watched spellbound as Peter’s tiny boner blossomed into a truly magnificent schlong.

Four inches… five inches… six…

Peter was already flying at full mast, but with every little movement of the slider, his cock got bigger, longer, plumper. At its original size, Peter’s tiny cock stuck straight up from his crotch at a ninety degree angle, but as my nanobots endowed his dick with greater size and weight, it began to lean down between Peter’s legs while staying stiff as could be. Peter’s cock grew too big to be called a micropenis. Soon it was merely below average, then simply average, then above average, steadily growing bigger and bigger. It quietly exceeded the length of Sloan’s erect cock, then the length of mine, and as I kept dragging the slider, Peter’s cock kept growing even further.

Seven inches… eight inches… nine!

The slider maxed out at twelve inches, but I wasn’t interested in going that high just yet. What I wanted to see was whether my nanobots could grow Peter’s erect cock until it was bigger than John Henry’s. Because when my technology could endow anyone — even Peter — with a blessing greater than the one that genes had bestowed on John Henry, then I’d be able to humble that arrogant jerk and put an end to his ego decisively and permanently.

And as it turns out, that was within my power after all.

I had to zoom out from Peter’s crotch to capture the full beauty of his astonishing cock growth on screen. Peter’s huge boner was now nine inches long! The weight of the thick shaft made his hard cock recline between his legs, and it was clear that Peter’s erection reached halfway to his knees! The sexy twink had gone from having a veritable micropenis to possessing what was undoubtedly the longest, thickest hard-on in the whole school!

And through all this, Peter slumbered on, completely unaware.

I salivated over the sexy boy’s new monster cock for awhile, but then I realized that I’d left a telltale sign that Peter’s erection outsized his flaccid cock by a factor of three. Peter’s balls were still sized proportionately to his soft cock, and below his mammoth shaft still dangled a pair of little grape-sized balls in their tight, hairless sack.

Well, I thought, only one thing to do about that. I slid Peter’s flaccid cock size up to seven inches — enough to outclass John Henry’s soft dick — and watched as the balls dangling below Peter’s shaft plumped up to the size of chicken eggs and his sack expanded to accommodate them. Yes, now there was no doubt that this sexy twink was truly packing a cock and pair of balls that put the whole rest of the school to shame! I began to stroke my own cock, thinking of all the ways I could put this to use.

Of course, I had to reward Peter for being such a good test subject as well. Plus, I wanted to see if increasing ball size meant that the volume of cum in a guy’s nuts increased as well. All I had to do was slide Peter’s arousal up to one hundred, sit back, and watch!

As arousal overtook Peter, he began to buck his hips in his sleep, sending his massive boner waving around between his legs. One final hip thrust sent Peter’s cock slapping into his stomach, facing straight towards Peter’s face and chest as the orgasm came over him. His full, heavy balls drew up as cum began to flow down Peter’s shaft and out his engorged cockhead in big, thick spurts.

Pre-enlargement, Peter only produced about a teaspoon of semen when he came. Now, whole gallons of the stuff seemed to flow freely from his cock, completely coating Peter’s face, chest, and stomach with rope after rope of semen. I guess the square-cube law applied when dealing with ejaculate volume.

It was clear that the sleeping boy was in ectasy. His head was pitched back, and his mouth was wide open, moaning orgasmically. Of course, a few stray shots coated Peter’s tongue and filled his mouth with his own cum, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. On the contrary, the sexy twink greedily swallowed down whatever cum landed in his mouth.

Already, Peter had been cumming for twenty seconds, but I wasn’t ready to release him from his arousal just yet. The hairless, well hung stud looked so sexy rapt in pleasure and soaking in his own juices, and I wanted to finish myself off to the sight of the cum-covered twink. How marvelous it was that even as Peter orgasmed continuously, he still remained fast asleep!

Finally, I grunted and came into my own hand, setting Peter’s arousal slider back to passive measurement and releasing the sexy stud from the throes of his orgasm right afterwards. I watched as the naked boy caught his breath, and his post-climax cock deflated on screen as he settled into content, afterglow-filled slumber.

Even soft, Peter’s penis was now a good seven inches long! Once again, I considered leaving his cock like that. Peter looked so sexy with a massive dick between his legs! But as nice of a surprise as it would be, I still wanted to save the permanent changes for when it was John Henry’s turn. And besides, I’d put so much work into getting Peter to let go of all his shame about his small cock. Making Peter’s cock bigger out of the blue wouldn’t just risk blowing my cover, it’d put all those nights of hypnopedia and subliminal messaging to waste.

So as the sleeping stud settled into his afterglow, I slowly, gradually, shrank his cock back down to the adorable size it had started out at.

Then, an idea struck me. Ever since I’d my experiments had turned Sloan and Peter into locker room exhibitionists, Peter’s underdevelopment had gone from a closely guarded secret to something snickered about in gossip circles all over the school. How sexy would it be to turn Peter’s tiny cock into an instrument of John Henry’s total subjugation? I grinned wickedly as the plan formed in my head.

Oh yes, this was going to be just as sexy as it would be cathartic.

Before putting my master plan into action, I decided to give my nanobots a few extra powers. These would help elevate John Henry’s downfall from the merely cathartic to the truly unforgettable.

First, I gave the nanobots the ability to release tiny jolts of electric current — not enough to harm anyone — but enough to electrolyze and remove body hair when applied to selected follicles. After all, a tiny cock in a bush of pubes was one thing, but a tiny cock in a hairless crotch with nowhere to hide would hopefully humiliate John Henry all the more.

And of course, I wanted a way to take my revenge on John Henry up close and personal. No lugging around my tablet and tweaking things from a distance this time. It took quite a lot of work, but I eventually came up with a program that would allow me — whenever I wanted — to simply step up to a host for my nanobots and assume direct control of their mind and body.

All it took was to program a brain-jacking trigger phrase into all of my nanobot-carrying subjects. Once he heard the trigger phrase, any nanobot-carrier would be putty in my hands. Whatever order or instruction I gave, he would have no choice but to obey. And just to make my control sole and absolute, I set the trigger phrase to only take effect when uttered by a person carrying the Master-type nanobots. And thanks to all my efforts, that person was — and would only ever be — yours truly.

Once all my pieces were in place, I simply sat back and waited. I waited for John Henry and his pathological need for attention to provide me with the perfect venue to literally cut him down to size.

And when the opportunity came, it was perfect indeed.

In the relative privacy of the boys’ locker room, John Henry Wellson acted with virtual impunity. No adults ever came into students’ locker rooms, so there was never anyone there with the authority to reprimand John Henry for his behavior. And the unspoken rule among boys was that you didn’t run to the teacher or the coach to solve a problem you had with another person. So John Henry basically had carte blanche to say and do whatever he liked. And In an environment where showing skin was acceptable, that arrogant jerk still managed to be way beyond appropriate whenever he made an exhibition of himself.

I wouldn’t have minded if John Henry just enjoyed getting naked; the boy was attractive, don’t get me wrong. But everything that John Henry did was meant to harass, belittle, and demean anyone he thought was weaker than him.

It was worse than ever now that it was swim season: every day, the moment we stepped into the locker room after practice, John Henry’d jump right into making some kind of dumb provocative display of his body.

One day, John Henry spent all of practice with his sizable cock tucked sideways in his speedo, bulging obscenely where the lycra hugged his left hip. That had been distracting enough, but afterwards as we shuffled into the locker room he covertly slipped his lengthy dick out of his suit’s leg hole and paraded around the room acting oblivious. John Henry walked up to the shyest boys in the school and struck up a conversation with his penis dangling in plain view just to make them uncomfortable. If anyone called him on exposing himself, he’d ask why their eyes were drawn to his cock and make all manner of lewd comments about their sexual preferences.

