J&J 1: Keeping it in the Family

By Tyrol
published February 25, 2021
4410 words

Jake and James are jockish twins who nobody would even suspect of being gay in the first place, except that they’ve already banged every boy at school, turned them gay, and regularly fuck each other and the other men in their family. And nobody involved finds this strange at all. It’s just one, big, happy, incestuous family!

I couldn’t sleep last night so I wrote this. Kind of a departure from my normal writing because everyone is chill and a good person. It’s like if every person in a family is 100% idealized and incest is normal and healthy for them somehow. Enjoy my insanity. I just enjoy the idea of some very healthy normal people just doing gay sex with their family very non-chalantly. That’s this story.

Jake flipped the light switch. “Dad?” He called. “I’m home. Are you here?”

“Hey Jake” Hank looked up from chopping vegetables. “Want some dinner? Where’s your brother?”

“Yes, I would love dinner–thanks, and James is staying over Mom’s tonight. He wanted to spend time with Billy.”

“Oh yeah? Did you see your little brother today? How’s he doing?”

“Seems great. Doing better in physics. Want some help?”

“Sure, yeah, would you mind dicing the onion and tomato?”

Jake wielded the knife skillfully, making short work of the produce while continuing to chat.

“I think he’s settling on the idea of going for art. He’s really good.”

“Ah, finally a gay son that acts the part,” Hank joked.

“You love your masculine underwear model sons, don’t lie!” Jake laughed, flashing a charismatic smile.

“Oh yes, very masculine the way you cheerlead your own football games, wearing those skimpy girly outfits and putting on almost your whole stripper routine.”

“Ok ok fine. You got me. When are you going to get a boyfriend anyway?”

“Son, you know I have many boyfriends and none of them come before you kids.”

“Well we’re adults now. Billy’s almost done high school. You should have more time for yourself.”

“Aw I thought we had a good thing going. Take your pants off, speaking of.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Right here in the kitchen? Good thing we didn’t start the stove yet.”

“You know I can’t wait that long after you’ve been out all day. Hardly saw you yesterday, and your brothers have been spending a lot of time at your mom’s.”

Jake continued to chop, but used one hand to lower his pants below his butt cheeks. “Come get your cake, Daddy. And you know they’re just bonding a bit more since Billy turned eighteen. He’s been dying to get in on the guy fun we’ve been having for years. James is just introducing him slowly.”

“Ha!” Hank laughed, suddenly behind his son, smacking his bare, jocked ass. He was leaning over Jake lovingly, caressing him both romantically and carnally. “That boy is even more of a thirsty slut than you two. I’m sure he could handle all of us and then some. It’s not like he hasn’t already taken the entire football team.”

“That was his fundraising event!” Jake said, feigning indignance as he pretended to ignore his father’s fingers petting his lightly-haired hole. He bit his lip and tried not to let his eyelids flutter.

There was silence as both men enjoyed the atmosphere of normalcy, sexuality and food. Hank’s fingers teased his son’s entrance gently, swirling like he was wiping the inside of a glass. He gripped Jake’s fluffy muscular pec with his other hand.

“Jesus, kid. You’ve grown so much.”

“You always say that, Dad. You wanna fuck me tonight?”

“Every night, my boy.” Jake blushed and beamed, feeling so supported and loved by the second most important person in his life.

“James won’t mind?” Hank said. Usually, if they did anal they were all together. But then, usually they were all together.

“I think if any of us were the jealous type we wouldn’t have gotten this far,” Jake said honestly. “Besides, he’s fine. He’s got Billy’s slutty hole, remember?”

Hank leaned down and kissed his son warmly.

“You know you’ve always been my favorite,” Hank said, now pushing a finger into his son, eliciting a gasp from him.

“You say that to each of us,” Jake replied.

“Well it’s true,” Hank said. “Billy is my favorite cute twink. James is my favorite blow job giver. You’re my favorite bottom.”

“My ass is the biggest,” Jake said.

“I’ve noticed. Starting to enjoy the position more?”

“Everything feels good, Dad, but everyone needs a little more dick in their hole.”

“Yes. Especially you. Right now.”

Hank unzipped his pants and spat in his hand to lubricate his big cock a bare minimal amount for his experienced son, then he plowed forward, making the jock boy cry out in a delighted baritone.

