Ashton 4: In Denial of Lust


Jeremy is going to join his brothers somehow…but how will they initiate him?

Thank someone in the universe that the brothers’ parents had left the house before Oliver had gotten loud, but now Jeremy had to be dealt with somehow, lest their whole secret get out. Ashton and Oliver both did not savor the prospect of searching for a new home so quickly into their new lives, so they did the first thing that came to mind when trying to restrain someone…they tied him up in the basement to a chair.

Ashton: Oliver:

Jeremy was not coherent the entire time, shrieking and squirming in his lustful confusion. Neither Ashton nor Oliver had ever seen him as a sexual being before, with him just having turned eighteen and never having mentioned a girlfriend. But after having fucked each other three times, they couldn’t help now but imagine Jeremy as a sexual prospect…which was why they impulsively stripped their little bro naked–but for his baseball cap, because it somehow made his nudity even hotter.

The bound boy was very muscular for a teen, moreso even than Ashton after bulking up from the Remote of Desire. Jeremy was also the quintessential jock. Looking at him now, Ashton realized he must have been in high demand as the high school heartthrob. Neither Ashton nor Oliver had been particularly sought-after in high school, blooming instead during their college years. Jeremy, however, had the eyes, skin, lips and hair to drive girls and gays wild. He definitely benefited from seeing his brothers go through puberty first. Even his dick was big for a teen boy, capping at seven inches hard, and boy was he hard now.

“AAAAAAAH AAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH!” Jeremy screamed. Not out of fear, but pure sexual overload. Ashton felt bad. He pointed the remote at Jeremy. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. He reduced the lust to a medium burn so Jeremy could breathe and calm down. Unfortunately, it allowed him to come to the realization of what had happened.


“Calm down, Jer, and I’ll tell you,” Ashton said, barely holding himself together.

Oliver paced behind Jeremy’s view. He had his pants back on and Ashton had clicked both their dicks to a reasonable size to fit into their underwear. He looked to be thinking, considering a plan.


Ashton was panicking. He didn’t know how to fix this. Oliver had been so willing compared to Jeremy, or perhaps everything happened too suddenly with him.

Oliver stepped toward Jeremy, and put his hand over his mouth. “Quiet, Jer. We’re not going to hurt you.”

A look of confusion came over Jeremy’s face as he moaned, very sexually, at Oliver’s touch. Then he reacted and snapped at Oliver’s hand, nearly biting it. “GET OFF OF ME, FAG!”

A flash of light interrupted Ashton’s thoughts. Elder Love and Elder Cord appeared, this time in complimentary casual clothes that hugged their bodies in such a sexy…

“WHAT THE FUCK??” Jeremy freaked. Elder Cord gestured to him. Jeremy kept screaming, but now no sound came out. He stopped, in confusion, and tried to scream again, but once again no sound escaped.

Oliver scampered over to the elders. “Whoa, these are the guys you mentioned? It’s great to meet you.”

“The pleasure is ours, dear boy,” Elder Love said. “We are most pleased with your newfound relationship.” Ashton blushed.

“In fact, you both passed the test,” Elder Cord declared.

“What test?” Ashton asked, surprised.

“Well, we gave you the power of the remote to see what you would do with it. Just because you landed in hot water doesn’t mean we aren’t happy with the direction you are taking. Think of us as mentors. We are cultivating a following of like-minded individuals. We hadn’t expected you to branch out, but we are most impressed with your new recruit. He will make a brilliant addition to the team.”

“Wow, thanks, uh, I guess,” Ashton said. “How many people are on this team?”

“Er,” Elder Love said, “Just us four at the moment, but as soon as we can fly ten blocks without stopping to…enjoy each other’s company…we promise to expand.”

“So was I right? You want me to spread happiness to the world?”

“Something like that,” Elder Cord said. “We want to free humans from their cage of societal expectations. However you choose to go about doing that–well, it would be against our nature to give you specific orders, but suffice to say you are doing marvelously so far.”

“So marvelously,” Elder Love jumped in, “that we decided to give you an upgrade.” He waved his hand toward the Remote of Desire, and it expanded. “The more you use it, the more options it gains. At certain thresholds, it will change form entirely.”

“For the sake of user-friendliness,” Elder Cord explained. “We also realized you had gotten yourself into a pickle and wanted to help.”

“Yeah, uh, I could really use some advice.”

“Nonsense, you have everything you need,” Elder Cord said. “We’ll get out of your hair.”

“Wait! What even are you?” Ashton called out, but they had vanished.

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE THOSE DEMONS? I–” Jeremy was shouting again, and kept going in the background.

“What other abilities did they give you?” Oliver asked supportively, clutching Ashton’s waist from behind like a gentle lover.

“Well, there’s this one that will help right now.” CLICK. Jeremy slumped over in his chair, falling into a deep sleep.