Another day, stripping naked in the locker room after practice, John Henry exclaimed out loud in faux dismay that his dick had gotten awfully wet after all that time in the pool. Then, he grasped ahold of his floppy cock and started whipping it around out in plain view “to dry it off”, flinging drops of water off of it onto anyone unfortunate enough to be standing nearby. Already half-erect by the time he finished, John Henry declared that his cock still wasn’t dried off well enough, and invited anyone interested in seeing it up close and personal to come and towel off his penis for him.

Of course, nobody humored the cocky stud in any of his shenanigans. Most just tried to ignore him. John Henry was a nuisance, but that was all he was. We all realized that he must get off on the attention, and so everybody tried their best not to give him any. John Henry still kept up his lewd antics, though, because aside from craving attention that jerk really liked to see other people squirm.

But it was one of John Henry’s little stunts that set the stage for his downfall.

It happened on a day like any other. Swim practice had just ended, and the boys were shuffling into the locker room. John Henry’s face had a concentrated expression; one glance and you could read him like a book: he was thinking hard about what he could do that day for attention, or to get a kick out of harassing some poor schmuck.

Most days, John Henry seemed to have his whole act planned out ahead of time, but today he was still thinking. I could see his eyes scanning the room, looking for someone easy to pick on, until John Henry’s gaze settled on the showers.

Since Sloan and Peter’s public wash, a few of the less bashful boys had taken to using the showers regularly. Especially during swim season, even some modest boys would take a quick rinse to get rid of the pool’s chlorine. Of course, these days most people left their swimsuits on while they showered. But all the way at the end, standing stark-naked by himself at the furthest shower-post, was Peter. Sloan was sick that day, otherwise he’d surely have been showering with his friend. Today, though, Peter had the corner to himself, and his little cock was easily visible to anyone who cared to look his way. Oh yes, the hypnotic exhibitionism training I’d put Peter through was working wonders. But in the tiny-cocked stud, that big-dicked jerk John Henry saw his next target.

“Yo, Pete!” he called out as he started to walk Peter’s way.

Peter’s gaze turned towards John Henry just in time to see him slipping his tight speedo down his legs. The cocky, naked boy’s long dick swung in the open air as he tossed his peeled-off swimsuit over his shoulder.

Watching John Henry strip, I took silent note of the tan lines where he wore his speedo. His lean, muscly body was a healthy bronze, but his ass and crotch were lily-white.

I readied myself — this could be the time.

“Hey…” said the naked Peter as the equally naked John Henry took his place under a shower-head opposite from him. Peter was unsure what else to say. And he couldn’t help but notice that John Henry was deliberately positioning himself to give Peter a great view of his big cock.

“Mind if I ask you a question?” said John Henry.

“Sure, I guess.”

“Am I the only one who felt how cold it was in the pool today? I mean look at how much shrinkage I’ve been dealing with.”

John Henry’s words spoke those words with a heavy air of fake concern as he thrust his crotch in Peter’s direction. However cold the pool had been, it was obvious that John Henry’s soft cock was barely smaller than normal, five and a half inches at the very shortest. He was just looking for an excuse to shove his cock in someone’s face, and Peter was clearly showing signs of being uncomfortable.

“I mean seriously,” John Henry went on, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I’m glad no girl can see me right after I was in that cold water. Sheesh, how embarrassing would that be?”

In between his feigned concern, I could see John Henry casting scornful glances at Peter’s own cock. He was no doubt luxuriating in the fact that even with all the cold-induced shrinkage in the world, his massive cock would never be half as small as Peter’s tiny penis was at its very biggest.

Or so he thought.

“You want a closer look?” John Henry asked, his hands on his hips.

“Listen, I’m not interested in any of this right now, John Henry.” Peter said, turning away.

“You sure, Peter? Is it just Sloan’s cock you like to sneak peeks at?”

Peter flinched at the mention of Sloan. John Henry was talking way louder than he needed to for a one-on-one conversation. That jerk just wanted to torment the poor boy.

“I really don’t blame you if you want to stare, Peter. It’s not every day you get to see a cock like mine up close and personal. I guess that goes double for you. Then again, maybe not.”

John Henry cupped his hand on the side of his mouth to stage-whisper his next line to Peter, who was blushing a deep shade of red.

“Oh, and Peter? I’m glad that you feel like you’ve got nothing to hide here in the showers. But honestly, sometimes you need to admit you have something worth hiding.”

That was the last straw.

John Henry was threatening to destroy weeks of my work improving Peter’s self-esteem. This had to stop right now. Honestly, I was super glad that I could use the nanobots to stop John Henry in his tracks. If not, I’d have been tempted to punch him right there rather than let him go on one word longer.

I was nearly-dressed, but I set off marching straight towards the shower-post where John Henry stood harassing Peter.

“Hey, JH!” I yelled.

John Henry’s head spun in my direction, but before he could say another word I let loose with the mind-control trigger phrase.

“Whatever I say, you must then obey. When you hear my voice, you have no more choice.”

A faint haze passed over the eyes of the naked, big-dicked stud as he heard my words. In half a second though, it had passed. John Henry stared at me in confusion.

“What the hell, Rob-“

“Quiet.” I cut him off. “Shut your mouth.”

Any more words that John Henry planned on saying died in his throat. His lips came together right as he was about to say the second syllable of my name and wouldn’t come apart again no matter how he tried. John Henry’s perplexed face started to show noticeable fear.

But what surprised me the most was what else happened when I gave my order. The normal locker room chatter and din went absolutely quiet. The only sounds to be heard were the hiss of the showers, the squeak of shoes on the floor, the metallic banging of lockers, and other inanimate noises.

I glanced over my shoulder to see what was up. I saw boys all around the locker room trying and failing to pry their mouths open. Some of them were starting to panic.

I really should have seen this coming, I thought. Though my words were addressed to John Henry alone, they’d reverberated through the entire locker room, and by that time everyone in that locker room was already a host for my nanobots. Every boy had heard my words, and every boy had fallen under my control. As sexy a situation as this was, it was John Henry who I wanted to punish. I wasn’t planning to have innocents caught in the crossfire.

“Everybody relax!” I shouted.

Fear vanished from everyone’s eyes. Muscles unclenched and shoulders slumped around the room.

“You can all sit down.”

Asses in varying stages of dress quickly filled the locker room benches. Those who had no room to sit leaned on lockers or knelt on the floor. John Henry and Peter sat with legs crossed on the wet shower tile.

“Everybody look this way.”

All eyes fixed on me. I turned off the hissing showers to make sure my next words would be heard loud and clear.

“I’m gonna lay out some ground rules first-things-first, so pay attention. After all this is over, none of you are going to remember that it ever took place. You all will make sure to forget everything that happened while you were under my control. You’ll make especially certain that you forget I was ever involved. The only things that will stick with you memory-wise are the impressions you’re about to receive — who’s dominant, who’s submissive, that sort of thing. Those impressions will linger in your subconscious, but everything else will vanish afterwards like a puff of smoke in the wind.”

I watched as the weight of my words sunk invisibly and indelibly into the minds of everyone in the locker room.

“Now I didn’t expect to get all of you involved in this, but since you’re here you might as well be my audience. I want you all to behave yourselves: no speaking up, no messing with phones, no trying to interfere. But I want you all to be an engaged audience, too. Make sure to pay attention, and if you like what you see I want you to clap out loud. Do I make myself clear? Answer me.”

“YES,” came a chorus of entranced voices in unison.

“Good, then we can begin.”

I turned to John Henry, who was still sitting cross-legged on the shower floor. My order to relax had left his expression calm and neutral. His massive dick hung down limply between his legs, resting on the tiled surface.

“John Henry, unless otherwise noted all my next commands are for you alone. The rest of you may safely disregard my words unless addressed by name.”