“Oh fuck yeah, Daddy. Fuck… Yeah, just like that. Fuck my hole.” Jake’s hands stabilized himself on the counter while his father thrust into him from behind. The two men grunted and Hank hooked his arms under Jake’s arms to hold him in place.

“You’re being such a good boy today, Jakey,” Hank said softly. “You wanna make a mess on the kitchen floor? I’ll even clean it up for you if you’re a good boy and make Daddy cum.”

Like usual, Jake could barely hold back his orgasm listening to his father’s praise and being called a good boy. Hank fiddled with Jake’s jock until his rock hard dick was leaking onto the kitchen tile.

“Yes Daddy, uhhhh,” he tried to reply, but he was too overwhelmed with the pleasure of having his prostate railed to think of any more words.

The door opened again. The neighbor, Greg, walked in.

"Hey there, boys! Whoa! He said, shielding his eyes. “Shoulda knocked I see. Sorry fellas I can come back later.”

“No please, the door is always open, Greg, and we’re almost done. Jake here likes an audience. Be a good boy and don’t hold back your scream when I make you cum, ok?” Hank continued to thrust brutally. Jake nodded, but his eyes were rolled almost to the back of his head while his manly grunts had become more of a tenored moaning.

“Ok, boy, I’m ready,” Hank declared. “Gonna cum in your good hole, yeah? Gonna fill my good, good boy with the baby batter that made him. And when I cum you’ll cum. Ready? FUUUUuuuuuuuckkkk.” Hank kept pumping, injecting his son with his semen while smirking at his neighbor, who was unabashedly rubbing himself. Jake, for his part, let out an uncharacteristically feminine “Oh yeah, Daddy!” before grunting and moaning his way through an ass-clenching orgasm, spilling his boy goo all over the kitchen floor and the side of the lower cabinets.

Jake had a dumb look of satisfaction on his face when his father pulled out, letting a stream of cum dribble out of his son’s hole and down his muscular, hairy inner thigh. Hank slapped his son’s ass, which brought him back to reality. Jake composed himself, somehow re-adopting his masculine jock attitude after having his rear end rammed.

“Thanks, Dad. I needed that. Dicing is done.”

“No my boy, I was the one that needed it. Your ass keeps me young. Go ahead and put it in that bowl. Hey Greg, you want fajitas?”

“Thanks, yes, absolutely. And can I just say I envy what you have with your boys. Truly incredible. I wish my son and I were so close.”

“It was only natural for us,” Jake explained, busily moving through the kitchen, cum still dripping down his naked leg. “Dad made sure we grew up feeling we could share absolutely anything with each other. He got us a nanny that conditioned our minds so we would even be comfortable having sex with each other at an appropriate age.”

“Conditioned your minds? You don’t find that troubling?”

“No. If she didn’t then James and I would have been straight and we wouldn’t have had nearly as much sex as we do now, especially with each other. We have no conflicts with each other, and almost none outside our family either. She really taught us well and the sex is only a result of all the other things we learned.”

“Sounds like you hit the jackpot,” Greg mused.

“Not really,” Hank said. “If you really wanted to set something up with her for your boy, I could give you her number. She seems to be free at any time for any reason.”

“Well, I’m not sure I’m really attracted to my kid the way you are,” Greg said. “I’m not even that gay. I just like fucking you, Neighbor!”

“That’s so sweet!” Hank said. “But don’t worry. She’ll make you gay and make sure you fall directly in sexual love with your son. It’s part of the bonding process. To make you into a happier family. The whole family participates.”

“But what will other people think? What if I start fucking Connor and someone finds out?”

“You found us out and didn’t care, did you?”

Greg thought about it. Yeah. He didn’t care. Why didn’t he?… Or, better question, why would he?

Greg took down the number just in case.

Tina stared at the brothers with amazement. “Wait. You two…?”

Jake and Billy nodded, matter-of-factly. “Hey guys what’s up?” James called from down the hall. He joined his brothers, giving them both a kiss directly on the lips. Tina sputtered.

“All three of you?!” She exclaimed incredulously. “You’re all gay…and with each other?”

“Yeah it’s not a big deal,” Jake said. “It’s like a convenient hook up, you know? Your brother’s right there when you’re feeling horny and it feels better to get your rocks off together. Why not?”

“But…” Tina was so flustered. “You’re brothers!”