“That is helpful,” Oliver marveled. “What else?”

“Top-Bot, Dom-Sub, Fem-Masc, Tall-Short, and there’s buttons for different body parts but no arrows. Also a button that says ‘lube’. Huh. Hot, but how does that help us here?”

“I think I know. Jack up his sub stat.”

Ashton didn’t question his advisor. CLICK CLICK CLICK.

“Now wake him up.”


Jeremy’s eyes fluttered open. “Wh–FUCK YOU–”

“Jeremy! Quiet!” Oliver commanded sternly. Suddenly, Jeremy stopped, looking slightly confused but also scared.

“Wh-why are you guys doing this? What were those people doing here? How did they–”

“I said quiet!”

“I-I just–”

“Ashton, he needs more. Also, I’d like to get into this. Maybe give me some dom?”

Ashton obliged. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. Jeremy’s expression became subservient as he waited for Oliver to speak. His cute eyebrows furrowed in worry. But he said nothing.

“Jeremy, you will speak nothing of what you saw, do I make myself clear?”

Jeremy hesitated. Ashton’s breath caught…but then Jeremy nodded weakly. “Say it,” Oliver ordered. Ashton saw Oliver’s bulge grow in his pants. Jeremy’s naked dick had been full mast since the encounter upstairs, but it jerked a bit now.

“I-I won’t tell anyone. I p-promise.”

“Good boy,” Oliver said. Jeremy visibly shuddered with pleasure upon hearing those words.

Sex Scene: Ashton and Oliver Bonk Jeremy. Muscle Loss, Twinkification, Cock Shrink, Jock, Penis to Vagina Transformation, Feminization, Height Loss, Mental Manipulation, Mind Break Sex Craze, Straight to Gay, Denial, Double Penetration - Ass and Vagina, Brotherly Incest, Non-Consensual, Bottomification

“You know, Ash, I think this gives me an idea.”

“What’s that, brother?”

“I already have a muscular brother-lover. I don’t need another. But you know what I don’t have?”

Ashton liked where this was going. “Say no more, Ollie,”

“Wait, what are you two doing? I don’t want–”


“…What’s happening?”

Oliver untied his brother. Jeremy, now free, didn’t attempt to run or fight. He just stared at his changing body.

“ no no no no! My muscles, what–?” The teen jock’s hard-earned muscles, rivaling his brothers, shrank into his body as his masculine face became more feminine. His skin became soft and hairless, his pubes vanishing from his dick, and he whimpered. “Noooooooo…”

Before them knelt a broken twink of a boy. Still wearing the cap, he now looked like a gay twinky jock rather than the straight bro he used to be. He had even shrunk from a respectable 5’10” to a cute 5’3”.

“It’s ok, little bro,” Oliver said comfortingly. “This way you can be our sexy little cock slut. Wouldn’t you like that?”

“What? No, I–”

“I’ll tell you what. I’m going to take my dick out, and you can decide what to do about it. How’s that?”

“Please don’t,” Jeremy pleaded, but Oliver’s 10-inch cock was out already.

“Suck it, little bro. You know you want to.”

And so he did. He couldn’t help it. There was a need inside Jeremy that burned for cock. But no, he couldn’t admit it. Not to himself, not to anyone. But when the throbbing hot flesh was pushed to his face, his mouth opened and accepted the meat, sucking lustfully.

“Bro, get in on this,” Oliver said. Ashton knew part of it was his increased Dom stat, but he felt sexual pleasure in obeying the command anyway. He zipped his pants down and freed his equally large member, pointing it towards Jeremy’s face, which had forgotten itself as pure lustful bliss took over.

Jeremy’s mind felt clouded. There was so much cock, so much he wanted. He couldn’t say no, but he was still straight. Yeah. His brothers were making him do this, but he was still a bro, still a hot, alpha male on top of the school. He was no fag. It just felt good like being sexual with anyone would.

“I’m not gay,” he said in betwen switching from Oliver’s dick to Ashton’s.

“Sure, Jer,” Ashton said. “Whatever you say.”

“I’m not–gay–I–had sex with–Serena–and liked it–” he said between gulps.

“Whoa, our stud bro got laid without the family knowing!” Oliver said, impressed. “Nice job, bro.”

“It–wasn’t–God doesn’t care–if it’s in the butt–” he said.

“You are really really going to regret that statement,” Oliver said.

The big bro snatched the little twink from the waist and picked him up, cradling his legs from under his knees. His big dick poked at Jeremy’s tight pucker. “A little help, Ash?”

The two could hear clicking from the background as Oliver prepared to enter his second brother.

“No! Put me down, Ollie, I mean it! I don’t want to–no! I’m not a fag! W-what???” he suddenly felt a wetness in his ass coming from within, dripping out all over Oliver’s beast. “Why is my ass–why am I wet???”