I glanced at Peter, sitting naked next to John Henry.

“Stand up, John Henry.”

The arrogant swimmer stood up to his full height, his big cock swinging between his legs as he did so.

“Now before we go on, let me make clear that you are not to ever lay a finger on me without my say so. Do you understand?”

The naked, entranced young man nodded mutely.

“Good. Come out of your trance. I want to hear your unfiltered thoughts during this little show.”

John Henry’s heavy-lidded eyes snapped open, and when he found that he could open his mouth, the young man took a deep breath.

“What the hell is going on?!” he exclaimed. “Look, Robbie, I don’t know how you’re doing any of this, but this isn’t funny, and—“

“From now on, you’ll call me sir.” I commanded.

John Henry scoffed.

“Pfft. Oh yeah, sir, like I’m going to—“

Hearing the word pass his lips, John Henry’s eyes widened, and he clutched at his throat.

“Wait, I mean sir. Crap, I meant sir. No, not sir, I meant to say sir!”

No matter how hard he tried, John Henry could never disobey my orders.

“What the fuck are you doing, sir?”

“Teaching you a lesson, JH. One that’s long overdue.”

John Henry’s arms shot forth, trying to grab me by the collar. An inch away, they stopped in their tracks like they were bound by some kind of invisible strings. He tried to move further, to grab ahold of me, but his body wouldn’t cooperate. I took a step forward and John Henry lurched back, his hands repulsed from touching me by the strength of my control.

“I don’t get it! What’s happening? Why can’t I touch you?”

“Because I ordered you not to. My commands are final. If you stop resisting, I just might go easy on you.”

I carefully phrased my last sentence as an ultimatum, not an order. Whether John Henry wanted to bitch and moan and struggle or not was up to him. At this point, I was open to being talked into showing mercy. But if he wanted to insult me, to try and act aggressive, he’d only make things worse for himself.

“First, why don’t you give everyone a little show, John Henry. Make sure they all get a nice look at your body.”

“What the hell kind of perverted shit is this, sir?” John Henry asked, trying his best to infuse the last word with mocking sarcasm.

Even as the words left his mouth, though, the naked young man raised his hands above his head and slowly turned around.

Everyone got an eyeful of John Henry’s Apollonian physique: strong arms, rippling pecs and abs, an adonis belt that framed his fiery red pubes and treasure trail, all leading down to his massive soft cock and full, heavy balls. As John Henry turned around, the crowd took in the sight of his muscular shoulders, the broad, tanned, v-shaped contours of his back, the tufts of hair under each muscular arm, and his sexy, shapely, untanned butt.

Normally, John Henry would have simply loved all this attention. But I could see the concern and fear that flashed across his eyes as I put him on show. His own body was moving against his will, all at my command. What else could I do?

“So what were you planning on doing before I came up here, JH? Tell me the truth.”

“I wanted to mess with Peter, to put him down.” John Henry said, looking shocked as my command made the unvarnished truth spring forth from his lips.

“And why did you want to do that? Tell the truth.”

“Because… because I like to show off. I like to put other people down to make myself feel like more of a stud.”

“And why did you choose Peter as your target? Tell the truth.”

“Because Peter’s got such a tiny cock. And he only just started showing it where other people could see. I thought it’d be easy to lord my size over him and make him feel ashamed.”

I looked down at Peter. If John Henry’s words were still affecting him, he wasn’t showing it. My instructions to be quiet and relax were still in effect on Peter, and sat down on the shower tile floor he looked about as docile as could be.


So it was like I thought. The cocky jerk John Henry just got off on making other people feel small, literally or figuratively. Well, two can play at that game! Now was the time to start cutting that arrogant prick down to size!

“Well, I believe you,” I said, “but I doubt that’s all you came up here to do.”


“You wouldn’t have stripped and walked into the showers if you weren’t planning on cleaning off, would you? Do that now. You can borrow Peter’s soap.”

Before the arrogant stud knew what he was doing, his body had reached out and grabbed the bar of soap from Peter’s hand. John Henry turned the valve to send a steamy jet of water out of the nearest shower-head, then stepped into the stream and let the hot water soak him from head to cock to toes.

“That’s good, John Henry. Start by washing off your armpits.”

John Henry did as he was told, working up a lather under each of his arms. His body was perfectly compliant, but I could still sense the fear and apprehension in his mind.

“And before I forget, make sure you wash off any hair that gets on the soap.”

Thousands of the tiny nanobots inside John Henry’s body activated at my phrase. Silently, imperceptibly, they began passing tiny amounts of electric current through the roots of John Henry’s armpit hair, killing off every follicle under his arms.

The look on John Henry’s face when he first noticed his armpit hair falling out in clumps was priceless. The soaped-up young man let out a deep, frightened gasp as he saw the steaming water wash all the hair under his arms away, down the grille of the shower drain. The naked stud was left with utterly smooth armpits, without a hint of stubble. I dunno what he looked all agitated about. With all the pride he took in swimming, getting rid of his armpit hair would cut out a ton of drag.

Of course, that hefty bulge in his speedos had to be imparting a lot of drag, too. I’d have to do something about that too, wouldn’t I?

“What the hell?! What are you… How the hell are you doing this, sir?!” the flustered boy sputtered.

“I told you, John Henry. I’m teaching you a lesson. And it doesn’t matter how I can do this. All that matters is that I can. Anyway, you’re not done washing off. Clean your crotch next.”

John Henry’s eyes widened as he realized what I meant.

“And make sure you keep washing off any stray hairs.”

“No, no, no please don’t make me do this sir.”

I grinned. Even as John Henry protested, his soap-clutching hand was slowly moving down to carry out my order.

“Attempting insubordination isn’t going to help your chances, John Henry. Not to mention it won’t work. I’ll say it again: soap your crotch. Pubes, cock, balls, all of it.”

With an anguished grunt, John Henry did as I commanded. He soaped up every inch of his genitals: from his treasure trail down his pubes, he rubbed the bar of soap all over his lengthy shaft and low hanging balls, all the way down his fuzzy taint. All of it was covered in a thick sudsy lather in no time.

And then, as John Henry leaned back and let the steaming shower spray rinse off his crotch, the rushing water swept away every last one of his fiery red pubic hairs. John Henry’s crotch became completely baby-smooth. He’d never need to manscape again.

John Henry whined in dismay as he saw what I’d done to his body: his massive cock was now the only thing that made him look like a proper man. Other than that, John Henry looked like the inspiration for one of those classical Greek statues: smooth, youthful, and distressingly (to him) unmanly looking.

“Stop it, sir! Please don’t make me do anything else, sir!”

“Getting a bit ahead of yourself, aren’t you, John Henry? You still haven’t cleaned up your ass.”

I could see his mind racing. John Henry didn’t have much hair on his ass, but he could tell that I had something else in mind.

“I beg you, sir! Oh please, won’t you stop this?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Begging, eh? Now that’s something I’m willing to hear out. Why should I stop?”

“Because it’s not fair that you can change my body like this, sir! It belongs to me, sir!”

I pondered his words for a moment.

“I’m not so sure about that, JH. You’re telling me that your body is yours alone, but you’ve never really kept it to yourself. You’ve always treated your body like a piece of public art, the kind that everyone’s got to see when they’d rather just go about their business. In fact, since you’ve been so public with your body before, why don’t we put this question to the gathered public?”

I turned towards all the boys seated around the locker room, drinking in the sight of John Henry’s prolonged humiliation.

“All of you!” I called out, “How are you enjoying the sight of John Henry Wellson’s little show? Do you think it’s sexy? Do you want to see some more? Want me to get a bit more hardcore on him? If the answer is yes, clap out loud! Don’t keep it to yourselves!”