“Yeah. Everything’s consensual and it’s not like we can have fucked up kids so I don’t see the problem. It’s also not like we only fuck each other. We’ve all been with most of the hot guys in our respective schools.”

“And our definition of ‘hot’ is…very broad,” Billy chimed in.

“I didn’t even know you guys were gay…I mean Billy was kind of obvious but you two seem so…”

“Straight-acting?” James said. “Nah Jake and I are all about the dudes. Mostly. We’re just who we are. We fuck who we wanna fuck. It’s always been guys. Usually each other.”

Tina seemed confused, but gradually accepted it. “I guess…that makes sense. I’m just jealous because I thought I had a chance with one of you. God I don’t know why I’m saying this. Why am I so chill about brothers fucking?”

“Our nanny taught us how to help people see our point of view. We’re very good at convincing people that we’re really just normal guys who like to fuck in the family just as much as with anyone else.”

“We’re also great at convincing guys to experiment with us,” Billy said. “They always find out they’re less straight than they thought.”

“Is that why I’ve been having such a hard time finding dates at this school?” Tina said, not really upset but perhaps a bit betrayed.

“Uh…maybe I had something to do with that,” Billy said. “I’m still learning, and I’m much more sexually active and…outwardly gay…compared to James and Jake. So I’ve been talking mostly to the guys in school and they learn how to fuck each other without worrying about how wrong or right they thought sex was. But only the other guys feel the same way as them, so even though a lot of them would be glad to fuck or date girls, we teach them to be respectful of people’s boundaries and all the girls still have very strong boundaries, so the guys have just been fucking and dating each other instead because it’s easier. So my brothers actually came here to help me balance things out at school, to help girls understand how to let go of expectations and enjoy sex the way we all should.”

“So I’m your first convert,” Tina realized calmly.

“Yeah…congrats?” Billy said, smirking.

Tina huffed. “Well I’m glad for you guys and you’ve convinced me that your relationships are valid, but I don’t know if I’m ready to join an orgy or anything.”

“Oh don’t worry we’ll help you with that!” Billy said. “And when we’re done you’ll mostly want to fuck girls!”

“That would be nice. Much simpler. Just as long as you convince all the other pretty ones too.”

“Oh we will but it’ll take some time. Maybe you can help us with them after we help you.”

“Probably. So how does it work?”

“Well, usually with the guys it’s easy. Once we fuck them or they fuck us they realize they like guys more than they thought they did. With girls it’s slightly more complicated. We just have to show you how happy we are together and then you’ll realize that being with other girls would probably be really awesome too!”

“So wait. You want to have a threesome with me?”

“Well that would work, but no. I’m sorry but I’m not really into you. But you could watch us fuck and then that’ll be enough.”

Tina considered. “So I get to watch hot guys have gay sex and then I’ll become bi? That seems like a no-brainer.”

Billy laughed. “Yeah I don’t know why we had to learn how to convince people. It does seem like an obvious choice.”

“Do you mind if I…touch myself while I watch you three?”

Billy scoffed. “Why the heck would we? We’ll be too busy to really notice and it’s your body. Do what you want!”

“And actually it’s going to be just you two,” Jake said. “I’m going back to Dad’s tonight.”

“Aww, why?”

“You two looked like you could use some alone time based on our last romp. Well…more alone, anyway,” he glanced at Tina.

“Thanks, bro. You’re always so cool about things like this,” James said. “Have fun with Dad.”

“Oh I plan to,” Jake smirked, and waved goodbye.

Tina was in the car before she asked more questions. “So originally Jake said you guys fucked because it was convenient…”

“Oh yeah, that,” James laughed. “I mean it really started out like that. We were pretty young when we discovered each other’s bodies and it was a natural part of exploring. But relationships develop naturally, you know? We don’t like to push things but we accept them as they come. Jake and I started really feeling like a full on couple in senior year of high school. And yeah he and Billy are into each other’s bodies but Billy and I have started to feel a bit more of a spark…” he grabbed Billy’s hand, causing his little brother to blush shyly.

“So you’re polyamorous?” Tina asked.

“Why not? We don’t feel jealousy or possessive. We don’t consider sex a big deal but we like to do it as often as possible. We like group sex and there’s enough love to go around while experiencing new people. It’s win-win-win! Plus the rest of the world gets all this,” he flexed his right arm, still holding Billy’s hand while his left was on the wheel.