“Because you’re a little bottom toy boy who’s about to get fucked like a bitch.” Oliver’s tongue licked Jeremy’s neck from behind as his cock slid into Jeremy’s tight, welcoming bud.

“AAoooOAAhhhHH!” Jeremy cried. He could never admit how beautiful it felt. How incredible cock felt to him, like nirvana, like the missing piece of his life. It was a lie, he knew, from the devil. He had to fight it!

Oliver bounced Jeremy up and down on his cock all while standing and holding his brother’s full weight in his arms. Thrust thrust thrust. “UNgh UNgh UNgh,” came Jeremy’s high-pitched feminine grunts of pleasure. He was grinning with his tongue lolled out in stupor despite his protests. “I’m not gay…stop…not gay…”

Ashton was feeling a little left out and sidled over to his fucking brothers. This was so hot. Family relationships were important, and what better way to develop those relationships than to fuck each other? It was truly a bonding experience for all of them, and he felt like they were training their little brother to follow in their footsteps. He leaned in to lick Jeremy’s cock–

“No,” Oliver said, causing Ashton to stop dead in his tracks. “This boy is a bottom full through. His dick will never be used again. It’s a worthless worm. He only cares about getting his ass plowed.” Jeremy groaned in unwilling agreement. Ashton puzzled what to do instead, and elected to duck underneath the fucking and tongue his big brother’s balls and taint.

“Oh yeah, bro, that feels good,” Oliver said, making Ashton proud to be of service. “And it gives me another idea. You know how I said Jer’s cock was worthless? What do you do with something worthless?”

Ashton smiled from beneath his bro’s balls. He grabbed the remote once again.

Jeremy had not been paying attention to anything but the blissful sensation of the cock in his ass. He moaned like a whore, oblivious to everything, his mind blank and out of fight. Suddenly, the fucking ceased. “Wh-what? Why–”

“Oh now you want it, huh?” Oliver said. He pulled out of his brother with a slurp. Jeremy gasped.

“I think for what’s coming we should try this position,” Oliver directed. “Don’t worry, you’re still a virgin, apparently. God doesn’t care if it’s in the ass, right?” He had Jeremy stand in the middle of the floor while he lined up his cock from behind. Jeremy didn’t stop or even protest. He just wanted his ass filled again.

“F-ffff…fuck me…” he said quietly. Oliver hesitated.

“What did you say?”

“Fuck me…”

“I couldn’t hear you.”

“Fuck me!”





They were at it again, harder than before. Ashton witnessed the standing sex with pleasure, loving how Jeremy’s slight body jostled with every thrust. He clicked dozens of times on the remote before going to kneel before Jeremy.

“Give his cock a proper sendoff, Ash,” Oliver said.

Ashton swallowed his brother whole. Jeremy shivered. “OHHHHhhh Ash, your mouth feels so good on my hot cock. Keep sucking, big bro.”

Oliver didn’t approve of the attitude he was hearing from Jeremy, but he knew it wouldn’t last.

Jeremy felt odd. Every time Oliver pushed into his ass, it felt slightly different. Every time Ashton lowered his mouth onto his 7-incher, it also felt different. Not bad, just–heck, it felt better. Jeremy breathed heavily as he felt more cushion in the pounding from behind. He dropped his hands to feel his ass as his biggest brother kissed his neck and fondled his flat chest. He was right. His ass had grown–and was still growing. It got pillowy and round, and bouncy as it filled out, and somehow he received even more pleasure from the assault into his larger asset. He began to see stars as he realized what felt different about his cock. Ashton pulled off of sucking it and began to lick it instead. It had shrunk. Noticeably. It was barely five inches now. His balls had shrunk to the size of small grapes.

“What?? NO! My dick! What’s happening? Guys? Stop! I–”

“Calm down little bro, you don’t need it. Best it’s out of the way. Don’t you like getting fucked so much more than fucking? Why would you ever go back?”

“No! I’m a man! I’m a–”

“No, you are a boy. A little cockslut bottom bitch boi. You do as you’re told and you never play with your dick. You exist to please real men with real cocks.”

Jeremy refused to believe Oliver, but his words sank into his psyche. He might not have agreed outwardly, but now his personality had shifted to match Oliver’s demands. He squealed like a girl as his ass grew, his cock shrank, and his brothers pleasured him from both ends. In fact, he found great pleasure in watching his cock shrink–four inches, four and a half, three inches–wow it was so sensitive now as Ashton slobbered all over the tiny erection. Lick. Two and a half. Slurp. Two. Suck. One and a half.

CLICK. Ashton decided he wanted to see the pathetic cocklet cum once before it shrank to a baby size that was no longer capable of producing cum. He then doubled down his ministrations on the peepee and the hairless pea-balls.