My words were not a command. Anyone was free not to clap if they wished. But as my invitation reverberated throughout the room, it was met with a torrent of rapturous applause. Every single person in that room was sick of the way that John Henry had been acting. Every single one wanted to see him taken down a few pegs. Everyone loved the humiliation that I was prepared to dole out on that prick. And everyone wanted to see more.

John Henry quivered from head to toe as everyone applauded his exposure. It finally sunk in that he had no one on his side: after all his jerkish behavior, John Henry was alone.

“Well, that’s as good an answer as any. You heard them, JH. Wash your ass.”

My commands sunk indelibly into John Henry’s mind, and his body had no choice but to obey.

“And try to enjoy yourself while you do it.”

Of course, my goal in making John Henry rub the soap all over his sexy ass wasn’t just further body hair removal. Instead, my phrase triggered the nanobots bound to the nerves in John Henry’s asshole to activate. As the naked boy with the denuded pits and crotch slid the bar of soap along his crack, the nanobots sent a pulse of intense, toe-curling pleasure through his hole.

Once again, his reaction was priceless. John Henry practically slipped and fell on the wet tile, he went so weak in the knees. He stifled a moan and let out an arousal-wracked sigh instead. Fumbling with the soap, struggling to understand the pleasure that just shot through him, John Henry felt all the more keenly aware of the scores of eyes watching every inch of his exposed body.

Blushing at his own immodesty (for once), John Henry sheepishly held up the soap.

“I did what you said, sir. I washed my ass. Can I please go now, sir?”

“Oh no, John Henry. That was a pitiful surface cleaning. I want you to get deep down in there. Don’t be afraid to get knuckle deep. Really leave that sexy butt of yours all nice and squeaky clean. Make sure we all see you do a good job on yourself.”

John Henry grunted in dismay, but already his body was moving to do as I asked. He dragged the bar of soap all over his deliciously shapely buns, giving the whole audience a good view of their muscled firmness. Then, his countenance sunk as John Henry realized just what my commands would make his body do.

That sexy jerk bent right over and pried his cheeks apart for all to see! Everyone in the audience clapped at the view as John Henry involuntarily circled his asshole with a soaped-up finger and slipped it inside his eager entrance! Oh, seeing that horse-cocked bastard all naked, exposed, and at my mercy was such a power high! My commands even made him squat and spread his legs to give us all the best view possible: John Henry’s big soft cock and bull balls hung down below his taint for everyone to see!

And as much as he clearly hated it, I could tell John Henry was frightfully turned on in the middle of his predicament. Every brush against his exposed hole sent another jolt of pleasure through his body.

“Oh, nooo… Please sir, don’t do this to meeee…”

To add insult to injury, it was starting to become obvious just how aroused John Henry was by all this fingering. His dangling cock was twitching, stiffening, filling out. Soon it was undeniable that John Henry was flying at full mast without even a hand laid on his cock! There was nothing he could do to stop himself getting carried away in pleasure and moaning indecently.

“Oooh… oooh, fuuuck… fuuuck… my fucking aaaass…”

“Quite the pottymouth you’ve got going this afternoon, JH. Too much more of that, and I’ll have to make you stick that soap in your mouth. What do you think would happen then? No facial hair ever again?”

Then John Henry slipped another finger inside himself. I smiled. That wasn’t a command of mine. John Henry was just so caught up in anal pleasure that he couldn’t resist.

John Henry moaned like a bitch in heat as he relentlessly fingered his own ass. Thick, viscous drops were beginning to fall from the end of his eight-inch erection, and anyone could tell that it wasn’t just the running shower water. Yes, John Henry Wellson was dripping precum as he fingered his own ass in front of almost every other boy in the school.

“Looks like you’re really cleaning up, John Henry! Keep it up! I want that ass as clean as can be!”

“Ngaaaah… Aaaah…”

John Henry’s sounds of pleasure had long ceased to form words. I doubted my commands were even necessary at this point. Already the naked, dripping boy was trying to fit a third digit inside his sexy, soapy asshole. He finger-fucked himself like there was no tomorrow. He must have been really close.

“Aaah… AaaaAAAH!”

As John Henry went over the edge and began to ejaculate, his full, heavy balls drew up and his exclamations reached an almost feminine pitch.

Torrents of cum spewed from John Henry’s massive cockhead. The well-hung young man made quite a mess: gobs of his thick, creamy cum sprayed over his legs, the shower post, the floor…

A few stray shots even splattered onto Peter, sitting nearby. The micro-dicked boy just kept sitting there, quietly taking in John Henry’s positively indecent little show.

Though John Henry’s balls put out quite the deluge of cum, it was all quickly swept away by the steamy torrent of shower water. He stood there for a while, chest heaving, massive heavy cock twitching and deflating. John Henry had just been exposed anally masturbating to orgasm in a room full of boys he saw everyday, and he was dreading whatever came next.

“All right, I think that’s clean enough. Turn off the shower.”

John Henry sighed in relief as he shut off the steaming flow of water. Drops of water fell from his glistening, wet, muscular, naked body. Little dribbles of residual cum dripped from his deflating cockhead. He must have thought my words meant mercy.

“Th-thank you, sir… Are… are we finished, sir?”

I smirked.

“That’s so like you, John Henry. Just because you’ve cum, you think that it means we’re all done. You need to consider other people’s desires once in a while.”

John Henry gulped.

“In fact, since you seem to like sticking things up your ass, why don’t we try something a bit bigger…?”

I pawed at my growing bulge.

“I hope your ass is still all slick from that soap, John Henry.”

Now I could really see the fear in his eyes.

“Wait, sir! No, don’t fuck me sir, please! I’ll do anything else you want, sir! I’ll… I can fuck you, sir, if you let me! I promise you’ll enjoy that even more, sir!”

“Wait, what? What makes you so sure I’d rather bottom for you than top you? Tell the truth.”

“Because I’ve got the bigger cock, sir. People always want to worship my giant cock, sir.”

My palm hit my forehead.

“Oh god, is that what you really think? Listen, John Henry. People might be impressed when they see what you’re packing, but that doesn’t make them all want to sleep with you. It doesn’t even make you good at sex. Just how many of the girls you’ve fucked ever wanted to come back for more? Tell the truth.”

“I… not…er…many, I… none, sir.”

“You see, John Henry? You may be hung, but you’ve let it all go to your head. You think that just having a big cock automatically makes you a good lover, that’s your problem.”

I realized that now was the moment I’d been waiting for, smiled wickedly, and dropped my pants.

“Besides, you say you’ve got the bigger cock, but have we ever bothered comparing?”

The anticipation had my cock fully hard. I knew that John Henry’s eight inches had my six and a half beat, but I still had a trick up my sleeve.

“Let’s line them up.”

“But sir, I… well, I already came. It’ll be awhile before I can get hard again, sir.”

“Oh, that won’t be a problem.”

I snapped my fingers.

“Get hard. Now.”

The wave of arousal my nanobots sent through John Henry’s body brought his refractory period to an abrupt end.

He let out a long, low moan as his cock leapt back to full erection in a single heartbeat. Now his penis was at its full rock-hard eight inches, and standing straight up!

“All right, line ‘em up. Let’s compare sizes. And if you’re as big as you say, I might go easy on you.”

My command made John Henry reach out and take my cock in his long, slender fingers. I sighed in pleasure at the sight of this wet, naked hottie gripping my shaft. He knelt down a little to bring our crotches into alignment, then moved his big, thick, shuddering cock against my own. In just a second, our bases were aligned, our balls were up against each other, and our shafts were touching, snug and flush.

Oh, it felt amazing to have my cock pressed up against John Henry’s massive dick! I could feel inch after inch of his warm, smooth cock flesh touching my own! I could even feel the pulse of blood running down his erect shaft with every heartbeat! The feeling was so exquisite, it almost made me feel sorry for what I was about to do.

Almost, but not quite.