Tina smiled. Their lives seemed so uncomplicated even though they were so different compared to what she thought was right and normal. She wondered why she ever subscribed to that normal in the first place.

They arrived at an apartment complex that had cute flower planters hanging out of every window. The boys walked Tina up one flight of stairs to meet their mom.

“Hey kids! Oh hi, new friend!” She said excitedly when they walked in. “I was just thinking maybe tonight should be a pizza night. What do you think?”

“Sounds awesome, Mom! Can I have mushrooms and pepperoni?” Billy said.

“Their mushrooms or mine?” She replied jovially, and it took Tina a minute to realize she was serious.

“Theirs is fine for tonight,” Billy said.

“Same for me,” James said. “This is Tina, by the way.”

“Hi Tina, I’m Molly. Nice to meet you! What would you like?”

“Hi, um, I’m actually vegetarian.”

“No problem! We can get two pizzas. What would you like? Roasted veggies?”

“Sure, thanks.” Tina was feeling overwhelmed by how friendly Molly was and how right the family felt despite how unconventional they were. It was only about to get more unconventional.

“Would you like any help, Mom? We brought Tina to watch James fuck me.”

Tina almost choked on her own spit.

“Oh no go ahead and have fun. Tina, if you happen to do more than watch there’s condoms…like, everywhere…just open any drawer.”


“Yeah just let me know when you’re done and if you’d like we can have a game night. I’ll kick your asses in Smash!”

“You get so much more practice than us!” Billy protested.

“Well that’s because you choose to spend your time with your brother’s dick up your ass so maybe hold a controller at the same time like how I learned. Multitask, damn it!”

“Okay, Mom. Good advice, but it’s way harder to game and fuck for boys than girls.”

“That’s true. Tina, if you want to know a trick? Your girlfriend. Behind you, with her strap-on in you. You sit on her lap. She holds the controller against your clit. Every time you knock her out in game? Reward vibration right on the sweet spot.” Molly made a French hand-kiss gesture.

“Yeah it’s a little hard to play with a controller pressing against your prostate,” Billy laughed.

“Quitters,” Molly winked and disengaged from the conversation, finishing the pizza order on her phone.

Billy steered James and Tina excitedly to his room. He offered Tina the desk chair by the window while he pushed James onto the bed.

“Oh and feel free to get interactive,” Billy said. “We take requests.”

Tina never had trouble cumming too early, but she suddenly realized she was going to have to pace herself for the first time in her life. Billy pounced on James to make out with him, and immediately Tina was worried about the state of her panties. She unzipped and got to work.

James and Billy were methodical but slow and sensual. They savored each progressive new feeling. They were familiar with each other yet still discovering each other all over again. They didn’t rush, but they simmered in their impatience. Billy opened James’ button shirt to feel the warmth from his muscular chest. He licked between his brother’s pecs, causing James to moan in his sexy low voice. James reached up and removed his little brother’s shirt, exposing a hairless, lean, fit twink body. He felt all the edges and curves with his big hands, up and down until he rested on the shelf of Billy’s ass, bulging so much his crack was accessible from the top of his booty-cut jeans. James palmed the clothed bubble butt with one hand while fingering the exposed crack with the other. It was Billy’s turn to moan. He whined in a high-pitched voice. Tina’s eyes bulged, impressed at the sheer hotness of what she was witnessing, undecided whether she wanted to imagine herself in Billy’s position or simply enjoy the erotic thrill of homosexuality and forbidden incest.

James’ body was like a Greek statue, and as Billy removed the button shirt completely his V-shaped body became more obvious. He was similar in shape to his twin, but was more toned. His muscles were thick and his chest was fuzzed with blonde. His biceps were almost as big as Billy’s head, and his shoulders were like bowling balls. Visible abs trailed down to a hairy treasure trail which led to a now-open zipper. The boys had moved on to taking off their pants. A boring and long intermission but when Tina saw Billy pulling down his jock to reveal a modest-but-hard five-incher, she protested.

“Wait. Can you leave the jock strap on?” She said.

Billy smiled, and pulled the jock back up.

“Any preferences for our first position?” He asked.

“Can you ride him, facing him?”

“Easy,” Billy replied. He mounted his brothers eight inch beast and teased it with his hole. He uncapped some lube and began smearing it on his brother, who gasped and breathed heavily.