Between the assault on his fat ass and puny dicklet, the once-bro-jock couldn’t hold his orgasm back any longer. He convulsed around the giant cock, his ass pulsing in a way he never thought his body was capable of doing. His peepee spurted several pathetic drops of jizz onto Ashton’s tongue, which he swallowed. The orgasm was no less powerful with the loss of his jizz. Instead, it felt internal and stronger still. His dick was now a barely-noticeable half-inch. Ashton leaned away and started playing with himself as he watched the continued change.

The orgasm continued, almost like it started again. Jeremy squirmed on Oliver’s dick, suddenly aware that although his dick had all but vanished, it was not over. He felt a hunger that he had never known before, a sense that had never existed. Then, it all clicked when Ashton used the hand he wasn’t jacking with to stroke his taint and–


“Shhh,” Oliver commanded, causing the shocked Jeremy to obey instantly. Oliver glanced toward his masturbating brother who was now fingering their little bro’s new cunt. Ashton smirked back at his older brother, and Oliver couldn’t help but nod in approval and satisfaction. “One for you and one for me,” he said.

“No, I don’t wanna be a girl, I’m straight–I’m a straight man I–OOOOOoooooOOohhhh yeaAAHHH!”

Ashton had found Jeremy’s G-spot. It felt just even better than getting fucked in the ass, Jeremy accidentally thought. Oliver’s dick was too big to hit his prostate right, so he hadn’t felt it as much, but this new sensation was a thousand times better than any he had ever felt before! He collapsed, opening his legs up involuntarily, and Oliver held him up from his armpits. Ashton pushed into his wet pussy while thumbing his dick-turned-clit, causing him to buck wildly in the craze of his pleasure.

“Ash…I need…I want–please…fuck my boipussy. I want your big cock in my girl hole so bad.”

“As you wish, brother.”

Ashton stood. As Oliver held Jeremy up from his armpits, Ashton held up Jeremy’s legs by his knees. He found the dripping cavern of need, and pushed in slowly.

Jeremy felt like he was going to pass out. This. This was heaven. He surely must be dreaming because nothing on Earth could exist that was so purely good and beautiful. He couldn’t scream for fear of Oliver’s reaction, but he did moan, groan, whine, cry and babble sexual nonsense as the two closest people in his life, his brothers he had known forever, who cared for him deeply, filled his cock-shaped holes with their fuck sticks.

Finally, he orgasmed for the first time with his cunt. His whole body once again spasmed. All three were delirious at this point, as Ashton had secretively held off their orgasms until they were all ready. The floodgates opened and Jeremy felt warm, thick fluids jet into his bowels. He wondered if he could get pregnant. He felt juices cover the cock inside him, and groaned in stupid satisfaction when both brothers came in for a post-orgasmic make-out session. He didn’t stop them. He let himself enjoy it.

Jeremy woke up on the basement floor between his brothers’ cradling embraces. He tried to move, but quickly noticed there was still two cocks inside him, soft but still large. He freaked with the reality of the situation, waking his brothers as he clamoured out of the fuck pile.

“Jeremy?” Ashton said. “Are you ok?”

“No, No! I’m not ok, Ashton. I’m tiny, I have no dick–I have a pussy–and I just had unholy intercourse with my brothers. I’m going to leave now and try to forget all of this–all of it.”


“Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Wait,” Ashton said. “At least let me give you back your old body, or people will ask questions.”

Jeremy’s heart leapt with excitement. He heard a series of clicks as his muscle returned to its full teen grandeur. His masculine features mostly returned, though definitely cuter than before. His ass shrank to a more reasonable size, but still remained his best asset. He felt all over himself, relieved, but for one thing.

“What about my dick?”

“Nobody’s going to notice that,” Oliver chimed in. “Use the stall. And this way you’ll never be tempted to have sex with that secret girlfriend of yours again. Speaking of which–I seem to remember you saying sex didn’t count if it was in the ass but…seems it counted now, considering…you know.”

Jeremy balked. He had been de-virginized by his brothers, in his own pussy. He had committed female adultery…? Or was it…What exactly was it he did? He shook his head.

“But–but then–”

“Yes, you’ll have to come back to us if you ever want to feel the bliss of being with another human again,” Oliver continued. “Or find someone else who likes your new equipment as much as we do. But be careful, because you never know who will tell everyone.”

Tears formed in Jeremy’s eyes as he turned away to climb the basement steps.

“You know you’re already desperate to come back,” Oliver called after him. “You’ll cave eventually, begging for cock, begging to have your boy holes filled. We’ll be ready for you when that happens.”

Jeremy couldn’t admit aloud that Oliver was right. His pussy was already dripping with the thought of his brothers fucking him more. Even his ass felt needy again. But he ignored the thoughts and scurried up to his bedroom to dress and stuff his pants with socks.

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