“So John Henry, which one of us is bigger where it counts?”

“I… I am, sir.”

I looked down. The tip of my cock reached up to the rim of John Henry’s shiny wet glans. He was bigger, no doubt about that. But not for long.

“Oh, I dunno about that. You may be looking at it wrong. From where I’m standing, your cock doesn’t look much bigger than mine at all.”

My words activated the nanobots gathered in John Henry’s cock. Silently, they began their harmless cellular miniaturization.

If our cocks hadn’t been pressed up flush against each other, John Henry might not have even noticed. But as the contracting skin of his shrinking cock glided over the skin of my own, the added stimulation made us both moan out loud.

“Take another look, JH.”

John Henry did as he was told. The first step of his shrinkage was there, clear as day. His cock used to have mine beat handily in terms of sheer size, but now our shafts aligned perfectly, from base to tip. I even had a slight upper hand on him in terms of thickness.

“Noooo!!!” John Henry shouted, panic filling his voice.

I expected some anguish from John Henry as I punished him, but the scale of it took me by surprise. I’d seen the fear in his eyes before, but this was on a whole new level.

“Noooo, please! I beg you, sir! Don’t take away my cock! I’ll do anything sir, I promise! You can fuck me if you want, sir! I’ll suck you off if you want, sir! I’ll worship your cock all you like, but please sir! Don’t take my big cock away from me!”

I took a step back. John Henry got down on his knees and started groveling. His hands came together in that obsequious way. The naked boy even had tears in his eyes. And through all this, his cock was still hard as a rock.

As miserable as John Henry looked, I could tell that the audience was really drinking this up. Seeing the boy who’d harassed and demeaned them stripped of his agency and robbed of the biggest cock in the school made them burst into wild bouts of applause.

“Debasing yourself like this is really unlike you, John Henry. Do you really care that much about having the biggest cock? Tell the truth.”

“Oh yes, sir. I’ll do anything, anything you want, sir. I’ll be your bitch, sir. Just please don’t take my cock away, sir.”

“And just why does that big cock of yours matter so much to you, JH? Why should I not take it away? Tell the truth.”

John Henry’s reply was choked with sputters and sobs.

“If… if I don’t have the biggest cock, I’ll… I’ll… I won’t know who I am anymore. My cock is all I’ve got. It’s the only thing about me people desire. Please don’t take it away from me, sir… Otherwise, I’ll be nobody…”

Sheesh, this guy’s self-image was even more fucked up than I thought.

“Oh, John Henry. I’m sorry…”

Thing is, that was when I realized that leaving John Henry with his massive cock and grossly distorted self esteem wouldn’t be the merciful thing to do at all.

“…but that’s the wrong answer. There’s no reason to put that much stock into your cock size. Besides, that five-inch stiffie is nothing special.”

John Henry’s visage sunk as he saw his hard cock contract again before his very eyes. And it wasn’t just his cock, either. His heavy low hanging balls had dwindled, his sack had tightened. John Henry was looking decidedly average all-around below the belt.

The gathered boys all cheered again. Many of them now had John Henry beat in terms of cock size, even the modestly endowed ones. Even though they wouldn’t remember any details of what went down that day, they’d still recall deep down that their manhoods outclassed John Henry Wellson’s handily.

John Henry’s face filled with panic again. He was prepared to submit himself to whatever it took to save his cock. To see it shrinking before his eyes was more than he could take.

“Help! Somebody help me, please! Help!” John Henry called out in the loudest voice he could muster.

“Quiet down. Use your indoor voice from now on.”

John Henry’s pleas went from being bellowed at the top of his lungs to being squeaked out at barely the volume of a stage whisper.

“And stop trying to weasel out of this. You’re not helping your situation.”

Tears continued to run down John Henry’s face.

“Why… why are you doing this to me, sir?”

“I’ve told you already, John Henry. I’m teaching you a lesson.” I smiled. “Now get down on your hands and knees.”

John Henry did as I commanded. I knelt down, bringing my cock down to eye level for him.

“Why don’t we get the next part of your lesson started? Put your mouth over my cock. Worship it.”

I could see the revulsion in John Henry’s eyes, but he had no choice but to obey. I watched the naked, prostrate boy lean forward, open his mouth wide, and swallow my hard cock down to the root.

I let out a long sigh of pleasure as I felt John Henry’s warm, wet, soft mouth envelop my cock. I’d brought the school’s biggest ego crashing down: in my hands, John Henry Wellson was nothing more than a groveling cocksucker. His tight, velvety throat gripped the end of my cock as I began to slide it back and forth over his tongue.

“Let me tell you why that big cock of yours has got to go, John Henry,” I said as John Henry’s quivering lips slid up and down my shaft, “It’s because you’ve come to rely on it far too much. I know they might call it a third leg, but that doesn’t mean it can support your massive ego. When you’re relieved of that hefty burden weighing you down, you’ll be able to discover the person you are without that monster cock hanging between your legs.”

I laced my fingers through John Henry’s curly, strawberry blond hair and worked his head up and down on my throbbing cock.

“And let me be the first to tell you that even without a huge dick, you have plenty of handsome features…”

I leaned down and let my other hand paw at John Henry’s chest.

“Those pecs… these nips…”

My fingers sought out one of John Henry’s dark pink nipples. Once I found it, I gave it a pinch, eliciting a moan from the young man as he slobbered over my cock.

“That sexy face…”

I pulled John Henry’s head off my dick and took a moment to admire his brown eyes, cute slim nose, and strong jawline. Then I slapped his cheeks with my hard cock a few times before plunging it back down his throat.

“And especially that ass…”

I reached down and took ahold of one of John Henry’s sexy ass cheeks, framed so perfectly by the tan lines from his speedo. I grasped it firmly, feeling the smooth pliable gluteal muscles between my fingers, then gave it a sharp slap. John Henry winced as a pink handprint formed where I spanked him.

I leaned in close and stage-whispered the next part in John Henry’s ear.

“Which is why I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Right here, in front of everyone. And the best part is, you’re going to like it. You’re really going to like it. You’re already plenty aroused right now.”

My words sank indelibly into John Henry’s mind as another wave of arousal swept through him. Whatever he felt in response to my words, my cock in his mouth prevented him from making his thoughts known out loud. I watched as he clenched his ass cheeks in silent anticipation.

“Hey, Peter!” I called. “Lend a hand, won’t you? Get John Henry’s ass nice and ready to be fucked.”

The small-dicked naked boy silently got up from his seat on the shower tile and moved into position, crouching behind John Henry’s ass. Peter leaned forward, stuck out his tongue, and buried his face in between John Henry’s cheeks. Peter’s tongue glided over John Henry’s quivering hole, then slipped inside. The taller boy moaned in an agony of pleasure as Peter’s rimming skills sent waves of arousal radiating from his asshole.

Unfortunately, all the extra stimulation affected John Henry’s blowjob skills. As his body shook in pleasure, I felt a slight roughness on my shaft.

“Ow! Hey! Keep your teeth off my cock!”

John Henry’s body immediately snapped into compliance with my commands. I could see the fear in his eyes as he gazed up at me.

“I’m sorry, JH, but that’s gonna cost you another inch and a half.”

John Henry whined around my cock as he felt the subtle tugging that could only mean one thing. His average cock was shrinking even further, and now the only word appropriate for it was “small”.

I went on plugging away at John Henry’s mouth as Peter tongued his ass. I may have punished him for it, but in a strange way I was grateful that John Henry had broken my concentration. If he hadn’t done that, I’d risk getting carried away and cumming down his throat.

I didn’t want to finish quite like that. Since the Master type nanobots in my own body couldn’t control me, I couldn’t eliminate my own refractory period. I’d have to recover my stamina after climaxing just like normal.