“Oh Billy. I want you so bad,” he said softly.

“Then why don’t you take me?” Billy challenged mischievously. James smiled, then growled low as he sat up against some pillows and grabbed his brother’s hips. His dick was so slick now, and Billy’s hairless hole between those beautiful round buns was known to be the hungriest, most durable hole in his grade. He took his brother on faith.

And rammed all the way in, pulling on his hips in one big slam.

Billy screamed in pained pleasure. Tina nearly lost it, watching that huge meat disappear instantly into Billy’s hungry teenage boy hole.

Immediately Billy began bouncing on his own, while James continued holding his hips only to guide him.

“Fuck. That’s some good and loose pussy, bro. You’re such a sexy slut. How many guys banged you today?”

“Four,” Billy replied without hesitation. “Including Coach. And Jake fucked me in the bathroom before you arrived.”

“What a good slut you are. I’ve been beaten to you by my own twin, huh? I’ll just have to make it count.” He thrust once harder making Billy throw his head back and groan. Billy leaned forward to make out with his brother and use his knees as leverage for a faster rate of riding. He bounced over and over. The slick slapping noises breaking the new silence.

“Mmm I love your cock, Big Bro,” Billy murmured into James’ mouth. James huffed.

“Your cunt feels so good, Little Bro. You’re going to make me cum soon.”

Oh shit, Tina thought. The show was going to be over soon. She picked up her own pace.

Billy didn’t stop. He milked his brother for all he was worth, riding him like a bull. “Goddamn, Little Bro, Goddamn!”

Billy pulled James up so he was sitting in his older brothers lap, his own dick smooshed against James’ flat stomach, still covered with his jock strap. They kissed more as James used his arms to embrace Billy and used his abs to move his entire brother up and down his thick cock while pushing up at the same time. Tina could see the shaft entering and exciting rhythmically, and hear it squelching each time. Both boys were close as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Billy…I think…I love you!” James cried out, pulling his little brother down onto himself one final time as they both shook and screamed their orgasms. Tina timed hers perfectly as well, shrieking with her new friends as they all came.

“Oh James!! I love you too!” Billy cried as his dick sputtered between them into his jock, wetting their stomachs. They sucked each other’s tongues to ride out the rest of the orgasm, moaning and sighing the whole time. Tina relished the view of James’ hefty balls seizing up and pumping up and down to empty into the willing receptacle. The boys were flushed and panting from their lovemaking.

“Holy shit,” Billy said. “That was good.”

“You bet,” James replied. “I love your bottoming face so goddamn much.”

“Hmm I want to see yours sometime. Can I watch Dad fuck you?”

“Sure but you’ll have to convince him not to fuck you or Jake as well.”

“Mmm I’ll also have to convince myself not to get fucked by him. He’s so manly.”

“Boy do I know. He’s always talking about how much he wants to plow your ass. You should let him know you want it so much too.”

“I’m just worried if I do then all other cock will be ruined for me.”

“No way, Bro, that would never happen. Besides, you’re definitely ready for some DP. Maybe you’d like both of your twin brothers in you at once?”

“Wow now that is a dirty and hot idea,” Billy said seductively. “And Dad could fuck you while you’re both in me so I can have two cocks in my ass and see your bottom face.”

“Fuck!” The boys heard Tina shout. They looked at her, hand in her pants, convulsing.

“Jesus, you guys made me cum again,” she said. “And yeah you’re right I definitely wanna try pussy now. Happy?”

Billy looked at his brother, who smiled. “I got another one now that I’m thinking about our future foursome.”

“Fill me up, Bro.”

It didn’t take many thrusts before the horny couple came again, James imagining his twin’s cock against his in his little brother’s hole while simultaneously being full of his father’s beefy meat.

“Oh yeah Bro, just like that.”

The second orgasm wasn’t as explosive as the first, but it turned them both into mewling love-kittens as they basked in the extended pleasure sensations.

“You guys done yet?” Tina said. “I want pizza.”

This does relate to the “overarching plot” (lol) somehow, I promise. Not that anyone is reading for that, but it’s something I’m still planning on tying together in the distant future somehow. This was not an arc I planned on writing but I wanted to take a break from the rapey undertones and do something….wholesome? Cute? Whatever it is it’s different and was cleansing to write. Let me know your feedback and what you’re hoping for in the future. I do listen to requests!

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