No, I had a vision for how this whole thing would go. And that vision involved me rubbing John Henry’s face in his own subjugation as I mercilessly fucked his ass.

Speaking of which…

“All right, it’s time.”

I withdrew my cock from between John Henry’s soft, wet lips.

“Good job, Peter. Sit back down for now.”

Peter, having thoroughly lubed up John Henry’s ass with his rimming, went back to his seat on the tile floor.

“Now get ready, John Henry. I’m going to fuck you in the ass, and I’m going to enjoy it.”

John Henry’s face was trembling in fear. He knew as well as I did that there was no way for him to get out of this.

“Please be gentle, sir… please…”

I arranged John Henry’s body to my liking, then got into position behind him. Every boy in the audience could see John Henry’s shrunken cock on display: three and a half inches even as it was hard as a rock. I made sure that everyone could see it as I spread his shapely ass cheeks apart and lined my cock up with John Henry’s puckered hole.

Then, his mind a whirlwind, his body wracked with conflicting sensations, John Henry Wellson gave out a deep breathy moan as my hard cock penetrated his ass in one deep, powerful thrust. The audience burst into wild, raucous cheers at the sight of the cocky stud’s magnificent deflowering! I kept pushing further and further inside him. John Henry’s ass swallowed inch after inch of my cock until I felt his hungry hole pulsing at the base of my dick! The formerly cocky stud gasped as my pubes tickled his ass. John Henry knew as well as I did that in one long thrust, I’d shoved my whole six and a half inch dick up his sexy butt!

Now was the time for me to really let loose and fuck John Henry with all I had! I started to roll my hips back and forth, slowly working my cock in and out of John Henry’s upturned ass. Oh, how sweet it felt! John Henry’s blowjob and Peter’s rimjob had left enough lube on my cock and his ass to make fucking him easy, but left just enough friction to really make it really, really pleasurable. The inside of John Henry’s ass was really something else! His warm, soft walls hugged my cock and practically massaged it as it thrust in and out, in and out.

God, John Henry’s ass was exquisite! He was better at pleasuring me through his ass than he’d probably ever been at giving people pleasure with his cock. I needed to pace myself, or I’d go over the edge way too fast! Not to mention, John Henry’s sexy moans were threatening to make me cum just from the sound of them.

“Oh, gah— Uhh! Sir, si—Aaah! Oh! Oh!”

What ever words crossed through John Henry’s mind, he was in far too much pleasure to say them. Every thrust of my cock send powerful jolts of arousal through his whole body. John Henry’s every muscle quaked with ecstasy and need. His hole quivered deliciously around my throbbing shaft.

But I could tell that all John Henry’s pleasure could not overwhelm the deep shame and humiliation he felt at his situation. He hung his head low and shut his eyes tight. He couldn’t bear to face the audience — nearly every boy he knew — and see them watching him getting fucked in the ass hard and deep with undisguised delight.

If he was doing that, it meant he had ego left to try and salvage. I wasn’t going to let him escape with that. I leaned over, let my torso rest on John Henry’s warm, muscular back, grabbed him by his hairless armpits, and hoisted him up onto his feet.

Now John Henry and I were fucking standing up! He stood in a half-squat with my cock buried up his ass, facing the audience. Everyone had an excellent full-frontal view. Each boy in the audience could see down John Henry’s muscular torso to his hairless crotch. They all could make out his hard little three and a half inch cock. They could tell that John Henry had precum dribbling down his tiny shaft, dripping from his marble-sized balls onto the tile floor. And they could even see down his exposed taint to where my hard cock was stuffing his eager hole.

“Open your eyes, John Henry. Look at everyone who’s here to see you.”

John Henry had no choice but to obey. He opened his eyes and stared into the smiling faces of all the boys he’d taunted, all the boys he’d demeaned, practically all the boys he saw every single day. They were all staring rapt with attention and overjoyed at the spectacle of John Henry stripped, exposed, reduced, and fucked in the ass for all of them to see. Some of them were even masturbating to the sight of his subjugation! And now they were starting to clap to the rhythm of my cock thrusting up John Henry’s sweet ass!

Now — now that John Henry’s ego was at its most vulnerable — it was time for me to make a few permanent commands. I leaned in even closer and whispered deep into his ear.

“John Henry Wellson…” I whispered, investing my voice with all the authority I could muster, “I pronounce you guilty of the sin of vanity.”

I eased my cock in and out of him slowly as I spoke.

“For too long you’ve taken excessive pride in that big cock of yours. Not a day went by that you didn’t arrogantly flaunt it to some poor soul. You were blessed by genetics, but you took advantage of your gifts and fed your ego by demeaning those to whom you felt superior. Your vain and arrogant behavior has gone on long enough. This ends now.”

I hugged John Henry’s naked body closer as I fucked him harder, continuing to whisper my judgment in his ear.

“The punishment for your arrogance, vanity, and pride shall be this: you have proven yourself utterly unworthy of possessing the largest cock in this school. From now on you will live at the other end of the scale: you will be the owner of the smallest cock in the entire school. Everyone you meet will have you beaten in terms of manhood. Even Peter…”

I looked down at Peter. He still sat quietly, drinking in the spectacle of John Henry being fucked in the ass. His exposed cock had gotten fully hard at the sexy sight and capped out at a full three inches.

“Yes, even Peter’s cock will outclass yours, John Henry. For the rest of your days, your cock will be no more than one inch flaccid and two inches erect.”

I made sure that John Henry’s naked body was positioned so that everyone could get a clear view of his cock shrinking down. Clear as day, everyone saw his still hard and dripping cock lose nearly half of its remaining size. John Henry’s mind was in far too much of a haze by now to react coherently, but I heard traces of a choked sob leave his lips as the stud was left with what was undoubtedly the smallest cock in the whole school.

“But John Henry… I am not unmerciful. In your punishment, I offer you the chance to start anew. I see how your massive cock has distorted your self-esteem and warped your ego. I see how the edifice of your vanity was built on the fragile foundation of being the guy with the biggest dick, how likely it was to come crashing down the second that was no longer the case. In taking away your massive cock, I will give you the chance to discover a healthier, less abusive, more enduring kind of self-esteem. I truly hope that in your humiliation you find the virtue of… humility.”

Now I shifted the angle of my thrusts, doing my best to massage John Henry’s prostate with my hard cock. I wanted this boy close to the edge.

“And to help you discover this virtue, I will leave you with a final gift and punishment all in one. I can tell you’re close to cumming, but you will not go over the edge until I’m finished with you, John Henry. I hereby place a cap on your arousal: from now on the throes of sex and passion may bring you up to ninety-nine percent, up to the very threshold of a climax, but the true peak of pleasure will ever elude you. No matter who or what pleasures you — be it man, woman, objects, or your own hands — you will find the act of orgasm impossible unless — and this is key — you are at the same time teased, belittled, and mocked for the size of your tiny cock.”

I reached around and grabbed ahold of John Henry’s shrunken penis. There was no doubt about it, his cock was now two inches long, rock hard, and dripping precum onto the tiled floor. John Henry’s balls had even been further downgraded from the size of marble shooters to the size of peas.

“That is my final and permanent command, John Henry. You will obey. It will be your punishment as well as your gift. I will demonstrate.”

Now was the time to really let loose! I fucked away at John Henry’s hole with deep, powerful thrusts. I hit his prostate hard with each deep thrust inside him. I heard him moan with indescribable pleasure at his anal ravaging.

Were it not for my final command, John Henry would probably have started cumming uncontrollably to my deep, hard fucking. Now, however, his arousal was firmly capped. I could tell from my earlier experimentation that John Henry was stuck at a maximum of ninety-nine arousal, and he’d remain that way just as long as I wanted.

And now it was my turn to finish.

In and out, in and out… as I fucked the sexy young man, I let my hands roam over his front. From behind, I pawed at his muscly chest, felt along his rippling abs, and ran my fingers along his tiny shaft. John Henry was truly a spectacular lay! All that kept him from realizing it was his obsession with using his formerly massive cock. Now that he’d been so thoroughly shrunken down, John Henry had the chance to use his fantastically wonderful-feeling ass for its destined purpose.

Oh, I was so unbearably turned on! And not just at the physical stimulation, either! To have this stud at my mercy, to have such complete control over his body and mind, to use my power to humble his massive ego so decisively and permanently, to expose and reduce him before so many cheering spectators, was a power high the likes of which I’d never felt before.

And I felt the approach of the one act that would cement John Henry’s subjugation forevermore…

“Oh, fuck… fuck, yes!”

As the audience’s applause reached a rapturous crescendo, I hugged John Henry’s body close and thrust my hard cock as far up his ass as it would go. White hot pleasure shot through my whole body as I felt cum rushing out of my cock, shooting deep inside the unhung stud. I let off several thick shots before my balls were drained, then slowly withdrew my softening cock from his tight hole with an audible pop.

I felt winded, but John Henry was clearly exhausted from the ravages of getting fucked for the first time. I set his body down gently on the shower tile as he gasped for breath. And of course, his cock was still dripping and rock hard.

All that vigorous fucking had worked up quite a sweat on the both of us. I took the opportunity to toss away the last vestiges of my clothing and turn the shower back on. Warm, steamy water swept over me, as well as over the naked boy collapsed in a heap below.

For a while, John Henry was still too winded to talk. It wasn’t until I’d finished toweling off and put my clothes back on that I heard him pipe up again.

“Sir… please, sir, I… please… I want…”

“Well, what is it? Tell me what you want, John Henry.”

“I want to… cum, sir… please…”

I thought for a moment.

“I assume you heard every word I whispered in your ear?”

“…yes, sir…”

“And did you understand it? Tell the truth.”

“…yes, sir…”

“And understanding what it takes, you still want to cum? Right now, while everyone’s watching?”

“…yes, sir. I do, sir.”

I clapped my hands together.

“Good. Excellent. Honestly, I’m proud of you, John Henry. I thought your ego wouldn’t allow you to submit to what it takes. I’ll let you cum… on one rather large condition.”

“Yes, sir?”

“What are you willing to do in order to cum?”

John Henry glanced down at his still rock-hard, still dripping two-inch erection. At the level of arousal he’d been left suspended at, the boy’s whole body practically quaked with need.

“I’d do anything, sir… please sir, I want to… I need to cum, sir…”

“Are you prepared to consent to being fucked again? Fucked with another cock, much larger than my own? Much larger even than yours used to be?”

John Henry felt at his well-fucked asshole. Thanks to my nanobots even the thickest meatiest cocks would do his hole no lasting damage. Nanobot-augmented repair would always keep his hole nice and virgin-tight, and nanobot-induced changes in his anal pain receptors would replace the discomfort of bottoming with pure pleasure.

“Yes, sir,” John Henry answered, “I’ll submit to being fucked, sir, if you’ll just let me cum.”

I smiled. Now that I’d claimed and thoroughly bred his virgin ass, I wanted to sit back and watch someone else take John Henry’s sloppy seconds. And I knew just the guy…

“Peter! Stand up, I have a job for you.”

The other small-cocked naked boy stood up and silently paced over. His three inch cock still stood firm and rigid. All my earlier experimentation… here was where I’d put it to use!

“Peter, I’d like to give you a gift. You may have — temporarily — the whole size of John Henry’s former massive dick added to your own. Would you like that?”

The sexy twink silently nodded.

“Good. But you can only receive this gift if you promise to really fuck John Henry senseless. Do you promise?”

Another nod. I realized that Peter was still following my earlier command to quiet down. That explained the silent responses.

“Okay, Pete! Get ready for something huge. Now you’re the one with the biggest cock in the school.”

As my words triggered the nanobots in Peter’s cock to begin their penile enlargement, I sat back to enjoy the view. The sexy stud’s hard cock started to get bigger, longer, plumper. The added weight once again made Peter’s hard cock hang low between his legs. His balls steadily expanded in tandem with his cock. Second by second, Peter’s cock got bigger, heavier, and meatier. It exceeded mine in size, then it outgrew John Henry’s former length. And it just kept going…

Peter’s own three inches, plus John Henry’s former eight…

By the time Peter’s cock growth was complete, John Henry stared up in awe — and fear — at the biggest cock he, I, and everyone present had ever seen up close! It outclassed by a significant margin even John Henry’s former cock! The humongous, rock hard shaft between Peter’s legs had to be around eleven inches long! It looked as long as Peter’s forearm, and just about as thick! Below it, Peter’s massive sack held two enormous balls the size of grapefruits!

My oh my, the sight of Peter suddenly packing this record-setting cock had to be one of the hottest things to which I’d ever lain witness! And hotter still was the knowledge that this monster schlong would be headed straight up John Henry’s eager ass! This was what I’d dreamed of ever since I first enlarged Peter’s cock: that it’d make John Henry eternally aware of his new position in life. Peter, who I otherwise planned to be an exclusive bottom, would top him like he’d never topped before!

“Get that cock ready to fuck your ass, John Henry.”

“Sir, I… will it fit, sir?”

“It will fit inside you, I promise that. But the level of discomfort depends on how well you prepare that massive cock.”

I crossed my arms.

“Of course, if you’re going to do this I want you to do it willingly. Do you want to cum badly enough that you’ll submit to being fucked by Peter and his enormous dick? Tell the truth.”

John Henry grasped at his dick and ass. I could tell that in all his trepidation, the unhung young man was still desperately horny.

“Sir, I… yes, sir, I do… I’ll do it, sir…”

“Good. Get to it.”

John Henry set to work worshiping Peter’s enormous cock. It was clear that he didn’t have a prayer of opening his mouth wide enough to accommodate even the shiny pink head, let alone the several inches of throbbing shaft. Instead, John Henry ran his tongue along every square inch of Peter’s tremendous wang, trying to get it as wet and slick as he could manage.

“Alright, that’s enough. Now Peter, I want you to fuck John Henry’s ass nice and hard.”

John Henry meekly got into position as Peter took hold of his hips and lined his own cock up at John Henry’s entrance. I took a moment to appreciate just how many people were watching John Henry’s total subjugation with undisguised amazement. In time, of course, my nanobots would wipe all concrete details of this event from their memories. But what they would retain were the impressions of dominance and submission that this event displayed before them. And what could be a stronger impression of that than the fact that Peter — quiet, small-cocked Peter — had John Henry Wellson beat in terms of manhood by a country mile?

And of course, no one would remember that it was me who had brought this all about. Not even John Henry. Although my commands would ring in his ears for many years to come, he wouldn’t be able to remember that I was the one who had spoken them. I didn’t mind. I wasn’t into this hobby for any recognition, just personal gratification. And what could be more gratifying than watching the school’s biggest ego submit so thoroughly, so completely, to being fucked senseless by that massive cock?

Speaking of which…

John Henry’s eyes and mouth opened wide as he struggled to accommodate Peter’s girthy member. No doubt about it, John Henry’s asshole was stretching wider than it ever had before! The unhung young man was back on his hands and knees, ass raised high and in the process of being penetrated by the largest dick ever to grace this school.

It took a while for Peter to successfully fit his cock’s massive head up John Henry’s hungry ass, but once it was in the rest of the shaft followed easily enough. Inch by inch, Peter slid his enormous dick deeper inside John Henry. To his credit, John Henry was taking Peter’s massive dick like a pro!

“Ungh… oh, sir… oh, sir…”

John Henry seemed like he was trying hard not to get carried away in his own arousal as Peter’s cock slid inside him to the hilt.

“Yes, JH?”

“Please, sir… I’d like to — Aah!”

Sliding out and back in, Peter must have hit John Henry’s prostate. The sexy twink’s massive cock certainly looked like it was filling John Henry up like nothing else.

“You’d like to what?”

“Please, I’d like to cum, sir…”

“And you remember what that takes, right?”

“Ye — Oh! — Yes, sir…”

“Then what do you want me to do about it?”

“Please, sir… please tease me, sir…”

“Well… if you beg for it, I’ll consider teasing you.”

“Oh please, sir! I beg you to tease me! I want you to tease me so bad, sir!”

Peter was really building up a steady pace now.

“And just what do you want me to tease you for, John Henry?”

“…my cock, sir…”

“What about your cock?”

“…it’s… small… sir…”

If I kept this up much longer, John Henry wouldn’t be able to form any words. Peter was plugging away at his ass with enviable vigor. No doubt Peter had to be getting close to the edge now, too. It was time for me to act.

“It’s more than small. It’s the tiniest cock I’ve ever seen. How do you masturbate that thing, John Henry? With a pinky finger? No wonder it’s your destiny to take it up the butt.”

As my teasing words reached his ears, John Henry finally surpassed the cap I’d put on his arousal. The micro-dicked stud finally reached his pent up orgasm, and cried out in unbelievable pleasure as Peter plunged his massive cock all the way up John Henry’s ass.

As the throes of a massive climax swept through John Henry’s body, the audience was treated to the sight of his two-inch hard on spewing out ropes of hot cum all over the shower tile. That unbelievably sexy sight — the sight of the formerly hung, formerly cocky John Henry Wellson cumming in ecstasy from his tiny cock as Peter’s massive dick fucked him in the ass — brought the audience’s rapturous applause to a new high.

I was still regaining my stamina from my own turn cumming in John Henry’s ass, but I knew I’d revisit and replay this moment for a long time to come. If I’d had proper time to recover, I could probably have stroked myself to another orgasm at this hot spectacle! In any case, it was time to end things with a bang.

“Peter. Your turn. Finish up.”

Peter sped up his thrusts at my command, ramming hard in and out of John Henry, who was still in the throes of orgasm. Faster and faster, Peter fucked away. I wondered how exquisite it must feel to have John Henry’s fantastic ass around as many sensitive square inches of cock as Peter was currently packing.

It must have been fantastic indeed, because it didn’t take long for Peter to reach an orgasm himself. The massively hung twink’s face contorted in ecstasy as he plunged all the way in. His big, heavy balls drew up as they pumped loads and loads of cum deep inside John Henry’s ass. Considering how much Peter had cum the last time I’d enlarged his cock, this volume of spunk had to be absolutely enormous.

Indeed, Peter so thoroughly filled John Henry’s ass to capacity that some extra cum spurted from John Henry’s overstuffed hole. All John Henry could do was sigh in contentment as his ass was filled with hot semen, a few beads of which still dribbled from the end of his tiny cock. Now that’s what I’d call a climax!

As the throes of his orgasm finished, Peter collapsed on John Henry’s naked body, his cock still buried all the way up the other boy’s ass. No doubt it had taken a lot out of Peter to produce that much spunk.

“You okay, Peter?”

The sexy twink slowly nodded his head.

“You alright going back to your normal cock size now that you’re finished?”

Another nod.

“Alright. Thanks for a job well done, Peter.”

Peter grinned as if to say ‘Don’t mention it’.

Slowly, silently, Peter’s massive cock shrunk from its mammoth eleven inch boner all the way back to his one and a half inch softie. I’d trained Peter to embrace his small cock, so I doubt he’d mind. Peter would no longer be the owner of the very smallest cock in the school, though. That honor now belonged to John Henry.

I stood up and addressed the room.

“All right guys, thanks for being a wonderful audience. I hope you’ve enjoyed this afternoon’s show. John Henry, did you like all the attention?”


The unhung young man lay naked, spent, and exhausted beneath the equally drained Peter.

“I don’t know, sir.”

“I guess that’s as good an answer as we’re going to get. Now as you all leave remember that by the time you walk out the door all your memories of this little display will be gone. Of course if by some mistake any of you do remember this event, you won’t speak of it to anyone. This has just been a one-time little treat for everyone who’s had to deal with John Henry’s harassment for this long. You may leave now.”

Plenty of the boys in the audience stood up and left the room. I saw their eyes go cloudy as they left, my nanobots wiping all memory of the afternoon’s events from their minds.

Some of the people who’d applauded more enthusiastically stayed, though. A number of them had started stroking their cocks at the sight of John Henry’s sexy exposure and humiliation, and obviously wanted to cum before they forgot all about it. I decided to leave them be.

“Oh, and one more thing John Henry. Make sure you and Peter are properly cleaned off before you leave.”

“Wait, sir!”

I turned back and saw John Henry looking my way. A number of boys had gathered around him and were stroking their cocks with the aim of cumming all over his naked body.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Will it always be this way for me, sir? Will I always need someone else teasing me to be able to cum?”

“You sure will.”

“But sir, what if I can’t find anyone to tease me?”

“Oh I doubt that’ll be a problem,” I said, regarding the half-dozen cocks ready to shoot over John Henry’s face, “and if you’re really having trouble with that, just go online. Set up a camera. I’m sure you’ll find someone who’ll be happy to tease you.”

I walked out the door just as the first rope of cum squirted over John Henry’s upturned face.

So now we’ve come to the end of this long tale.

John Henry’s cock, the foundation of his vanity and ego, was no match for my cunning and technology. Ever since that afternoon he still wore the same tight pants around school, but now they only served to make his lack of a bulge all the more noticeable. Gone were all his boasts, brags, and provocative invitations. The arrogant boy had become as meek and mild-mannered as could be.

Due to my wiping his memory, John Henry no longer recalled just how he’d lost his massive cock. For all he knew, he just woke up one day to find his morning wood at a quarter of its former size. But John Henry’s humiliation and subjugation still left an imprint on his body too deep to wipe away.

As deep as his shame had been, I could tell that John Henry was in fact much happier than he’d been before. Relieved of the burden of having the biggest cock, the unhung young man could live free of the dumb expectations he’d placed on himself. Plus, he had the chance to put his amazing bottoming skills to good use. And all I had to do to revisit his sweet ass was walk right up and say the words that would give me complete control:

“Whatever I say, you must then obey. When you hear my voice, you have no more choice.”

John Henry was the first naughty boy that I taught a lesson with my nanobots, but he was far from the last. Like I said, my high school was like any other: filled with bullies, braggarts, and boors that never thought they’d be punished in any way for their misbehavior. But now that I had the power of my nanobots at my fingertips, I could bring each and every last one of them to heel.

But that’s a story for another day.

Author’s Postscript: Well, this turned out to be the longest thing I’ve written by far. I probably could have gotten away with making this its own multi-part series, but I wanted to hold back on posting it until it was done. That’s because I want this to be just the first part in a seven part series! I had a lot of fun writing Fun With Sliders, and after the positive reception that series got I wanted to use its setting and characters to tell a few more sexy stories. Of course, finishing this new series will probably take awhile. Expect new chapters to be lengthy but infrequent.

If you’ve made it to the end, I really admire your stamina. Leave a comment if you want to let me know how I can make this series even hotter.

If cock shrinking isn’t your thing, don’t worry: my plan is for each part to encompass a different naughty boy, a different character flaw, and a different kind of kinky punishment. The theme of this part was vanity, and I felt there was no better punishment for vanity than some good old cock shrinking action. My biggest inspiration for this part’s style was the writing of Ziel, a.k.a. the Radical Scrivener. Check out his work on tumblr if you enjoy some well-written cock growth and cock shrinking fun!

–A Voyeur Fan

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